Kung Fu Action Theatre comes off Hiatus and returns to its WuXia roots with a new adventure of our flagship hero- Little Gou!

Little Gou and the Master of Thunder sees Little Gou facing off against an old blind martial arts master determined to get his revenge at any cost. How can Little Gou defeat this fearsome foe?

Listen and find out!

Little Gou and the Master of Thunder

Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson

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Geist Sieg as Little Gou
Fiona Thraille [fthrll] as Sister Cat
Ty Konzak [Aramek] as Rong Li- The Master of Thunder
Jared J Lee [U-1] as Phoenix Tan
Jonathon Lourdes [Teacher Nine] as Doctor Bing


Dave Collins as Long Ting
Tattoo Butterfly as Little White Cloud


Ty Konzak as Hong Yu

Sound Effects found on:

The Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection

Casting done on Voiceactingalliance.com

This work and all of its characters are copyright Robyn Paterson and Kung Fu Action Theatre. All Rights reserved.

This step into adventure and others can be found at Kungfuactiontheatre.com, where theatre is spelled with an re at the end, because that is how it is done with style!