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    Default The You I Never knew

    In all her twenty-one years of life; Ariel Lin has only two regrets. The first regret was the day she decided to go swimming and it wasn’t even a really hot day; of all the days to go swimming she chose THAT particular day even though her father had wanted her to stay home... normally her father was easy going and did not mind if Ariel goes out occasionally, but he was adamant that she stay home that day and she did not listen.
    The second regret was the day she met Joe Cheng…by the lake on that swimming day that should never have been. If she did not go swimming that day, she would not have met HIM…and she wouldn’t be sitting in the doctor’s office now with this heart wrenching, terrifying news.“You’re pregnant.” The doctor beamed at Ariel Lin with the news.
    “I’m pregn…pregnant?” Ariel uttered in shock. The doctor nodded, he loves giving young parents the good news.
    Ariel nodded as the doctor continues talking; however she was in such a daze that the doctor’s words went in one ear and out the other. The only part she heard loud and clear was, “You’re pregnant”.
    Ariel felt conflicted with her emotions, she was single and pregnant without a clue of Joe Cheng’s whereabouts. Ariel quickly left the clinic after the doctor prescribes her a bottle of prenatal pills. I can’t tell dad I’m pregnant! He’ll go ballistic…but he’s a doctor so he’ll find out sooner or later. Where should I go from here? What should I do? Ariel signed deeply, she has no clues what to do next.
    Joe promised he would come back for her, but after waiting for over two months there was still no sign of him. On the day that they both agreed to meet again, Ariel waited for him by the lake where they had first met. She waited, and waited…until it was so dark she had a hard time finding her way home. She went back the next day and waited for him, hoping that he was just delayed…but everyday without signs of him, a little hope died until all the hope Ariel held on to faded.
    Ariel scolded herself for being stupid; she was played by Joe Cheng. One look at him and she should have known he was a player!
    The first time Ariel met Joe, she never entertained the thought that he was a flirt…, he appeared to be sincere and seems to really enjoy her company. Oh, why did I fall for him? Ariel looks up at the sky and asked, “Why did I meet him? Somebody’s playing a joke on me from up there and it’s time to stop!” Now that she looks back, Ariel truly believes the saying, opposites attracts. Joe was the total opposite from her; he lives life on the fast lane, wandering around the world as a young upcoming photographer and she…well, she’s a small town miss goody two shoes in training to be a nurse with her father as her mentor. Like a magnet they were attracted to each other the moment they met; in Joe Ariel saw the possibilities of being wild and letting go of all worries and just enjoying the moment. In Ariel, Joe saw the possibilities of slowing down, and appreciating the beauty of in one place. Ariel suddenly realized Joe and her were like moths. Moths are attracted to fire…but the attraction could be deadly…they get burned every single time. Ariel signed deeply again. Yeah, in my case…I got burned, pregnant out of wedlock and only twenty one years old without a job…ain’t life grand?
    @[email protected][email protected]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ariel rummages through everything in her room. She remembers Joe giving her a card with his personal information. I’m keeping this baby no matter what and whether he likes it or not, he’s the baby’s daddy, so he has half the responsibilities! Ariel repeated to herself as she continues with her search.
    “Ah huh! Found it!” Ariel shouted in joy. She finally found his business card; Ariel quickly read what Joe wrote on the back of the card.
    Whenever you need me and I’m not with you, please contact this place. Joe quickly scrawled an address and phone number.
    Could this be his home? Ariel wondered. It doesn’t matter, she needed to find him before her stomach starts showing.
    @[email protected][email protected]~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ariel left the small mountain village and took a cab to the heart of Taiwan, the city of Taipei. Kai Lin, Ariel’s father was not happy with her constant visits to the big city, but was assured when Ariel told him she promised to bring back all the herbs he had requested. After a long ride, the cab finally stopped. Ariel looks out from the window and saw a nice two story house with roses around the fence. She doubled check the address making sure it was correct before stepping out of the cab. This better be the correct address! Ariel thought, she was running low on cash. Ariel quickly rings the door bell; after a few rings someone opened the door. Ariel saw an older petite feminine version of Joe Cheng. This must be his mother! Ariel quickly smiled and introduced herself.
    “My name is Ariel Lin, I’m a friend of Joe Cheng…is he home?” The older woman widened her eyes and muttered, “What?”
    Ariel repeated herself, “I’m here to see Joe Cheng”. Suddenly tears welled up in the woman’s eyes and she started sobbing. A young man with some similarities facial feature to Joe walked up to the door and put his arms around the older woman.
    “Mom, what’s wrong?” he asked.
    “Vic… Zai Zai, this girl here, she wants to see Joe.” She said through her tears.
    “I’m sorry, you must not have heard; my brother died a month ago.” Vic said sadly. Ariel thought she heard wrong, she asked,
    “What did you say?”
    “My brother, Joe…he’s dead.”
    Ariel felt sudden dizziness, everything was spinning really fast and she couldn’t stop herself from falling to the floor. It can’t be….it can’t be! Ariel kept repeating as she fell.
    “Oh my! She fainted!” Vic’s mom shouted.

    Please don’t forget to comments, let me know what you think huh?

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    Default Fanfic titled: The You I Never knew

    Sorry first time opening a thread. The title of this fanfic is called The You I Never Knew, please respond and no hating . This is my second fanfic...well sort of, I have another fanfic called SWEET ROMANCE, but due to lack of interest from readers, I had to put it on hiatus...until I get enough people asking for updates!

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