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Thread: VICE PRESIDENT Ma Dayuan

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    Default VICE PRESIDENT Ma Dayuan

    Jin Yong gave him a throw-away name. But let's talk about Mr. Dayuan Ma for a minute...

    We know that he is the Vice President of Beggar's Union after the chief/president Qiao Feng. Now, is the rank of VP above that of the Merit Rewarding Elder, the Execution Elder, and the 4 Great Elders?

    Also, did Beggar's Union in other novels have a VP?
    忽见柳荫下两个小孩子在哀哀痛哭,瞧模样正是武敦儒、武修文兄弟。郭芙大声叫道:「喂,你们在干甚麽?」武 修文回头见是郭芙,哭道:「我们在哭,你不见麽?」

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ
    Also, did Beggar's Union in other novels have a VP?
    Yep. In Chapter 6 of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, among the attendees at Liu Zhengfeng's party is one Zhang Jinao, Deputy Leader of the Beggar Gang.

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