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Thread: Pan Hong vs. Liu Xue Hua

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    Default Pan Hong vs. Liu Xue Hua

    They were both popular actresses during their prime and now both have been degraded to motherly/mother-in-law type roles over and over. Who do you think is more versatile and handles diverse roles better?

    Liu Xue Hua seems more gentle to me, but she seems to handle "strong" roles pretty well. Pan Hong, I've yet to see in a "soft" role although my mom said she did a lot when she was young. I personally prefer Liu Xue Hua just because Pan Hong has been typecasted WAYYY too many times.

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    i think i would go with pan hong

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    Who is Pan Hong btw?

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    Felix, Google!

    Pan Hong

    Liu Xue Hua

    I will choose LXH over PH. I find sometimes PH's role can be annoying despite how nice she acts. I've seen more of LXH's versatility.
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    PAN HONG ALL THE WAY! I love her as an older actress.

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