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Thread: HELP!: Creating a website

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    Default HELP!: Creating a website

    Hi!Hope to find some technical help regarding creating of website.

    I have already registered my domain with Doteasy and was thinking of hosting a website.I use Mambo 4.5.5 Stable as a content management system to power my website and I realise something.For every component I create,the url generated was NOT to my preference and is very long eg. "" and I don't like that as the name of the subsite because that link is supposed to link to my documentation and I hope to make the url of that page as

    I brought up this question here as when I was browsing on,I realise that all the links are very well-formed.Like the link to reviews on is: and I wonder how the tech ppl done that.By the way,all the information and linking page are wrapped on the same background and navigation menu just like (except forums).

    Do anyone has a solution to that?

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    NO yu really cant change .php cuz that is a database.

    The simple form you are talking about like , documentations, reviews, forums, etc. are the html folder structures.

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    Actually uses PHP too but since all the pages (except for the forum) are custom written by us, we have the flexibility of naming the directories and pages whatever we want.

    If you're using a content management system, it is harder to change the URL structures but there might be hacks around it. For instance, you might want to look at Mambo's forums or documentations for a solution.

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    Custom written?? That must have really require alot of knowledge on PHP stuff ... anyway,just long do you guys take to set up the whole of SPCNET.TV and start it running ... ...?

    I realise CMS system,especially Mambo has limited templates for choosing.You needa purchase the templates from some online companies to get templates with substance and quality.I guess that is the result of not having alot of knowledge about designing websites...

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