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Johnny Chen
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Thread: Johnny Chen

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    Default Johnny Chen

    English Name: Johnny Chen
    Chinese Name: Chen Long
    Real Name: Chen Jie
    Birthday: July 24, 1975
    Star sign: Leo
    Height: 1.80m
    Place of Birth: Shanghai
    Weight: 70kg
    Blood Type: O

    TV Shows

    * Jiang Ji Jiu Ji (2007)
    * Zai Sheng Yuan (2007)
    * Vagabond Vigilante (2006)
    * Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang (CTV, 2006)
    * Fairy of the Chalice (2006)
    * The Patriotic Knights (2005)
    * Palm of Ru Lai (ATV, 2004)
    * Zhen Qing Gao Bai 真情告白
    * Yuan Lai Yi Jia Ren 缘来一家人
    * Lao Ba Xiang Qian Chong 老爸向前冲
    * San Shao Ye De Jian 三少爷的剑
    * Qian Wang 钱王
    * Cao Min Xian Ling 草民县令
    * Chu Shui Fu Rong 出水芙蓉
    * San Yan Liang Pai 三言两拍
    * Qing Duan Shang Hai Tan 情断上海滩
    * Qi Pao Tian Tang

    some pics;

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    I saw him in Palm of RuLai but everyone looked kinda retarded in there so I didn't bother but then i really noticed him in Fairy of the chalice. He's so HOT!!!

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    i never seen his series before. so couldn't judge

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    Yay, I finally found this thread!

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    he's cute and love his series

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