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    Default Invincible Sword

    This is my first attempt at a fan fiction and hopefully it'll be good. This is a Wuxia fan fiction that will take place in Ancient China.

    It will be about the journey and adventures of an ambitious young man who hopes to make a name for himself in Wulin. Watch as he takes the first step into the endless world of Wulin.

    I will be posting some more information on the fan fiction such as characters soon. Stay tuned!

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    “We are escorting something very important today. Be on your guard at all times”, Someone said to a group of people. They are from the famous ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’ and currently, they are in a famous inn of Jiang Nan, taking a break before they move on.

    “Of course, even the head of our agency is escorting this personally…”, One man said. His name was Su Zhong He and he was known as the GOLDEN SABER. He was very bad-tempered and was also a very rash man.

    The man who spoke earlier said in a deep voice, “Stay alert. If anything goes wrong we can’t make up for it.” He seemed to be the one in charge.

    “OK I know, Brother Zhan. There’s no need to nag constantly.” Su Zhong He replied. The ‘Brother Zhan’ was actually the famous head of the ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’, GOLDEN LION Zhan Pu.

    Suddenly, a young beggar walked in slowly. The waiter saw him and immediately said, “Hey beggar! There’s no place for you here! Scram!” With that, he moved forward to push the beggar out of the inn.

    The young beggar said pitifully, “Please spare me some food, kind sir!” And tried to wrestle himself out of the waiter’ grip but only failed miserably. Instead, he fell and knocked into Su Zhong He. Su Zhong He was angry with the young beggar for dirtying his clothes and with a kick, he sent the young beggar flying.

    The young beggar landed at the feet of a handsome young man. The handsome young man helped to lift up the young beggar and said smilingly, “If you don’t mind, you may share a table with me. I’ll buy you some food.” Delight immediately filled the face of the young beggar as he thanked the handsome young man repeatedly.

    He sat down as the handsome young man ordered some food for him. It was a long time since he had eaten such good food. When the food arrived, he immediately gobbled them down. The handsome young man laughed at his style of eating and the young beggar put his head down, knowing that he had just became of laughingstock of the entire inn.

    Suddenly, two strange men walked in. One of them was wearing a black robe while the other was dressed fully in white. Their eyes immediately flew over to where the members of ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’ were sitting. At their glance, Zhan Pu shivered and felt that something was about to happen.

    The man in black laughed and Zhan Pu trembled uncomfortably. The laugh was cold and there was no feeling in it at all. He spoke in a strange voice, “Leave behind whatever you’re escorting today then scram, and we will spare your life. Else, don’t blame us for being merciless.”

    Su Zhong He was already feeling angry at their glance and now that he had heard their intention, he immediately flew into a rage. “Who do you think you are?! How dare you try to rob the goods we are escorting?” He unsheathed his saber which was on the table and sliced it towards the two strange men. He was known as the GOLDER SABER and the power of his saber was indeed strong!

    The two strange men just laughed coldly and the one in white just stretched out his hand. Suddenly, the saber was in his hand. Su Zhong He was even more furious. His opponent snatched his sword without him even realising it! With a cry of anger, he sent his two palms towards the man in white. Even though he was known as the GOLDEN SABER, his palm skills were not weak too. The one in white suddenly threw the saber back at him. Before the saber even reached Su Zhong He, he had already felt a huge force coming towards him from the incoming saber. He quickly moved back but he was too late as the saber was about to chop him into half. Suddenly, Zhan Pu moved towards the saber and caught it with his bare hands. But as he caught the saber, he felt the force of the throw as he got pushed back three steps.

    “What amazing internal energy!” He thought to himself. The man in white applauded, “Not bad, being able to withstand 10% of my internal energy. However, if you do not surrender whatever you’re escorting right now, I will smash you to a pulp!” The tone of his voice was cold and commanding.

    “If you have the ability, then come forward and snatch the goods!” Zhan Pu replied bravely. He knew that he was not their match but if he lost the goods, he would also have no face in the pugilistic world anymore.

    “Fine! You’re seeking death!” The man in white flew towards him, palms outstretched. Zhan Pu gathered his internal energy as he pushed out both of him palms. He was using his killer move from the ‘Golden Lion Palms’! The two palms clashed as Zhan Pu flew back a few meters while the man in white continued advancing menacingly, palms still outstretched.

    Zhan Pu closed his eyes as he prepared for the inevitable death. However, all of a sudden, the man in white retracted his palms and moved back a few meters!

    “What is he up to?” Zhan Pu thought secretly.

    The man in white shouted so loudly that everyone in the inn could hear, “Who was the one who attacked me in the dark? Are you afraid of me and dare not reveal your face?”

    The handsome young man sitting with the young beggar suddenly stood up, “I was still wondering who dares to rob the goods of the ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’. So it’s you two, the BLACK WHITE ZOMBIES.”

    The two strange men was shocked as he heard their title being revealed. Zhan Pu’s face turned white as he said, “So it’s these two demons!”

    The BLACK WHITE ZOMBIES was two of the evilest fighters within the unorthodox realm. They were known for their cruel methods and it was said that they did not let off even dead people. Many people who were killed by them had their body cruelly tortured and destroyed. The BLACK ZOMBIE was known as Tu Zhi and his younger brother, the WHITE ZOMBIE, was known as Tu Li.

    “Who are you?” Tu Zhi demanded. Not many people were able to stay alive after running into them. Tu Li had already flew towards the handsome young man and was starting to attack him with his palms.

    The handsome young man just smiled as though nothing was happening. Even so, his body was moving only slightly but yet he still managed to avoid the attacks easily.

    Tu Zhi saw that the handsome young man was able to avoid his younger brother’s attacks so casually and he immediately knew that they had ran into a top fighter. He immediately moved over and attacked the handsome young man together with his brother. The young beggar shouted furiously, “How can you two attack him together?! You two are more senior and yet do this kind of ridiculous act!” Tu Zhi ignored him but Tu Li was hot-tempered and when he heard what the young beggar said, he was too angry for words. Suddenly, instead of attacking the handsome young man, his palm flew towards the young beggar! The handsome young man immediately saw that the young beggar’s life was in danger and his palm also flew towards Tu Li. Tu Li felt his hand go numb as the handsome young man grabbed his wrist and pulled him away from the young beggar.

    Making use of this chance, Tu Zhi’s palm had nearly reached the handsome young man’s back! But suddenly, he felt a stinging pain in the chest as the handsome young man's palms struck his chest first.

    He could not believe that there was someone who could move this fast!
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    Tu Zhi was startled and he asked again, “Who exactly are you?” The handsome young man just smiled as if he did not hear his question.

    Tu Li shouted, “Who cares who he is! Let me just finish him off!” Tu Li then gathered all his internal energy into both of his palms and attacked the handsome young man with his ‘White Zombie Palms”!

    The handsome young man just smiled and pushed out his palms too. The two palms clashed and Tu Li was pushed back 5 steps while the handsome young man just stood there, unmoving.

    Tu Zhi saw this and thought, “This troublemaker has amazing internal strength…!” Tu Li was even angrier and he was about to move forward to attack again when Tu Zhi held him back.

    “We can’t possibly go without even knowing your name.” Tu Zhi said to the handsome young man.

    The handsome young man replied humbly, “Fine then. My name is Lu Bao.”

    Everyone in the inn was shocked. LIGHTNING HANDS Lu Bao was second to only the TOP TEN FIGHTERS of that time! He was also the son of COLD MOON DIVINE SWORD Lu Zi Yang, who was within the TOP TEN FIGHTERS.

    Tu Zhi said quickly, “Ah! So it’s Young Hero Lu. Forgive us for our actions earlier.” With that, he quickly pulled Tu Li out of the inn and they ran away.

    The young beggar said to Lu Bao, “Thank you for saving my life. I don’t know how to repay your kindness…”

    Lu Bao just smiled and said, “I’m doing what I should do.”

    The members of the ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’ felt gratitude towards Lu Bao as he had just helped to protect a very important item.

    “Thank you very much, young hero!” Zhan Pu thanked him and said to the rest of the agency, “We have to get going now! Nothing must go wrong again! We cannot afford to lose what we’re escorting.”

    Lu Bao said, “My sources tell me that you’re escorting something very valuable. You’ve better be extra careful on your way.”

    Zhan Pu thanked him once again and they quickly set off. The young beggar looked very interested in them.

    “What valuable are they escorting?” He asked curiously. Lu Bao sat down and whispered to him, “They’re escorting the legendary ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’. It’s currently the sharpest weapon in the world.”

    The young beggar was amazed and excited. “If only I could have a sword like that…” He thought to himself.

    Lu Bao saw the excitement in the young beggar’s eyes and smiled gently.

    Suddenly, the young beggar said, “Saviour, I wish to learn martial arts from you.”
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    interesting.. looking forward to your next posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laoren View Post
    interesting.. looking forward to your next posting
    Thank you for your kind words! The next chapter will be up soon.

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    I hope everyone will be able to give me suggestions and help me to improve my writing style and techniques. This is the first time I'm writing a fan fiction so please forgive me if my style seems weird or stupid.



    Lu Bao saw that the young beggar was determined and he instantly knew that it would not be easy to dissuade him.

    Lu Bao replied quietly, “I am afraid I cannot teach you any martial arts. Maybe you should go to one of the major sects instead…” Lu Bao saw that the young beggar’s expression started to change.

    The young beggar replied sadly, “Why? Is it because I’m too useless…? Is it because I’m just a filthy young beggar that you’re unwilling to teach me?”

    Lu Bao said gently, “It’s not because of those reasons… I have got my own reasons for not teaching you martial arts. Furthermore, the major sects will be able to teach you more.”

    Anger flashed in the young beggar’s face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Major sects? All of them just look down on me…”

    Lu Bao saw the young beggar’s expression and instantly knew that the young beggar had some sort of conflict with the major sects. He knew that it would be unwise to ask him what exactly happened. He said kindly, “How about the famed ‘Divine Sword Manor’? Maybe they will accept you…”

    Suddenly, the young beggar was hopeful. He asked, “But what would they think of me when they see me like this? Maybe they will just be the same as the major sects…”

    Lu Bao handed him a pouch and said, “Here’s some money. Get a change of clothes and maybe buy whatever you need in the market. I’ve to go now since I’ve got something on. I wish you good luck.” In a flash, he had already disappeared.

    The young beggar felt grateful towards Lu Bao. He thought, “He didn’t even know my name or ask for it, yet he’s doing so much to help me…”

    The young beggar entered the market and walked over to the clothing shop. He said, “Can I have some clothes, please?” The shopkeeper saw that he was dressed in rags and ignored him. He thought that this young beggar was here to beg for clothes.

    The young beggar felt angry that the shopkeeper was ignoring him. He shouted at the shopkeeper, “Are you looking down on me? Did you think that I won’t pay you?” He gritted his teeth and held up the money pouch. He shook up and said, “Look carefully. I do have money to pay you. But yet, you just look down on me just because of my clothes!” He stifled his tears and ran out of the shop.

    The shopkeeper felt angry that the young beggar shouted at him. He shouted back, “I bet you stole the money! You better return it to whoever you stole it from!”

    People heard the shouts and they turned to look at the young beggar. They were also biased and thought that a young beggar like this should not have any money. All of them just assumed that the young beggar had stolen the money.

    Out of the sudden, two strong hands grabbed the young beggar. One of them asked, “Where did you get the money from? Who did you stole it from?”

    The young beggar could not believe that no one was willing to believe him. With a cry of rage, he aimed a kick at the man who had just questioned him.

    Before his leg could hit the man, the man’s other hand had already grabbed hold of his leg. “You still want to attack people, huh?” He let go of his leg and gave him a punch on the face. The young beggar fell to the ground with blood coming out of his mouth.

    The man was about to give him another kick when suddenly someone spoke, “He’s speaking the truth. I saw someone give him the money pouch back in the inn.”

    An old man walked over to the young beggar. The young beggar immediately recognized the old man as the one who was sitting near him earlier in the inn.

    “Who are you? Why should we believe you?” The man who punched the young beggar asked threateningly.

    “I’m just an old man who happened to witness the entire incident…” He said. He helped the young beggar to his feet and started to walk away. The man tried to stop him but suddenly his entire body felt numb. He could only watch as the old man walked away with the young beggar.

    The old man brought the young beggar to a deserted spot outside the town. The old man asked, “Young man, what’s your name?”

    The young beggar replied with tears in his eyes, “Thank you for saving me. My name is Zhao Tian Xing.”

    The old man spoke again, “Young man, I accidentally overheard your conversation in the inn. You’re heading towards ‘Divine Sword Manor’ so that you can learn martial arts?”

    Zhao Tian Xing said, “Yes. I wish to be able to make a name for myself but right now I don’t even know the basic martial arts. My only hope lies in ‘Divine Sword Manor’.”

    The old man said gently, “From what I’ve heard, they’re no longer accepting disciples this year. They will only be taking in more disciples in 5 more years.”

    Zhao Tian Xing’s heart sank. His only hope was dashed. He was no longer able to control his tears and he started crying out loud.

    The old man consoled him kindly, “Yes… cry all you want. Cry out all your sorrow, all your troubles.”

    Zhao Tian Xing said shakily, “Thank you for all your help… but I’ve absolutely no idea what to do now. Maybe…” He started to walk away, still crying.

    The old man looked at him and suddenly shouted for him to come back. He asked, “Do you really wish to learn martial arts?”

    Zhao Tian Xing replied, “It’s been my lifelong wish.”

    The old man looked at him strangely and mumbled, “Maybe… maybe…”

    Suddenly, he picked up a stick from the ground. He said clearly, “Look carefully!”

    He used the stick as a sword as he executed a series of sword moves. The moves were very smooth. They were fast yet also slow. The sword moves looked very peaceful and as Zhao Tian Xing looked attentively, he felt very relaxed. Zhao Tian Xing was so absorbed in it that he also picked up a stick and imitated the old man’s actions. Even though this was the first time he was practising martial arts, he felt that it was quite easy. As he practised, he felt very peaceful. It was odd. He had never felt like this before.

    After the old man had finished demonstrating a series of moves, he looked curiously at Zhao Tian Xing. He sighed and said, “You have great potential… you could possibly exceed even me someday.”

    The old man suddenly looked at him again and said, “I’ve to go now… I hope you will be able to do good for the world. This swordplay I’ve just demonstrated to you is known as the ‘Carefree Swordplay’. I created it when I was 86 years old.”

    After speaking, he suddenly disappeared. Zhao Tian Xing could not even see him move and yet he seemed to just disappear into thin air.

    Zhao Tian Xing thought, “He must be a highly-respected elder…”

    He headed back towards the market but this time, he made sure he avoided those people who had accused him earlier. He bought some white clothes and a sword. He changed into his new clothes and strapped the sword to his back.

    “It’s time for me to practise the swordplay Elder had demonstrated for me earlier…” Zhao Tian Xing thought. He went back to the original spot where he parted with the elder and started practising.

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    Suddenly, he saw something drop on the ground. He picked it up and saw that it was a thin book.

    It was titled ‘Formula of Carefree Swordplay’. There was a note attached to it. “Study the formula well for you need it to master the ‘Carefree Swordplay’. Your accomplishment will be big in the future.”

    He instantly knew that the old man had watched him secretly and the old man finally decided to hand him the formula. He shouted, “Thank you very much, elder! I’ll never forget your kindness.”

    No one answered. But he knew that the elder had heard him. He continued practising and with the help of the formula, he improved drastically.

    After practising for a few hours, he decided to take a short break as it was already late afternoon. He was highly intelligent and had a high level of comprehension so he had already understood most of the swordplay.

    Suddenly, he remembered what his mother told him before her death. “… Also, there’s something I want you to retrieve. It belonged to your father before he died. It is known as the ‘White Jade Divine Sword’. This sword was forged from pure white jade which can only be gotten from the deepest of the deepest sea. It also has to be forged in an extremely cold place in an extremely hot furnace. It sounded nearly impossible to forge, but your father managed it. Not even the ‘5 Swords of the World’ can compete with it. Your father buried it in the Ice Cave on the Heaven Mountain…”

    He took a short rest under a tree before he decided to head towards HeavenMountain to retrieve the sword.

    After a few more hours, it was nearly night but he was still far from reaching the HeavenMountain. Suddenly, he heard a voice said out loud, “I am giving you one more chance. Leave the sword behind or leave your life here too.”

    He quickly moved towards the direction of a voice. He saw some people and he quickly hid behind a tree as he peeked at them.

    He saw that the person who shouted was BLACK ZOMBIE Tu Zhi. They were, once again, trying to rob the ‘Golden Lion Escort Agency’ of their goods.

    GOLDEN LION Zhan Pu replied, “You would not be so arrogant if you know who the owner of the sword is.”

    Tu Li replied, “We don’t know and we don’t care! Ask him to look for us if they have got the guts.”

    Zhan Pu smiled and said, “Why don’t you look for him instead? The owner of the sword is the Master of ‘Divine Sword Manor’, MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD Yu Zhe.”

    Upon hearing the name, the face of BLACK WHITE ZOMBIES turned as pale as white. Tu Zhi managed to force a smile and said, “Don’t try to use their name to scare us. Why would they want the sword for?”

    Zhan Pu replied, “You wouldn’t be asking that question if you knew the history of the sword. It originally belonged to ‘Divine Sword Manor’.”

    Tu Li shouted, “I don’t care if it belongs to them! I’ll kill you first!” With that, he moved towards them with his palms out.

    Zhao Tian Xing saw that they were going to attack them, so he quickly unsheathed his sword and moved quickly towards Tu Li.

    “Stop!” He shouted as he stabbed the sword towards Tu Li. Tu Li quickly changed his body direction and saw that it was the young beggar from earlier in the inn. He was angry at the young beggar for indirectly causing him to be embarrassed in the inn and hence he used full power to attack Zhao Tian Xing. Zhao Tian Xing felt the palm wind as his sword got near him. Even though he had powerful sword skills, he did not have any internal energy. He was forced back a few steps before the palm even reached him. He quickly stabbed out a few times, causing Tu Li to move a few steps back. If Zhao Tian Xing had sufficient internal energy and was not forced back by the palm wind, there would already be five holes in Tu Li’s body.

    Tu Zhi saw the exchange of moves and thought secretly, “How did this young beggar master such a powerful swordplay in just such a short while? But he doesn’t seem to have any internal energy…”

    In actual fact, Zhao Tian Xing was just relying on the moves of the swordplay. Even though he had an extremely high level of comprehension, this was his first time using the swordplay in actual combat and he was not experienced enough. He have not yet mastered his swordplay hence if the fight continued, he would definitely lose.

    Even though Tu Zhi did not know the truth, he knew that if both of them combined forces there would be no way Zhao Tian Xing can win. No one would know that they combined forces just to fight a young beggar once they’ve got rid of him and the members of the escort agency.

    He signaled to Tu Li and they quickly gathered their internal energy in secret. Zhao Tian Xing had already noticed what they were trying to do. He quickly prepared himself.

    Before they moved, Zhao Tian Xing had already attacked them at a rapid speed. He was using the ‘Fast’ formula of the ‘Carefree Swordplay’. Tu Zhi and Tu Li did not have time to make use of their internal energy and they could only try to fend off the attacks.

    After 100 moves, Zhao Tian Xing was starting to tire out due to his lack of internal energy. Tu Zhi quickly made use of this chance and launched a full power palm attack at him. Zhao Tian Xing quickly moved back and the palm missed him by inches. He was already perspiring frantically and he knew that he would lose if this continued. Tu Zhi launched another full power palm attack and Zhao Tian Xing drew a circle with his sword. Tu Zhi felt his internal energy being dissipated. He was startled and quickly moved back just in case Zhao Tian Xing attacked again.

    Zhao Tian Xing managed to use the ‘Overcoming hard with soft’ formula of the 'Carefree Swordplay' to dissipate his energy at the last minute. But, he was also forced back 5 steps when he dissipated the energy.

    Tu Li was already launching another full power palm attack towards Zhao Tian Xing when Tu Zhi moved back. Zhao Tian Xing quickly moved back 5 steps again and the palm wind forced him back another 5 steps. Suddenly, he stabbed at Tu Li’s leg! Tu Li was alarmed and he quickly moved back to avoid the attack. When he was about to attack again, Zhao Tian Xing’s sword had already stabbed towards him. He quickly dodged to one side and once again, Zhao Tian Xing’s sword slashed towards him. He was not giving Tu Li any chance to attack!

    By then, Tu Zhi had already re-entered into the battle to help Tu Li. Another 100 moves passed and Zhao Tian Xing could not hold on anymore. He moved back, breathing heavily.

    Tu Zhi laughed, “You’re good! But in the end, you’re still going to die in our hands!”

    Gathering all his internal energy, he launched a palm attack at Zhao Tian Xing. By then, Zhao Tian Xing was already too tired to move. He could not avoid the attack in time as the palm had nearly reached his chest…
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    In a desperate bid to avoid the attack, he mustered all his strength and moved the sword to cover him. He did not know how he managed that.

    A loud sound was heard as the palms clashed with the blunt edge of the sword. The sword broke into half and Zhao Tian Xing flew backwards 10 steps. Even though the sword has dissipated part of the force, a very strong force was still present to hurt him. He spurted out blood and he struggled to stand up.

    Tu Li flew towards him, sending a kick at him. Subconsciously, Zhao Tian Xing struck clumsily with his broken sword and managed to force Tu Li back.

    “Die!” Tu Li roared and attacked Zhao Tian Xing with his strongest attack. Zhao Tian Xing staggered to strike again with his broken sword and strangely, Tu Li had to avoid what seemed like a very lousy stroke.

    Tu Zhi was watching his sword strokes closely. His strokes had no form and they did not look like proper moves at all.

    Without knowing it at all, Zhao Tian Xing was actually displaying an extremely high level of swordplay! In his subconscious state, he was able to execute the highest essence of ‘Carefree Swordplay’! The highest essence of ‘Carefree Swordplay’ was actually on ultimate formlessness.

    Tu Zhi did not realise that Zhao Tian Xing was executing this high level of swordplay subconsciously and though that he was actually hiding his true abilities earlier. Hence, he believed he would not be a match for Zhao Tian Xing if he continued to fight him.

    He shouted out to Tu Li, “Let’s go first. We’ll be back someday!” Tu Li was puzzled but he saw that Tu Zhi’s expression was extremely weird. He also saw that Zhao Tian Xing was actually executing a very powerful swordplay but he did not know that he was actually executing a formlessness swordplay.

    Zhao Tian Xing was unable to hold on any longer and when the two of them disappeared, he immediately dropped unconscious to the ground.

    When he woke up, he found that he was in a small hut. He saw an old man helping to brew medicine for him.

    “Where am I?” Zhao Tian Xing asked.

    The old man replied gently, “Someone bought you here just now. He called you benefactor and paid me generously to take care of you.”

    Zhao Tian Xing remembered his mother’s words and he said, “I have to go now… it’s really urgent.” He realised that he had serious internal injuries but he was also persistent in leaving for HeavenMountain.

    After insisting that he had to leave, the old man finally conceded and agreed to let him leave only after he had finished his medicine. He finished it hurriedly and quickly headed towards HeavenMountain after preparing whatever he needed for his trip.

    After an arduous journey, he finally reached HeavenMountain. He looked up at the mountain and said to himself, “There’s still so much to climb. I cannot rest…” But he was unable to hold on any longer after 3 days without sleep. He was already seriously injured and now his injuries had worsened.

    He felt some shelter and quickly sat down there to rest for awhile. “I must not give up…” He encouraged himself. He dozed off and after 6 hours, he woke up. He was feeling a bit more refreshed and he decided to climb the mountain now.

    It was a difficult climb. The mountain was slippery and was very dangerous. He nearly slipped quite a few times and he had to force himself to go on.

    Luckily for him, there was segments of the mountain where he could rest himself. However, such chances are little and he was feeling more and more tired by each day. His injuries also reached a nearly incurable stage. It was only his determination and persistence that was keeping him moving.

    After 3 days, he finally managed to reach the IceCave. He walked inside and collapsed immediately. He was overly tired and now he can no longer hold on. He had to rest.

    He woke up some time soon after and began digging around in the cave. It was not an easy task. The cave ground was extremely hard and his shovel nearly broke. However, he did not give up. Instead, his determination increased as time passed.

    After digging for a day without sleep, he finally found the spot where the sword was buried. His efforts were rewarded! The sword was completely white and had a faint glow to it.

    Together with the sword was also a bundle. Inside contained a manual. He read the note attached.

    “This is the manual of ‘Boundless Divine Skill’. I only got it after I retired from the pugilistic world and I have no wish to learn it. I shall bury it here together with my sword, so that it may never be used for evil. If by luck and someone finds it, please use it only for good. Do not leave the cave before you master the skill. Destroy the manual after you have mastered the skill. Pass the skill on to people who can be trusted to do good when you think it’s time to…


    Tears flowed down from his eyes as he finished reading the note. “Father…” he mumbled. “I will do whatever you instruct.”

    He flipped open the manual and started to read.

    “This skill was created by me in hopes of being able to do good for the world and to help people. However, due to an incident which I shall not reveal, I decided to retire from the pugilistic world. I have hidden this manual in a highly secluded spot and I hope that someone good will be able to find it.

    Signed by Mysterious Stranger”

    He began practising the skill. After 1 week, due to his high level of comprehension and great potential, he mastered the skill. His internal energy increased greatly and his incurable injuries were healed. The skill was indeed divine. Normally, it would have taken normal people a few years to master the basics of the skill. However, due to an amazingly high and rare potential for martial arts that Zhao Tian Xing possessed, he progressed at a rate that was unsurpassed by anyone in the world.

    After he had destroyed the manual, he strapped the ‘White Jade Divine Sword’ to his back and climbed down the mountain.

    He was going to do good as his father instructed, but first he was going to find out how his father died. He remembered what his mother told him, “Don’t take revenge for your father, this was his last wish before he died.” He had asked his mother how she knew when they did not even know where his father’s body was but his mother was always unwilling to discuss it with him. His mother never once answered his question and this question had been bothering him always. Did his mother know something he didn’t?

    He walked slowly, pondering over his parents…
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    Thumbs up

    hi i like yr story, hope u update soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laoren View Post
    hi i like yr story, hope u update soon
    Thank you for your comments! I'm already in the process of writing the next chapter.

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    As he walked on, he slowly reached the town of Jiang Nan. Many people were looking at his sword strangely as they have never seen such a weird sword before.

    Suddenly, he heard someone saying, “Are you going for the Heroes’ Meet?” He looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that it was a man speaking to his friend. He was only able to hear it before of his high internal energy. He decided to listen carefully as he was wondering about what this “Heroes’ Meet” was.

    His friend replied, “Of course! This Heroes’ Meet is organised by the owner of Divine Sword Manor. I was lucky to get an invitation card. Without my friend, I wouldn’t have been able to get it.”

    “A Heroes’ Meet organised by Divine Sword Manor? Sounds interesting. It seems that an invitation card is required though.” Zhao Tian Xing thought to himself.

    He decided that he would attend the Heroes’ Meet to see what it was like. However, he first had to solve the problem of getting an invitation card.

    Suddenly, he saw GOLDEN LION Zhan Pu walking towards him.

    “Young hero!” He said to Zhao Tian Xing. “It’s indeed my pleasure to see that you’re safe and sound! I’ve received news from the farmer that you left their house pretty early.”

    Zhao Tian Xing thanked Zhan Pu for saving him, but Zhan Pu thanked him instead for helping to protect the goods.

    Suddenly, Zhao Tian Xing had an idea. Maybe he could get an invitation card from him! He asked him, “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Heroes’ Meet. Do you think it’s possible for me to get an invitation card? I hope to be able to attend and in the process I can learn much more.”

    Zhan Pu smiled and said, “You’re in luck! As we helped to deliver the sword safely, we have been given more invitation cards than others so that we can bring our friends along. Since you’ve helped me a lot, I’ll definitely bring you along. Maybe I can also introduce you to the owner since you played a part in delivering the sword safely.”

    Zhao Tian Xing thanked him and asked him for the details of the Heroes’ Meet. After learning that it was 3 days later, he agreed on a meeting spot and he would meet Zhan Pu 1 hour before the meet on that day. He then looked for an inn and booked a room.

    He was practising his skill when he suddenly felt hungry. Realising that he had not had a proper meal for a long time already, he decided to get some food to eat.

    All of a sudden, he had a loud laughter. The laughter was obviously powered by deep internal energy. Zhao Tian Xing instantly realised that an expert was nearby. However, other people did not seem to realise the power behind the laughter. They just frowned and said, “Who’s that crazy who’s laughing?”

    Zhao Tian Xing followed the direction of the laughter but he could see no one. Suddenly, he saw a young beggar among the streets. The young beggar was only a few years older than him. He instantly realised that the young beggar possessed an extremely high internal energy as he looked at him. He was able to roughly estimate one’s internal energy using his “Boundless Divine Skill”. He also realised that the young beggar was the one laughing earlier.

    He quickly ran towards the beggar and shouted, “Hey!” The young beggar seemed to not realise that Zhao Tian Xing was calling him and continued moving. Zhao Tian Xing was about to increase his pace when the young beggar suddenly disappeared. Other people was unable to see how he disappeared but Zhao Tian Xing saw a shadow flying through the crowds of people in the streets. He knew that he would not be able to find the young beggar with so many other people around.

    He headed back to the inn and continued practising his skill. After seeing the young beggar earlier, he knew that he needed more practise to be able to match the top fighters of the world. A mysterious young beggar already possessed such internal energy, let alone the TOP TEN FIGHTERS of the world. He knew that if he were to fight with the young beggar, it would probably end up as a draw.

    The “Boundless Divine Skill” is indeed powerful! After 3 more days of practising it, Zhao Tian Xing felt a significant increase in his internal energy. He had also been practising his ‘Carefree Swordplay’ taught to him by the mysterious old man.

    He saw that it was near time for his rendezvous with Zhan Pu. He quickly headed towards their meeting spot. When he reached there, he saw that Zhan Pu was already there waiting for him.

    Zhan Pu saw him and said smilingly, “Divine Sword Manor always welcome people to go in early. You can also take the chance to look around and maybe even secretly learn a thing or two from the people there.”

    They quickly headed towards the ‘Divine Sword Manor’. Zhao Tian Xing had long heard of the great name of the ‘Divine Sword Manor’ and he got really excited as he began to think of what he might encounter there.

    And behold, the great doors of ‘Divine Sword Manor’ lies in front of him…

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    They walked into the manor and saw many people already inside. Suddenly, it struck Zhao Tian Xing that he had absolutely no idea why this Heroes’ Meet was held.

    Hence, he decided to ask Zhan Pu. Zhan Pu laughed and answered, “Don’t you know?” But then he suddenly looked solemn. “I heard that they’re planning to make use of this Heroes’ Meet to gather young heroes to join Divine Sword Manor. I heard that this sudden act was caused by the return of the Heaven Demon Sect. It was rumoured that the leader of the Heaven Demon Sect was defeated and had his skills disabled by the legendary hero known as INVINCIBLE BATTLE GOD. It seems that the Heaven Demon Sect now have a new leader and they are returning to attempt to take over the Central Plains. Of course, Divine Sword Manor can’t let this happen as they are taking the chance today to plan how to handle the return of Heaven Demon Sect.”

    This was the first time Zhao Tian Xing had heard of the Heaven Demon Sect and INVINCIBLE BATTLE GOD. His curiosity was aroused and he asked Zhan Pu about them.

    Zhan Pu replied softly, “Heaven Demon Sect’s leader called himself HEAVEN DEMON. His skills were unparalleled and no one dared to go against him. He dominated the Central Plains with his consummate skills and people were feeling unfair. But, because of fear, no one dared to challenge him.”

    “However, there was a righteous hero who also possessed amazing martial arts. He had little fame at that moment and was only quite young. He felt that Heaven Demon had no right to dominate Central Plains and force the various sects to submit to them. From what he gathered, no one had seen HEAVEN DEMON’s martial arts but his subordinates’ extraordinary martial arts already subdued him.”

    “He then decided to challenge HEAVEN DEMON. HEAVEN DEMON did not think that someone like him would be a threat to him. Instead, he thought that he would be easy to defeat. So, he sent two of the FOUR DEMONS to accept his challenge. To his surprise, the righteous hero defeated the two demons easily. He then realised that his challenger was not as weak as he seemed. He knew that unless he accepted the challenge personally, there was no way the young hero can be defeated.”

    “So, he decided to accept the challenge. They fought for three days and three nights without rest. Finally, the young hero managed to defeat HEAVEN DEMON by a stroke of luck. He won HEAVEN DEMON by barely one move. It was a lucky move. No one knew how he won. People who were at the scene of the battle are long dead by now. But from the legends passed down, it was a really lucky stroke. It was unimaginable luck.”

    “Even thought he defeated the Heaven Demon, no one knew his name. Hence, everybody just called him INVINCIBLE BATTLE GOD because of his amazing martial arts and the fact that he was undefeated throughout his era.”

    By the time Zhan Pu finished relating the legend to him, they had already reached the garden area where the tables for guests were at. They sat down at the table assigned to them and they waited for the owner to arrive.

    A young man walked over to them and said, “You must be GOLDEN LION Zhan Pu! I’ve long heard of your name.”

    Zhan Pu replied, “ I don’t deserve it. You must be the most senior disciple of MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD, Wu Tian Song. I’ve long heard that you have the highest martial arts among all the disciples.”

    Wu Tian Song laughed and replied, “Thank you for your compliment but I don’t think I deserve it. My teacher will be coming out to start the Heroes’ Meet soon. Please be seated and wait patiently.”

    He then saw Zhao Tian Xing and asked, “Who is this young man? Is he a new member of your escort agency? I’ve never heard of him.” Wu Tian Song was arrogant and thought that the ‘Divine Sword Manor’ was the best and even famed people were lucky to have a chance to participate in the Heroes’ Meet. He did not even know why his teacher decided to invite Zhan Pu, who had only little fame.

    Zhan Pu replied, “He’s a friend of mine. Don’t think that he’s useless just because he’s young. You are pretty young too but you can already be called a hero!”

    Wu Tian Song felt angry that someone like Zhao Tian Xing was being compared to him. In his anger, he decided to make Zhao Tian Xing lose face in front of Zhan Pu. So, he said, “Nice to meet you. What’s your name?” And he raised his out to offer to shake hands with Zhao Tian Xing.

    Zhao Tian Xing had already saw that Wu Tian Song had gathered his internal energy and his grip would be sufficient to crush a rock. Gathering his internal energy secretly, he shook hands with Wu Tian Song.

    “My name is Zhao Tian Xing!” He said as he shook hands.

    Strangely enough, Wu Tian Song felt his force turning into nothingness when he attempted to crush Zhao Tian Xing’s hand. Shocked, he quickly retracted his hand.

    “It’s really my pleasure to meet you!” He replied nervously. He quickly walked away to welcome other guests as he was too shocked at what had just happened. “Is he using some sort of unorthodox skill?” He thought. Normally, it’d be natural to assume that it was due to the opponent having higher internal energy but because he was too arrogant, he would rather say that his opponent was using an ‘unorthodox skill’.

    Suddenly, a loud voice boomed out. “Sorry for keeping all of you waiting!” A man in his fifties walked into the garden area and went over to the ‘Distinguished Guests’ Table where there were only one seat left. Some people recognised those who were at the ‘Distinguished Guests’ Table and let out a gasp. They were those within the TOP TEN FIGHTERS!

    The man who had just entered was the owner of ‘Divine Sword Manor’, MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD Yu Zhe. He was ranked fourth within the TOP TEN FIGHTERS.

    “It’s my honour today, to have all of you here, participating in this Heroes’ Meet. I’m sure most of you already know the reason behind this Heroes’ Meet.” Many people nodded at this sentence.

    “Many people from the various sects were mysteriously killed. There were no sign of a struggle when we found them. They were either killed by someone possessing amazingly high martial arts or someone close to them. We were unable to deduce the true reason behind their death.”

    “However, in the past few weeks, the various sects who had some of their members killed received a mysterious letter. It asked them to hand over their martial arts manual else there will be more killing cases. It was signed, ‘Heaven Demon Sect’. They said that they will be collecting it on the 3rd of August, which is to say, 2 more days. Similarly, Divine Sword Manor also had a similar incident and we received the same letter.”

    “Those people who have more knowledge of the pugilistic world probably will know about the Heaven Demon Sect. It was an evil sect which was destroyed a few hundred years ago. Hence, we can’t help but suspect about this sudden return. Is it the true Heaven Demon Sect, or just someone impersonating them to create fear? If it’s the real Heaven Demon Sect, then who revived it? Could he have found the martial arts manual of HEAVEN DEMON, and if so, is he terribly powerful? How much of it has he mastered?”

    “We are here to discuss about this issue. We must not concede by handing over our martial arts manual. Yes, we do not yet know who our enemies are. But we can find them. With the forces of the entire pugilistic world on them, I do not believe we cannot find them.” Yu Zhe shouted using his internal energy. Everyone in the garden heard every word clearly.

    Zhao Tian Xing was awed by the level of internal energy displayed. Doing what he did earlier was easy for anyone with above average internal energy, but from his voice and using his ‘Boundless Divine Skill’, Zhao Tian Xing could feel his tremendous internal energy.

    “Godfather!” Someone suddenly shouted while running into the garden. Everyone turned to look and saw that it was a beautiful young girl. Zhao Tian Xing suddenly felt very nervous as he looked her. He thought, “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen…”

    Zhan Pu was amongst those who knew who this girl was. He told Zhao Tian Xing about her. She was actually the adopted daughter of MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD and her name was Bai Zi Yun. Yu Zhe adopted her ten years ago when she was only eight years old. Her parents were normal farmers surnamed Bai. However, her entire village was suddenly infected with a plague and only she was unaffected. Yu Zhe passed by the village and pitied her. Hence, he asked for her name and in the end, he decided to adopt her. Ever since then, she had been living and learning martial arts in ‘Divine Sword Manor’. Her skills could be said to be first-rate.

    Yu Zhe replied, “What are you doing here for? I thought I told you not to come out?”

    Bai Zi Yun replied, “God-Grandfather is back!”

    Yu Zhe smiled, “Is he? Why aren’t you playing with him then?”

    Bai Zi Yun replied, “God-Grandfather asked me to play by myself because he’ll be going out again soon. I then decided to come out to take a look at this meet with his consent.”

    Yu Zhe thought, “Since Father had already consented to her coming out, it won’t be appropriate for me to ask her to go back. Since she’s here, I might as well let her meet some young heroes and accumulate some experience.”

    Wu Tian Song saw Bai Zi Yun and he was elated beyond words. He went over to her and said, “Come on, martial sister! Let’s go sit at that sit together.” He led her over to one of the better seats. However, she did not want to sit there and said, “I want to sit with Uncle Yu!” With that, she went over to the table where LIGHTNING SWORD Yu Lu is. Wu Tian Song wanted to go over too but there were no more empty seats left.

    Zhao Tian Xing could not take his eyes off her. Suddenly, Zhan Pu nudged him. “Isn’t he the guy who helped us previously?” He asked. Zhao Tian Xing looked towards the direction where he pointed and saw that it was Lu Bao he was pointing to.

    Lu Bao saw him too. He smiled and walked over to the table where Zhan Pu and Zhao Tian Xing were. He said politely, “I hope you don’t mind me sitting here.”

    “Of course we won’t.” Zhan Pu replied. Lu Bao then sat down and asked Zhao Tian Xing, “How is your quest in learning martial arts going on?”

    Zhao Tian Xing replied humbly, “With luck, I have managed to master a few skills.”

    “OK, it’s now time to discuss the issue!” Yu Zhe shouted across the garden.
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    Yu Zhe started, “As I have previously mentioned, those people who were killed presented no sign of a struggle. We can deduce from that the enemy must be highly skilled. One of the victims was within the strongest in Shaolin. To be able to kill him in one move is near impossible. However, the injury on the body tells us that he was indeed killed in one move.”

    He coughed, and continued, “There are, of course, according to what I know, a few other people in the world who can achieve that, me being amongst them. However, I believe that these people who would not be so lowdown to do this. I will not list those people who can do this though, lest people suspect them for no reason.”

    Someone shouted, “Hero Yu, do you know how was the injury inflicted?”

    Yu Zhe replied, “Yes, I do. It was inflicted by a sword. Even though the injury was not obvious, but it was apparent that it was caused by the sharp edges of a sword. From the injury, it can also be seen that the enemy has internal energy not below me.”

    The crowd stirred. MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD Yu Zhe was known for not only his amazing swordplay, but his supreme internal energy. It was said that his internal energy was among the top in the world.

    Yu Zhe continued, “However, even though I’m able to estimate the enemy’s skills, the fact that he only used a small part of his skills and that I could be wrong cannot be neglected. If that is the case, though, then I believe only the PUGILISTIC LEGENDS stand a chance. I am sure most of you have heard of these few legendary people whose skills are unrivalled in the whole world. Most of them are already in seclusion and no one knows where they are. Luckily though, I am sure it is understood that the founder of Divine Sword Manor, my father, is amongst them. This gives us hope, a chance to defeat the enemy.”

    Zhao Tian Xing was interested in the PUGILISTIC LEGENDS. He asked, “Who are they?” Lu Bao smiled and answered, “They’re the strongest pugilists in the world. They got their name ‘PUGILISTIC LEGENDS’ because they’re rarely seen and they possess amazing skills. The founder of Divine Sword Manor, SWORD GOD Yu Bai Tian, is one of them. Yu Bai Tian should be 103 years old this year. However, one cannot judge him through his age. If they must, they can only judge his knowledge. Instead of weakening with age, he’s getting stronger.”

    Zhao Tian Xing was amazed. He thought, “Hopefully I’ll be able to see them in the future. Even just seeing one of them would be enough.”

    Yu Zhe spoke again, “Another purpose of this meet is to train young heroes. Hopefully they will be able to compete with the unknown enemy and also eliminate any evildoers in the future. We would like to invite young heroes to train under the TOP TEN FIGHTERS. It will be highly beneficial to them, and hopefully it will also be useful in the battle against the enemy. We will, however, be only training those we deem qualified. It is their good luck that they can train under the TOP TEN FIGHTERS.”

    “Tomorrow, we will be having a tournament to decide 10 people who will each train under one of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS. To participate, please give your name to one of my disciples. For now, please enjoy the food provided and you may proceed to rest in the nearby inns. All the fees have been covered.”

    Yu Zhe then proceeded to enter the main room with the rest of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS. They seemed to be in deep thoughts. Soon, they were out of the garden area.

    With them gone, everyone started talking about what Yu Zhe had mentioned earlier. Many young people looked eager to participate in the tournament tomorrow.

    Lu Bao asked Zhao Tian Xing, “Will you be participating in the tournament tomorrow?” Zhao Tian Xing replied, “I have no idea, how about you?”

    Lu Bao answered smilingly, “Have you forgotten who is my father?”

    Zhao Tian Xing then recalled that his father was COLD MOON DIVINE SWORD Lu Zi Yang, who was within the TOP TEN FIGHTERS.

    They quickly ate and Zhan Pu said, “It’s getting late. We should be going back to the inn to rest now.”

    Lu Bao said, “Go ahead, I’ll be waiting for my father. Good luck to all of you.”

    They then headed back to the inn after informing ‘Divine Sword Manor’. Zhao Tian Xing was thinking of the tournament when Zhan Pu asked him, “So, will you be going for the tournament?” Zhao Tian Xing replied, “I honestly don’t know. However, it is a must to be at least present to witness this tournament. It will certainly be exciting.” Excitement lit up in his eyes.

    Soon, it was night. After finishing his dinner, Zhan Pu went back to his room to rest. Zhao Tian Xing decided to look for a secluded spot to practise his swordplay.

    He went a little out of town where there was no one. He then took out his sword. The brightness of the sword blinded his eyes for a moment. He exclaimed, “What a good sword!” He started to practise his swordplay. Coupled with his internal energy, every swing and stab of the sword was filled with power. From afar, he looked mighty with every move.

    After practising for a few hours, he finally decided to have a sleep and wait for morning to arrive. Soon, it was the next day.

    Zhao Tian Xing woke up and he quickly went to see if Zhan Pu is already awakened. He saw that Zhan Pu was eating already and he quickly went over to join him.

    “How was your sleep?” Zhan Pu asked kindly. Zhao Tian Xing replied, “Thanks for your concern, I had a pretty good sleep.”

    Zhao Pu said smilingly, “Well, start eating then. We have to set out for Divine Sword Manor soon.”

    After they have finished eating, they immediately set out for ‘Divine Sword Manor’. Soon, they reached there once again. A stage could be seen in the garden area. The TOP TEN FIGHTERS were already there, waiting for others to arrive.

    Soon after, everyone arrived. Yu Zhe shouted across the garden, “Now, we will begin the tournament. If there’s anyone who wishes to join now, please look for one of my disciples and they will relate your message to me.”

    He shouted out two names and Zhao Tian Xing watched as two young guys got onto the stage. One of them was using a sword while the other was using a saber. They bowed to each other and started the match.

    Zhao Tian Xing yawned as he watched. Those skills displayed were nothing compared to what he had learnt. He saw the TOP TEN FIGHTERS sighing and shaking their heads. He could roughly guess why. They were disappointed with this generation of young people.

    Soon, many rounds had passed and only a few more rounds were left. Zhao Tian Xing heard MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD Yu Zhe said to the rest of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS, “Luckily there are still some people within the participants who have better potential. Hopefully they’ll be able to put all their efforts into learning martial arts.”

    Soon, there was no more participants left. Yu Zhe shouted, “The results of the tournament will be announced soon. For now, please take a rest!”

    Suddenly, there was a long sigh. People turned to look who was the one sighing. They saw someone dressed in all black, sighing at them.

    Someone among the crowd shouted, “Why are you sighing?”
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    The man dressed in black was very young, only slightly older than Zhao Tian Xing. His sword was completely black and it was placed on the table. He looked completely emotionless as he sat there.

    The man who shouted was about to attack him when Yu Zhe said, “Let’s not fight among each other. He’s just sighing and I suppose he has no reason to tell you why he is sighing.”

    Everyone’s attention turned back to Yu Zhe. Yu Zhe said. “So, as I previously said, everyone can return to the inn now and return here tomorrow morning to hear the results! Today, we will look for those who have been selected.”

    While they were returning to the inn, Zhan Pu asked Zhao Tian Xing, “Why didn’t you join?”

    Zhao Tian Xing replied, “Whether I join or not, I still can help to fight the enemy. Why not let others have a chance to go under the tutelage of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS?”

    Zhan Pu smiled gently, “You’re a good boy.”

    At night, Zhao Tian Xing was unable to sleep. His thoughts kept flying to the adopted daughter of Yu Zhe, Bai Zi Yun. “She’s so beautiful…” He thought to himself. His face turned red as he thought of her.

    “I wonder what she thinks of me?” He thought.

    He tried to sleep as he needed to conserve his energy tomorrow. Finally, he managed to fall asleep with those thoughts still in his mind.

    The next day, Zhan Pu woke him up very early. “Today we have to reach the manor earlier since the results will be announced soon. They’ll have to start training the winners as soon as possible.”

    They quickly headed towards ‘Divine Sword Manor’. Soon, they arrived. Zhao Tian Xing thought, “Would I see her again today?” He blushed slightly at the thought of seeing her again. Even though he was young, he suddenly realised that he should not have such thoughts. He tried to refrain from thinking of her again.

    Soon after they were seated, Yu Zhe and the rest of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS appeared.

    Yu Zhe shouted, “The results shall now be announced! The TOP TEN FIGHTERS will personally announce his or her own disciple.”

    Suddenly, someone standing beside Yu Zhe spoke. He looked very old but his voice was vibrant. “The one who will be training under me is Zhen Qi Xi from Wudang!”

    Zhao Tian Xing then realised that this old man was actually the top of the TOP TEN FIGHTERS, LIVING IMMORTAL Liao Su. Zhen Qi Xi was a secular disciple of Wudang.

    He watched as Zhen Qi Xi walked up to stand beside Liao Su.

    The next person spoke, “Wu Miao of Shaolin!”

    Another spoke, “Lian Cheng Yu of Flying Dragon Sect!”

    Yu Zhe shouted, “Fang Dong Tian of Wudang!”

    This continued until it reached the last person.

    “Wu Xing of Shaolin!” He shouted.

    Yu Zhe said to everyone, “A feast will now be provided for everyone while we bring the winners into the main hall to discuss with them their new identity. Everyone is allowed to browse around the manor, including the Training Room. The only restricted area is the Sword Hiding Room.”

    Everyone knew that the ‘Sword Hiding Room’ was the restricted area of ‘Divine Sword Manor’ as inside the room contained many precious swords. Nobody had ever managed to enter the ‘Sword Hiding Room’ except for Yu Bai Tian and Yu Zhe.

    It had been a long time since Zhao Tian Xing had a good meal, especially a meal like this. The food was simply amazing to Zhao Tian Xing as he had never tasted such good food before. He ate like a glutton as though the food would disappear if he stopped. Several people looked at him in a disgusted manner. However, he ignored them all. Suddenly, someone caught his attention. It was Bai Zi Yun! Wu Tian Song was trying to talk to her but she was busy talking to her God-Uncle, LIGHTNING SWORD Yu Lu.

    Zhao Tian Xing smiled at her. Just at the exact moment, she swept her head around the garden area and saw Zhao Tian Xing smiling at her. She blushed and smiled back. Zhao Tian Xing saw her smile and immediately felt very nervous. He quickly looked down. Suddenly, he realised that Wu Tian Song was looking at him with contempt.

    After they had finished eating, Zhan Pu asked Zhao Tian Xing if he would like to walk around the manor. Zhao Tian Xing obliged and they left their seats.

    Suddenly, Zhan Pu had a stomachache and he left Zhao Tian Xing alone. After wandering for a while, he saw a cave-like area with the door closed. He walked over there curiously.

    “What’s this place?” He wondered. He tried to open the door but to no avail.

    Suddenly, there was a flash of light and three swords flew towards his throat from behind!

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    Those three swords were coming towards him at extreme speed. Without even looking back, he moved back of his hands behind him and grabbed the wrists of the two men by the sides. His head bowed down as both of his hands forced the sword to move towards the center.

    “Clang!” A loud sound was heard as the three swords collided. The swords flew out of their hands and dropped onto the ground as they were forced backwards five steps.

    Suddenly, another sword flashed towards him! By then, he had already turned to face the attackers. The sword was coming at an even faster speed but Zhao Tian Xing just flicked his finger lightly on the incoming sword’s tip. A complacent look appeared on the attacker’s face as he thought that Zhao Tian Xing’s finger will get sliced off for sure. What happened next, however, was completely unexpected. The sword flew out of the attacker’s hand as he was forced back three steps! Zhao Tian Xing had utilized his profound internal energy and flicked at the sword with ‘Divine Finger Flick’. The attacker was unable to defend against the profound internal energy within the flick.

    The attacker’s face was filled with shock. Zhao Tian Xing looked carefully and realised that he was the top disciple of ‘Divine Sword Manor’, Wu Tian Song.

    “Why are you attacking me?” Zhao Tian Xing asked.

    Wu Tian Song replied arrogantly, “Don’t think you can enter the ‘Sword Hiding Room’ just because you know some martial arts!” Suddenly, he picked up the sword from the floor and his sword struck towards Zhao Tian Xing at a rapid speed! Zhao Tian Xing prepared to flick the sword away again but Wu Tian Song was careful not to let him touch his sword this time. He executed the ‘Wind Chasing Swordplay’ of the ‘Divine Sword Manor’.

    Zhao Tian Xing used his hand as a sword and executed the ‘Carefree Swordplay’. Soon after 10 moves, Wu Tian Song was only able to defend and not attack.

    Zhao Tian Xing shouted, “Stop!” and proceeded to seal Wu Tian Song’s acupoints. Wu Tian Song could only retreat as Zhao Tian Xing’s fingers struck towards him at lightning speed.

    Suddenly, someone also shouted, “Stop!” Zhao Tian Xing felt an extremely strong force coming towards him. He turned around and saw a pair of palms coming towards him. He did not have time to see who the person was and his palms collided with the attacker’s palms.

    When the two palms collided, there was no sound at all. Everyone watched as Zhao Tian Xing moved back three steps while the attacker’s body shook slightly.

    Zhao Tian Xing then had time to see who the attacker was. “MOON BREAKING DIVINE SWORD Yu Zhe!” He exclaimed in shock.

    Yu Zhe shouted, “How dare you try to barge into the ‘Sword Hiding Room’!” Zhao Tian Xing then knew that the door he tried to open led to the ‘Sword Hiding Room’.

    He tried to explain himself, “I did not kn-” But before he could finish his sentence, Yu Zhe had already came towards him at lightning speed! He was forced back to the door. His back touched the door and he had no place to retreat.

    He had no choice but to take on the blow full-force. He stretched out his palms and his palms collided with Yu Zhe’s.

    An explosive sound was heard as the door behind Zhao Tian Xing shattered! When the palms collided, Zhao Tian Xing tried to redirect Yu Zhe’s palm force but it was in vain. The impact of the collision caused the door behind Zhao Tian Xing to shatter as it was unable to withstand the tremendous force.

    Immediately, Zhao Tian Xing moved back into the room at lightning speed. He saw that there was another door and he quickly fired a long distance palm strike at the door. The door was made of a kind of very rare material and it did not break. However, the door opened from the force as it was not locked. He quickly went inside.

    Yu Zhe followed him inside and quickly closed the door. Zhao Tian Xing could see that Yu Zhe was extremely angry. He looked around and saw many precious swords around him. There was a sword directly behind him, facing the door, isolated from the rest.

    “Splitting Heaven Divine Sword!” He exclaimed. He had long heard of this legendary sword. What was so special about the sword was the sword manual inside it, not the sword itself. Even though the sword was made of very good material, it was still far from the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’ and ‘White Jade Divine Sword’.

    “How dare you?!” Yu Zhe bellowed. He was using the ‘Lion Roar’ skill and Zhao Tian Xing felt his eardrums vibrate painfully.

    Suddenly, Yu Zhe flipped his palm and a sword appeared in his hands. The ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’! “No one has ever come in here and leave alive!’ Yu Zhe said as he struck at Zhao Tian Xing.

    In the twinkling of an eye, Yu Zhe had struck 128 times! Pieces of clothes flew around as Zhao Tian Xing’s shirt was sliced into many pieces. Luckily, none of the strikes hit any of his vital points.

    “Not bad!” Yu Zhe shouted and he struck again. This time round, Zhao Tian Xing had also unsheathed his ‘White Jade Divine Sword’ and was starting to use the ‘Overcoming fast with slow’ formula of the ‘Carefree Swordplay’. After another 10 moves, Zhao Tian Xing started to feel very tired and he was almost out of energy.

    Yu Zhe’s strikes started to get slower and slower. It seemed as though he was also tiring out but Zhao Tian Xing could see that Yu Zhe was actually executing a higher level of swordplay!

    After another 10 moves, Zhao Tian Xing’s left arm suffered a cut. Suddenly, Yu Zhe swung his sword at Zhao Tian Xing’s leg! Zhao Tian Xing lowered his sword to parry the move but suddenly, Yu Zhe’s sword changed direction and the tip was aiming towards Zhao Tian Xing’s vital point on his body!! The sword changed direction from the most unimaginable angle and unimaginable direction. At the very last moment as the sword was able to hit his vital point, Zhao Tian Xing forcefully swung his sword up and the two swords clashed! He had utilized all of his internal energy in this strike whereas Yu Zhe only used a certain percentage of his internal energy. Hence, Yu Zhe was forced back five steps and his sword nearly flew out of his grip!

    Zhao Tian Xing was also pushed back five steps from the impact of the collision. Yu Zhe commented, “It’s a waste to kill you. But the rules of the manor have to be observed!” With that, he struck again.

    This time, his sword struck towards Zhao Tian Xing faster than ever!

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    Yu Zhe had put all of his power into this lethal killing move. He was not going to give Zhao Tian Xing the slightest chance of surviving!

    Zhao Tian Xing shuddered as he barely had time to respond. With all of his power too, he executed the ultimate killing move of the ‘Heartless Swordplay’. He had learned the strokes since young but did not know the formula for it. Now, he was executing the most lethal move of the swordplay with the essence of ‘Carefree Swordplay’. All his internal energy were put onto the sword. He struck out at a speed equal to that of Yu Zhe’s!

    It seems that a death was inevitable for one of them. But who was it going to be? The swords were nearing each other and the atmosphere tensed greatly.

    Suddenly, the door flew open and closed again. A figure flew in at a speed so fast that he almost could not be seen! Before Zhao Tian Xing and Yu Zhe could finish their killing move, the man had already snatched both of their swords out of their grip at the same time!

    Zhao Tian Xing and Yu Zhe were shocked. Both of them were powerful exponents but someone was able to snatch away their both their swords together in one move when they were executing their ultimate killing move? It was impossible! But the fact remains that it happened, and they could only attempt to see who did that.

    When they saw the person, they shouted out together. Zhao Tian Xing shouted, “Elder!” while Yu Zhe shouted, “Father!” The person who snatched their swords was SWORD GOD Yu Bai Tian!

    Yu Bai Tian looked digusted. He asked angrily, “Why are you two fighting?”

    Yu Zhe replied politely, “He entered the ‘Sword Hiding Room’ without proper permission.” The ‘Sword Hiding Room’ was only open to the manor’s owner and no one else was allowed to enter.

    Yu Bai Tian sighed, “I shouldn’t have set this stupid rule. Anyway, the only reason the room was restricted was due to the manual comprised within the ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’. Now that you’ve retrieved the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’, there’s a chance we can break the sword and retrieve the manual.”

    Suddenly, he gathered all his internal energy and flung the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’ at the ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’ hanging on the wall. The two swords collided but the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’ dropped to the ground upon the impact. The ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’ was intact.

    Yu Zhe was startled and sighed, “Seems like not even the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’ can split open the ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’.”

    Yu Bai Tian replied, “The ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’ was designed in a very unique way. It is so strong due to the design that it’s nearly unbreakable. Our efforts were in vain…”

    Suddenly, Zhao Tian Xing said, “You can try using the ‘White Jade Divine Sword’ to break it.”

    Yu Zhe was someone who can recognise the quality of swords easily. He looked at the ‘White Jade Divine Sword’ and realised that it’s quality was superior to the ‘Bloodless Divine Sword’ in every aspect.

    Yu Bai Tian gathered all his internal energy and flung the ‘White Jade Divine Sword’ at the ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’. A loud cracking sound was heard as the ‘Splitting Heaven Divine Sword’ broke into half. A manual dropped out of it.

    Yu Bai Tian picked up the manual and said, “I want both of you to master it.”

    Yu Zhe replied, “But this guy here is not a disciple of the ‘Divine Sword Manor’!”

    Yu Bai Tian smiled and asked Zhao Tian Xing, “Are you willing to come under the tutelage of me?”

    Zhao Tian Xing was elated as he was previously indebted to Yu Bai Tian and had also long wanted to go under his tutelage. He instantly agreed.

    Everything was settled and they went out of the room. No one knew what happened inside and they were all trying to guess.

    Someone asked, “What happened?”

    Yu Bai Tian just smiled and replied, “There’s no need for you to know.”

    Soon, Yu Bai Tian brought Zhao Tian Xing and Yu Zhe to his room. He made two copies of the ‘Splitting Heaven Swordplay’ and gave them one each. He explained, “The ‘Splitting Heaven Swordplay’ is a set of swordplay of extreme fierceness. The three strongest moves in it, ‘Shocking Heaven Shaking Earth’; ‘Opening Heaven Splitting Earth’; and ‘Splitting Heaven Breaking Earth’ are very energy-consuming. Using them will drain a significant amount of internal energy from the user. I hope the both of you will be able to master the swordplay and use it wisely. When one can fully control and use this swordplay, his might is unparalleled.”

    Yu Bai Tian then brought Zhao Tian Xing to a secret training room and prohibited anyone, including Yu Zhe, from entering the room. He wanted Zhao Tian Xing to train there by himself for one year. He did not want any disturbance to be a source of distraction to him. The only exception was Bai Zi Yun due to her constant pestering and Zhao Tian Xing did not object to her entering. Bai Zi Yun was highly interested in why a stranger was suddenly training in the secret training room.

    Soon, a year has passed. Throughout this year, Bai Zi Yun visited him everyday and they chatted whenever they could. They gradually felt closer to each other and confided in each other more. They talked about their parentage and sad life; they talked about their adventures; they talked about anything they could.

    Within this year, Zhao Tian Xing had not only mastered the ‘Splitting Heaven Swordplay’, but also mastered the ‘Nameless Swordplay’ imparted to him by Yu Bai Tian. He also became more proficient in the ‘Carefree Swordplay’ and ‘Heartless Swordplay’. His internal energy also increased by leaps and bounds as he practised his ‘Boundless Divine Skill’ and ‘Nameless Divine Skill’ imparted to him by Yu Bai Tian.

    On the other hand, Bai Zi Yun also benefitted greatly from the daily visits she made. She also discussed swordplay with Zhao Tian Xing sometimes. It was obvious that she also had tremendous potential.

    Finally, Zhao Tian Xing was allowed to exit the room as he fulfilled the one year agreement.

    He was walking around in the manor with Bai Zi Yun when suddenly someone shouted at him from behind, “Who are you to walk around randomly in ‘Divine Sword Manor’?! Surrender yourself!”

    He turned around and saw someone advancing towards him at a rapid speed with both palms aiming towards his vital points!
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    very good i like the speed u r posting the story.I like the story so far.
    i am expecting this sudden attacker to be eldest disciple of Yu Zhe.i think hes gonna get his just rewards.shouldnt he recognise Bai Zi Yun even when she is with can only be jealousy.i may be wrong.i am just guessing.
    thnx for updating soon enough.pls keep this speed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maverick View Post
    very good i like the speed u r posting the story.I like the story so far.
    i am expecting this sudden attacker to be eldest disciple of Yu Zhe.i think hes gonna get his just rewards.shouldnt he recognise Bai Zi Yun even when she is with can only be jealousy.i may be wrong.i am just guessing.
    thnx for updating soon enough.pls keep this speed up.
    Thank you for your comments! The next chapter will be posted soon.

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    Thumbs up

    hi kwekmh, enjoy reading the last few chapters, keep it up!!!!

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    waiting for the update.the wait is killing me.pls update soon

    thnx for the hard work.

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