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Thread: 康熙王朝 (kang Xi Wang Chao) & 大明宫词 (Da ming gong ci)

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    Default 康熙王朝 (kang Xi Wang Chao) & 大明宫词 (Da ming gong ci)


    am looking for these shows. does anyone know if its already release & if its worth hunting for the shows to watch?


    大明宫词 - Da ming gong ci

    康熙王朝 - kang Xi Wang Chao
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    These series are quite old. Da Ming Gong Ci came out in 1998 and Kang Xi Di Guo came out in 2000. I'm not sure if they've been released in Viet or some other language or with subs if that's what you're asking, though.

    Da Ming Gong Ci is a decent series, but it's kind of slow and depressing. Give it a shot if that's your thing.

    I definitely recommend Kang Xi Di Guo a.k.a. Kang Xi Wang Chao.

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