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Thread: Concerning Full Moon Curved Sabre

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    Default Concerning Full Moon Curved Sabre

    How much of full moon curved sabre was written by gu long ... i read somewhere that gulong wrote the first five this true that the rest was written by someelse..this is one of my favourite gulong story and it is disappointing if gu long did not play a major role in writing the novel

    how many of gulong novels were actually co-authored with someone ...and did his partners wrote a major portion of the novels or just a small bit

    why did he have partners to complete his works for him?

    when someone else finished the job for gulong, did he dictate the kind of ending he wanted?

    i presumed that gulong still writes the bulk of his works otherwise why do we have so many forums celebrating the genius of the man

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    I'm not sure where Gu Long's writing ended but it's apparent that the last chapters were done by someone with much less talent. I didn't even know until I was done reading the book that much of it was done by someone else. Even without knowing that fact, I noticed that the book went downhill rapidly after the midpoint. It's a shame because the premise was one of the most interesting that I've ever read.

    One thing we should agree on is to never use anything from this book whenever we're having those comparison/rankings discussions. If it's not fully written by Gu Long, it might as well be fan fiction.

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