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Thread: (Poll)Which Hollywood actress you like best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0-0-0 View Post
    if you've seen notes on a scandal, i thought she looked very beautiful in that film, and she definitely deserved the nomination for that role, unlike for example, ZZY in Memoirs of a Geisha.
    I've seen that -excellent movie. She always portrays her roles so perfectly
    And yeah ZZY....not a very good actress...not even fit to be compared to Cate Blanchett..

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    i would have to say anne hathaway.....i like reese too...favorites are very few nowadays.... it's sad that some who has the talent in them don't get as much role offer as those who just look good on screen....
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    The one at the top of my head right now is Ellen Page. She's only in her early twenties but she has incredible acting skills. She's versatile in the roles that she takes on and when I see her on screen, I can tell that she's totally into her character. Others that I particularly like: -Evan Rachael Wood (King of California, In Blooming, Across the Universe) -Cate Blanchett (I think everyone already know about her works) There's probably more but I can't think right now . I actually like more actors than actresses really.

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    My favorites are Rachel McAdams, and Emma Rossum.

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