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Thread: can you help me to select some series?

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    Default can you help me to select some series?

    Thank you for readingm my post.
    Can some one please let me know some details about following Series, I like this kind of series too much and I want to buy some more series.
    I like The Return of the Condor Heroes ,The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber, The Legend of Condor Heroes, Now I am looking to find other series similar to it.

    Can you please let me know which of this series are similar to the above?

    1-The Duke Of Mount Deer
    2-Treacherous Waters
    3-The World No.1
    4-Seven Swords Of Mount Heaven
    5-Crimson Sabre
    6-Kung Fu Beggar
    7-Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng II
    8-Magic Sword of Heaven and Earth
    9-Wind & Cloud 2
    10-Gods And Demons From Zu Mountain
    11-The Patriotic Knights
    12-Drunken KungFu
    13-Real Kung fu
    14-Tales Of Horror 100
    15-Swordman I
    16-Swordman III
    17-Chess Warriors
    18-Sword Staind With Royal Blood
    19-Young Zhang San Feng OR Taiji Prodigy OR Shao Nian Zhang San Feng
    20-Young Warrior Of Yang Clan OR Shao Nian Yang Jia Jian


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    the series on ur list is okay...and it really depend on you....but for me i like Drunken KungFu and The Duke Of Mount Deer....but there is a lot of version of it so it really depend on you..... anyway hope you will choose the right on for you...
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    You should tell us which versions of the series you've seen and which ones you intend to. For example, i would recommend different series for people who enjoyed ROCH 1983 as opposed to ROCH 99

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