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Thread: Easy to read books in (traditional) chinese?

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    Default Easy to read books in (traditional) chinese?


    I am a beginner in chinese reading and it takes me quite some time to read a page (together with a dictionary). But I still love reading books and I want to exercise my chinese.

    Can you point me out some books that are very easy to read? (But please nothing "A is for Apple" ;-)).

    Thank you.

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    I was in your shoes twenty-something years ago - I taught myself to read Chinese with little more than a dictionary at hand. I initially tried working on a Jinyong novel, but it was agonizingly slow to read even a single page of it back then... My mother advised me to try one of Ni Kuang's (Cantonese: Ngai Hong) sci-fi novels instead. Following her advice, the first full Chinese book that I read ended up being '木炭' (Charcoal) from his '衞斯理' (Wei Sili/Wai Silei) series.

    Looking back at it, even that was pretty much jumping in the deep end, but still, those novels are among the easier works that I've read in Chinese. If you do check out that series, I'd advise trying the early/middle period works first - the later ones get boringly predictable.

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    I started at Jin Yong novels back in the day and an online dictionary to help me out. Did it for about a year or so, and my reading grew a ton.

    I would advise you start with Gu Long novels. They are very simple and not much complex words there.

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    Thank you both for your advice.

    I got myself some Gu Long, some Ni Kuang (lucky they are selling them now with 2 to 3 Wesley novels collected into one) and a kids version of Water Margin with BoPoMoFo. Maybe I can figure something out :-)


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    Default Chinese Perapera

    I'm getting started with reading Chinese novels too, and I've found that this is helpful.

    Chinese Perapera

    Put your mouse over any Chinese words on a webpage and it gives you the pronunciation and definition. English, German, & French dictionaries; Pinyin and Zhuyin supported; Simplified or Traditional characters. Save and export words for studying later!

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