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Thread: A step into the past - 寻秦记 - by Huang Yi

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    Default ;-)

    Wow, translating a 300 chapters is an uphill task-quite tough... Anywayz, it's cool!! And I totally luv the tv series!! All the best to you for the translating work...

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    That was awesome stuff i went to work for a week and even though they have wireless up their and i took my lappy i decided to save up the translation till i got back yesterday And man was that ever enjoyable love how he completely stole both of Lian Jin's women completely stealing whatever pride self respect and ego he had for himself can't wait to see what his reaction will be!!! He will surely kick Lian Jin's *** in the tournament/competition i mean come on he does have the ancient world most ruthless unique and efficient fighting style as well as a perfect understanding of the human anatomy. Wu Yingyuan Seems Quite Proud Of Being Part Qin and seems all set to betray his grandfather still though cant get past the way lady Ya who is like portrayed so promiscuously is like so unsatisfied with anyone but Shaolong seems she is quite close to falling head over heels in love with him just like Wu Xiaojie and Mei Canniang Childishly carefree and ecstatic ... .. . .which reminds me i miss Mei Canniang I liked her love for her "Heaven Sent" man Thanks for the translation Jean it is highly appreciated as always you are my hero savior messiah and goddess Once Again thanks for going out of your way to help translate for us the chinese illiterate wuxia lovers!Reading abit of "A Step Into The Past" makes my day that much more enjoyable loving it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bai Qi44 View Post
    Anyway, I think of it as him travelling to a parallel universe in their time and not our (or his) universe. He can do anything in that parallel universe and nothing would happen in his own universe.
    Well, parallel universe exist because the time traveling theory. But upto now the time traveling is impossible. Einstein just find relativity theory which is proven true, but it only slow down or stop the time in a certain condition and not to go back in time. Parallel universe will exist if the time traveler change something in the past and then from his time being back to the future, the effect of the changed is real to him but not to us and it considered to be the parallel universe.

    XSL has traveled through the time and make some changes (or make some correction ?). From the time he arrived (in our past), then he made his own history in his own universe.

    I only enjoy the story until the end and see at which point of paradoxical will the autor stop.

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    Thanks for your time doing the translation. It's quite an interesting story and different from the usual wuxia stories.

    About our main character worries about changing the past and repercussions in the future... he need not worry because he already interfered with the past and changed the future. ;-)

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    to continue....

    ************************************************** ****

    The most realistic time, will only appear when he is embroiled with beauties.

    Just like Lady Ya before his eyes.

    What are you thinking!

    Xiang Shaolong was jolted from this thoughts, and smiled bitterly. He may never be able to reveal his inner thoughts.

    He removed his cape, walked towards her and draped it over her. He moved to face her, hugging her tightly and at the same time grabbed her slender hands, asking gently, Why are you so honest with me? Arent you afraid Ill see through your weakness and control you?

    Lady Ya smiled, Of course Im not! Control me all you want! Ive been troubled the whole day, and thought about it the whole day, and realized that I really have never been happy. Hai! Ive been numb about the matters between men and women long ago. If you grew up in the palace or a dukes household, you will understand my meaning.

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, You were born into the royal family, you should not want of anything, and able to get everything you want. Why is it that when you talk about the palace, it seems like youre talking about the scariest place on earth?

    Lady Ya snuggled deeper into his arms, as if she is trying to get security and warmth from him and said sadly, It seems that during the Zhou dynasty in the past, the royal family and dukes family were restricted by traditions and ceremonial etiquettes, and its a rule to choose a wife from the other royal and dukes families. Everything has to be done according to the law, no one dares to override it. But today, the palace has become the most ugly and promiscuous place. I saw with my own eyes the countless evil licentious acts my father, brothers and elders engaged in. For example they kept a few boys and wanted them to wear make-up, its truly disgusting. My imperial uncle likes to draw on the walls of the hall, embarrassing pictures of men and women coupling, and even invited lots of his officials to drink and make merry with the palace maids, and I hai! I really do not want to say further.

    Xiang Shaolong vaguely guessed that something incestuous may have been involved, and he did not want to think about it either. He nodded his head and said, Its better left unsaid, forget about it then.

    Lady Yas eyes reddened, and said piteously, Shaolong! Only you can help me forget the frightening past.

    Xiang Shaolong was ecstatic, and took the opportunity to say, But first you can no longer be with other men.

    Lady Ya was stunned, You know about it!

    Xiang Shaolong sighed secretly to himself, the whole city knows about it, how can I not know? He nodded his head.

    Lady Ya looked at his face for a long while, turned around and lightly pushed him away.

    Xiang Shaolong was perplexed and lowered his head to scrutinize her expression.

    Lady Yas alert and jet black eyes stared at him, her countenance turning icy and said flatly, Are you looking down on me in your heart?

    Xiang Shaolong felt a headache coming on, this woman is really unpredictable, but he knows at this time he cannot back down. He replied coldly, If you continue to live the lift of having countless face heads, I will really look down on you.

    Lady Ya is totally helpless when she sees his chauvinistic attitude, and she softened and called out, Shaolong! Hug me.

    Xiang Shaolong shook his head and said, If you do not promise me, I cannot obey you.

    Lady Ya was in a frenzy as she replied, But you cannot accompany me the whole day, and sometimes you will go out to war. Dont you know that loneliness can kill? And she sighed sadly, I have everything, and dont care for anything. Only obtaining different men, can give me the feeling of novelty and excitement for the time. All right! If you promise to stay by my side the whole day, I will chase all the other men away.

    Xiang Shaolong smiled, If theres no suffering from pining, how can there be joy from reunion. Going too far will not accomplish anything. You will only value something if you get it after much suffering. If Lady does not learn this rule for happiness, you can forget about being happy in your life, its no use even if I try to help you.

    Lady Ya thought for a moment, a look of admiration flashed past her pretty eyes and said quietly, Your thinking is very unique, very refreshing, making me think about things Ive never thought of before. Im exactly going too far and not accomplishing anything, thats why I dont have the feeling of happiness.

    She continued with a coquettish laugh, This is the first time I feel that its interesting to have a conversation with a man. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, of course its interesting. Such a oft-talked about topic in the 21st century, of course itll be a breakthrough in thinking for people like you. Suddenly, he knows for sure that he will be able to snatch Lady Ya from Lian Jins hands as well, because Lian Jin lacks the knowledge of 2000 years.

    My god! That is such a long distance away!

    Lady Ya rolled her eyes at him and asked, Your smile is very hateful, are you laughing at me. And she changed back to a nave and lovable young girl.

    Is she a little girl who has never grown up or matured because she has always been pampered?

    Xiang Shaolong had an idea, and pointed at the moon and told her the story of the cowherd and weaving girl. He ended with a sigh, The meeting of the golden wind and jade dew, surpasses everything else on earth.*

    *Poem by Qin Guan from Song Dynasty Immortals on a magpie bridge

    Lady Ya was engrossed in the story, and looked up at the empty space beside the clear moon, imagining the magpie bridge there and sighed, Shaolong thought of these two sentences, the intonation is good, and the image brought up intoxicating.

    Xiang Shaolong forced himself to say, Of course I thought of it, have you heard anyone else saying it?

    Lady Ya laughed, You dont have to be so uptight. Tell me, why do you want me to listen to such a sad and helpless story?

    Xiang Shaolong came to her side and leaned into her, and said nonchalantly, I only want you to guess, when the cowherd and weaving girl meets once a year, what would they do.

    Lady Ya chuckled and said with a flirtatious smile, Of course theyll do what we were doing last night!

    Xiang Shaolong was aroused by her flirtatious moves and said a little roughly, Answer me quickly if you want Xiang Shaolong or other men like Lian Jin. You can only choose one, once you promise me I will carry you into the pavilion immediately.

    Lady Ya stared at him with concentration for a moment, and replied with a smile, If you can make another 2 poem verses, something as moving as the earlier verse, I will promise to become only your woman.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly elated, and thought he will use the god of poem Li Bais famous words to excite her, and said offhandedly, Have you never seen them grieving in the mirror over their white hair, silky black at dawn, snowy white at dusk. These 2 verses, to a woman, is really a sore point.

    Lady Yas body shivered, and she lowered her head and recited it twice, limitless love flowing out from her bright eyes and she said gently, Xiang Shaolong! Youve won, carry me inside!

    The 2 of them had just entered the pavilion and was about to go into the bedroom when a pretty maid hurried up to report, Lady! Master Lian is here.


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    Hahahaha, this is brilliant. He's cribbing lines from one of my favorite poems, Jiangjinjiu!
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    This is way better than the TV series.

    I like my protagonist the way I like my big corporations, morally ambiguous. The TV version of ShaoLong is so righteous that it kinda makes it boring.

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    XSL is surely not one of my fav characters, but he is definitely an interesting one. horny as hell, but certainly not boring. i suppose reading and watching too many righteous characters can make someone like XSL stand out.

    Jean, you are the best for keeping this translation going strong

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    this is the end of book 1!


    Xiang Shaolong was shaken and put Lady Ya down, staring at her icily, naturally he meant to say that since Lian Jin is allowed to come into your residence at will, therefore he can go into your room anytime to look for you.

    Lady Ya first instructed the pretty maid, Go and stop him, tell him I dont wish to see him tonight.

    After the maid left, she looked at Xiang Shaolong in reproach, Didnt I make myself clear already?

    Before Xiang Shaolong could reply, Lian Jins voice can be heard from downstairs calling out, Since Lian Jin is already here, why wont Lady let me hear even a few words of your melodious voice?

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly complimenting Lian Jin for really having a way with women.

    Indeed Lady Yas expression showed she is at a loss, obviously Lian Jin has stirred some beautiful memories.

    Lian Jin added, The night is clear with the moon bright, the scenery is breathtaking. Wont Lady be lonely sleeping all alone?

    Lady Ya was shocked awake, she secretly stole a glace at Xiang Shaolong and saw his unhappy expression. She suddenly felt dislike for Lian Jin and said coquettishly, Now youve heard my voice, leave quickly!

    Xiang Shaolong saw that she did not make things clear with Lian Jin, and knew that she still harbor some feelings for him. He felt discontented and snorted unhappily.

    Lian Jin immediately called out furiously, Who is up there!

    The guards started shouting, followed by the sounds of weapons clashing and groans of pain. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming up the pavilion and Lian Jin walked up, with guards running after him.

    Lady Ya commanded the guards, Its nothing of your business here, go down.

    Lian Jin stared at Xiang Shaolong, his usual calm lost, his eyes seems to be shooting flames and he said each word slowly, Its you again, Xiang Shaolong.

    Lady Ya was about to reprimand Lian Jin when Xiang Shaolong led her towards the door and said, Lady please go into the room.

    Lady Ya has no intention of leaving these two rivals here alone, but she knows that if she does not listen to Xiang Shaolongs instructions, it would mean letting Lian Jin win. She will then forever lose this proud man, so she bit her lips and went into the room obediently.

    Lian Jin saw this beauty who has never really surrendered actually surrendering to Xiang Shaolongs lascivious power, he was so furious that he almost coughed out blood, and was unable to speak for a moment.

    Xiang Shaolongs ferocious eyes shot icily at him and said with a stern voice, Was it you who instigated Grand Young Master yesterday to touch my Yan woman?

    Lian Jin is an extremely deep person, and after his anger subsided, his calm returned. He smiled nonchalantly, Not only the Yan woman, even that Su Nu of yours, I was the one who informed Prince Shaoyuan to snatch her away.

    Xiang Shaolong looked heavenward and laughed sadly, and when he looked at Lian Jin again, he was expressionless. He said quietly, Fine! If I, Xiang Shaolong, allow you to live beyond the day after tomorrow, then I will change my surname to that of yours, scum!

    Naturally Lian Jin does not understand what scum is, but he knows its nothing good. He laughed and replied, This is exactly what I want to say to you. He then called out into the room, When Lian Jin comes again the night after, Lady will not reject my request to be your bedroom guest! He laughed loudly and went downstairs.

    Xiang Shaolong really felt like running after him immediately and have a duel to the death. But if he kills him, he may be executed for going against the imperial edict, so he had no choice but to swallow his displeasure.

    The person responsible for Su Nus horrendous death, now he knows clearly who is it!

    But he will not let that Prince Shaoyuan off as well.

    Is your anger appeased?

    Xiang Shaolong turned around and after looking at Lady Ya who was leaning against the door for a moment, he walked over and carried her up and into the room.

    Right now he feels no gentleness or sweetness at all.

    What he has now is a thunderstorm of hatred. He needs to appease the pain in his heart, and his candidate is Lady Ya.

    Lady Ya hugged him tightly and cried out, Shaolong youre so good! You took me up to heaven, no man has every treated me so wildly and strongly like you, its really exhilarating.

    Xiang Shaolong, whose anger is finally appeased, was dumbstruck. He treated her in such a beastly manner, yet she praised him from the bottom of her heart, it seems that she is really a little masochistic.

    Lady Ya asked, Why arent you talking? I will listen to you in future, all right?

    Xiang Shaolong smiled and said, Thats more like it.

    Lady Ya wriggled a little in protest, and after a while fell into a deep sleep.

    However, because Xiang Shaolong took a nap earlier, and he was feeling upset about causing the death of Su Nu, he spent the whole night with his eyes wide open, thinking. He was only able to fall asleep due to weariness just before dawn.

    By the time he woke up the sun was already high in the sky and secretly exclaimed to himself. If he lets himself go on like this, he wont have the energy to fight with Lian Jin tomorrow. He hurriedly got up and made up his mind not to touch women from now until his duel.

    He walked out to the hall.

    And was immediately stunned.

    The Lady Ya who was usually dressed in finery, has changed into a simple set of clothes worn by an average woman, with a thin layer of makeup on her face. Shes not even wearing her earrings, and exudes a different kind of intoxicating beauty.

    She was standing on the stairs, obviously just on her way up.

    When she saw Xiang Shaolong she smiled broadly at him and came up to hug him, saying Let common girl serve Master in your routine.

    Xiang Shaolong laughed and asked, Youd like to become a common girl very much?

    Lady Ya immediately nodded her head, I want you to accompany me today to go shopping and eating.

    Xiang Shaolong is now in a dilemma, he had promised Wu Tingfang last night to visit her, and Tao Fang will certainly have things to discuss with him. He also wants to find some time to accompany the lonely Shuer. Hai! If only he knows how to split himself up.

    He really felt like hardening his heart and reject Lady Ya.

    But he saw that shes all excited and her expression so looking forward to the day, he cant bring himself to say anything.

    After a short conversation, the two of them strolled out into the streets.

    Unknowingly, as they talked and laughed, they came to the huge mansion he passed by the other day while on his way to Lady Yas residence, which belonged to someone from another state.

    Xiang Shaolong took the opportunity to ask, Who lives in there, why is it so heavily guarded?

    Lady Ya replied, Most of them are the hostages sent to us as peace offering by the states that we defeated.

    Xiang Shaolong asked, Are there anyone who has any special background?

    Lady Ya replied, All of them are royalty, but the most important person would be Yi Zheng. Hes the only son of Zi Chu from the state of Qin. Hai! But its better not mentioning this person.

    Xiang Shaolong asked curiously, Do you know him?

    Lady Ya blushed, and replied a little unwillingly, Not only do I know him, but very well too!

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brow and asked, Dont tell me hes one of your chamber guests as well, isnt he just a child?

    According to the depiction in the movie, Emperor Qin was only 13 when he ascended the throne, so wont he be only 8 or 9 now. Lady Ya wont even let children off?

    Lady Ya replied, Where did you hear that from, hes at the most 2 to 3 years younger than you!

    Xiang Shaolong thought to himself, could it be that the history books have recorded it wrongly.

    Lady Ya grabbed his arm and shook it, saying, Just take it as my fault, will you please stop digging out my past affairs?

    Xiang Shaolong dared not continue his questions for fear of arousing her suspicions, secretly thinking that hell have more chances in future. Maybe he will be able to get to know this extraordinary famed man through her.

    He suggested, Why dont we return to the guesthouse first, see if theres anything important requiring me.

    As long as she can be with him, Lady Ya has no objections and happily replied, All right! Let me see how pretty is the Yan beauty you have hidden.

    Xiang Shaolong was startled, You know about Shuer as well?

    Lady Ya was so happy like a carefree little girl. She puffed up her chest and said smugly, Knowing oneself and the enemy, will win all battles, this is taught in the Art of Sun Zi. I also know that silly lass Wu Tingfang have fallen for you. Lian Jin has really lost badly to you in the battlefield of love.

    Xiang Shaolong felt numb and his heart chilled on hearing it. He knows that the Wu residence is filled with King Zhaos spies, because he does not trust the Wu family who has Qin blood flowing in them.

    This is no small matter, he must find a chance to tell Wu Yingyuan, or else he may face the possibility that the whole family will be executed.

    He was nervous as he walked with the beauty, strolling in the busy Handan streets, stepping on the ancient pathways.

    Is this a dream created by crazy Mas machine?

    Xiang Shaolong suddenly felt at a loss.

    But he knows that no matter how frightening is the future, he has already fallen deeply in love with this ancient era and the beauty next to him.


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    Thumbs up

    Puctual as ever,...thanks for introduce me with this story

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    WOW!!! Jean, this is so great!! Loving it.. Though I must admit this XSL character.. mm.. quite a mover and shaker.. haha

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    Wow! Already the first volume! Thanks!!!

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    New book, new chapter!


    Book 2 Chap 1 Marquis Zhao Mu

    Xiang Shaolong and Lady Ya who was dressed as a commoner walked towards the guesthouse, talking and laughing along the way happily.

    Lady Ya replied, Ive heard much about the guesthouses for warriors, but everyone advised me not to go, saying that the people in those places are complicated. The Wu guesthouse and Guo guesthouse are the most superior, warriors without some status are not even qualified to stay in there,

    Xiang Shaolongs interest was a little stirred and he said, So the guesthouse I am staying in is so superior? I dont even know that, Im not even sure how many warriors are staying there and who they are.

    Lady Ya asked, Dont tell me you dont even know that Lian Jin is staying there!

    Xiang Shaolong was stunned, Really? No wonder he brought Wu Tingwei there the other day.

    He went back in a fury last night, would he do something to Shuer? Once he thought of that, he wished that he could sprout wings and fly back to the guesthouse.

    Lady Ya was about to speak when the expression on her face suddenly turned awkward.

    Xiang Shaolong followed the direction of her gaze and saw that among the passers-by at the opposite street, theres a group of 10 odd warriors surrounding aggressive looking burly man with a scarred who stood tall and straight, wearing brocade robes. He had just turned his head around and was staring at them.

    Lady Ya lowered her head and told him quietly, Go quickly!

    She walked quickly forward with Shaolong running along behind her, full of questions.

    From the corner of his eyes, he saw 2 of the warriors leaving the group and dashing across the busy streets filled with traveling horse carriages. They ran after them and one of them called out loudly, Lady please hold!

    Lady Ya stopped and sighed helplessly. Xiang Shaolong can only stop together with her.

    The two went up to them and gave an unfriendly stare to Xiang Shaolong first before bowing respectfully towards Lady Ya and said, The Marquis invites Lady Ya over for a meeting.

    Xiang Shaolong thought that Lady Ya would certainly refuse, but instead she sighed and said, Go back first, and tell Marquis I will go and see him after leaving some instructions.

    The two of them looked at Xiang Shaolong rudely before walking back to the street opposite.

    Lady Ya looked at him in fright before lowering her head and said, Shaolong! Im sorry! I cant accompany you today, can I look for you a little later?

    Xiang Shaolong felt fury rising him for no reason and asked, Who is that Marquis? Why is it that he can take you away from me with just one word?

    Lady Ya pleaded, Please dont ask, Im going! and left.

    Xiang Shaolong looked as Lady Ya walked towards the scar faced burley man dressed in finery among the group. He put his arms around her tiny waist and hugged her, and Xiang Shaolong felt as if someone has given him a punch to his chest.

    Hes getting more and more confused about the relationships among these people. With Lady Yas status, why does she seem afraid of this Marquis, and allowed him to hug and embrace her in front of him, obviously making him lose face in the process.

    He stood there stunned for a moment, with difficulty breathing, feeling extremely humiliated but with nowhere to vent his frustration.

    Its really bad to get involved with a ****, youd never know how many other men she has. He didnt even want to know anything about this Marquis, and dont even want to see Lady Ya ever again.

    Sounds of hooves beat were heard.

    Xiang Shaolong was jolted from his thought and looking up, saw Li Shan and a few warriors rushing towards him in a frenzy, calling, Brother Xiang! We just went to Lady Yas place to look for you and were told you just left with Lady Ya.

    Xiang Shaolong had a bad feeling and asked, What is the matter?

    ************************************************** *******

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    I know, I sound repetitive in comparison to the other posts, but I must thank you, Jean, for your continuous effort and work. It's sorta of like the time when I got a lollipop every day for not injuring people (don't ask about it). But I'd never ate the lollipop. I still have them today in a little, vacuum sealed box, after ten years of preservation. This is much better than a lollipop. It's like a lollipop that reappears in your hand after eating eat. What a treat.
    If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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    Thanks Jean.
    You continue to amaze me. I truly salute you.

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    and we are back to those darn cliffhangers again . loving the frequent updates, jean. you're too good for us i'm still waiting for the much anticipated duel. hope XSL kicks that LJ's @ss. and all those conceited noblemen.

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    Jean, it could be said that you're the Xiang Shaolong of wuxia translation! I haven't even had time to write comments lately between your updates, but I definitely appreciate your hard work on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KChill View Post
    Jean, it could be said that you're the Xiang Shaolong of wuxia translation! I haven't even had time to write comments lately between your updates, but I definitely appreciate your hard work on this.
    Hmm... you mean to say I've got lots of 'action' going on?

    anyway to continue....

    ************************************************** *******

    Li Shan cried out sadly, Shuer has been raped and killed!

    These words sounds like lightning striking from heaven, and he retreated several steps in shock, knocking into a wall behind him, the blood totally gone from his face.

    He flipped the blanket open, Shuers naked and wounded lifeless body laid coldly on the ground, the fresh blood flowing out from her eyes already coagulated into a dark black.

    The thing that killed her was the red road twined around her neck, and it had cut deep into the neck. Her lower body was in a mess.

    Shuer is dead! Murdered in the most humiliating and cruel way.

    Xiang Shaolong felt his body turn icy, unable to accept this reality in front of him at all.

    Su Bus death happened away from him, he did not see with his own eyes. Besides, coming to this era 2000 years ago, everything seemed surreal, and even death seems like a joke. He may have been sad but he was not overwrought, so when he was busy with other matters, he could easily put aside the matter of Su Nus suicide, or even forget about it. But Shuer is another matter altogether!

    His heart is bleeding!

    The voice of Tao Fang, who was standing next to him seems to be coming from some place far away, saying, When Chunying went into the room this morning, Shuer is already like this. Hai! I really dont know what to say either, the murderer must be someone in this guesthouse.

    Xiang Shaolong has no wish to ask anything at all.

    The only people who would dare to touch Shuer would be Wu Tingwei and Lian Jin. He doesnt believe that Wu Tingwei will have the guts, so the murderer must be Lian Jin He knows that theres nothing he can do to him, at least he dare not touch him before the duel.

    So he will try to deal blows to him unscrupulously.

    And no one would speak up for a gift from Yan, including Tao Fang and Wu Yingyuan.

    He has never felt like killing a person so much.

    Tao Fang added, Why dont you move in and stay with me! My wife and daughters all want to meet you very much.

    Xiang Shaolong calmly covered Shuer totally with the blanket, shook his head and said, No! I am going to sleep here, but from this moment on I wont need anyone to serve me, and dont let anyone come here. Let me help Shuer prepare for her last rites! I want to be alone with my thoughts.

    Tao Fang said worriedly, Shaolong! Dont torture yourself, tomorrow night is the crucial night where you will have your duel with Lian Jin, now the whole city is waiting to find out the outcome.

    Xiang Shaolong became as calm and cold as ice and said calmly, Dont worry! No one places more importance to the appointment tomorrow night as much as I do.

    After going through so many cruel setbacks, he finally kept his blithe behavior aside and turned back into the killing machine that his era has trained him to be, a cold warrior who will use any methods in order to complete a mission.

    Xiang Shaolong stayed in the room where Shuer was murdered for the whole afternoon.

    He did not wail, nor did he weep.

    Only the weak will feel sadness.

    In this warring states period, in this period that most people will do anything, even evil, if it can benefit themselves, only the strong will survive. When he took a look at Shuers body again, he deeply felt the cold heartlessness of reality, felt that this is a lawless society where the strong will rule.

    If he wants revenge, hell have to become the strongest.

    When Tao Fang and the rest left the courtyard, he picked up the wooden sword and concentrated hard on practicing his swordplay, studying the intricacies of the Mozi Swordplay.

    After his heart melded with his soul, he repeatedly practiced the most intricate 10 moves in the swordplay.

    Mozi Swordplay places more importance in defense rather than offense, but each defensive move also hides an opportunity to attack.

    If he can improve on the attacks, then the swordplay that only defends will be able to turn into something that can attack and defend at the same time. Once he thought of this, he felt an overwhelming joy. He waved the sword and for a moment the movements were unpredictable, powerful and unconstrained.

    He was getting into the swordplay and he jumped out into the hall, using the wider area to practice and at the same time incorporating his knowledge of anatomy and mechanics into the swordplay.

    The sword swished, one moment its unpredictable and formless, another moment its powerful and free.

    Every attack is an evolution from the defensive moves in the Mozi swordplay.

    He roared and struck continuously over a hundred times, none of the moves using any form of defense.

    He retracted his sword, moving the wooden sword to between his brows, staring straight at the sword.

    A petite person ran into the hall, crying out in alarm, Shaolong!

    Xiang Shaolong put his wooden sword down and Wu Tingfang has already thrown herself into his arms, crying piteously, Shaolong, Shaolong!

    On one hand Xiang Shaolong pointed the sword to the floor, and with the other hand held the beauty in his arms. Once again he thought of thought of Shuers horrible death and felt as if all his innards are twisted together. He said sadly, You know about Shuer.

    Wu Tingfang nodded her head, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling sad for him.

    He lifted her pear-shaped but tear stained face and looked at him through her tears, saying, Master Tao came to look for Father, asking about Brothers whereabouts. I was still upset with you then for not coming to look for me, but once I heard about Shuer I ignored Fathers opposition and came here immediately. Shaolong! Brother has been locked up by Father since yesterday morning, he definitely is not involved in this.

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head, Dont worry! I already know who the murderer is.

    Wu Tingfang lowered her head and asked quietly, Are you suspecting Lian Jin. He may be a proud person, but he is actually hai! It cant be him, right? Xiang Shaolong sighed, He is pursuing you, naturally he will pretend to be a gentleman in front of you. Tell me, who lured your brother to look for Shuer?

    Wu Tingfang was at a loss for words, but she still looks as if she cannot believe Lian Jin would so something so cruel.

    A dry cough sounded from outside the door and the two of them hurriedly separated.

    Tao Fang walked in and made an eye at Xiang Shaolong, indicating that he has something to tell him.

    Xiang Shaolong told Wu Tingfang, Why dont Miss go back first, Ill come and see you immediately after Ive settled some matters.

    Wu Tingfang said impatiently, No! At the most I will wait for you at a side.

    Tao Fang looked at her in surprise, he did not expect such a spoiled and pampered Miss would actually be so clingy and obedient towards Xiang Shaolong.

    Xiang Shaolong said helplessly, All right then! You can sit here for a while, Ill go with Master Tao to the garden and have our talk and ask him to do something for me!

    Wu Tingfang saw that he did not allow her to listen to his conversation with Tao Fang and was initially unhappy, until she heard the last sentence, and she agreed happily.

    The two of them went to the garden and Tao Fangs expression was somber. He was quiet for a moment before saying, Does Shaolong know who is the person who really wields power in Handan?

    Xiang Shaolong asked in surprise, Isnt it his Majesty?

    Tao Fang surveyed the quiet garden, and after making there theres no one around besides the warriors near the entrance, he put his hand on his shoulder and said quietly, On the surface it seems that he has the greatest power, but there is one person who can influence and control him. This person is the real ruler of Zhao.

    Xiang Shaolong furrowed his brows, Who can influence his Majesty?

    ************************************************** ****

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    Thank you so much Jean!

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    i'm thinking that powerful person is the marquis?

    what a horrible death for shu'er . it seems mei canniang was smart in wanting to remain in the valley. this is no place for women. tis so sad. lian jin is such a dirty bastard in the novel. he was just annoying and pitiful in the series, tvb was quite kind to the character.

    patiently waiting for lian jin's *** to be kicked in the duel

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