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    Great work Justin13. Thank you.
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    Welcome yeancheant!

    Sorry for my late posting. Fell sick yesterday after eating too many durians. But it is worth it!!!

    Thanks everyone for noticing the error. I've changed it to Assistant Commander Lu.

    The Poll has ended and it shall be option B! Sorry Tweety dear!

    My next trip is Philippines 10th - 14th July. Will aim to finish Book 13 before I fly.

    By the way, with this chapter, we have covered 50% (yes, only 50%) of the story. From my calculations, Jean did about 30% and I did the remaining 20% since march. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support!

    Book 13 Chapter 06 – Shi Huang shows his might

    There is a Qin court in the west of Xianyang Palace. Xiao Pan is seated on the dragon throne on a platform that was raised three steps above the ground. Li Si the Imperial Librarian is seated behind him.

    Empress Zhu Ji is seated one step below him.

    The high ranking officials are seated on two rows on each side.

    On one side were Lu Buwei, Cai Ze, Wang Wan and Meng Ao; on the other side were Xu Xian, Lu Gong and Wang Ling.

    While they were in discussion over the Zhengguo Canal, a serious looking Lord Changping came in to report that Xiang Shaolong seeks an urgent audience. Everyone was caught by surprise.

    Xiao Pan had expected this and order Lord Changping to bring Xiang Shaolong in at once.

    Xiang Shaolong strode in and paid his respects to everyone. He detailed the entire situation and added: “Initially, this matter falls under my personally responsibility. However, Lu Xiong kept demanding he wanted Premier Lu to judge him. As this matter concerned Premier Lu’s reputation, I dare not act rashly and reported this to Crown Prince, Empress and Premier Lu.”

    Lu Buwei is so angry his face is almost green. He furiously scolded: “Where is that son of a b1tch?”

    From this sentence, everyone can sense how domineering Lu Buwei is.

    Under such a situation, the Crown Prince Xiao Pan should express his views first before others can comment. Apparently, Lu Buwei’s comment is tantamount to insubordination.

    Moreover, he is scolding Lu Xiong like a parent and not like a high ranking official.

    Xiao Pan was prepared and started: “Right Premier need not by angry first; we must first investigate and clarify all the details.”

    He turned to Zhu Ji and inquired: “Empress! Am I doing it correctly?”

    Zhu Ji looked down at the awe-inspiring Xiang Shaolong and her eyes are filled with mixed emotions. Noticing Lu Buwei also winking non-stop at her, she slowly sighed: “Yes. We shall let you decide.”

    Under such circumstances, she can only support her beloved son.

    Lu Gong and Xu Xian were stunned that this young Crown Prince is capable of handling such a complicated case.

    Everyone can tell that this is actually a clash between Lu Buwei and Xiang Shaolong. It can be an easy or complicated case.

    Xiao Pan suppressed his delight and ignored Lu Buwei. To Xiang Shaolong, he calmly enquired: “Lu Bang did not successfully committed his act as he was stopped but this attempted [email protected] is still a serious crime. Does Subject Xiang have any witnesses?”

    Xiang Shaolong responded: “The young couple are right outside the hall. We can summon them and Crown Prince can question them.”

    Cai Ze interrupted: “The Crown Prince’s time is precious and need not fret over such a small matter. The law bureau can handle this case. I suggest that we must first clarify whether Assistant Commander Lu was misled and thus clashed with Commander Xiang. The Imperial Army are two important pillars of our City defences. It is important to maintain good relationships between them and bury the hatchet.”

    These words are obviously meant to help Lu Xiong.

    Cai Ze is an ex-Premier and is well respected. If this was another case, Xiao Pan may relent but in this case, he will push his way through.

    Xu Xian and Lu Gong were about to say something but swallowed their words for the time being.

    Lu Buwei’s expression relaxed. Just as everyone except Xiang Shaolong and Li Si expected Xiao Pan to accept Cai Ze’s suggestion, this future Qin Shi Huang slammed his armrest and stood up. He stepped down to Zhu Ji’s front and coldly retorted: “Subject Cai’s words make no sense! Since Qin has undergone Shang Yang’s reforms, we hold military law as our top priority. The strict chain of command and our obedient soldiers have made our Qin army invincible.”

    He stepped down even lower to the lowest step and scanned the officials with his sharp eyes and officially state: “If someone violates the military law and is insubordinate but we did not handle this matter well, it will have further repercussions on the morale of our soldiers. I will judge this case personally. If it is proven that Assistant Commander Lu is guilty, we will punish him according to military law.”

    Everyone present was dazed as nobody imagined a young teenager using such strong and domineering words.

    Lu Buwei and Zhu Ji reacted as if this is the first time they met Xiao Pan.

    Only Lu Si is jumping for joy as these words originated from him.

    Lu Gong barked: “Great! This is befitting our Crown Prince. Strict military command with fair rewards and punishment has always been the backbone of our great Qin army.”

    Xiao Pan smiled but was flustered when everyone is now staring at him. He hurriedly went back to his seat and in a weaker tone, he asked: “Does anyone else have anything to say?”

    Cai Ze has been scolded by him and dare not voice his opinions. He lowered his head with dejection.

    Lu Buwei was furious and was in a dilemma regarding Xiao Pan. He dared not rebut him as he knew that his words make sense. He could only look towards Zhu Ji and hoped that she will speak up for him.

    Zhu Ji knew that Lu Buwei is hinting to her for assistance but because the person involved is Xiang Shaolong, she pretended not to notice his hints.

    Meng Ao dryly coughed: “Shaolong and Lu Xiong are people that I am well-acquainted with. By right, such a thing should not have happened. I am guessing that this could arise from the differences between the Cavalry and the Infantry. Moreover, both men are newly promoted and it can be easy for them to misunderstand each other.”

    Zhu Ji finally nodded: “Great General Meng’s words make sense. Crown Prince must conduct this investigation properly and not affect the harmony of the Qin military.”

    Lu Buwei was relieved that Zhu Ji finally spoke out. He recommended: “This matter can be handed over to me. I guarantee that all violators will be punished accordingly.”

    Xiao Pan, Xiang Shaolong and Li Si were at their wits end. Xu Xian, who has yet to speak, suddenly stood up and came to Xiang Shaolong’s side. He plainly state: “I wish to leave with Shaolong for a minute. When I am back, I will voice my opinions. Will Crown Prince please consent?”

    Except for Xiang Shaolong, Li Si and Xiao Pan, everyone else were shocked and wondered what he is up to.

    Xiang Shaolong cheerfully left with Xu Xian. Wang Wan wanted to take this opportunity to say something but Xiao Pan raised his hand to stop him, declaring: “Wait till the Left Premier is back!”

    Wang Wan did not expect Xiao Pan to be so forceful and swallowed his words.

    The Court was strangely quiet.

    Everyone could not help looking at Xiao Pan and assessed him as if this is the first time they saw him.

    He still resembles a child but is extremely calm and confident. Sitting steadily in his throne, his eyes are shining mysteriously and no one can guess what he is thinking.

    Zhu Ji had to admit her own son is now a young man.

    For the past few days, she has been indulging with Lao Ai and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, numbing herself from the harsh realities of life.

    In her extraordinary life, the four men who made an impact are King Zhuangxiang, Lu Buwei, Xiang Shaolong and her son. But fate has caused her to share a complicated relationship with these men.

    Especially Lu Buwei who poisoned King Zhuangxiang to death and made her very guilty when she faced Xiang Shaolong and Xiao Pan. Now, she must excruciating bear with Lu Buwei to ensure the survival of herself and her son.

    Only Lao Ai can make her forget everything.

    In this instant, she can feel a big gap between herself and her son. She felt like she did not understand him as well as before.

    Lu Buwei is feeling even more ironic.

    All along, he has been treating this ‘son’ affectionately and did his best to cultivate him to be a useful man. In the future, this father and son team can control Qin hand in hand, unite the world and build an everlasting dynasty.

    That is one of the reasons he wants to kill Xiang Shaolong; he will not allow Xiao Pan’s love for him to be diluted.

    Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Xiao Pan to clash with him. In this instant, he clearly felt some sort of conflict.

    He has yet to see through that this is all part of an elaborate scheme conjured by Xiang Shaolong, Xiao Pan and Li Si. He simply assumed that Xiao Pan is judging this case based on the justice system.

    He is well aware of Lu Xiong’s idiocy and incompetence. Otherwise, he will not make Guan Zhongxie the main commander and Lu Xiong as the assistant commander.

    Xiang Shaolong’s elimination of Zhu Meng is a great blow to him and caused him to have some manpower issues. Now, Lu Xiong is in trouble too.

    Now, his main focus is to kill Xiang Shaolong. No one must stand between him and his dream.

    Cai Ze and Wang Wan who switched sides to Lu Buwei had a rude awakening and realised that the ultimate authority lies with Xiao Pan and not with Lu Buwei, Empress Ji or the other officials. As he grows up eventually, Xiao Pan will be the official King of Qin.

    Meng Ao’s thinking is much simpler.

    His present success is due to Lu Buwei’s support and is fiercely loyal to him. His military prowess is as good as, if not stronger than Wang Ling, making him Lu Buwei’s biggest supporter. Regardless of what might happens, he will definitely stick to Lu Buwei.

    Wang Ling’s thinking more complicated.

    This Great General of Qin is someone who favours war and expansion.

    Only by attacking the six states can he fulfil his life purpose. That is the reason he is leaning towards Lu Buwei. Lu Buwei is a courageous risk taker and they have a common goal of annihilating the six states.

    Out of a sudden, he can sense that the young King is already exhibiting the same characteristics, ambition and energy, forcing him to reconsider his options.

    Lu Gong, the most respected General, is someone who is an advocate of Qin supremacy and hated Lu Buwei from the beginning. Due to Xiang Shaolong, he has ditched his worries and believed that Xiao Pan is King Zhuangxiang’s flesh and blood. With Xiao Pan’s showing his might, he is even more convinced to support this future King.

    With everyone deep in their own thoughts, the room was strangely silent.

    In a short while, Xu Xian and Xiang Shaolong returned to the room.

    Xiang Shaolong stood beside Wang Ling while Xu Xian proceeded forward to face Xiao Pan.

    Xu Xian and Xiang Shaolong paid their respects and Xu Xian started: “I wish to inform Crown Prince and Empress that I can guarantee that this matter is not caused by a misunderstanding between the Cavalry and Infantry.”

    Lu Buwei is annoyed: “How can Left Premier be so certain?”

    In his usual affable manner, Xu Xian disclosed: “In the streets of Xianyang City, Lu Bang did harass the wife of a young man. I happened to pass by personally and stopped him. When I rebuke him, I can already sense that Lu Bang is dissatisfied. Just now, I went out to see if it was the same couple who was involved and it was them indeed. Therefore, it is definitely not the Cavalry soldiers making a false accusation at Lu Bang. There are also credible witnesses who saw Lu Xiong barging into the Cavalry Command Centre to demand for his son. He was also the first one to draw a weapon and disobeyed his superior’s orders.

    Finally, everyone understood his reason for leaving the room and even Meng Ao is speechless.

    Lu Buwei wished he can personally strangle Lu Bang. Despite Xu Xian ticking him off, he still got the guts to carry out this foolish deed.

    Xiao Pan coldly snorted: “Lu Bang must have decided to kill the couple after his crime; thus, he wasn’t concerned about Left Premier’s advice.”

    Everyone’s heart turned cold, knowing that this young Crown Prince has a killing intention.

    This is the wondrous part of the plan. With Xu Xian bearing witness, no one would guess that it was Jing Jun who masterminded Lu Bang’s capture.

    Zhu Ji frowned deeply: “Lu Bang is guilty of his crime but how does Left Premier know that Lu Xiong drew his weapon first and disobeyed his superior’s orders?”

    Xu Xian plainly state: “Because Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er are present and can verify this.”

    Lu Gong was stunned: “Why is Little Dan’er there?”

    Lu Buwei coldly laughed: “Can Shaolong please explain this strange occurrence?”

    Everyone’s eyes turned to Xiang Shaolong.

    Xu Xian added: “I have questioned Shaolong about this. We need to summon Lord Changwen to give a proper explanation.”

    Xiao Pan ordered: “Summon Lord Changwen!”

    The palace guard at the door left to summon Lord Changwen.

    Receiving his order, Lord Changwen rushed over and paid his respects to everyone. He continued to reveal that Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er detained Xiang Shaolong at the palace gates and wanted him to compete with them.

    Lu Buwei’s expression became very ugly. He stepped out and kneeled down, pleading: “Lu Xiong is my man and it is my fault that he is insubordinate. Please punish me instead.”

    Even Xiang Shaolong is caught unaware by this turn of event. Lu Buwei has shouldered the blame on himself and Zhu Ji will not allow Xiao Pan to make things difficult for Lu Buwei.

    Zhu Ji expectedly interrupted: “Premier please rise. Allow me to speak to the Crown Prince before we pass judgement.”

    Lu Buwei knew that Zhu Ji will protect him from Xiao Pan. He continued kneeling and ‘agonizingly’ exclaimed: “Empress need not say more. I deserved to be punished!”

    Zhu Ji secretly cursed him for putting on such an act but was helpless at the same time. She whispered to Xiao Pan: “Right Premier has accumulated many merits and may not be able to control his large forces well. Crown Prince must be lenient.”

    Xiao Pan was expressionless and silent for some time while everyone sat there anticipating his judgement. Ultimately, he declared: “With Right Premier’s intervention, father and son Lu Xiong may be spared from death. But this matter concerns our military morale and everyone including Lu Xiong will be sacked from their military positions and can never rejoin the army. Lu Bang will be sentenced to fifty strokes of the pole for his attempted crime. As Lu Xiong’s direct supervisor, Guan Zhongxie did not set a good example and will be demoted by one rank. The Imperial Infantry Commander will be assigned to Commander Xiang for the time being. Right Premier, please rise.”

    Zhu Ji is completely blown away and Lu Buwei is completely swept off his feet. He unsteadily stood up and forgot to give his thanks.

    Xiang Shaolong went forward and kneeled down, accepting his assignment. He secretly thought that this multiple combo attack which gave him control over the Imperial Infantry must have come from Li Si.

    Xiao Pan fiercely stood up and coldly barked: “This matter shall be decided then. Court dismissed!”

    Everyone kneeled down immediately.

    Xiao Pan helped Zhu Ji up and they left with Li Si under the escorts of the palace guards.

    Xiang Shaolong was experiencing mixed emotions. He knew that he, like the other generals and officials, have finally felt the forceful and suffocating aura of the future Qin Shi Huang.

    And he is still a teenager.

    To avoid Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er, he intentionally left with Lu Gong, Xu Xian and Wang Ling.

    The moment they stepped out of the hall, Lu Buwei and Meng Ao are waiting for them. When they saw Xiang Shaolong, Lu Buwei assured: “Lu Xiong is the culprit behind this incident, The Crown Prince may have let him off lightly but I will censure him myself. Shaolong need not hold it against him anymore.”

    Lu Gong and the other generals were surprised at Lu Buwei’s forthcoming attitude.

    Only Xiang Shaolong knew that Lu Buwei is determined to kill him at the three-day hunting fair that begins the day after tomorrow, which is why he is putting up a friendly demeanour. Mo Ao and Guan Zhongxie’s assassination plan must be a flawless one that will take his life for sure.

    Xiang Shaolong pretended to be embarrassed and apologised: “I am no other choice and seek Premier Lu’s forgiveness.”

    Lu Buwei laughed loudly and chatted casually with Lu Gong and the rest. He then accompanied Xiang Shaolong out of the palace, leaving Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er staring at him furiously and helplessly.

    Observing Lu Buwei’s friendly manner as if nothing had happened, Xiang Shaolong was secretly in admiration.

    The most powerful strategy is to hide a knife behind your smile!
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    Sorry for my late posting. Fell sick yesterday after eating too many durians. But it is worth it!!!
    Thanks Justin! Was it the red shrimp variety? I have not tried it but have been told its definitely worth it =)
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    You don't have to apologize for the late post Justin. In fact I am the one who should apologize for always looking forward from you for an of update for this series!

    Keep yourself in good health dude! Thank you very much for the effort you have made and keep updating us with lightning speed V.good translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin13 View Post
    Xiang Shaolong spontaneously replied: Please let me keep this little secret to myself. You will see results within these two days. If I cannot even accomplish such a small matter, I will be too ashamed to face everyone again.

    Prince Dan concluded: Great! Xiang Shaolong is worthy of his reputation. If Li Yuan leave Qin before the hunting fair, I will do my best and cooperate with you. Tian Dan that traitor will not return to Qi alive!
    So ... how many days has it been since he last met prince Dan???

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    Yeongwee, I took Tai Yuan and Mao Shan Wang!

    Sunn, I think it is just yesterday. He met Tian Dan, Lord Longyang, Prince Dan, Lu Gong, went to female warriors banquet, drank with Teng Yi throughout the night, visited Qin Qing, met Jing Jun, met Xiao Pan Li Si, tricked Lu Xiong, Xiao Pan passed judgement in the last chapter and then followed by this chapter.

    Chapter 07 Hope at Deaths door

    Lu Buwei insisted on sending Xiang Shaolong home. Resistance is futile and he joined him in his luxurious carriage.

    His carriage drove past the almost completed new Premier Residence. Lu Buwei proudly pointed: After the hunting fair, I will move to this place with the best Fengshui in Xianyang City. But Mister Zou mentioned that after eight years, the Fengshui will move into Xianyang Palace. Ha! That is the same time as the Crown Prince coronation. What a coincidence!

    Xiang Shaolong knew nuts about Fengshui and acted according to his knowledge of history. Upon hearing this news, he was in shock and dare not belittle Zou Yan the astrologer and philosopher.

    Lu Buwei stretched lazily and smiled: With eight years of good luck, I can accomplish many things!

    Xiang Shaolong was full of admiration. Lu Buwei had just been defeated but he is truly not bothered. Like a shrewd businessman, he did not mind losing out this once as he has other means of fighting back.

    Lu Buwei suddenly hugged his shoulder intimately and smiled: The new Premier Residence has everything except a good son-in-law. Shaolong should understand my intention! Now that you have seen Niang Rong, I believe you would agree with me that she is an excellent catch! She is my favourite daughter.

    Xiang Shaolong sighed to himself. This is the last time he can mend fences with Lu Buwei.

    Originally a businessman, this Qin Premier cooperated with him because there are benefits to be reaped. Next, he tried to kill him because he will benefit from his death. Presently, he is trying to secure his loyalty again to benefit himself.

    He is a man who is focused on benefits and power. Everything else is unimportant.

    If it was anybody else, that person would bear some grudges after being defeated. Lu Buwei did not bear any grudges at all but treated Xiang Shaolong even better than before.

    From these, he concluded that even if he became his son-in-law, he can still be a sacrificial pawn in the political game. Lu Xiong is an example.

    Xiang Shaolong can almost feel that Lu Buwei wanted to turn Qin into his own country via Xiao Pan. He may even want to be the King of Qin one day.

    Lu Buwei saw that he did not reject outright and thought that he was tempted. Patting his shoulder, he added: Think about it! Give me an answer the next time we meet. No matter what, I will punish Lu Xiong that idi0t.

    The carriage came to a halt and they have arrived at the main gate of the Command Centre.

    Xiang Shaolong gave his thanks and dismounted from his carriage. He is very confident that Lu Buwei will ask him for his reply during the hunting fair. If his answer is no, he will proceed to assassinate him.

    Back at the Command Centre, everyone is full of praise and respect for him. Xiang Shaolong realised that Xiao Pan had gained the respect of the Qin Court and he had gained the respect of the Imperial Army. In the future, no one will dare to question his authority.

    Teng Yi and Jing Jun had returned earlier. The moment they saw each other, they could not help but have a good laugh. Lu Xiongs career is over and it is more satisfying than killing him.

    Teng Yi stopped laughing and officially state: Even Guan Zhongxie the Infantry Commander has been demoted. This kid must have a lot of scores to settle with Lu Buwei.

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly laughed: We will soon be fighting him openly as he had just brought up the marriage proposal again. He must have an answer by the next time we meet.

    Jing Jun blinked: That Lu Niang Rong is quite attractive. Why dont you marry her first for fun and take revenge at the same time?

    Teng Yi furiously barked: What kind of person do you think Third Brother is?

    Jing Jun shut up at once.

    Xiang Shaolong sighed: This is a troublesome issue. If we reject him, Lu Buwei will attack us but I cannot be bothered anymore.

    Teng Yi was about to say something when an attendant reported that Ying Ying and Lu Daner are here to harass him again.

    Xiang Shaolong and the two girls rode out of the city along the official roads. Riding down a slope, they came to a piece of flat grassland. It is the middle of Spring and the grass is jade green. With these two stubborn but beautiful girls accompanying him, all his worries disappeared and he was in high spirits.

    Ying Ying rode cheerfully to his side and pointed to a hill nearby, stating: That is Horse-resting hill. On the hill is a tall and ancient cypress tree with a spring beside it. That shall be our finishing line and whoever reaches first shall be the winner. For the next three months, the loser must pay obeisance to the winner every time they meet.

    On his other side, Lu Daner giggled: Of course it is not a simple horse race. You can use any method to prevent your opponent from winning but the rider and horse must not be injured. Do you understand?

    Xiang Shaolong was astounded: The horse will sprint very quickly and how can there be any time to attack the opponent?

    Ying Ying shot him a look and used her long legs to dig into her horses stomach and rode off. She smiled like the Spring wind: How would I know?

    Lu Daner sped off at the same time.

    Xiang Shaolong is used to their ruthless methods and did not have time to complain about their false start. He rode Jifeng and began to chase them.

    In terms of horse riding, he only learnt about it when he came to these ancient times. Compared to Wang Jian who can eat and sleep on horseback, he is far behind. But in terms of speed, he can easily win them with Jifeng. He thought about the girls helping him to trap Lu Xiong and did not mind losing to them and make them happy in the process. After all, paying respects to pretty girls is something fun to him.

    With this mindset, he lost the will to fight and rode leisurely towards the goal, trailing the tails of the two horses in front of him.

    He gradually left the grasslands behind.

    Xiang Shaolong could not help but think about Zhao Ya.

    If he can really kill Tian Dan and avenge Shan Rou, she should be in Xianyang City by the time he comes back.

    After so many twists and turns, he must treat her well and provide her with a comfortable life for the rest of her days.

    In front of him, the two girls rode into a forest.

    Xiang Shaolong turned his thoughts to Qin Qing.

    Love is a funny thing. Opposites do attract which best describes their relationship. They need not be in an official relationship; all they need is the special feeling whenever they meet and the excitement of eating the forbidden fruit. If they can stay like this forever, it would be perfect. The problem is one day, they may cross the line and it will be too late for regrets.

    In the 21st century, he would never stutter in front of a beautiful girl. But the inevitable has happened, showing how much he has changed.

    Deep in his thoughts, he came to the forest and entered it.

    Occasionally, he caught sight of the back of the two girls.

    Ladies of these historical times mature very early. It may be due to them getting married at fourteen years old which is very normal. Ying Ying and Lu Daner are barely fifteen or sixteen but are like flowers in full blossom. Moreover, they have picked up horse riding, sword fighting and archery skills. With a good figure, they are more enticing compared to girls from the six states. He would be lying if he said he is not tempted by them.

    But Xiang Shaolong had no desire to be involved with them.

    Firstly, he had no desire to get involved in new relationships, especially with Lu Daner. She is one of the girls shortlisted to marry Xiao Pan. If he gets involved with her, it is equivalent to him competing with Xiao Pan.

    This is not the 21st century where people have one night stands. Additionally, she comes from a prestigious family. Anyone who made love to her must be responsible for marrying her. What Xiang Shaolong fears the most now is responsibility to pretty ladies. The only exception is Qin Qing, whom he is troubled over.

    Still thinking about her, he suddenly felt something was amiss.

    He caught sight of a black figure from the corner of his eye and he looked over in that direction. A net was thrown towards his head and the attacker was hiding behind a short tree.

    Xiang Shaolong could have unsheathe Bloodwave and chopped at the net.

    But the net suddenly tightened and was intertwined with Bloodwave. The net continued to pull Bloodwave away from him.

    Xiang Shaolong was amused. Even if the two girls combined their strength, they are no match for him.

    Without thinking, he pulled hard at the sword and wanted to cut the net into two.

    Like a bolt out of nowhere, an unbeatable strong force pulled back and Xiang Shaolong was flabbergasted. He fell down his horse with his sword and landed squarely on his face.

    A rider-less Jifeng galloped a few steps forward and stopped. It turned back and looked at Xiang Shaolong with a quizzical look on its face.

    The opponent continued to pull very hard. Helplessly, Xiang Shaolong had to let go and lost his sword.

    Shrill giggles of the two girls can be heard from the bushes.

    Xiang Shaolong realised that they had used the horses strength to steal his sword. Exasperated, he continued to lie on the grass and gazed up at the blue sky and white clouds.

    Soon, the two attractive girls appeared by his side. Bending down to look at their defeated opponent, they were still laughing hysterically with satisfaction.

    Ying Ying chirped: You are so useless. Next time, we will not be bothered with you.

    Xiang Shaolong could feel that his body is tired. Lying comfortably, he smiled: You are ignoring me for good? Nothing can be better than that.

    Lu Daner placed Bloodwave beside his face and unhappily retorted: [email protected] Do you think we longed after you? I wonder why Ji Yanran married you. You cannot even protect your own sword.

    Ying Ying stomped her feet whining: Daner! Why are you still talking to him? Are you deaf? He said it would be great if we ignore him. Lets go! I never want to see him again.

    Lu Daner is still hesitating when the incensed Ying Ying dragged her away.

    When the galloping sounds have faded, Jifeng came back to him. It lowered its head and stared at him.

    Xiang Shaolong sat up with a bitter smile. It is better this way but he still feared that they will make trouble for him.

    Ying Ying could not stand his joke as she had high regards and expectations of him. Therefore, she was especially angry.

    In this instant, Jifeng was alerted and its ears straightened.

    His sixth sense told him something was wrong. He slapped Jifeng on the rump and roared: Go!

    Jifeng could understand him due to their constant interaction. It galloped non-stop away from him.

    Simultaneously, Xiang Shaolong rolled behind the small tree where the two girls were hiding earlier.

    The crossbow mechanism can be heard.

    Ten over arrows whished through the forest.

    By then, Xiang Shaolong had rolled out from the other side and is now behind a giant tree. From his waist, he retrieved two flying needles.

    His attackers must have followed them from the city. When the two girls have left, they made their move.

    He was caught unprepared as he did not expect Lu Buwei to ambush him right now. If he was killed, he will be the main suspect.

    Swishing sounds were heard and an arrow came flying at him from the left.

    Xiang Shaolong quickly evaded. The arrow flew past his face and embedded itself in the tree behind him. It was a close shave.

    He somersaulted and continued to roll toward the archer.

    Hiding behind a tree, the masked attacker was about to load another arrow when Xiang Shaolongs Bloodwave has pierced his body.

    From the corner of his eyes, he saw some human silhouettes. He did not have time to turn around and shot out his flying needles. Two tragic cries were heard one after another.

    Xiang Shaolong knew he cannot stop moving and rolled into another bush. Four arrows shot past the place he used to stand, showing how ruthless and desperate his attackers are.

    Listening to the footsteps behind him, Xiang Shaolong counted at least twenty enemies.

    He sheathed his long sword and retrieved two flying needles in each hand. He shot the needles behind him based on the footsteps he heard.

    A tragic cry was heard behind him. Out of the four needles, one found its target.

    The enemies hurriedly took cover.

    Until now, they have only used crossbows against him. It is fortunate that they feared his flying needles and dared not act rashly. Otherwise, he would have been killed.

    But this is not good enough. With so many enemies against him, he will also die if they managed to surround him.

    His only escape is through Jifeng whom he had chased away. If he can get on horseback, he has a chance to escape.

    Xiang Shaolong continued to roll forward and was about to reach another tree when his thigh was in excruciating pain. An arrow had grazed his thigh, taking away large chunks of his pants, skin and flesh. Fresh blood began to pour out of his wound. He grunted and moved behind the tree.

    Loud footsteps can be heard.

    Xiang Shaolong looked behind him and saw another masked man pouncing at him with his crossbow. He frantically shot out another flying needle.

    The man was hit on the face and fell backwards. His arrow shot aimlessly into the air.

    Another three arrows were shot at him. Luckily, he had shrank back in time.

    Fresh blood flowed out of his wound uncontrollably and he was in great pain.

    Xiang Shaolong knew that this is a crucial moment. He gathered his will to survive and forcefully rolled forward and hid behind a pile of rocks. His head started to swirl and he knew that it is a sign of losing too much blood. He quickly drew out a dagger and cut a portion of his long sleeve, using the sleeve to bandage his wound.

    Rustling sounds were heard as the enemies neared his hiding place.

    Xiang Shaolong was depressed. His injured leg will restrict his movement and he will be surrounded by the assassins before he can meet up with Jifeng.

    In this instant, he saw a tripping rope tied between two trees.

    Xiang Shaolongs mind was turning over furiously. He guessed that this must be the second trap Ying Ying and Lu Daner had laid for him. He looked closer and saw another two tripping ropes further down the road.

    The footsteps are getting closer.

    Xiang Shaolong is exhilarated and annoyed at the same time. He was glad that Jifeng did not come this way and that this is his only chance of escape. Motivated, he jumped up and ran madly ahead. Concurrently, he whistled to summon Jifeng.

    Swishing sounds were heard.

    Xiang Shaolong leapt over the tripping ropes and rolled forward.

    Arrows flew past his head.

    He bounced up and Jifengs galloping sounds can be heard.

    A whistle was heard behind him and the enemies begin to run after him without any reservations.

    Xiang Shaolong weaved in and out of the trees and pushed his speed to the maximum, luring the enemies to fire their crossbows.

    Reloading a crossbow is a troublesome chore which may even require using ones legs. After firing a shot, the enemies must stop temporarily to reload. If they did not want to lose sight of him, they must put their crossbows aside and focus on the chase.

    Without the threat of the crossbows, it is now a running competition.

    Jifeng suddenly appeared a hundred yards ahead on his left and galloped towards him.

    Due to his thigh injury, Xiang Shaolong was limping and his speed is dropping. Fortunately, the crossbows have stopped firing and only running sounds can be heard.

    It was followed by cries of surprise. Obviously, they have been tripped by the ropes.

    Xiang Shaolong took this opportunity to shout: The enemies have been trapped. Attack!

    Behind him, the enemies are in chaos.

    By now, Jifeng has reached his side. Xiang Shaolong leapt up his horse and galloped away horizontally.

    He turned around for a quick glance and saw several masked men who had tripped down. Among those who are still standing, he saw a familiar figure. This figure drew out his long sword and attack Jifeng. His sword stances and strokes are perfect.

    Xiang Shaolong used his own sword to block his attack and laughed loudly: Dan Chu is indeed worthy of being Chancellors Tian top general!

    He dug his heels lightly into Jifeng and rode off like a fleeting cloud.

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    Finally some action! The story was starting to drag with all the plotting.

    Justin, where in the Philippines are you going?

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    thanx justin, the anticipation is killing me lol

    safe journeys!
    "The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience."
    -Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam to Paul Atreides

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    Thanks for the translation Justin.

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    Dear ROI, I'm heading to Manila! Are you there?

    To all readers, Jean is right. I checked other copies and verified that the Qin general whom I named Wang Ling is actually Wang He. Please take note of this change!

    Chapter 08 – Deeply Intertwined

    In the Wu Residence, Teng Yi bandaged his wound personally and observed: “If the arrow is shot an inch higher, Third Brother would not be able to come back alive.”

    At this juncture, Jing Jun came back and reported: “I finished my checks. Dan Chu has yet to come back and the two stubborn girls are safely home.”

    Xiang Shaolong frowned and thought aloud: “I am dead sure one of the Qin Court officials tipped Tian Dan off. Otherwise, he would not have found such an excellent opportunity.”

    Beside him, Tao Fang nodded: “If Shaolong is killed, everyone will suspect Lu Buwei. Qin will be in chaos.”

    Jing Jun interrupted: “Will it be Lu Buwei who wanted to kill you through Tian Dan? After you are dead, he will push the blame to someone else!”

    Teng Yi countered: “Not likely. The attackers would have killed Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er as well. It is lucky that they left earlier and were not ambushed!”

    Xiang Shaolong sighed coldly. His earlier ambush and escape is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. If not for the girls laying the tripping ropes and caused the enemies to lose their footing, he will not be able to survive.

    Tao Fang added: “We should count our blessings that the arrows are not lace with poison. It must have been a hasty decision and they did not have much time to prepare. Otherwise, the consequences might be different.”

    Pausing, he continued: “We must investigate and find out which high-ranking official went to see Tian Dan after the Court was dismissed. We must know who the spy is or we will continue to suffer in his hands.”

    Xiang Shaolong advised: “It will not be easy! To conceal their secret relationship, they will have a covert communication method that will not be easy to discover.”

    Teng Yi cut in: “Based on the fact that they managed to guess that Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er will bring you out of the city, this spy has a deep knowledge of Xianyang City affairs and may even be someone close to them. From this deduction, your assassins are neither Lu Buwei nor Meng Ao.”

    Jing Jun was about to voice his opinion when Wu Shu came running in and reported: “There is a letter from the farm!”

    Xiang Shaolong was elated and took the bamboo container from him. He opened up the lid and withdrew a letter. As expected, it was the forged letter from Lord Chunshen to Li Yuan.

    As everyone scrutinized the letter, they were awe-struck.

    Tao Fang inquired: “How does Shaolong plan to hand this letter to Li Yuan?”

    Xiang Shaolong smiled: “Prepare the carriage. I have to trouble you people to support me to visit Lu Gong.”

    When he got down the carriage and his injured foot touched the ground, sharp pain shot right into his heart. Xiang Shaolong kicked himself for being too complacent.

    Wu Yan Zhu and another Guardian Jing Bieli hurriedly supported him on both sides. Together, they slowly moved towards Lu Gong’s main hall.

    The gatekeepers looked at him with astonishment.

    With a bitter smile on his face, Xiang Shaolong crossed the door ledge and sat down in the inner hall. The two Guardians left and waited for him beyond the doors.

    A servant girl served tea and secretly peeped at him, wanting to say something but held her tongue at the last moment.

    Xiang Shaolong was curious and wanted to ask her what she wanted to say. A yellow silhouette flew in suddenly like the wind and sat down opposite him with a complacent look on her face. Of course it is Lu Dan’er.

    Her lips were curled up and she proudly teased: “To think the high and mighty Imperial Cavalry Commander had a simple fall but broke his leg. What a joke and an embarrassment.”

    Xiang Shaolong gazed at her arrogant face and bitterly smiled: “Didn’t you girls decide to leave me alone? Why is Miss Dan’er so interested in me now?”

    Lu Dan’er was slightly stunned and countered: “Who is interested in you? It is you who come over to my house and yet you dare to sprout such nonsense?”

    Xiang Shaolong smiled: “It is my fault. Miss Dan’er, please do not be angry anymore.”

    Lu Dan’er was boiling mad and stared viciously at him. To the maid who was giggling at the side, she barked: “What are you looking at! Get lost!”

    The servant girl panicked and quickly left in a flustered manner.

    The atmosphere became awkward as neither of them knew what to say. Lu Dan’er is speechless for a while when Xiang Shaolong’s heart softened and started another conversation: “The day after tomorrow is the hunting fair. Has Miss Dan’er finished your preparations?”

    Lu Dan’er acted as if she cannot be bothered: “Who are you to mind my business? Hng! You do not know what is good what for and even made Sister Ying cry. I will never let you off.”

    Xiang Shaolong exclaimed: “What?”

    Lu Dan’er is even angrier: “What what? Who do you think you are? Must we come and beg you? How I wish I can kill you with one stroke.”

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly shocked. Like Qin Qing the untouchable beauty, Lu Dan’er is also untouchable as she is shortlisted to marry the Crown Prince.

    The opposite of love is hatred.

    For these proud girls from prestigious families, they cannot tolerate people being indifferent towards them, especially people whom they admired.

    He was dumbfounded for a moment when Lu Gong came in.

    Lu Dan’er whispered: “Xiang Shaolong! You’ll pay for this!” and slipped away.

    Lu Gong sat down on the host chair and shook his head, sighing: “She is a difficult child and sometimes even I cannot control her.”

    Xiang Shaolong can only smile weakly in reply.

    Lu Gong solemnly implored: “What happened to your leg? Did Dan’er injure you?”

    In a low voice, Xiang Shaolong disclosed his assassination.

    Lu Gong blew his top: “How dare Tian Dan try to kill someone in Qin? Are Qin people meant to be bullied by rascals like him?”

    Xiang Shaolong added: “It is hard to link this case to him. Moreover, Lu Buwei will shield him.” From his bosom, he retrieved the forged letter and handed it to Lu Gong.

    After Lu Gong finished reading, he nodded: “Leave this to me and Li Yuan will receive this letter by tonight. Recently, a guest-advisor from Lord Chunshen’s residence has come to visit me. With him delivering this letter, Li Yuan’s suspicious will not be raised.”

    Xiang Shaolong was delighted: “That’s wonderful!”

    After contemplating, Lu Gong uneasily revealed: “Little Dan is really troublesome!”

    Xiang Shaolong was astounded: “What is your granddaughter up to?”

    Lu Gong revealed: “For the past few days, Little Dan visited Guan Zhongxie besides you. She is full of praise for his sword skills and character. In addition, that man is good at sweet-talking young girls. Shouldn’t I be worried?”

    Xiang Shaolong’s spirits sank when he heard this. He frowned: “Isn’t her marriage decided by you?”

    Lu Gong shook his head: “Since ancient times, Qin has a custom of families staying under the same roof and relied on hunting and fishing as a way of livelihood. Children are taught martial arts from young and it is girls who look for a husband instead of boys looking for a wife. When they have kids, then we talk about getting married. Even with Shang Yang’s reforms, there are many old customs that still remain. So if Dan’er is really in love with Guan Zhongxie, there is nothing I can do.”

    It is Xiang Shaolong’s turn to be worried.

    This can be the best way for Guan Zhongxie to infiltrate the Qin’s circle of trust. If he manages to make love to Lu Dan’er and become Lu Gong’s grandson-in-law, Lu Dan’er can no longer marry the Crown Prince and Guan Zhongxie’s status will be raised. From then on, he will become a more formidable enemy.

    No outsiders can meddle with a love relationship.

    Without a single doubt, Guan Zhongxie is a charming man. Even he himself does not have the confidence to win him in this area.

    He bitterly smiled: “Didn’t you have the intention to marry Miss into the palace?”

    Lu Gong sighed: “That is what Xu Xian and Teng Sheng suggested! Dan’er used to accompany Crown Prince in his studies but lost interest after she got to know Guan Zhongxie. Lu Buwei is devious indeed; now it is hard for me to propose marriage to Empress.”

    Lu Gong’s eyes flashed with a murderous aura and added in a deep voice: “I sent someone to warn Guan Zhongxie that I will tear him to pieces if he dares to be involved with Dan’er. I am not afraid of Lu Buwei backing him. The problem is that it was Dan’er who looked for him every time.”

    Pausing, he questioned: “Has Shaolong fought him before?”

    Xiang Shaolong shook his head.

    Lu Gong described: “His swordsmanship is extremely formidable. During Lord Longyang’s farewell banquet last night, he displayed his true abilities and defeated the top swordsman from each state continuously. Even Tian Dan’s personal escort Liu Zhong Xia lost to him. It is now rumoured in Xianyang City that he is even better than you and Wang Jian. Hei! *******!”

    Xiang Shaolong was agitated: “What does Lu Gong think about his attacks?”

    Lu Gong replied in a deep voice: “His sword strokes are very peculiar and countered fast strokes with slow strokes. Compared to your sword skills, I say both of you have an equal chance of winning. But I afraid your arm strength is not as strong as his.”

    Xiang Shaolong is beginning to feel the threat of Guan Zhongxie. This martial arts competition must have been thought of by Mo Ao. This man must be killed soon or he will pose a bigger threat to them.

    If he manages to marry both Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er, he will enter the network of the high-ranking officials of Qin. He will be able to give Xiang Shaolong more trouble when that happens.

    If Lu Buwei sends him to war and he won some battles and score military contributions, he will be invincible.

    Thinking deeper, if he rejected Lu Niang Rong’s hand in marriage, Lu Buwei will marry her to Guan Zhongxie. He will then rise to become the second in command in the Premier Residence.

    Should he get rid of him? This will be a difficult and dangerous task. Or should he have duel with him? But remembering his godly strength and amazing sword skills, Xiang Shaolong was troubled and was in a dilemma.

    Leaving Lu Gong’s residence, he misses his wives, maids and son but was afraid that they may be worried about his injury and resisted visiting them.

    Deep in his heart, he knows that he misses Qin Qing too. Even without bodily contact, he is very satisfied just to see her pretty face, smile and alluring figure.

    Back at the Wu residence, Xiang Shaolong updated Teng Yi and Jing Jun about what happened at Lu Gong’s residence. When he was talking about Lu Dan’er and Guan Zhongxie, he sighed: “This scheme is unbeatable. Nobody can interfere in a love relationship. Worse still, Qin ladies are open-minded and are free to choose their husband. Their parents have no say in their marriages.”

    Jing Jun was tempted: “Lu Dan’er and Ying Ying are top beauties. If Guan Zhongxie marries them, many men including me will be dissatisfied. Ai! After all, I am also a prestigious Assistant General, why don’t I see them coming to look for me?”

    Teng Yi seriously commented: “Let’s stop all these idle chatter. Presently, we do not have time to attend to these affairs. There is one more day left till the hunting fair. We must plan how to kill Mo Ao and at the same time defend ourselves against Lu Buwei’s scheming.”

    Xiang Shaolong enquired: “Has Little Jun investigated the hunting grounds?”

    Jing Jun happily stood up and took out a cloth map, spreading it on the table. Tao Fang happened to enter the room and joined their secret discussion.

    Jing Jun explained: “The hunting area is about one hundred square miles situated between Xianyang City and Mount Liang. Half of the area is grasslands and rivers. The rest are mountainous forests. The camping grounds are based on a small hill east of the hunting grounds nearest to Xianyang City. River Jing flows here from the east to the west. The inspection square is this piece of large grassland below the camps. We have the day hunt and the night hunt. If we want to kill Mo Ao, naturally the night hunt will provide us with more opportunities.”

    Tao Fang was worried: “Shaolong’s leg injury may pose some problems.”

    Xiang Shaolong remarked: “This is a battle of wits, not strength. If I am on horseback, my injury will not affect me at all.”

    Teng Yi detailed: “There are hunting rules to be observed. No crossbows are allowed and no infighting is tolerated. There are also limits to the number of hunters. The highlight would be the night hunt on the third day. Every unit will send their best hunters to compete their hunting skills in the west hunting mountain. Tigers, leopards and other ferocious animals prowled that area. Whoever can come back with the most number of animal ears will be declared the victor.”

    Each unit is referring to each army unit. The Palace guards, Cavalry Guards, Infantry Guards are three individual units. The Lieutenant General Residence, Left and Right Premier residences are all considered as units. The aim of this fair is to promote hunting skills just like an archery competition is used to promote archery skills.

    To show their might and prowess, outsiders like Tian Dan will be invited to join and compete.

    Jing Jun whined: “Laying the trap is easy, baiting Mo Ao is hard. This man is a genius and it may be hard to trick him.”

    Xiang Shaolong asked: “Can you tell me more about the traps?”

    Jing Jun excitedly divulged: “One of them is to apply some liquid from the Queen Bee on Mo Ao’s body. If he goes near a bee hive, he will be stung to death.”

    Tao Fang frowned: “But if he is dressed in armour, only his face and hands will be stung. That may not be enough to kill him.”

    Teng Yi added: “There are some things Master Tao does not know about. In the west hunting mountain, there are ten over hives with poisonous bees. After ten stings, a normal human will faint. After a few more stings, even an immortal cannot save him. The question is how to get him there. He is considered an academic official and need not take part in the hunt. It will be easier to kill Guan Zhongxie.”

    Tao Fang’s face changed colour: “In this case, it will be easy for Lu Buwei to kill Shaolong too.”

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly smiled: “Just thinking that Mo Ao is the brains behind my assassination plan, I think it will be hard for me to escape alive. Seems like I must pretend to accept Lu Niang Rong’s marriage proposal first. When we have killed Mo Ao, we can break our promise.”

    Teng Yi sighed: “Third Brother is willing to resort to such methods?”

    Xiang Shaolong’s eyes shone: “We must use tricks in our fight against him or we may suffer huge losses. We can even use Guan Zhongxie and disrupt his plans. When that happens, we will just act according to circumstances.”

    Tao Fang thought of something and reminded: “I nearly forgot. Tu Xian wants to meet you tomorrow evening with news about the latest developments.”

    Teng Yi stood up: “It is late! Shaolong should get some rest! If you are limping like this, how can you meet up with Tu Xian secretly?”

    With two men supporting him, he returned to his bedroom.

    He was at a loss.

    In his fight against Lu Buwei, he may not be the overall winner but he was in a dilemma regarding Lu Niang Rong, Lu Dan’er and Ying Ying. Every one of them is considered a big headache for him.

    He could clearly sense that even with Mo Ao out of the way, Guan Zhongxie can still cause him to lose everything he has.

    In this moment, all he wishes for is to hug Ji Yanran and the others to sleep. It is too difficult to comprehend his own future.

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    Two chapters today!

    Chapter 09 – Hatred from marriage rejection

    When he woke up the next morning, the pain from his injury has been greatly reduced and the swelling has subsided.

    Xiang Shaolong was full of praise for Teng Yi’s herbal concoction. Teng Yi warned: “For the next two days, you must not exert yourself. If the wound reopens, you will take a longer time to heal.”

    Xiang Shaolong was inspired: “I have the best excuse against Mo Ao and Guan Zhongxie’s assassination plan. I will not participate in the hunting fair due to my injury. After all, in terms of hunting, every one of you is way better than me.”

    Teng Yi smiled: “But many people will be disappointed.”

    He added: “There are more news from the farm. Uncle Qing has produced a foldable crossbow according to your suggestion that can be easily hidden inside our clothes. He will need another ten days to complete the prototype.”

    Xiang Shaolong was overjoyed. The foldable crossbow is as powerful as an ordinary one except that it can be concealed. This is one of his inspirations from his knowledge as a modern 21st century man. With the blacksmiths of Yue working hard, he is able to increase the prowess of his elite forces by another notch.

    While he was having breakfast, Lu Buwei sent someone to summon him.

    Xiang Shaolong was reminded about Lu Niang Rong’s marriage proposal and could feel a giant headache coming. Without a choice, he made his way to the Premier Residence.

    At the door of the Premier Residence, he ran into Guan Zhongxie who politely paid his respects and smiled: “I had wanted to find Official Xiang for a drink but was too busy with work. I am so fortunate to run into you today. Since we have met now, why don’t we have dinner together later? We can invite the two brothers Lord Changping and Lord Changwen and have a good time together.”

    Due to their complicated relationship, Xiang Shaolong found it hard to decline and agreed. He pretended to apologise: “Because of Lu Xiong, I caused Official Guan to be demoted by one rank. I...”

    Guan Zhongxie laughed loudly and pulled him aside. In a low voice, he commented: “Official Xiang need not be bothered about this. Lu Xiong deserves this punishment and no one else is to be blamed. In fact, he is to be blamed for my demotion instead of you.”

    Xiang Shaolong’s heart became icy cold. This man is extremely crafty and even he cannot help but be alarmed.

    After fixing a time and place for dinner later, Xiang Shaolong went ahead to see Lu Buwei in the study room.

    Lu Buwei is having his breakfast and invited Xiang Shaolong to join him. In a serious tone, he questioned: “I heard from the Infantry guards that Shaolong was assassinated outside the City yesterday evening and was even injured. What is going on and do you know who did it?”

    Xiang Shaolong replied: “They are all masked men but unless I am mistaken, one of them is Tian Dan’s General Dan Chu.”

    Lu Buwei’s face changed colour and pretended to eat his food to hide his emotions.

    Xiang Shaolong can understand the reason for his reaction. If Tian Dan had succeeded, Lu Buwei will be the main suspect. This is equivalent to Tian Dan plotting against Lu Buwei.

    Xiang Shaolong frankly state: “Tian Dan already knew that I am Dong Horse Fanatic. He has captured a friend of mine and wanted to blackmail me. Luckily, I could tell that my friend has been killed already and I threatened to kill him for revenge. Thus, he wanted to kill me first.”

    Lu Buwei was silent for some time. He finally replied: “I wonder how did he find such a perfect opportunity to attack you. Just like that stupid Lu Xiong, he must have bore grudges and was dissatisfied with you. Luckily, I was the one who sent you back and had no time to instruct my men to assassinate you. Otherwise, I will be a key suspect too.”

    Xiang Shaolong was full of admiration at Lu Buwei’s demeanour and persuasive skills. It is no surprise so many people are willing to work for him or work with him. For example, the words he mentioned earlier are full of intimacy and sincerity.

    Xiang Shaolong divulged: “In Handan City, Tian Dan did hint to me that he is working with someone in Xianyang City and he is confident of dealing with me. He is obviously not referring to you but one of the six officials at the meeting yesterday.”

    Lu Buwei nodded: “Lu Gong, Xu Xian, Wang He and Meng Ao are above suspicion. The remaining are Cai Ze and Wang Wan. Cai Ze is more suspicious as I was the one who took over his Premier position. Hng! How dare he pretend to be loyal to me! Watch how I get rid of him!”

    Xiang Shaolong was shocked: “I think you should investigate further!”

    Lu Buwei coldly smiled: “I know what I am doing. Yes! Have you made up your mind about Niang Rong?”

    Xiang Shaolong recalled the saying ‘A true man must be ruthless’ and hardened his heart: “Premier Lu has such a high opinion of me. How can I not recognize it? This matter...”

    He was interrupted by a shrill voice outside the window: “Hold it!”

    Both men had a big fright when Lu Niang Rong came in dressed in fiery red. She faced Lu Buwei first and informed: “Father must not blame the guards for failing in their duty. It was me who told them to keep quiet about my presence.”

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly stood up and paid his respects.

    Lu Buwei frowned: “Commander Xiang and I are having a secret discussion. How can Rong’er eavesdrop on us?”

    Lu Niang Rong stood proudly before them and declared: “As long as it concerns my future, I have the right to know. In Qin, do as the Qin people do. The Qin has a custom of girls choosing their husbands. As the daughter of the Right Premier of Qin, I should enjoy this right too. Am I mistaken?”

    Lu Buwei and Xiang Shaolong glanced and each other, not knowing how to deal with this stubborn girl.

    Lu Niang Rong’s gaze fell on Xiang Shaolong’s face. Showing displeasure, she arrogantly proclaimed: “To marry me, you must first defeat me in all areas. After that, you will be qualified to be ONE of the men who are suitable for my hand in marriage.”

    Irritated, Lu Buwei hissed: “Rong’er!”

    Lu Niang Rong stomped her feet and whined: “Father! Do you really love me?”

    Lu Buwei shrugged his shoulders to Xiang Shaolong, showing that he is powerless too and softly advised: “Xiang Shaolong is unparalleled in his character and swordsmanship. Of course Father loves you.”

    Xiang Shaolong is greatly amused. He had to agree to the marriage so that he can live past the hunting fair and Lu Buwei will not suspect him to be Mo Ao’s killer. To his surprise, this third daughter of Lu Buwei is eavesdropping on them outside the window and create a disturbance, fulfilling his wish indirectly.

    Lu Niang Rong sauntered to the front of Xiang Shaolong and raised her attractive face, assessing him. She insisted: “I didn’t say I do not like him! But there is someone who is better than him. Unless he can prove that he is better than this man, I will never choose him to be my husband.”

    She was facing Xiang Shaolong but her words are directed at her father. Her attitude is a revengeful one, as if she is insulting Xiang Shaolong in return for rejecting her hand in marriage earlier.

    She may be very enticing but because Lu Buwei is his sworn enemy, Xiang Shaolong has no feelings for her. He smiled: “Who is this gentleman Third Mistress is attracted to?”

    Lu Niang Rong’s lips curled up and shot him a look, challenging: “It is none of your business. Let’s see how you fare at the hunting fair!”

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly smiled at Lu Buwei: “I am afraid Miss will be disappointed.”

    Lu Buwei frowned: “Rong’er, watch your words. Shaolong has just been ambushed and his leg was injured. Tomorrow...”

    Lu Niang Rong was annoyed: “He cannot even protect himself and how can he qualify to be my husband? Father! You must not speak about the marriage anymore. I will rather die than to marry him.”

    With a loud Humph, she left quickly.

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly overjoyed but pretended to be dejected.

    Lu Buwei sat down and sighed: “I have spoilt her. Shaolong need not worry about it. I will speak to her over the next few days.”

    Xiang Shaolong hurriedly replied: “As you decide!” In his mind, he must somehow let Guan Zhongxie know about this so that Lu Niang Rong will not ‘change her mind’. If he made love to Lu Niang Rong, Lu Buwei will be unable to proceed with this marriage proposal anymore.

    Lu Buwei thought for some time and softly asked: “Does Shaolong really want to kill Tian Dan?”

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly smiled: “Of course I do but it is very difficult. I am angry and not thinking clearly when I said that. After I left, I realised that I have been too reckless.”

    Lu Buwei nodded his head and began to think again. When he wanted to say something, an attendant reported that Li Yuan is here with an urgent matter.

    Lu Buwei was taken by surprise and stood up: “Let me think about this further and we shall discuss more in the future. Let me first see what Li Yuan is up to.”

    Xiang Shaolong almost could not hide his happiness and stood up.

    Li Yuan has been tricked.

    Leaving the Premier Residence, he went straight to the palace and seek an audience with the Crown Prince. Xiao Pan received him in the hall of his bedroom.

    The palace girls serving him were pretty and enchanting. A few of them are even younger than him.

    After they got seated, Xiao Pan noticed him paying attention to the girls and smiled: “These are all top grade virgin beauties presented to me by each of the six states. If you are keen, I can give you some of them.”

    Xiang Shaolong remembered the day he stopped him from molesting Lady Ni’s maid and was feeling emotional. He shook his head: “Crown Prince is mistaken. I am afraid that you may indulge in women and damage your health.”

    Xiao Pan replied with determination: “Commander can put your mind at ease.” He gestured and dismissed the palace girls and intimately revealed: “Since Mother was [email protected] and died a tragic death, I have sworn to focus all my energy on vengeance and will not waste any of my precious time on women.”

    Xiang Shaolong thought that this must be one of the reasons why Xiao Pan can unite the world in the future. The other princes of the six states are all indulging in wine and women. Only with his Mother’s death can Xiao Pan focus absolutely on his revenge and ignored all the beautiful women beside him.

    He nodded: “Women can help to balance your physical and mental health as long as it is kept in control. Xiao Pan added: “You are right. Grand Tutor Qin gave me the same advice too.”

    Pausing, he continued: “I heard from Lord Changwen that you have an arrow injury. When I tried to visit you, you were asleep already and I was worried sick. What actually happened?”

    Xiang Shaolong told him the whole story and Xiao Pan had the same conclusion as Lu Buwei. He was agitated: “There must be a spy as Tian Dan can never predict the two girls will bring you out of the City for a contest.”

    Xiang Shaolong interjected: “Let Lu Buwei worry about this. Right! You ignored your Mother’s advice yesterday. Did she hold it against you?”

    Xiao Pan coldly smiled: “After she got involved with Lao Ai, she was a little afraid of me. She did lecture me lightly and insisted that I promote Guan Zhongxie back to his post during the hunting fair. I agreed as I did not want to fall out with her over such insignificant matters.”

    Speaking about Guan Zhongxie, Xiang Shaolong was reminded about Lu Dan’er and told Xiao Pan about their meetings.

    Xiao Pan’s eyes were glowing with murderous intent and coldly hissed: “How dare Lu Buwei send someone to seduce my woman? In the future, I will make him die a horrible death.”

    Xiang Shaolong can easily guess that he will force Lu Buwei to his death. He took the chance to ask: “Do you really like Lu Dan’er?”

    Xiao Pan smiled: “She is a demanding girl and in terms of beauty, there are many girls around me who can win her. She is only Lu Gong’s granddaughter! Hng! I do not like someone to arrange my marriage for me. I should be the one who decides my marriage.”

    Xiang Shaolong frowned: “I don’t think the Empress will allow you to make your own decision.”

    Xiao Pan proudly state: “I have my own ways of dealing with this.”

    Xiang Shaolong wanted to find out more when Li Si came in carrying a large stack of official documents.

    After he paid his respects, Li Si laid the documents on the table and reported: “As Crown Prince had instructed, I worked non-stop over the last two days and completed the documentation regarding the Outer Custodian. Please have a look.”

    Xiang Shaolong then remembered it was him who suggested this new post to promote Teng Sheng. He did not expect this post to involve so much documentation.

    Xiao Pan looked at Li Si with appreciation and asked: “Is the Yan beauty a virgin?”

    Li Si stole a look at Xiang Shaolong and replied embarrassedly: “For the past two days, I did not even have time to look at her.”

    Xiang Shaolong was confused when Xiao Pan cheerfully revealed: “Three days ago, Lu Buwei sent a Yan beauty to me and I transferred his gift to Subject Li. Subject Li was focused on his work and did not touch the girl at all. I appreciate this characteristic very much.”

    Li Si hurriedly kneeled down and thanked Xiao Pan for his praises. Xiang Shaolong can tell that Li Si is very touched.

    Xiang Shaolong finally understood that a good king will have good ministers serving him. If it was someone else, they would not notice Li Si’s dedication and diligence.

    After Li Si got seated, Xiao Pan rested his hand on the table and explained: “Empress and I had a deal. I made her lover an official and gave him a nice house to stay. She will have to give concessions on my marriage. I can accept the Chu Princess to be my concubine but my Queen will only be decided after my coronation.”

    Xiang Shaolong was full of praise. The chemistry between Qin Shi Huang and Li Si is unbeatable. History has proven that this is an invincible partnership.

    Li Si was concerned: “I heard that Official Xiang was injured by an arrow! I am glad to see that you are recovering well.”

    Xiao Pan interrupted: “Does Subject Xiang want to be examined by the Imperial Physician?”

    Xiang Shaolong politely rejected and was about to say something when Lord Changping came in and reported that Lu Buwei is here to seek an audience with Li Yuan.

    The three men knew what is about to happen next. Xiang Shaolong left with Lord Changping first while Li Si accompanied Xiao Pan to receive the guests.

    Slipping out from the back door, they came to the Royal garden. Lord Changping pulled Xiang Shaolong to one side and apologised: “It is my sister’s fault to bring you out of the city and caused you to be ambushed.”

    Xiang Shaolong smiled” “It is not her fault. Some things are just unpredictable!”

    Lord Changping scolded: “I wanted to bring you to a brothel when your men told me that you slept early due to your injury. I will be treating tonight and Official Guan said that you have agreed. Hng! If I find out who is behind this, I will kill him without hesitation.”

    Xiang Shaolong sighed: “Don’t be so boastful. It must be some formidable evildoer who dares to attack me. Hei! How is your sister doing?”

    Lord Changping sighed: “After she came back from outside the City, she threw a terrible tantrum and locked herself up in her room. She did not even have dinner. You should know that we brothers are busy with work and our parents have passed away. We simply do not have any time to humour her.”

    He uneasily asked: “What happened?”

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly smiled: “I admitted that I have lost and pleaded with them to stop pestering me. Your sister was infuriated and dragged Lu Dan’er away.”

    Lord Changping was delighted: “I can see that she is in love with you. Hei! Are you interested in her?”

    Xiang Shaolong sighed: “Since the tragic death of Princess Qian, I am devoid of emotions and focused my time on my duties. I am not interested in love or romance anymore.”

    Lord Changping sympathetically comforted: “I can understand your feelings. Three years ago, one of my concubines passed away due to illness. But men will always be men. Given enough time, you will get over it. As long as you do not hate her, it will be fine. But I understand Ying Ying’s character. She is a revengeful person and will make things difficult for you. Ai! I do not know what to say.”

    Now, it is Xiang Shaolong’s turn to comfort him.

    Lord Changping sent Xiang Shaolong to the palace gates before they split up.

    When Xiang Shaolong returned to the Command Centre, Teng Yi, Jing Jun had left with Lord Changwen to the western suburbs to prepare for the hunting fair tomorrow.

    He was doing some administrative work when an attendant reported that the Zhou couple is here to see him.

    Xiang Shaolong had assumed that they had left Xianyang City long ago. He only realised now that they are still in the Command Centre and hurriedly invited them in.

    After they got seated, Xiang Shaolong asked curiously: “Why didn’t you leave?”

    Mister Zhou shyly explained: “I have spoken with my wife and we are interested to follow Master Xiang. For three generations, my family runs a ship building business. Is there any way I can be of use?”

    Xiang Shaolong suspiciously assessed them and saw that they have a fine bearing and were unlike common folks. He could not help but asked: “Why did both of you come to Xianyang City?”

    Mister Zhou revealed; “Actually, we are from the royal family of Song. When our state was annihilated, we became wanderers. She...” He looked at his wife and solemnly state: “She is not my wife but my sister. We pretended to be a couple to make our travelling easier. We came to Xianyang City to try our luck, hoping to be a permanent resident here, get a job and stay here for good.”

    Xiang Shaolong was taken aback.

    His sister lowered her head and explained: “My name is Zhou Wei and my brother here is Zhou Liang. We are willing to accept any positions you may have.”

    Xiang Shaolong scanned her delicate face and noticed that she is indeed very attractive despite her simple clothes and lack of make-up. Now he understood why Lu Bang is besotted with her. Feeling sorry for them, he nodded: “I will do my best and help both of you. Ai! Get up! You are making me feel bad!”

    Both of them had kneeled on the floor and kowtowed with thanks.

    Xiang Shaolong the 21st century man is most uncomfortable with this gesture and hurriedly helped them up.

    After some discussion with them, an attendant reported that Prince Dan is here. Xiang Shaolong got someone to send them both to the Wu Residence and instructed Tao Fang to help them to settle down. He then went to the main hall to see Prince Dan.

    With Prince Dan are Physician Leng Ting, General Xu Yi Ze and the flamboyant advisor You Zhi.

    After the guards have all been dismissed, Xiang Shaolong smiled: “The Prince has received news about Li Yuan’s departure?”

    Prince Dan admiringly praised: “Commander Xiang is amazingly talented. Li Yuan is really returning back to Chu at once. What did you tell him?”

    Xiang Shaolong evaded his question: “It is nothing much. Has Prince decided to cooperate with me?”

    Prince Dan did not ask any further and put his hand out.

    Xiang Shaolong stretched his own hand and they shared a tight handshake and broke out into laughter. Their eyes are staring at each other and no words are needed between them.

    To Prince Dan, his biggest threat is not Qin but the ambitious and powerful Tian Dan.

    After they released each other’s hands, Prince Dan asked: “It is improper for me to participate personally but would it be sufficient if I hand Xu Yi Luan and his army of five thousand cavalry army under your full control?”

    You Zhi added: “I will assist you to ensure that they will follow your orders.”

    Xiang Shaolong was on cloud nine as he did not anticipate Prince Dan to be so easy-going and trusting of himself. Pleased, he replied: “If this is the case, Tian Dan’s death is guaranteed.”

    They discussed further on the details of their attack before Prince Dan left with his men.

    Xiang Shaolong was simply thrilled and suddenly longed for his wives, son and the Tian sisters. He left the Command Centre and head towards Qin Qing’s residence.
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    omg awesome as always justin!
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    Justin, I'm from there. My parents and siblings still live in Manila. Unfortunately I'm not there right now, otherwise I would treat you to lunch or dinner as thanks for all the work you're doing for us.
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    Thanks ROI! The thought itself is good enough for me!

    Chapter 10 – Eastern Province Rebellion

    When he arrived at Qin Qing’s residence, she received him in the main hall, mentioning: “Sister Yanran and the rest have left the City to try their horses, preparing to show their true abilities during the hunting fair tomorrow. I am not feeling well so I did not accompany them.”

    Xiang Shaolong was concerned: “How are you feeling?” She did look slightly tired.

    Qin Qing lowered and shook her head lightly: “I am fine! I just did not sleep well last night!”

    Raising her head, her clear and pretty eyes look straight ahead at him and explained: “I am slightly worried. When I came back from the palace yesterday evening, I ran into Lord Gaoling and said hi to him. He was very energetic and I am concerned that he might cause some trouble.”

    Lord Gaoling is the man who was substituted by King Zhuangxiang to be the new King of Qin. Xiang Shaolong was alarmed as he was too focused on Tian Dan and neglected this man. Lord Longyang did alert him that Lord Gaoling and Zhao’s General Pang Nuan are in secret contact but he did not pay much attention to it as he did not have a high opinion of Pang Nuan. With Qin Qing’s reminder, he could not help but feel worried about it.

    Qin Qing dismissed: “I must have been over sensitive. With you protecting Crown Prince, I can set my mind at ease.”

    Xiang Shaolong thought that if the military is involved, he will be prepared but if it was some dark conspiracy, he may be taken by surprise! Oh! He should inform Lu Buwei about this and distract him and benefitting himself at the same time. Lu Buwei should be more concerned about Xiao Pan’s safety than him.

    Qin Qing saw that he was deep in thought and slowly sighed: “I was having a meal with Empress yesterday and that irritating Lao Ai is always by her side. Why is she so obsessed with such a disgusting man?”

    Xiang Shaolong bitterly laughed: “He is truly someone who looks good on the outside but has no substance all. Unfortunately, there are not many people like Grand Tutor Qin who can see that.”

    Qin Qing trembled slightly and her pretty eyes shone with surprise: “No wonder sister Yanran always say talking with you is the most refreshing and entertaining thing in the world and your conversations are never boring!”

    Xiang Shaolong was aroused and had to ask: “Does Grand Tutor Qin feel the same?”

    Qin Qing’s face turned red and she shot him a look. Lowering her head, she nodded slightly. She looked absolutely enthralling.

    Xiang Shaolong was bewitched by her charm but felt some regrets. He did not know what to say next and the room became quiet.

    The short silence seemed to last forever.

    Qin Qing asked in a low voice: “Has Commander Xiang eaten?”

    Xiang Shaolong blurted out without thinking: “Yes!”

    Qin Qing giggled and shot him an emotional look, declaring: “Finally I caught Commander Xiang lying. It is still late morning and lunch is not even prepared yet. If you do not want to have lunch with me, you can say that you are busy with work and I cannot expose you.”

    Xiang Shaolong was greatly embarrassed and stuttered incoherently. His face became as red as a fireball.

    Qin Qing was not the least upset and stood up, adding: “I have no time for you. I need to send lunch outside the City to your wives. Commander Xiang must be too busy to come along! Make sure you take your lunch!”

    Xiang Shaolong is beginning to understand her forceful character and softly replied: “I do have some work to do! Hei! Please forgive me.”

    Qin Qing smiled implicitly but meaningfully at him. Witnessing Xiang Shaolong fumbling, she regained her usual coolness and plainly invited: “Commander Xiang, please!” This is her way of dismissing her guests

    Following the direction her hand pointed, Xiang Shaolong walked towards the main door. Qin Qing followed closely behind him.

    Xiang Shaolong had an evil thought and purposely halted without warning. Qin Qing did not expect a respected man like him to try such a trick. Letting out a shrill cry, she bumped right into his back.

    It was a moment to die for.

    In this moment, Xiang Shaolong resumed his flirty behaviour and snaked his hand behind and embraced her slender waist. He intimately whispered into her ear: “Grand Tutor Qin! Be careful.”

    Qin Qing had not been hugged for a long time. Her body turned soft and her cheeks are burning hot. Trembling like a small bird, she tried to push him away.

    Xiang Shaolong dare not go overboard and took this chance to release her, saying: “Please excuse my behaviour. You need not send me any further.”

    Leaving Qin Qing with a frustrated and annoyed look on her face, Xiang Shaolong left happily.

    He has regained the romantic side of him.

    Due to all the complicated relationships, he was tormented by Qin Qing, Ying Ying, Lu Dan’er and Lu Niang Rong.

    Now, he felt like he has vented some of his frustration.

    Recollecting the feeling of embracing her, his heart leapt for joy.

    This is probably called Uncontrollable Love.

    He was filled with this uncontrollable love and desire.

    When Xiang Shaolong arrived at the Premier residence, Tu Xian came to welcome him and revealed: “There is a rebellion in Pingyuan Province. When Premier Lu received the news, he hurriedly left to seek an audience with Empress and Crown Prince.”

    Xiang Shaolong was alarmed. Pingyuan Province is made up of land that were seized from Zhao. The rebellion must be started by Pang Nuan but why?

    Lu Buwei’s natural reaction is to send the Qin army to protect the new province he had fought for. Otherwise, if Shangdang Province and Sanchuan Province followed their example and rebelled, with the intervention of Zhao and Han armies, it will be disastrous. The strategic eastern provinces will be lost and Lu Buwei’s earlier efforts would be annulled.

    To counter such a situation, Lu Buwei will send every available soldier to Pingyuan Province to crush the rebels. When that happens, Xianyang City will only be left with the Palace Guards, the Imperial Cavalry and the Imperial Infantry.

    Under normal conditions, these three armies are sufficient to protect Xianyang City. But during the hunting fair, Zhu Ji and Xiao Pan will be in the open wilderness of the western suburbs.

    If Lord Gaoling has an army of over ten thousand soldiers and know about the Xianyang’s army strength as well as Xiao Pan’s location, he may succeed with a well-planned ambush.

    The more he thought, the worse he felt. It is inconvenient to speak with Tu Xian now so he bade farewell and left.

    Tu Xian sent him out and reminded him about their appointment. Xiang Shaolong hurriedly left for the palace.

    When he was about to reach the palace, a group of riders came into view. Ying Ying and Lu Dan’er are among the riders and between them was Guan Zhongxie.

    Xiang Shaolong did not harbour any thoughts about the two girls but still felt sour about it.

    Both girls have their own beautiful ways but Ying Ying’s long legs, slender waist and full bosom is something very attractive to him.

    When the girls saw Xiang Shaolong, they pretended to be friendly towards Guan Zhongxie and were chatting and laughing happily. They acted as if they did not see Xiang Shaolong.

    Guan Zhongxie naturally cannot adopt the same attitude. He led several of his leaders and rode towards him, paying their respects.

    Xiang Shaolong returned the greetings. Guan Zhongxie held his horse steady and informed: “There is some trouble in Pingyuan Province. The Crown Prince, Empress and Premier Lu are having an emergency meeting.”

    The two girls followed Guan Zhongxie in stopping their horses but put on an air of discontent and stared at Xiang Shaolong with hostility.

    Xiang Shaolong was amused and greeted them. He proceeded to ask: “Where is Official Guan heading?”

    Guan Zhongxie replied: “These two ladies wanted to check out the hunting grounds in the western suburbs. I will accompany them and report this matter to Lord Changwen and the rest. The weather is pretty good to take a ride outside the city.”

    Xiang Shaolong laughed loudly: “With pretty companions, anything will sound good.” He did not wait for the girls to react and rode away.

    Ai! If not for Lu Buwei, Guan Zhongxie is a worthy friend and he would be truly happy for him. But now, he felt inferior as he had lost to Guan Zhongxie while he cannot do anything about it.

    When he entered the palace, the meeting is still ongoing in the Qin Court.

    Lord Changping pulled Xiang Shaolong to a corner and asked: “Did you manage to see Ying Ying?”

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head.

    Lord Changping asked again: “Is she with Official Guan?”

    Xiang Shaolong nodded his head again and commented: “I heard they are going to the western suburbs to check out the hunting grounds.”

    Lord Changping sighed: “This morning, I was summoned by Left Premier Xu Xian for a scolding. He instructed me to discipline my sister and not let her get close to Lu Buwei’s men. I am in a dilemma. Does Official Xiang have any suggestions?”

    Xiang Shaolong naturally understood his intention and bitterly smiled: “You should know that Guan Zhongxie is very good with women. With his excellent credentials, body, swordsmanship and looks, even I may not be his match. Moreover, I am now her biggest enemy. You better resign to fate.”

    Lord Changping was flustered: “How can I resign to fate? Xu Xian is exceedingly farsighted and he is never wrong. If Ying Ying marries Guan Zhongxie, what will happen if one day, his entire household is to be annihilated? Lu Buwei may be powerful now but he is still ranked lower than Lord Shang Yang in the past. Eventually, Lord Shang Yang’s body was torn apart by horses. Outsiders will not have a good ending in Qin. The higher their official post, the more terrible their deaths.”

    Xiang Shaolong had not analyzed this problem from this angle and was left speechless.

    Among the two brothers, Lord Changping is more sharp and knowledgeable. Lord Changwen is less clever and loves to have fun.

    Lord Changping sighed: “You should understand my worries. Guan Zhongxie is considered our friend. How can I warn him to stay away from Ying Ying without a good reason?”

    Xiang Shaolong was humoured. Lord Changping is right. How can he tell Guan Zhongxie that he will die with Lu Buwei in the future so please leave his sister alone?

    Lord Changping was incensed: “You can still laugh about it. I am really at my wits end.”

    Xiang Shaolong apologised: “I was entertained by your words! Her marriage has to be approved by you two elder brothers. Guan Zhongxie should not be that daring.”

    Lord Changping was annoyed: “It would be good if it was that simple. But if Lu Buwei proposed marriage on his behalf and even got the Empress involved, what can we say?”

    Xiang Shaolong thought that sounded reasonable and helplessly advised: “At the end of the day, all you wanted was for me to woo your sister! Why don’t you try to send a warning to Guan Zhongxie? Lu Gong warned him already.”

    Lord Changping bitterly laughed: “Lu Gong is very senior and does whatever he wants. Forty years later, we can be like him but definitely not now. Hei! Are you that uninterested in my sister? In Xianyang City, she is the next prettiest after widow Qin Qing. Of course there is still the Talented Lady Ji whom we have not met.”

    Xiang Shaolong smiled: “You know your women well.”

    Lord Changping reached out and grabbed his arm, begging: “Stop hesitating. How about it?” Looking at his arm, he added: “Shaolong, you are very muscular.”

    Xiang Shaolong adored this friend and without a choice, he promised: “Let me have a go! But I do not guarantee that I will be successful!”

    Lord Changping was overjoyed. The meeting happened to end at the same time and Lu Buwei stepped out with Meng Ao with serious expressions on their faces. They were still talking as they were walking.

    Lu Buwei noticed Xiang Shaolong and waved him over.

    When Xiang Shaolong begin to walk over, Meng Ao had left Lu Buwei already. Lu Buwei received him and they walked to the rear garden together. Lu Buwei explained in a low voice: “Shaolong should know what has happened. After our discussion, Meng Ao has been selected to lead an army to Pingyuan Province to crush the rebellion. Wang He will lead another army and be stationed at the eastern Passes. This will serve as a warning to Shangdang and Sanchuan Province not to make any foolish moves. In case they rebelled too, he will move in and crush them.”

    Pausing, he added; “What a coincidence. In a short space of time, all the excess soldiers in Xianyang City have all been used up and now it is our hunting fair. What does Shaolong think?”

    Xiang Shaolong plainly state: “Lord Gaoling is planning a rebellion!”

    Lu Buwei was startled: “What?”

    Xiang Shaolong repeated his statement.

    Lu Buwei composed himself and thought it over. They arrived at a small bridge and he sat down on one of the stone railings and hinted Xiang Shaolong to sit on the opposite side. He frowned: “How did Lord Gaoling motivate the Pingyuan residents to rebel?”

    Xiang Shaolong sat on the opposite railing and looked down at the running water. Noticing some swimming fishes, he calmly replied: “Lord Gaoling did not have this ability but he can conspire with Zhao General Pang Nuan to achieve this.”

    Lu Buwei slapped his thigh: “No wonder he left in such a hurry after the funeral. It is all because of this.”

    His eyes shining with a killing aura, he slowly state: “Lord Gaoling! You must be tired of living.”

    Turning to Xiang Shaolong, he instructed: “If he wants to rebel, the hunting fair is a golden opportunity. I shall put you in charge of this. If I am not wrong, Lord Gaoling’s men will try to hide in the vicinity of Xianyang City today and tomorrow. With all the chaotic preparations, they can move undetected. We must also guard against Lord Gaoling’s family warriors within the city. I will get Zhongxie to take care of this.”

    Xiang Shaolong was secretly pleased. Indirectly, Lord Gaoling has helped him to distract Lu Buwei from assassinating himself. Moreover, he had agreed to Lu Niang Rong’s hand in marriage.

    Lu Buwei stood up, declaring: “I must see the Crown Prince and Empress. Shaolong must report everything to me so that I have a clear picture of what is going on.”

    Xiang Shaolong put on a respectful look until he left. He then rode his horse out of the city and towards the western suburbs.

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    did it again justin!!

    these extra doses(chapters) are only increasing my addiction!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yongbifan View Post
    did it again justin!!

    these extra doses(chapters) are only increasing my addiction!

    I just started work and dont have enough time to keep up with translations. I think i am going to pull a sick day and catch up on some quality killing

    thanks a lot Justine
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    Quote Originally Posted by yongbifan View Post
    did it again justin!!

    these extra doses(chapters) are only increasing my addiction!
    Thanks! Broke my record with three chapters in one day. Somehow managed it because all three are short chapters. Pretty free today so expect more to come soon!

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