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Thread: DGSD : Chapter 41 and 42. Unabridged.

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    Default DGSD : Chapter 41 and 42. Unabridged.

    I just realised I started translating the big Shaolin fight from Chapter 41 way back in 2003. Its 2007 now and I am not even halfway through Chapter 42 yet. I am now re-inspired to finish translating this whole sequence up till at least Sweeper Monk shows up.

    I will still post the updates on the other thread so please leave all the comments there.

    Will also take this chance to edit some grammar, spelling and other comments and mistakes made earlier. Still going to be far from perfect though.
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    DGSD Chapter 41.

    Ding Chun Qiu having murdered Reverend Xuan Tong and Xuan Nan, was a great enemy of Shaolin Temple. Upon hearing that he had arrived at Shao Shi mountain, a great buzz arose within the ranks of the assembled monks.

    Xuan Sheng loudly exhorted "Everyone must exert themselves bravely today! We must capture alive that old bandit Ding to avenge brothers Xuan Tong and Xuan Nan!"

    Xuan Ci spoke in a loud and clear voice "Guests have come from afar, let us show proper ceremony before showing force." The assembled Shaolin monks replied with a "Yes!" and Xuan Ci continued "Assembled brothers and friends, let us all go forth and witness the the famed techniques of the Xing Su Sect and the Murong Clan shall we?"

    The assembled heroes had already been itching to rush out to spectate and were just waiting for those words. The lower ranked monks, with the impatience of youth immediately rushed out like a nest of angry wasps. As the assembled heroes and Dali clansman and other visiting reverends each rushed out, the metallic sounds of the elder Shaolin monks preparing their various weaponry could be heard.

    The 4 generations of Xuan, Hui, Xu and Kong Shaolin monks brandished their weapons and rushed out in groups. As they reached the inner gates, the monks stationed at the middle of the mountain rushed up to report "Xing Su Sect has members numbering over a thousand, they have encircled the party of Murong Fu at the mid-mountain pavilion and are attacking fiercely." Abbot Xuan Ci nodded his head and walked to the edge of the flagstone path to gaze down the mountain, what he witnessed was a sea of human heads easily numbering more then a thousand.

    A sudden shout was carried over the mountain breeze "The Great Immortal of Xing Su Sect is personally leading today's battle! Victory is assured! You mangy lot of ugly clowns dare to defy the Great Immortal? Quickly cast down your weapons and beg for mercy! If the Xing Su Immortal waves his little finger, Shaolin Temple shall collaspe!"

    The newer members of Xing Su Sect had yet to learn any skills of the sect. What they first learnt was to shout flattery and brown nosing skills. With over a thousand people chanting and shouting, the mountain was filled with the song and praises of the Xing Su Immortal. With his long white beard flowing and his eyes half closed, Ding Chun Qiu swayed with the chants and looked almost intoxicated.

    Xuan Sheng directed the chi from his Dan Tian and loudy shouted "Assemble the Great Luo Han Formation!" Five hundred voices replied "Assemble the Great Luo Han Formation!" With a flow of red robes and flashes of grey movement five hundred monks spread out in formation across the mountain side.

    The assembled heroes have all heard of Shaolin's Luo Han Formation, yet for hundreds of years, the Luo Han Formation had never been witnessed by even a single outsider. They now saw different groups of monks, dressed in various colours of red, grey, yellow and black, holding various weapons running swiftly across the mountain, surrounding the Xing Su Sect members quickly.

    The Xing Su members outnumbered the monks, yet the majority of them were new recruits. They might have had some capability in single combat but they had no experience at all in formation fighting. Thus they all panicked and the chants of flattery for their master faltered. More then a few fell totally silent, thinking in their hearts about changing the chants to "Great and Holy Shaolin Reverends" instead.

    Abbot Xuan Ci spoke up "Xing Su Sect's Mister Ding visits Shao Shi mountain as an enemy of Shaolin. Respected heroes, please consider standing aside and letting Shaolin handle these intruders?"

    The various fighters loudy replied "The old wierdo of Xing Su is an enemy of the martial arts world, everybody hates him, lets kill them all!" With that, the entire crowd drew their weapons.

    At this point, Murong Fu and Deng Bai Chun had already killed or injured over 20 Xing Su members. Seeing that help has arrived, they jumped back from the fight and the Xing Su members made no attempt to advance.

    Duan Yu had weaved his way through the crowd and rushed up to Wang Yu Yan. "Miss Wang, should danger arise, I will escort you out." Wang Yu Yan blushed and replied "I am not injured, and no one has sealed my arterial points. I.... I can walk by myself......" Glancing at Murong Fu, she continued "My cousin is highly skilled in martial arts, more then sufficient to protect me. Master Duan, you had better leave."

    Duan Yu felt uncomfortable and thought to himself "What ability do I have to compare with your cousin's skills?" Yet he felt reluctant to walk away. Quickly changing the subject "Well.....well....ah, Miss Wang, my father has arrived and is standing outside." Duan Yu had went through many dangers and situations with Wang Yu Yan and spent a lot of time with her, yet he had never mentioned his own status and family history to her. In his mind, Wang Yu Yan was a goddess and he was a mere mortal. So what was a prince when compared to a goddess?'

    Knowing that Duan Yu had risked his life many times to save her, Wang Yu Yan was secretly grateful to him. Yet she had never held him in any kind of regard. He was merely a bookworm who had managed to learn a magical set of footwork skills and a set of inner energy swordplay which was sometimes effective and sometimes not. Worried about her cousin being suspicious, she asked "You father has arrived from Dali? You and your father must have not met for a long time?"

    Duan Yu happily replied "Yes! Miss Wang, shall I bring you to meet my father? He will definitely like you when he sees you" Wang Yu Yan blushed deeply and said " I will not." Duan Yu enquired "Why not?" Seeing that she was not answering, he tried to cheer her up "Miss Wang, my sworn brother Xu Zhu is here too, he has become a monk again. Even my disciple is here, this is really exciting!"

    The Shaolin monks had spread out in the Luo Han Formation, guarding to the left and right, shouting to the front and rear. A few members of the Xing Su Sect charged westwards, but all were quickly repelled and injured.

    Ding Chun Qiu commanded "Everybody keep still!" In a loud and clear voice he said "Abbot Xuan Ci, your Shaolin Temple claims itself to be the leader of the martial arts world, but in my opinion is sadly lacking!"

    The Xing Su members immediately chanted "The Xing Su Immortal has arrived, the damn Shaolin monks shall all die a horrible death and be without a burial place" "All martial arts stems from our Xing Su Sect, only the Xing Su skills are geniune, all else are unorthodox and demonic learnings. Those who do not learn Xing Su skills are doomed to become cattle ghosts and snake spirits and are seeking their own doom" Suddenly, someone sang and shouted at the top of their lungs "The Great Xing Su Immortal, his goodness fills the land, his might shakes the universe, he is unmatched in the past and the present!" Over a thousand voices joined in the song along with the sounds of drums and flutes, the resulting noise was heated and loud. Such a spectacle had never been witnessed by any of the assembled heroes.

    Amidst the noise, the sounds of galloping horses could be heard approaching. As the sound of hooves got louder and clearer, four immense yellow flags could be seen as four horses galloped into view, their riders each grasping a flag which fluttered in the wind. Upon each flag could be seen five huge black characters "Chief of Beggar Sect Zhuang" The four riders dismounted and planted the flags at the highest point on the cliff. Each was dressed in Beggar Sect garb, with pouches slung across their bodies and flags grasped in their hands as they stood without a sound.

    The same thought raced across the crowds mind "The Chief of Beggar Sect Zhuang Ju Xian has arrived!" Seeing the poise and measure of these four flag bearers and comparing to the crude shouts and chants of Xing Su Sect, the onlooker couldnt help but feel respect.

    As the four flags were raised, over a hundred riders galloped up the mountain. Leading the group was over a hundred six pouched disciples, followed by 43 seven pouched disciples and over 10 eight pouched disciples. A moment later, the 4 nine pouched elders approached. Everyone dismounted silently and stood apart. Unless there was urgent business to attend to, the Beggar Sect never rode on horses or carriages. Seeing this strange sight, many of the senior heroes present shook their heads silently.

    With the sounds of whipping and galloping, two sturdy and healthy looking horses rode up. The left horse carried a young girl wearing purple robes, looking glamorous and cultured, yet her eyes were devoid of brightness. At a glance, Ruan Xing Zu immediately shouted "Ah Zi!" Forgetting that she was disguised as a male, she had shouted out in her normal feminine voice.

    The left horse carried a man dressed in bright embriodered robes, his expression was stiff and wooden. The assembled heroes could all see that he was wearing a mask of human skin and was not revealing his true face. Everyone thought "This person must be the Beggar Sect Chief Zhuang Ju Xian. If he wants to wrest the leadership of the martial arts world from Shaolin, why is he not showing his true face?" Some secretly
    thought: "This person must be a famous and powerful person, Zhuang Ju Xian must be an alias. If he can become Chief of Beggar Sect, surely he could not be some nameless youth?" Others thought: "He must not be very confident of winning this battle, the mask must be for him to conserve his reputation should he be defeated by Shaolin today." Some even thought :" Could he be former Beggar Chief Qiao Feng; he has regained power in Beggar Sect and seeks to create trouble for Shaolin and the heroes of the Central Plains?" Although some deduced that "Zhuang Ju Xian" could be linked to "Ju Xian Manor" they could only think of Qiao Feng and how he killed the You brothers and how Ju Xian Manor was subsequently burnt down. No one even imagined that the new Chief of Beggar Sect could be the young master of Ju Xian Manor - You Tan Zhi.

    Ah Zi heard her mother's call, but as she had other business to attend to and the time was inconvenient to reunite with her mother, she acted as if she heard nothing, saying: "Elder Brother Xian, I seem to hear people chanting 'The Great Xing Su Immortal, his goodness fills the land, his might shakes the universe, he is unmatched in the past and the present' Has the little rascal Ding Chun Qiu and his toadies arrived too?" You Tan Zhi replied :"Correct, his disciples are in great numbers too." Ah Zi clapped her hands in glee, laughing :"Great! This is great, this saves me from making a journey, no need to make the long journey to Xing Su Lake to settle scores."

    At this point, the beggars who came on foot had walked up the mountain. All of the five, four and three pouched disciples, stood together behind You Tan Zhi and Ah Zi.

    Ah Zi made a motion with her hand and two Beggar Sect members immediately unfurled two large purple flags. Upon each surface were written six dark red characters : "Master of Xing Su Sect - Duan."

    As the two purple flags unfolded, there was a large commotion from the Xing Su members, someone shouted : "Xing Su Sect Master is Immortal Ding, the four corners of the world know it, where the hell is this person named Duan who claims to be Master? Totally shameless! How can the title of Sect Master be self proclaimed? Which little devil proclaims itself as Master, show yourself and your elder here will turn you into meat paste!" Those who shouted thus were the newer members of Xing Su Sect. Shi Hou Zi, Tian Lang Zi and the older members all knew Ah Zi's history and knew that she had the support of Xiao Feng, thus they kept quiet in fear.

    The monks and heroes seeing that an extra Master of Xing Su Sect has appeared, were secretly glad that this devilish sect was having internal problems.

    Ah Zi clapped three times and proclaimed : " Listen up all Xing Su Sect members : The rules of our Sect is that the position of Master goes to the mightiest. Whoever is strongest within the Sect takes the leadership. Half a year ago, Ding Chun Qiu fought with me and I smashed him completely and he grovelled and bowed to me 18 times on the floor, greeting me as teacher and respectfully handing over the leadership to me. Did he not tell you all this? Ding Chun Qiu! How dare you! As senior disciple you should be a model for your fellow disciples, how can you rebel against your teacher and cheat all the disciples?" Her voice was clear and crisp and all on the mountainside could hear every single word.

    Seeing that she was only a blind young girl of 16 or 17 years, how could she become Master of Xing Su Sect? Everyone was stunned by her speech. Duan Zheng Chun and Ruan Xing Zhu exchanged startled looks. They knew that their daughter was brought up under Ding Chun Qiu and although wicked, devious and cunning beyond measure but with only mediocre martial skills. To rebel against her master and insult Ding Chun Qiu in public would surely be suicidal and there was not enough Dali soldiers and fighters here on Shaolin to protect her from Xing Su Sect.

    Under the hard stares of such a large crowd of heroes and figures from the martial art world, how could Ding Chun Qiu take the grave insult to his position when Ah Zi unfurled her flags proclaiming herself as 'Master of Xing Su Sect'? A mad fury arose from within his bosom but he stifled it with a smiling face and a concerned expression : "Little Ah Zi, our sects leadership mantle is worn by the strongest fighter, that much is definitely true. Since you desire the position of Master, surely you have some solid skills to back it up, why don't you come over and cross
    three strokes with me?"

    In the flash of an eye, a figure appeared not more then three feet away from Ding Chun Qiu. It was You Tan Zhi! Even with Ding Chun Qiu's sharp senses, he did not see how he had suddenly appeared, thus it was in shock that Ding was forced to retreat a step. With a single step, Ding Chun Qiu had floated back 5 feet, yet You Tan Zhi was still only 3 feet away and matching him step for step. The person demonstrated a solid kung fu base, causing Ding both fear and worry. In his haste, he reached out his hands to grab the nearest Xing Su member before he could even ask the human skin masked man "The person I challenged is Ah Zi, why do you interfere?" Grabbing the nearest body, he flung the person out.

    You Tan Zhi leapt back over 10 feet and twisted to grab a person too, a 3 pouched disciple of Beggar Sect was caught and flung out like a huge projectile towards Ding Chun Qiu. The two tossed bodies collided in mid air and all onlookers knew that the impact must have shattered the bones of both disciples and caused them their lives.

    As the two bodies collided, a sharp sound was heard and everyone could smell a nauseating stench, sickening and vomit inducing. Some of the gathered heroes held their breathes, some retreated, some pinched their noses and some applied various medications as they all realised that both Ding Chun Qiu and Zhuang Ju Xian had injected poisonous energies into their 2 disciples. The two bodies slumped to the ground like boneless heaps, motionless and obviously devoid of life.

    Having exchanged the first blow and neither coming out on top, both Ding and You were secretly fearful. In unison they both retreated several feet and each turned to grab a disciple to toss out. The two tossed disiples again collided in mid air and emanated a noxious stench, meeting instant death.

    The skill which they both displayed was a dark and evil art from the Xing Su Sect called the 'Fu Shi Du' (Poison of the Decayed Corpse), grabbing a live being to hurl towards the enemy after injecting a severe poison into the now dead person's blood. Should the enemy use his palms to ward off the projectile, he would come into contact with the corpse and surely be infected with the poison. Even if the corpse was blocked by a weapon, dodged or blasted with a long distance palm strike, it would be difficult to avoid being affected by the poison.

    After You Tan Zhi had allied with Quan Guan Qing, he had naively let Quan find out about his background only after a couple of days. Quan saw that You Tan Zhi's inner power was matchless but his fighting techniques were non-existent, rendering him useless, thus he hatched a plot. He told Ah Zi that You Tan Zhi's kung fu was unmatched and invincible, and asked Ah Zi to show him her Xing Su Sect skills so that You could give Ah Zi some advice and pointers. Both You and Ah Zi were young, one naive and one blind. Both fell for the plot. Thus You Tan Zhi managed to
    learn the 'Fu Shi Du' skill of Xing Su Sect.

    The essense of the 'Fu Shi Du' skill lay solely in having a huge reserve of inner strength and poisonous energy to kill a person by grabbing and to inject poisonous energy into the corpse. The simple theory was understood by all in Xing Su Sect but nonone could attain the necessary internal strength to execute the skill. Ah Zi's purpose when catching poisonous insects and snakes outside Nanjing was to practice kung fu, however she had yet to master the basic poison palms, much less this 'Fu Shi Du'.

    Although Ah Zi was bright and cunning, she was blind and could not see You Tan Zhi's expression. Furthermore, her life had been saved by this Master You and Quan Guan Qing sang his praises inccesantly. So it was that she never realised that this invincible Master You was actually learning kung fu from herself. As Ah Zi explained the techniques, You Tan Zhi practised it accordingly. His body contained the cold poison of the ice silkworm as well as the elite teachings of the Yi Jin Jing. Combining the powers of both orthodox and unorthodox, his power was immense and every move he performed was with tree splitting and rock cracking force. To Ah Zi's ears, it was nothing short of admirable. You Tan Zi had also taught her some Yi Jin Jing basics. As Ah Zi practised it, she did not experience great improvements in kung fu, yet she felt improved health and flexibility so she imagined that with time she would gain great benefits.

    You Tan Zhi had long understood that his immense power was derived from the wierd sutra with its strange drawings. In order to earn the admiration of Ah Zi, he practiced hard with it every night when non one was looking. One night, as he was practising according to the drawings, a sudden gust of wind caused the sutra to fly into the arms of a strange monk. In his panic and halfway in kung fu practice, his meridians had clogged up and constricted his movements. "Its mine! Give it back....." he shouted as the monk turned to walk away, however the more excited he got, the more severely he was paralysed and helpless.

    The strange monk was no other then Jiu Mo Zhi. As he was intelligent and conversant in Sanskrit, he could understand the Yi Jin Jing unlike Xiao Feng and Ah Zhu or You Tan Zhi who accidently and blindly followed the strange drawings within.

    You Tan Zhi was paralysed for 12 hours before his arteries were cleared up in a big coughing of blood. He subsequently suffered a severe illness. However he had learnt about 60-70% of the sutra and was able to remember the drawings, thus he continued to practice daily and received further gains in power.

    After Quan Guan Qing had helped You Tan Zhi remove his iron mask, he used a mask of human skin to help cover the burned and scarred facial tissue. Afterwards, Quan Guan Qing brought him to partake in the Dong Ting Lake Great Beggars Meet. With You Tan Zhi's deep inner strength, unorthodox and wierd fighting techniques, no one in Beggar Sect was able to defy him. Thus You Tan Zhi assumed the position of Sect Chief easily and Quan Guan Qing was immediately appointed as Vice Chief of Beggar Sect and promoted to the rank of 9 pouch elder. Although the title of Sect Chief was nominally with You Tan Zhi, it was Quan Guan Qing who took charge of all the affairs of the Sect. However, Quan Guan Qing recognised that many of the members and elders of the Sect were opposed to the situation and killing all of them was not a viable option.

    Thus he concocted the scheme of defeating Shaolin to claim the title of Supreme Master of the Martial Art World in order to establish Zhuang Ju Xian as the number one pugilist of the martial world so as to pacify the opposition.

    You Tan Zhi originally had no ambition to become Leader of the Martial Art World, but Ah Zi's greed and ambition was not diminished the slightest bit by her blindness, thus she vigorously supported Quan Guan Qing's scheme and eventually managed to persuade You Tan Zhi to agree to it. Quan Guan Qing thus began to plan meticulously and secretly invited various heroes and notable persons of the martial arts world to congregate at Shaolin Temple on the 15th day of the 6th Month.

    Ah Zi thought that with an invincible fighter to back her up, she should have no problems defeating Ding Chun Qiu the Old Freak of Xing Su, thus she had prepared her purple flags proclaiming herself as Master of Xing Su Sect in order to flaunt her power and prestige at Shaolin.

    When the Beggar Sect had arrived at Shaolin, they were greeted by the massed hordes of Xing Su Sect. This was not part of Quan Guan Qing's scheme but in order to prevent Ah Zi from any danger, You Tan Zhi launched his attack the moment Ding Chun Qiu spoke.

    When Ding Chun Qiu saw that his opponent was a first class fighter, he immediately used his deadliest technique - the 'Fu Shi Du' (Decaying Corpse Poison) kung fu. Although every stroke of this technique required the sacrifice of a disciple, the opponent would be unable to escape from the deadly poison no matter how he tried to dodge or parry. Only with the greatest lightness skill can an opponent escape from harm by leaping more then 100 feet away. Who could expect that You Tan Zhi had learnt the exact same technique from Ah ZI? Using the Beggar Sect members as sacrifices, he resisted every one of Ding Chun Qiu's attacks. Again and again they flung out their attacks, amidst a great cacophony of smashing sounds, each fighter had flung out 9 members of his sect. 18 corpses lay dead on the ground, faces ashen and pale, their ghastly expressions too revolting to behold.

    The Xing Su Sect members shirked and shrank back in terrible fear, no one wanted to be grabbed and sacrificed by their Master. Although their songs and chants of praise continued on, their voices trembled as their morale plummeted.

    Although the Beggar Sect members saw that the circumstances were pressing, they still inwardly felt that using such evil and unorthodox skills was totally unbecoming of the Beggar Sect, after all, the Beggar Sect had always emphasised justice and humanity above all else. For the Beggar Sect Chief to display such unorthodox techniques in front of so many heroes of the martial world, wasn't it degrading the Great Beggar Sect to the level of scum like Xing Su Sect? Some of the members even thought : "If only Chief Qiao was still our leader, he would surely be able to subdue Ding Chun Qiu's evil techniques with orthodox skills."

    As Ding Chun Qiu twisted his hands back to grab the 10th sacrifice, his hands grasped empty air. Turning back his head he saw that the entire group of his disciples had shrank back into hiding. With a 'Hu!' sound, You Tan Zhi had lobbed his 10th strike over! Ding Chun Qiu panicked and leaped into the air, right into the midst of his own disciples. The poisoned corpse of the Beggar Sect member landed right into the crowd and the Xing Su disciples could not scatter in time. Several members were hit by the corpse and their faces were immediately covered in a black miasma of poison. Jerking their bodies as they rolled onto the ground, they met their deaths quickly.

    Ah Zi cackled with glee as she heard the fight commentary from Quan Guan Qing, shouting out she said : "Ding Chun Qiu, Chief Zhuang is my bodyguard. You can't even defeat him, how can you hope to fight with your Sect Master?"

    Ding Chun Qiu felt despondent. He recognised that althought Zhuang Ju Xian had great inner power, his strokes were all identical. It was obvious that he had only learnt some basic theories from Ah Zi and knew nothing of the complex variations and transformations. This battle was only lost due to the cowardly nature of the Xing Su members. Unlike the Beggar Sect disciples who bravely stood their ground, the Xing Su members had all retreated far into hiding. However, with a scheme brewing in his mind, his face broke out with laughter.

    Ah Zi frowned deeply : "You laugh? How dare you still laugh? Why do you laugh?"

    Ding Chun Qiu's laughter contined unabated, but it was just a ploy. Amidst his laughter, a great 'Hu Hu Hu' sound of wind arose as 9 members of the Xing Su Sect were grabbed and continually lauched out at You Tan Zhi. All 9 bodies were flung out as fast as if they had been a volley of arrows.

    You Tan Zhi did not know this technique of 'Chained Pearls of the Decaying Corpse Poison' (Lian Zhu Fu Shi Du) kung fu. He only managed to grab 3 Beggar Sect members to fling out before he had to leap backwards to avoid the incoming corpses. With a great leap skywards and backwards, he was able to escape from the poison, yet it was obvious to the onlookers that he had lost this latest exchange.

    His retreat was exactly what Ding Chun Qiu intended. Swinging with his left hand, Ah Zi suddenly flew out towards Ding Chun Qiu with a surprised cry of shock!

    The onlookers all paled in shock! 'Qin Long Gong' (Dragon Capturing Skill), 'Kong He Gong' (Crane Controlling Skill) and other skills of this type when mastered at supreme levels could be wielded to grab objects from a distance. But the greatest distance where one could hope to grab a human body was not more then 4 or 5 feet away. What was known amongst martial artists as 'Striking Oxen over Mountains' referred to various Masters who could use invisible palms and fists to strike over thin air, but even the greatest of fighters could not transmit their inner force much more then 20 feet away. Yet Ding Chun Qiu had grabbed Ah Zi from her horse at a distance of over 60 feet with one move of his hand! The assembled fighters were all awestruck as they knew that they had no technique even remotely close to what Ding had demonstrated. What they did not know was that this technique of Ding Chun Qiu was more then meets the eye. He has used one of this 'Three Treasures of Xing Su' - the 'Soft Silk Thread'. This thread was made from the silk of the snow silkworm. Each silkworm only produced a minute quantity of this silk, this it was an extremely rare material. The silk was supremely strong, even a single thread would not be easy to break. When Ah Zi humiliated Chu Wan Li with the transparent fishing net, the net was actually composed of small quantities of the snow silkworm silk. This soft silk thread of Ding Chun QIu was composed entirely of the snowsilk worm silk, fine and transparent, it was invisible to the human eye. By tossing out 9 corpses, his aim was to distract the onlookers from seeing him use his 'Soft Silk Thread' as much as to push Zhuang Ju Xian back.

    Unseen to all onlookers, Ding Chun Qiu had tossed out his Soft Silk Thread over 70 feet to grab Ah Zi, this was an incredible technique even if it involved trickery. His left hand grabbing on to Ah Zi's back, his right hand sealed her pressure points. The silk thread having long been stored back into his sleeve. Throughout his corpse flinging, silk throwing and body snatching, his laughter was unabated. This was all part of his distraction plan.

    You Tan Zhi was halfway thru his leap when he saw Ah Zi captured. In fright he immediately rushed forward, as the corpses flew by, his left hand pushed against the ground as his right palm struck out towards Ding Chun Qiu with full force.

    Ding Chun QIu thrust out his left arm, using Ah Zi as a shield to block the rock shattering force of You Tan Zhi's palm strike. Although You Tan Zhi's martial arts were strong, his actual fighting experience was non-existent, seeing how his own palm strike was going to smash Ah Zi's bones, he retracted all his power. However, he had struck out with all his force, how was he to retract everything in such an urgent situation. Even a mediocre fighter knew that deflecting the palm strike even a bit to the side would avoid hitting Ah Zi, but You Tan Zhi was too concerned with Ah Zi's safety and cared for nothing else. Pulling back all his power, the effect was as if he had hit himself with the full force of the strike. Leaping back, he shouted in pain as a great stream of fresh blood was vomited out.

    A person of mediocre inner strength would have lost his life in such a situation, but even though You Tan Zhi was well versed in the Yi Jin Jing, he was in a bad state. As he struggled to catch his breadth, Ding Chun Qiu did not wait but struck out with 4 palm strikes, You Tan Zhi had not stabilised the chi in his Dan Tian when he was forced to punch in defence. Parrying 4 strikes in succession, each parry resulted in a further mouthful of black blood spat out. Ding Chun Qiu was merciless in his attack, striking out with a 5th palm strike, he was out to finish off You Tan Zhi.

    Various shouts of 'Stop you old freak!', 'Halt!', 'Prepare to receive my strike!' rang out. Xuan Ci, Guan Xin, Dao Qing and other elder monks and assorted heroes stepped forward as they were unwilling to see this Chief Zhuang die under Ding Chun Qiu's hand. However, they all halted in their tracks when they saw that You Tan Zhi's 5th punch had thrown Ding Chun Qiu backwards a step! What happened was that after spitting out those 4 mouthfuls of blood, You Tan Zhi's inner energy had smoothened out and his 5th punch had combined the poison of the snow silkworm with the power of the Yi Jin Jing in the strike. Matched head to head against such power, Ding Chun Qiu's strength was not a match. If You Tan Zhi was not injured
    and Ding Chun Qiu did not have the advantage of a surprise attack, he would have surely been forced back 5 or more steps.

    Ding Chun Qiu was unwilling to accept defeat and summoned all his energy with a loud yell, striking out with yet another palm. You Tan Zhi stepped forward to meet his palm, shouting : "Release Miss Duan!" HU! HU! HU! HU!, 4 palm strikes shot out, with every strike, he advanced a step, Forcing Ding Chun Qiu backwards, he was just one step away from snatching Ah Zi.

    Seeing that his palm strength was inferior and the deathly look on Zhuang Ju Xian's face, Ding Chun Qiu felt fear in his heart. Yet he smiled out and laughed : "I am going to use the Fu Shi Gong again! Watch out!" saying that, he grabbed Ah Zi with his left hand, preparing to toss her.

    In a panic, You Tan Zhi cried out "No, No! Please no!" his voice was agitated and trembling, knowing that if Ding Chun QIu used his Fu Shi Gong, Ah Zi would instantly become a poisoned corpse.

    Hearing his tone of voice, Ding Chun Qiu thought : "So this young fellow has been besotted by this skanky *****, haha! Excellent!" He had originally captured Ah Zi in order to slay her, eliminating her claim to his position. But seeing how worried Zhuang Ju Xian was over her safety, he decided to use her as a hostage to control this highly skilled beggar chief. Speaking out, he asked : "You don't want her to die?"

    You Tan Zhi cried out :" let her go, this is......dangerous..." Ding Chun Qiu laughed out and said : "If I wanted to kill her, its easier then blowing a speck of dust, why let her go? She is my sect's disciple and has no respect for her elders. If I don't kill these kind of traitors, who should I kill?". You Tan Zhi replied : "She...she is Lady Ah Zi, no matter what, you can't harm her, you have already blinded her, I beg you, please let her go, I....I will thank you greatly." With his pleading, he showed great concern for Ah Zi and not one bit of the stature expected of the Beggar Sect Chief.

    Ding Chun Qiu saw that he possessed great inner strength and cold yin energy, and his voice was identical to that iron masked man. Yet he wasn't wearing an iron mask and besides, how could that iron masked man become Beggar Sect Chief? Not bothering to think further, he said : "If you want me to spare her life, its easy, just promise me a few things."

    You Tan Zhi frantically replied : "Yes! Yes! Even a hundred, a thousand tasks I would carry out for you." Ding Chun Qiu's heart filled with joy at these words, nodding he said : "Very Good! The first task, you are to recognise me as your Master and become a Xing Su disciple."

    You Tan Zhi dropped on his knees without hesitation, saying : " Master above, disciple Zhuang Ju Xian taps his head in greeting!" Inwardly he thought : "I was originally your student, having kneeled before you already. Whats wrong with paying my respects again?"

    As he kneeled, the assembled heroes gasped in shock. All the beggar sect members felt resent and shock, thinking : "Our sect is the largest sect under the heavens, and is filled with heroic justice, how can our Chief pay respects and greet that old freak as teacher. We cannot allow this person to continue as Chief!"

    A great swell of drums and flutes arose as the Xing Su members shouted in joy, chanting and singing the praises of the Ancient Immortal. Songs and praises of unashamed flattery rang out. It was as if the Xing Su Immortal was greater then the stars and moon, wiser then Ancestor Zhou, Confucious, Buddha and even the Jade Emperor of Heaven.

    Duan Zhen You and Ruan Xing Zhu paled in fear when Ah Zi was captured by Ding Chun Qiu, yet unexpectedly Zhuang Ju Xian was willing to submit himself to save her. Ruan Xing Zhu whispered : "Look at how deep his affection is! not even one bit his match."

    Duan Yu glanced at Wang Yu Yan, thinking : "I have such deep feelings for Miss Wang, with nothing more to give. But compared to this Chief Zhuang, I am nothing. His feelings are of real worth! If Miss Wang was captured by the Old Freak of Xing Su, would I submit to him in public?" His pulse quickened as his blood rushed and he couldn't help blurting out loudly :" Yes! Yes! Of course I am willing. Wang Yu Yan heard it and asked in curiousity "What are you willing to do?" Duan Yu blushed deeply, mumbling : "Errr, this...."

    Standing up after he had tapped his forehead in greetings several times, You Tan Zhi saw that Ding Chun Qiu was still holding on to Ah Zi and that her face was contorted in an expression of severe pain. In a hurry he begged : "Master, please release her!" Ding Chun Qiu laughed coldly and answered : "This wench is too disrespectful and uncontrolled, how can I spare her so easily? Unless you help her atone for her sins through meritorious deeds by helping me with a few tasks." You Tan Zhi immediately promised : "Yes! Yes! What orders does Master have for disciple?" Ding Chun Qiu answered : "Go forth and challenge the Shaolin Abbot Xuan Ci to a duel and kill him."

    You Tan Zhi hesitated and replied : "Disciple bears no grudge or hate towards Shaolin's Abbot, although Beggar Sect wants to challenge Shaolin for supremacy, there is no need to spill blood and slay lives." Ding Chun Qiu took on a solemn expression and scolded : " You dare to disobey my orders? It is obvious that you had false intentions when you acknowledged me as Master!" You Tan Zhi only cared for Ah Zi's well being, all thoughts of justice and righteousness eroded from his mind as he hurriedly replied : " I obey! But Shaolin's martial arts are extremely high, disciple will try his best......Master, you........must keep to your word, please do no harm Miss Ah Zi." Ding Chun Qiu only replied without emotion : "Slay Xuan Ci or not, all depends on you, Slay Ah Zi or not, power lies with me." (*****This is the best I can do, Ding's words are actually a pun since the mandarin words for 'all' and 'power' sound exactly the same*****)

    You Tan Zhi turned around and loudly proclaimed : "Abbot Xuan Ci of Shaolin, Shaolin Temple is the head of all martial sects, Beggar Sect is the largest sect in the martial world. Both reside in the Central Plains yet ther can only be one supreme. Let us pit ourselves against each other today, and the winner shall be declared as Supreme Leader of the Martial World while the loser shall submit to the orders of the Supreme Leader without fail." Sweeping his gaze across the assembled heroes and pugilists, he added : "Heroes of the world, you are all gathered here today at Shaolin, should anyone have any objections, please feel free to challenge Supreme Leader." With those words, he acted as if he was already the Supreme Leader of the Martial World.

    Although the verbal exchange between Ding and You were not spoken aloud, those with deep inner cultivation had heard every single word clearly. The senior monks of Shaolin were all angry and indignant upon hearing Ding Chun Qiu command You Tan Zhi to challenge their Abbot. Having seen the earlier display of prowess, they knew that this Zhuang Ju Xian possessed demonic strength which Xuan Ci might not be able to overcome, furthermore, any unorthodox and evil techniques or tricks which he may might prove even more difficult for Xuan Ci to resist.

    Xuan Ci did not want to fight, but Zhuang Ju Xian had openly challenged him in public, making it hard for him to decline. Folding his arms in greeting he said : " For several hundred years, Beggar Sect has been the praise of all heroes in the martial world due to its integrity and justness. The former leader of your esteemed sect Wang Jian Tong had a deep relationship with my temple. Our temple has been slow to congratulate Leader Zhuang upon his ascension, for that we must offer our apologies humbly as the blame is solely ours. The humble members of our temple have always held Beggar Sect in high regard and for hundreds of years, Shaolin and Beggar Sect had never clashed. Why would Leader Zhuang act thus today? Heroes of the world, please judge on this matter." (***** Xuan Ci used a lot more scholarly language, my rough translation doesn't really do it justice*****)

    You Tan Zhi was young and inexperienced, without proper schooling or skills, how was he to debate with Xuan Ci? However, he had been taught some lines by Quan Guan Qing before coming to Shaolin, so he replied with the words that had been drilled into him : " Our Great Song Dynasty has Liao to the south, XiXia and Tibet to the west, Dali to the north, all gazing like Tigers waiting to pounce." He had mixed up 'Liao to the north and Dali to the south' swapping their directions. Upon hearing his mistake, the crowd all burst out in laughter and fits of coughing.

    Lucky for You Tan Zhi, his mask hid his embarassment from the world. Feeling extremely awkward, he made a few sounds of "ehm..ehm.." and continued : " Our Great Song is few in soldiers and weak in generals, the country is frail. It is all up to us heroes of the martial world to unite and fight off our country's enemies and root out the traitors." Seeing that his last few words were reasonable, the crowd all mumbled " That is correct,
    that is correct."

    Hearing this, You Tan Zhi's morale surged and he continued : " The past few years have brought misfortune and ill luck, the responsibilities on everyones' shoulders have increased, we should all band together to fight the dangers. However, the various sects and clans have all been fighting themselves, causing disunity. All it took was a single Khitan Qiao Feng to come and cause trouble and the heroes of the Central Plains all reeled in defeat, and now we hear that from the western region comes a Xing Su Old..... Xing Su Old...... that Xing Su Old.....errrrr, he murdered two high monks of Shaolin and...he errr...this errr............."

    Quan Guan Qing had taught him to say "From the western region comes a Xing Su Old Freak, he murdered two high monks and Shaolin was unable to do anything about it." You Tan Zhi had memorised these words very well, only after he had blurted them out did he see the mistake, stuttering after phrase "Xing Su Old..." and unable to complete the phrase.

    Amongst the assembled heroes someone shouted out "HE IS THE XING SU FREAK, AND YOU ARE THE XING SU CLOWN!!!" as the crowd broke out in roaring laughter. (*****Jin Yong didnt say who shouted those words, but I bet it was Bao Bu Tong*****)

    The Xing Su sect members loudly chanted " The Xing Su Immortal, Virtue fills the World, Might shakes the Universe, Unmatched in Past and Present! " With a thousand voices chanting loudly in unison, they drowned out the laughter of the assembled crowd.

    As the chanting voices of the Xing Su sect died down, a single solitary voice arose from the assembly of heroes. In a neighing and unpleasant voice he sang loudly : " THE XING SU IMMORTAL, VIRTUE FILLS THE WORLD, MIGHT SHAKES THE UNIVERSE....." using the same rhythm and style as the Xing Su Sect members. The Xing Su disciples were extremely pleased when they heard someone from another sect sing the praises of their leader as it was much more glamourous then them singing their own praises. As their morale soared, they beat hard at their drums and blew lustily on the flutes to accompany the solo person singing, only to hear the person shout out the fourth verse ".....FARTS LIKE A DOG!" In their shock, the Xing Su members did not stop playing their instruments in time and their drums and flutes accompanied the person's chant to great effect.

    The crowd was rolling on the ground with laughter and the Xing Su members were cursing bitterly. With a captivating smile Wang Yu Yan giggled and said : "Third brother Bao, your composition was most excellent!" .

    During the great commotion as the crowd was roaring in laughter, You Tan Zhi had hurridly sought Quan Guan Qing's advice and now shouted out : "Our Great Song Dynasty is in grave danger, yet the brothers of the martial art world suffer from disunity and are constantly oppressed by foreign cults. Thus the Beggar Sect proposes that a Supreme Leader of the Martial World be appointed, so that in cases of danger, all will listen to his commands and chaos will be avoided. Abbot Xuan Ci, don't you agree?"

    Xuan Ci slowly replied : "Leader Zhuang's words are filled with reason, but I humbly seek to clarify a point".

    "What?" asked You Tan Zhi.

    Xuan Ci continued : " Leader Zhuang has acknowledged Mister Ding as teacher and can be considered a Xing Su disciple, is this correct?"

    "That...that is my personal business, it has nothing to do with you."

    Xuan Ci stated : "Xing Su Sect is from the western regions and is not part of the Great Song Dynasty. The question of whether our Great Song should elect a Supreme Leader of the Martial World is therefore not the business of the Xing Su Sect. Even if the heroes of the Central Plains decides to elect a Supreme Leader, you are not qualified to be one as you are a Xing Su disciple."

    The assembled heroes all shouted "Right! The Abbot of Shaolin speaks wisely. You are a lacky and crony of the Xing Su Sect, how you possibly be our Supreme Leader?"

    You Tan Zhi was left speechless and unable to reply, he could only glanced at Ding Chun Qiu and look at Quan Guan Qing, hoping that they would extricate him from this tricky situation.

    Ding Chun Qiu gave a cough and spoke up : "The Abbot of Shaolin is mistaken in his words. I am from the Shan Dong district and Xing Su Sect was solely founded by myself, so how could it be a foreign cult? Xing Su Sect might be located in the Western regions, but that is only a temporary abode. You claim that Xing Su Sect is a foreign cult, in that case even Confucious himself would be considered a foreigner, how laughable! Speaking of western foreigners, isn't the founder of Shaolin Damo from Tibet in the western regions too? Even Buddism originated from the Western regions, I think the real foreign cult here is Shaolin Temple itself!" Against these words, Xuan Ci and the assembled heroes had no words to reply.

    Quan Guan Qing quickly spoke up : "The origins of the world's martial arts are truely hard to trace. Some skills from the western regions have been passed to the Central Plains and some skills from the Central Plains have travelled to the western regions. Our Chief Zhuang is from the Central Plains and Beggar Sect is rightfully a Sect from the Central Plains, thus he is suitably qualified to act as a leader for the martial arts world. Abbot Xuan Ci, today's situation can only be settled by a test of martial might and not by verbal debate. Who is truly supreme between Beggar Sect and Shaolin can only be determined if the 2 leaders exchange strokes for even arguing for half a day will be futile. If you are wise and enlightened, you will realise that Chief Zhuang is beyond your league and can always admit defeat and nominate him for Supreme Leader. There is no need to come to blows." With these words he was implying that Zuan Ci knew he was not a match and was trying to shirk his way out of a fight by argument.

    Xuan Ci walked forward several steps and spoke : "Chief Zhuang, you are leaving me with no choice in this matter but to fight. However I am mindful of the good relations between your esteemed Beggar Sect and Shaolin Temple and regret having to show disrespect today." Facing the assembled heroes he declared slowly but clearly : " Heroes of the world. You can all bear witness today that Shaolin has no intentions to oppose Beggar Sect but the Chief of Beggar Sect is leaving me with no other choice."

    The assembled heroes all replied in unison : " We are all witnesses. Shaolin has acted in all propriety today."

    You Tan Zhi was only concerned with Ah Zi's safety and only thought about killing Xuan Ci quickly to appease Ding Chun Qiu, so he shouted : " In a contest of might, the strong survive and the weak perish, who cares about propriety, come up quickly and fight!"

    He had been lazy and unwilling to study as a child and after his father's death had wandered the world and suffered opression and bullying without a strong and just mentor to guild him. In the past year, mingling with Ah Zi had only tainted him further. His love and respect for Ah Zi had caused him to be totally muddled when distinguishing right and wrong and all he learnt from her were the wicked and evil ways and techniques of the Xing Su Sect. All the fighting techniques of the Xing Su sect were based on gaining victory through devious methods. In addition, Quan Guan Qing's advice to him was also all based on underhanded and ruthless tactics and over time, a promising disciple of a reputed sect had been transformed into a coarse bully who could not distinguish right and wrong.

    Xuan Ci remarked : "Chief Zhuang's words are totally not in keeping with the noble and just traditions the Beggar Sect has displayed over the years!"

    In a flash, You Tan Zhi had advanced over 10 feet, shouting : "Just fight if you want to fight or back off and admit defeat." In between his words he kept glancing at Ding Chun Qiu and Ah Zi as his heart was still unable to bear the anxiety.

    Xuan Ci replied : "Very well then, I shall now humbly prepare to witness Chief Zhuang's 18 Dragon Slaying Palms and Dog Beating Stick techniques. This would also be an excellent opportunity for the gathered heroes to witness the skills which the Beggar Sect Chiefs have carefully handed down over the years."

    In shock, You Tan Zhi involuntarily retreated 2 steps. Although he had been elevated to Chief, he had not learnt a single stroke from either the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms or the Dog Beating Stick skills. All he occasionally heard were the Sect Elders coldly remarking that these 2 techniques were the ultimate skills of the Beggar Sect. The Dragon Slaying Palms may occasionally be taught to someone who was not Sect Chief but the Dog Beating Stick was a skill reserved only for the Sect Chief. In hundreds of years, not a single Beggar Chief was deficient in either skill.

    Xuan Ci said : " I shall use Shaolin's Grand Titan Palm (Da Jing Gang Zhang) to receive Chief Zhuang's Dragon Palms and the Demon Subduing Buddhist Cudgel (Jiang Mo Chan Zhang) to receive Chief Zhuang's Dog Beating Stick. Ah! Shaolin and Beggar Sect has been friends for so many generations, these few skills have never been pitted against each other, I am so ashamed to face up to the former leaders of both sects!" Slamming his palms together, this was the opening move from the Grand Titan Palm called "Showing respect to Buddha" (Li Jing Ru Lai), his face was amiable and friendly but the belts and strings on his robes were shooting out horizontally to the left and right, showing the deep inner power of the stance.

    Without replying, You Tan Zhi struck out with a long distance palm blow with his left hand as his right hand followed with another palm strike. The right palm strike arrived first even though it was initiated later in an attempt to trick the target. The palm strikes from both parties clashed in mid air and dissipated against each other with a loud 'Bo!" and the sounds of cloth ripping could be heard as the belt strings on Xuan Ci's robes flew apart in 2 directions. You Tan Zhi's twin palm strikes covered a large area and although Xuan Ci's "Showing respect to Buddha" stance dissipated the force of the palm strike aimed at his body, his belt which was stretched out and away from his body was torn by the force of You Tan Zhi's strikes.

    The Shaolin monks and assembled heroes all cried out : "This is Xing Su Sect's unorthodox kung fu! It is not the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms! It is not Beggar Sect Kung Fu!" The Beggar Sect disciples all called out "We cannot use Xing Su skills in our fight with Shaolin! Chief! Please display the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms! Using Xing Su skills is a disgrace to our Beggar Sect."

    Hearing all the shouting, You Tan Zhi felt great hesitation in his heart and could not follow through with his second stroke.

    The Xing Su members quickly shouted : "The divine skills of the Xing Su Sect is much mightier then the Beggar Sect's 18 Dragon Slaying Palms. Why use the weaker skill? Brother Zhuang, attack again! You must naturally use the divine kung fu taught by our kind Master to slay that old monk!" "The divine skills of the Xing Su Sect are invincible! Stinking Dragon Palms! Not worth a dog fart!"

    Amid the noise and clamour of the various shouts, a loud and robust voice suddenly rang out clearly from somewhere down below the mountain slopes : "WHO CLAIMS THE XING SU SECT KUNG FU IS MIGHTIER THEN THE 18 DRAGON SLAYING PALMS OF THE BEGGAR SECT?"
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    Default DGSD Chapter 41. Part II.

    Although the voice was not particularly loud, it was able to register clearly in the ears of everybody gathered on the mountainside, rendering them speechless and quiet for a while.

    The thunderous sounds of galloping horses could be heard as a group of over 10 riders charged like the wind into view. The riders were all garbed in dark felt cloaks and all carried a commanding presence while the horses were all huge, robust and powerful beasts. The horses were black all over but as they galloped into view, the crowd could see the glint of gold and realised that all the horses were clad with horseshoes beaten out from pure gold. As they pulled closer, it could be seen that the group of riders numbered 19, but their heroic air and noble presence was like an army of a thousand troops. The front 18 riders rode up and quickly parted into 2 rows and the last horse galloped in between them into view.

    Amongst the gathered Beggar Sect members, many started shouting wildly and frantically : "CHIEF QIAO! CHIEF QIAO!" as over a hundred beggars rushed out to bow before the last horseman.

    This man was indeed Xiao Feng! After he had been cast out of the Beggar Sect, he had thought that the Sect members all viewed him with hate and contempt, never did he expect that so many veteren members would rush forward to greet him so warmly. Flushed with emotion, tears flowed from his eyes as he jumped off his steed and returned the greetings : " The Khitan Xiao Feng has been expelled from the Beggar Sect and has no more ties with the Sect, why does everyone still use my old title? Brothers, how have you all been?" With the last sentence, emotion overcame him as he could not hold back the old feelings of friendship and comradeship any longer.

    Those who has rushed forward to greet him were all the 3 and 4 pouched disciples of the Beggar Sect. Those of lower rank were either raw recruits or had been to low ranked to have any contact with the Chief and the senior 5 and 6 pouched disciples were more matured and thus did not have the impulsive nature and hot blood of the younger members. Of those hundred or so members that had rushed forward, it was only after the moment of impulsiveness that they realised that they had acted too quickly. This person was after all a Khitan and an enemy. Some of them immediately lowered their heads and quietly retreated, yet others stubbornly remained, crying out " has elder been? We have all.... all thought of you every day and night."

    Ever since that day when Ah Zi had suddenly ran away without warning, Xiao Feng had frantically sent out large numbers of scouts to find out her whereabouts. After several months, some had finally returned with the news that she was with the Beggar Sect and that mysterious Iron Masked man was with her.

    Xiao Feng was deeply worried as he knew that Beggar Sect had deep greivances against himself and might harm Ah Zi should they have taken her captive. Anxious to rescue her, he immediately took 2 months leave from the Emporer and rushed southwards.

    Xiao Feng had come to the Central Plains well prepared. The "18 Riders of the Swallow Clouds" (**Yan Yun Shi Ba Qi**) which he had chosen to ride south with him were all highly skilled Khitan fighters. During his previous fight at Ju Xian Manor, it was the sudden appearance of that mysterious hero which saved him from being hacked apart. That experience showed him that t fighting one against a hundred, even the most skilled fighter could not prevail. Thus he had brought with him these 18 riders, each who could fight like 10 men and each riding the swiftest horse. With these prized horses, it would not be too hard to escape even from the most dangerous situations.

    As the group reached Henan province, Xiao Feng intercepted a low ranking member of the Beggar Sect and found out from him that Ah Zi had been blinded and followed the new leader around closely and was on the way to Shaolin Temple. Worried that in her crippled state she would be the subject of even more beatings and mistreatment from the Beggar Sect (**don't we wish huh?**), he frantically rushed towards Shaolin, hoping to rescue her midway and thus avoiding any run in with the Shaolin monks.

    As he reached the slopes of Shao Shi mountain, he heard the louds shouts of the Xing Su members proclaiming that the Xing Su skills were far superior to the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms and could not help feeling enraged. Although he was no longer the Chief of Beggar Sect, the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms were taught to him by his beloved teacher Wang Jian Tong so how could he let a bunch of riff-raff belittle it so? After riding up and greeting the Beggars, he quickly saw that Ding Chun Qiu was grabbing on to a young girl dressed in purple with a slender body, smooth white skin and an almond shaped face. It was indeed Ah Zi even though her eyes were lifeless and blind.

    Xiao Feng felt both pain and rage in his heart. With giant strides he charged forward as his swung his left hand in a crescent and pushed out with a palm strike from his right arm towards Ding Chun Qiu. This was the "Mighty Dragon Regrets" (**Kang Long You Hui**), a technique from the 18 Dragon Slaying Palms. The distance between himself and Ding Chun Qiu when he struck out with his palm was over 150 feet but the blazing speed with which he advanced was such that in a flash, both Xiao Feng and the palm energy was not more then 80 feet from Ding Chun Qiu.

    Of all the kung fu techniques in the world, no matter how strong your palm strike, there was no way a single palm blow could strike over a distance of over 50 feet (**notice how it says 50 feet here, while earlier in the chapter the limit was 20 feet**). Ding Chun Qiu had long heard of the saying "North Qiao Feng, South Murong" and was not one to underestimate him. However, seeing that he struck out from over a distance of 150 feet, he never expected that the blow was aimed at him. It was thus unexpected that Xiao Feng was already within 30-40 feet of him and had struck out with another "Mighty Dragon Regrets", the force of both palms surging forward like a mountain shaking tidal wave.

    In the face of such a fierce and blindingly swift attack, Ding Chun Qiu could not even breath, the oncoming palm force was like a furious wall of invisible force and he knew that if he tried to match it with his own palm, his arms and wrist would definitely be smashed to bits and possibly even his entire body would be smashed into bone fragments. In a panic, he flung Ah Zi away and frantically drew three semi-circles with his two arms to protect
    his body while leaping backwards.

    Xiao Feng followed up with yet another "Mighty Dragon Regrets", the palm force merging with the previous strikes. Ding Chun Qiu did not dare to meet this attack head on and used his right arm to deflect the oncoming strike at an angle. His arm felt full of numbness and needle sharp pain and his chest was constricted and unable to breath as he let the force push him back about 30 feet. Fearful that Xiao Feng would follow up with another attack, he pressed his palms to his chest and quietly gathered all his poisonous energies into his palms. But Xiao Feng only swept his arms up lightly and caught Ah Zi from mid air, un-blocking her sealed meridian points at the same time.

    Ah Zi was blind and could not speak out all this time as her meridian points had been blocked, yet she heard everything that went on clearly. The moment Xiao Feng unblocked her pressure points, she gushed out : "Good brother-in-law! Thankfully you came to save me!"

    Xiao Feng's heart was awash with pain as he gently comforted : "Ah Zi! These past months must have been hard on you. It is all my fault!" He knew that the Beggar Sect hated him and Ah Zi was his only kin in the world, as he rushed to save her it never occured to him that all this was Ah Zi's own evil doings.

    The heroes assembled on the mountain were all shocked by Xiao Feng's appearance. During the previous fight at Ju Xian Manor, he had single handedly killed over 10 elite fighters, shaking the entire martial world with his skill and power. The heroes of the Central Plains were all seething with hate towards him and seeing that he had come to Shaolin, realised that another violent confrontation was inevitable. However, those who had been present at Ju Xian Manor all recalled the horrible scenes of blood and rendered flesh and felt a lingering fear as they shivered with fright. Mutely watching as he soundly defeated that seemingly invincible Old Xing Su Freak with a single "Mighty Dragon Regrets" technique, their fear only increased and everyone was left speechless

    There remained a small handful of Xing Su members who were still shamelessly shouting lines like : "You the one named Qiao, you have been hit by our Xing Su Immortal's divine technique, in less then 10 days your body will rot and turn into bloody pus!" "The Xing Su Immortal has allowed you 3 free strokes since you are his junior!" "The high and noble stature of the Xing Su Immortal is way above you, why should be lower himself to fight you?" "You had better come to your senses and kneel to apologise to the Xing Su Immortal, or you will die a terrible death!" However, the voices were no longer as loud as before and didn't carry the previous arrogant air.

    You Tan Zhi was initially horrified to see that Xiao Feng had arrived, yet was immensely relieved when he safely rescued Ah Zi but seeing how intimate Ah Zi was with Xiao Feng now caused him unbearable jealousy. Stepping forward, he quickly asked : "Quick...quick let Lady Ah Zi down!" Xiao Feng placed Ah Zi on her feet and asked : "And who are you?" You Tan Zhi was totally intimidated by hisheroic and piercing aura and could only chatter and mumble : "I am....I am the Beggar Sect Chief.....Chief Zhuang....that Chief Zhuang."

    Someone within the Beggar Sect ranks immediately shouted : "You have already joined the Xing Su Sect, how can you still be the Chief of Beggar Sect?"

    Xiao Feng angrily demanded : "Why did you blind Lady Ah Zi's eyes?" Frightened by Xiao Feng, You Tan Zhi retreated 2 steps and stammered : " it wasn't really wasn't me...." Ah Zi spoke up and said : "Brother-in-law, my eyes were blinded by that old bandit Ding Chun Qiu, quick! Dig out both his eyes and take revenge for me!"

    Xiao Feng could not quite comprehend what exactly was going on and swept his eyes through the crowd. Studying the assembled throng, he spotted Duan Zheng Chun and Ruan Xing Zhu. Feeling a pang of pain as well as relief he shouted out : "Prince Duan of Dali, your beloved daughter is here, please take good care and discipline her properly!" Leading Ah Zi by her hand, he gently pushed her into Duan Zheng Chun's arms. By this time, Ruan Xing Zhu had already thoroughly wet her sleeves with tears and could only hug Ah Zi while crying : "My good daughter! What...what happened to your eyes?"

    The sudden appearance of Xiao Feng had Duan Yu jumping for joy, he had wanted to rush out in greeting but Xiao Feng's immediate attack on Ding Chun Qiu, rescue of Ah Zi, questioning of You Tan Zhi and other acts had left no opening for him. Seeing how Ruan Xing Zhu was embracing Ah Zi while sobbing loudly, he wondered to himself : "Why does Big Brother Xiao claim that this blind girl is my father's precious daughter?" However, he knew that his father was a philanderer and immediately understood the obvious. Rushing forward he shouted : "Brother! How have you been! You had your junior brother here worried sick!"

    Although Xiao Feng had only met Duan Yu for a brief period while drinking with him at Wuxi inn, they shared a deep comradeship and brotherly feelings. Grasping Duan Yu's hands he greeted : "Brother, a lot has happened and would be hard to explain, but thanks to your good fortune I am still alive and well."

    Their reunion was suddenly interrupted by a loud shouting : "The one named Qiao, you killed my elder brother and I will have my revenge today!" Followed by yet another shout of : "This Khitan dog Qiao Feng deserves to be executed! We must not let him leave Shao Shi mountain alive!" Suddenly everyone in the crowd was yelling and shouting threats, some cursing Xiao Feng for killing a son, yet others blamed him for killing a father.

    At Ju Xian Manor, Xiao Feng had either killed or injured a great multitude of people in the martial art circles. Of the assembled pugilists on Shao Shi mountain, many had fellow disciples, close friends or relatives who were hurt or slain by Xiao Feng. Although they were all frightened of Xiao Feng's power, the memories of kin and friends fueled their anger and they could not stop hurling abuse. As each person added his own shouts of abuse, the yelling steadily got louder. The crowd saw that Xiao Feng had only brought 18 riders with him and Beggar Sect carried animosity towards him, furthermore by defeating Ding Chun Qiu he surely had become an enemy of the Xing Su Sect too. In a fight, even if Beggar Sect stayed neutral, the assembled pugilists plus the Shaolin monks and the Xing Su members could surely outnumber the 19 Khitans vastly. Even if Xiao Feng possessed divine abilities he would be unable to escape. Feeling secure, the crowd only started shouting and scolding louder. The scoldings and shouts only got more and more vulgar as many brandished their swords and sabres as they prepared to rush forward together and chop Xiao Feng to pieces.

    When Xiao Feng rode south with his 18 riders, he only planned on saving Ah Zi and never expected to run into a gathering of all his enemies. Having roamed the martial circles since young, Xiao Feng was well acquainted with many of the pugilists gathered here. He knew that the majority of them were heroic and righteous people who only became his enemy due to his Khitan birth and the misunderstandings caused by someone who framed him. The fight at Ju Xian Manor was not something he had wanted and if another fight broke out today, many pugilists will die and even if he managed to escape the 18 riders will not escape injury and death. As he tried to think of a plan he thought that since Ah Zi had been rescued he should try to leave rather then waste time tangling with these people. Turning to Duan Yu, he said : "Brother, the situation is fierce and dangerous, I have no time to talk so it is best that you retreat and distance yourself. The mountains are tall and the rivers long, we shall surely meet again." In his mind, he wanted Duan Yu to distance himself so that in his escape, no one would hurt Duan Yu in the process.

    Seeing how the crowd of over a thousand fighters all faced his sworn brother with killing intent, Duan Yu couldn't help but feel his heroic instincts aroused so he replied loudly : "Big Brother, remember when we swore brotherhood we promised to share both good fortune and difficulties together? If we cannot be born on the same day, we shall die on the same day. Now that Big brother is facing danger, how can I abandon you?" Duan Yu had faced many dangers in the past but each time he had escaped or ran away, now hot blood was flowing through him and a sense of heroism was mounting inside him so he decided that he would die together with Xiao Feng to fulfil his promise of sworn brotherhood.

    No one in the crowd knew who Duan Yu was. Although he had loudly proclaimed himself as Xiao Feng's sworn brother and vowed to fight against them, they only saw that he was a young and weak looking scholar, so nobody gave him much regard and the shouting only got fiercer.

    Xiao Feng told Duan Yu : "Brother, I appreciate your good intentions but it isn't so easy for them to kill me. You had better retreat or I will be distracted by having to protect you and unable to fight properly." Duan Yu replied : "You don't have to protect me, they have no grudges towards me so why would they kill me?" Xiao Feng bitterly thought to himself : "If only that were true, there would be no strife and conflict in the world?"

    Duan Zheng Chun quietly instructed Fan Hua, Hua He Gen and Ba Tian Shi : "This hero Xiao has saved my life before, should there be a fight later we will rush in and save him. " "Yes." Fan Hua replied as he glanced at the crowd of over a thousand, : "The enemy is many, does my Lord have a plan?" Duan Zheng Chun shoke his head and said : "A gentleman distinguishes between right and wrong, just do our best and repay him with our lives if need be." The Dali fighters replied in unison : "As you command!"

    The Gusu Murong members were also discussing amongst themselves at this moment. Gong Ye Gan had matched palm and drinking ability with Xiao Feng back at Wuxi and was ready to assist Xiao Feng. Bao Bu Tong and Feng Bo Er were also great admirers of Xiao Feng and were willing to step foward and lend him their fists. But Murong Fu held them back, saying : "Brothers, our primary mission is to restore the dynasty, how can we offend the entire world by aiding Xiao Feng?" Deng Bai Chuan asked : "What does Master require of us?"

    Murong Fu said : "We must win the hearts and minds of these heroes." Loudly proclaiming : "Brother Xiao, you are a great Khitan hero and view us heroes of the Central Plains as insignificant. The lowly Murong Fu wishes to witness your mighty techniques today. If I die under your palm, I would at least have done my bit for the Central Plains and die in honour." By using these words, he had put himself into a position of close comradeship with all the pugilists of the Central Plains regardless of the outcome of this fight.

    The assembled heroes were all united in the desire to slay Xiao Feng, but even though they knew that their numbers would surely overwhelm him in the end, the first 10 or so attackers would surely be slain. Everyone had heard of the saying "North Qiao Feng, South Murong" so when Murong Fu proclaimed that he would ally with them, the crowd immediately cheered loudly. They knew that even if Murong Fu was defeated, he would have caused Qiao Feng to use up much of his strength and energy.

    Xiao Feng was shocked when Murong Fu stepped up to challenge him. Folding his hands in salute he said : "I have long heard of your famous reputation, today I will be able to witness your supreme techniques and open my eyes."

    Duan Yu angrily retorted : "Brother Murong, this is most unbecoming. My big brother is not your enemy, so why would you take advantage of the situation now? In fact, when you were wrongfully accused in the past, my big brother tried to defend you and clear your name." Murong Fu only laughed coldly and said : "If brother Duan's sense of heroism is insulted, you can step forward and fight too." Murong Fu had long been irritated by Duan Yu's pestering of Wang Yu Yan and took this opportunity to vent his anger but Duan Yu only replied : "What abilities do I have to face you in a fight? I am only trying to speak a few words of fairness."

    Having been forced into retreat by Xiao Feng, Ding Chun Qiu felt very humiliated and took this opportunity to step forward laughing : "The one named Xiao, I conceded 3 strokes to you as you are my junior but don't expect me to concede the fourth stroke."

    You Tan Zhi also stepped forward and said : "I thank you for saving Lady Ah Zi, but for my fathers murder, I cannot live under the same sky as you. Lets settle the score today."

    Reverend Xuan Sheng quietly gave orders : "Use the Great Luo Han Formation to seal all the mountain exits. This evil bandit has caused the death of brother Xuan Ku and we will not let him leave Shao Shi mountain alive!"

    Xiao Feng saw that he had been surrounded by 3 highly skilled fighters and the Shaolin monks were all over the mountainside, looking totally disorganised but actually formed up in a potent fighting formation. This situation was many times more dire then back at Ju Xian Manor. Suddenly he heard the dying cries of several horses and saw that the 19 Khitan steeds were rolling on the ground and foaming at the mouths.

    The 18 Khitan riders shouted in fury and in an instant had slain 8 Xing Su members while numerous others had scurried away. What actually happened was that while Ding Chun Qiu was challenging Xiao Feng, he had instructed his followers to poison the horses so that Xiao Feng would not be able to escape using those powerful steeds.

    Xiao Feng saw his own steed stare pitifully at him as it lay dying. As he stared into the animal's dying gaze, he thought about how he had rode for thousands of miles south with this horse over many days and was very attached to it. Seeing how it was viciously poisoned in such a despicable manner, his blood boiled and his rage was furiously aroused. Shouting loudy he yelled : "Master Murong, Chief Zhuang, Old Freak Ding, you can all face me together, Xiao Feng is not afraid!" He hated the evil ways of the Xing Su Sect, so with the loud 'Hu!" of a palm strike, he charged fiercely at Ding Chun Qiu.

    Ding Chun Qiu had tasted the might of his palm strength and immediately resisted with his utmost force using both his palms. Xiao Feng seized the opportunity to pull in his palm force and divert it in a splitting blow towards Murong Fu. Murong Fu's most adept technique was his Star Shifting Movement (**Dou Zhuai Xing Yi**) which turns an opponents force back against him but Xiao Feng actually captured both his and his opponents strength in one strike of tremendous power and speed. This left Murong Fu with no hope of diverting the blow and he summoned all his inner strength to resist with both palms while leaping 30 feet backward.

    Xiao Feng twisted his body by a small movement and avoided Murong Fu's return strike, with a huge yell and and a ear splitting punch his right fist unleashed a strike at You Tan Zhi. Xiao Feng's huge physique was a full head taller then You Tan Zhi and this punch was aimed square at You Tan Zhi's face. You Tan Zhi had always been in awe of Xiao Feng and this strike was loud as a thunderclap, scaring him out of his wits. This fist of Xiao Feng was extremely fast, the three movements of ; palm strike at Ding Chun Qiu, diverting strike at Murong Fu, punch to You Tan Zhi was executed as fast as a bolt of lightning. You Tan Zhi could not think of a response before the fist was at his face, but ever since he had practised hard with the Yi Jin Jing his body was capable of reacting without conscious thought. While his thoughts were still muddled, his body had already flipped backwards twice to narrowly avoid the thousand catties of punching power.

    While You Tan Zhi's face was still full of shock, he heard a loud exclamation from the assembled crowd and noticed pieces of his mask fluttering like butterflies in the wind after it was split to pieces by Xiao Feng's strike. The onlookers could see the pits and lumps on his face, some red, some black and his orifices all rotten and scarred. His hideous appearance was shocking to behold.

    In 3 blows Xiao Feng had forced 3 of the most powerful fighters in the world to retreat and his great fighting spirit swelled "BRING ME WINE!" he shouted. A Khitan warrior took a large leather wineskin from a dead Khitan steed and hurried up to offer it with both hands. Xiao Feng pulled out the stopper and raised the wineskin high over his head as a stream of white wine poured down. The wineskin contained at least 20 catties of wine but Xiao Feng raised his head and gulped down everything in one breath. His abdomen buldged slightly but his dark expression remained the same as he showed no sign of being intoxicated. As the crowd looked at each other, Xiao Feng motioned with his right hand and the remaining 17 Khitan warriors raced to his side, each holding a large wineskin.

    Xiao Feng faced the 18 warriors and addressed them: "Brothers, this Master Duan of Dali is my sworn brother. Today we are surrounded and outnumbered by our enemies and might not be able to escape." Although Xiao Feng had gained the upper hand in his first encounter with Murong Fu and others, he had witnessed that these 3 fighters were all possessed of great ability and if they combined forces would pose a great threat to him, furthermore the rest of the assembled fighters all looked on like a thousand crounching tigers. Pulling Duan Yu's arm, he said "Brother, you and I might meet our end here, living up to our vows. Should we die or should we live, who cares! Lets just have a carefree drink together!"

    Duan Yu was struck by Xiao Feng's heroic aura and immediately grabbed a wineskin, saying "Thats right, I want to have a drink with Big Brother."

    Suddenly, a grey robed monk dashed out from within the group of Shaolin monks, shouting in a clear voice: "Big Brother, Third Brother, how could you guys drink without me?" Xu Zhu had been standing quietly amongst the cluster of monks when Xiao Feng rode up the mountain and displayed his impressive aura and heroic spirit while embarassing the entire gathered heroes of wulin. Seeing how Duan Yu stayed loyal to his brotherly oath regardless of danger he remembered that on Misty Peak his oath of brotherhood with Duan Yu had included Xiao Feng as well. A true hero should stick by his promises and not fear death, thinking of the night he got drunk with Duan Yu at Ling Jiu Palace and shared his feelings, he forgot all about the threat of death as well as all the rules and commandments of Shaolin monkhood.

    Xiao Feng had never meet Xu Zhu before and couldn't help being stunned for a moment when suddenly addressed as 'Big Brother'.

    Duan Yu ran up to Xu Zhu and grabbed his hand, turning to tell Xiao Feng : "Big Brother, this is also my sworn brother. His buddhist name is Xu Zhu. After revoking his vows he is call Xu Zhu Zi. When the two of us took our oath of brotherhood, we included you as well. Second Brother, come greet Big Brother." Xu Zhu immediately stepped forward and kneeled down, tapping his head to the floor : "Junior Brother greets Big Brother."

    Xiao Feng smiled slightly to himself and thought : "My sworn brother is a real muddle head, when he swears an oath with another he actually included me as well. I am facing death here today but that this person seems unafraid of the danger and is willing to step forward now shows that he has a heroic character. Xiao Feng would not be wasting his time by acknowledging such a brother." Xiao Feng knelt in return and spoke "Brother, Xiao Feng is only too pleased to swear brotherhood with a hero like you." The two of them faced each other and bowed eight times, swearing brotherhood in front of all the assembled heroes of the martial world.

    Xiao Feng was unaware that Xu Zhu had mastered ultimate kung fu techniques, thinking that he was only a low ranked Shaolin monk and would be limited in skills. However, as he had exhibited such a strong sense of righteousness and brotherhood, it would be demeaning to ask him to stand aside so he lifted a large wineskin and proclaimed : "My two brothers, this eighteen Khitan Warriors are totally loyal to your Big Brother and have shared all with me like brothers, lets all drink together before we all start dealing out death!" He tore open the wineskin and drank a huge gulp before passed the wineskin to Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu's heart was boiling over with passion and had given up all thoughts of the numerous Buddhist restrictions and prohibitions at this point, lifting the wineskin high up he drank a mouthful before handing it to Duan Yu. Xiao Feng drank another gulp and passed it to a Khitan Warrior and all of them lifted their wineskins and drank heartily.

    Xu Zhu spoke to Xiao Feng : "Big Brother, this Old Xing Su Freak is guilty of killing my latter generation Master and fellow disciple as well as killing my former Sect Shaolin's reverend Xuan Nan and Xuan Tong. Your brother wants revenge!" Surprised and stunned, Xiao Feng asked : "You...." He never got to utter the second word because Xu Zhu had already struck out at Ding Chun Qiu with twin billowing palms.

    Xiao Feng saw the exquisiteness of his palm technique and deep inner power and couldn't help feeling shock and joy, thinking : "So Second brother has such incredible martial skills, this is beyond my wildest expectations." He shouted : "Watch my fist!" With twin punches he struck out at Murong Fu and You Tan Zhi. Both Murong Fu and You Tan Zhi separately assumed defensive stances to block the fists while the 18 Khitan warriors understoof their Master's wish and surrounded Duan Yu to protect him.

    Xu Zhu executed his Tian Shan Liu Yang Zhang, flying and dancing as he advanced. Back when Ding Chun Qiu had used his "Xiao Yao San Xiao San" on Su Xing He and Xu Zhu, Su Xing He had met a deadly end while Xu Zhu was unscathed. Thus Ding Chun Qiu was quite fearful of Xu Zhu and did not dare to use any poisonous techniques for fear that Xu Zhu was more skilled in poisons then himself and he would end up inflicting the poison on himself. Ding Chun Qiu utilised his Xiao Yao palm techniques to defend, thinking to himself : "This little thief had unlocked the Zhen Long Qi Ju and received the old bandit's legacy, becoming the Master of Xiao Yao Sect. The old bandit is full of devious tricks and might have planned an evil trap for me, I best be on my guard and not be careless."

    The martial arts of Xiao Yao Sect emphasised gentle exquisteness and graceful speed, beautiful and elegant to behold. As Ding Chun Qiu and Xu Zhu exchanged blows, the sight was one of an old man with youthful skin and white hair looking like an immortal locked in combat with one possesed with cold determination and billowing monk robes. As the two of them advanced and retreated it looked as if a pair of butterflies were fluttering amongst the flowers in random dance, fulfilling the promise of the words 'Xiao Yao'. The crowd had never bourne witness to a display of Xiao Yao kung fu and were all enraptured and stunned with amazement, thinking "These two are striking blows meant to deal deadly death, yet each move is full of grace and beauty as if in a dance. This set of gentle yet forceful and elegant palm styles is totally unknown, which Sect does it belong to? What is it called?"

    Meanwhile, Xiao Feng battled Murong Fu and You Tan Zhi alone. In the first 10 strokes he had gained the upper hand, yet after that he started feeling that each fist and palm attack of You Tan Zhi was full of extremely cold yin energy. As Xiao Feng was fighting Murong Fu with all his strength, You Tan Zhi attacked him again and he felt the cold yin energy chill his body, causing great discomfort. The poisonous energies of the silk ice worm had been conditioned and strengthened by the Yi Jin Jing, the righteous and the demonic fused, water and fire synergised to become one of the strongest and deadliest inner force under heaven and added to the miraculous techniques of Murong Fu's Star Shifting Stance, Xiao Feng was battling two ultimate fighters. Compared to that day in Ju Xian Manor against over a hundred fighters, this situation was not any easier. However, XIao Feng was born with divine martial talent and the deadlier the situation the more of his hidden potential will flare forward. Using the most extreme Yang technique under heaven - The 18 Dragon Slaying Palms, he shot out palm after palm, not allowing Murong Fu and You Tan Zhi any opening to close in, thus not allowing the Cold Yin poison of You Tan Zhi to invade his body. But using his palm strikes thus was immensely energy consuming and would result in him weakening in the end.

    You Tan Zhi could see no opening for him to take advantage off, but Murong Fu's mind was clear as snow, knowing that if this went on for another hour, he and this Chief Zhuang would gain the upper hand. However, the saying "North Qiao Feng, South Murong" was well known and for him to accept this Chief Zhuang's assistance in victory would diminish the name of "South Murong" in relation to "North Qiao Feng" even if Qiao Feng was slain. Murong Fu calculated in his heart and thought : " My quest if of more importance then fame. If I can help the world destroy this great menace to the Central Plains, all the warriors of the Song Dynasty would owe me their gratitude. Looks like the title of "Supreme Leader of the Martial World" is due to be mine soon. All I will need to do is raise my hand in command and the Great Yan will be revived! Besides, if Xiao Feng is dead, "South Murong" being inferior to "North Qiao Feng" is of no consequence. Thinking again, he thought : "If Xiao Feng is slain, Zhuang Ju Xian would become a great foe and should the title of Supreme Leader fall to him, I would have to take orders from him and that would be a disaster!" Thinking thus, Murong Fu reserved part of his strength everytime he struck out with a blow and only made a show of exerting his full force and ignoring danger. The power of Xiao Feng's 18 Dragon Slaying Palms was thus largely absorbed by You Tan Zhi. As Murong Fu's skills were deep and amazing, none of the onlookers could see through his act.

    In a short instance, the 3 fighters had fiercely battled over 100 strokes. Xiao Feng repeatedly tricked the inexperienced You Tan Zhi into unfavourable situations and it was all due to Murong Fu's intervention that relieved the danger. However, the unparalled ferocity of Xiao Feng's palm strikes were all endured by You Tan Zhi's deep inner strength.

    Duan Yu stood amidst the 18 Khitan warriors and saw both his sworn brothers press forward, not yielding an inch. His big brother was fighting solo against two, although exhibiting an awesome aura, every one of his palm strokes were executed with thundering power, sending sand flying all over. Fearing that Xiao Feng could not keep it up he thought to himself : " Although I have sworn to share all dangers with my 2 big brothers, I am hiding here now while both are facing danger. What kind of righteous spirit is this? This is not sharing weal and woe? The 3 of us have sworn brotherhood, how can this third brother not be worthy. Although I am without martial arts but I can use the Encroaching Ripples of the Subtle Steps ("Ling Bo Wei Bu") to pester Murong Fu, allowing Big Brother to first smack that ugly Chief Zhuang back. That would be good."

    With his mind determined, Duan Yu dodged between the 18 Khitan warriors and shouted out : "Master Murong, your name ranks together with my Big Brother, so you should be dueling one on one with him, how can you seek another's help? Even if you managed to struggle to a draw, wouldn't it be a shame to your name? Come come come, if you have the ability come test your fist on me." As he spoke, he rushed forward in a flash and closed in on Murong Fu's body, stretching out his hands to grab hold of the back of Murong Fu's neck.

    Murong Fu saw that he approached with amazing speed and sent a palm strike backwards, hitting his face. Duan Yu's right cheek had its skin burst and blood gushed forth, causing him to tear in pain. His Ling Bo Wei Bu was capable of amazing movement when he executed it, it would be very hard for anyone to hit him, but this time he was trying to attack someone else. With his clumsy attempt to grab, how could he catch hold of the supremely skilled Gu Su Murong? Being struck with a palm, Duan Yu did not know how to dodge and his skin and flesh was torn, causing him pain beyond words.

    However, in the brief instant that Murong Fu's palm touched his cheeks, he felt the inner strength from his body gush outwards and disappear without a trace and his hand felt numb. In shock he thought : "Xing Su Sect's evil poison techniques! This little pest has learnt it too, I better be careful." "Little boy Duan, when have you joined the Xing Su Sect?" , he cursed

    Duan Yu uttered, "You said what......". Before he finished his sentence, Murong Fu's leg flew outwards with a kick, sending him tumbling. Murong Fu did not anticipate that his sneak strike would suceed and gleefully rushed forward, planting his right foot on Duan Yu's chest, saying "Do you want to live or die?" Duan Yu twisted his head and saw that Xiao Feng was still locked in the fight with You Tan Zhi and thought that if he rebutted Murong Fu and got himself killed, Murong Fu would rejoin the fight and put his big brother in an unfavourable situation again. Trying to waste time with him, he said "What good is there in death? Of course I want to live on, that would be a better choice."

    Seeing that Duan Yu was still talking disrespectfully, Murong Fu's face darkened and said: "If you want to live, then..". He thought about calling Xiao Feng to bow a hundred times to him in order to disgrace him but thinking that Duan Yu's footwork was so amazing, it would be difficult to capture him again if he was set free. "...then call me Father a hundred times!" Duan Yu chortled : "You are only my senior by a few years, how can you be my father? Have you no shame?" Murong Fu sent out a palm strike with a 'Hu' sound and struck the ground next to Duan Yu's head, sending dust and dirt flying, leaving a hole in the ground. If the palm strike had been an inch closer, Duan Yu's head would have burst open. Murong Fu retorted : "Are you going to call out or not?"

    As Duan Yu inclined his head and saw the indentation on the ground, he caught a glimpse of Wang Yu Yan standing with Bao Bu Tong and Feng Bo Er standing at the side, far away. Although her eyes were on Duan Yu, there was not even one glimmer of concern on her face, obviously she was only thinking in her heart : "Will cousin kill Master Duan?" Even if her cousin killed Duan Yu, she would not feel any sadness or pain. Looking at Wang Yu Yan's reaction, Duan Yu felt great sadness and thought that dying in Murong Fu's hand was better then living in such torment so he replied in sorrow : "Why don't you call me Father a hundred times instead?"

    Murong Fu was furious and raised his right palm, aiming at Duan Yu's head when suddenly 2 figures shot out like an arrow. One shouted "Don't harm my son!" and the other yelled "Don't hurt my master". Although both moved very fast it was not enough to stop Murong Fu from hitting Duan Yu, however both Duan Zheng Chun and Divine Croc of the South Seas were top class fighters and launched separate palm strikes at Murong Fu's back.

    If Murong Fu did not immediately defend he could have killed Duan Yu but end up receving serious injuries. So he retracted his right palm to block the twin palms of Duan Zheng Chun while his left palm draw a circle behind his back to dissipate the force of Divine Croc's attack. All 3 fighters struck with deadly force, shocking each other and realising how formidable their opponents were. Duan Zheng Chun was desparate to save his precious son so his right hand struck out with a stance from the Yi Yang Zhi, the move steady and full of inner force.

    Wang Yu Yan screamed out : "Watch out cousin! This is the Dali Duan Clan's Yi Yang Zhi, don't underestimate it!"

    Divine Croc cursed out : "Screw your Grandma, this bloody Master of mine might be useless but he is still Yue number 2's Master. If you beat my Master, its as good as beating me. If my Master was cowardly and called you Father wouldn't I be 3 generations below you? Wouldn't I be your lousy grandson? You are going too far, I'll have it out with you today! While cursing he lashed out with his crocodile mouth scissors, cutting left and right relentlessly at Murong Fu. His greatest irritation was to be ranked below others, fighting constantly over the title of 2nd and 3rd evil with Ye Er Niang. If Duan Yu had acknowledged Murong Fu as father, he would become a lousy grandson and that would be totally unacceptable. He would rather die then become someone's lousy grandson.

    Murong Fu did not know what the heck he was shouting about and keeping his right foot firmly planted on Duan Yu, he defended against both attackers. After more then 10 strokes, he realised that although Divine Croc was wielding a deadly weapon, he was easy to defend against while Duan Zheng Chun's Yi Yang Zhi could not be taken lightly. He concentrated mainly on fighting Duan Zheng Chun and used whatever leftover space to deflect Divine Croc's weapon but still managed to force Divine Croc backwards by several tens of feet. Duan Yu was still being firmly stepped on and could not stand up as much as he tried to struggle.

    Duan Zheng You saw that his son was being pinned down and should Murong Fu increase his force, Duan Yu would be injured to the point of spitting blood and death. He was concerned with saving Duan Yu fast and as such, wielded the Yi Yang Zhi fiercely and relentlessly. Suddenly a strange voice spoke out : "The Yi Yang Zhi of the Dali Duan Clan is deep and mysterious, harmonious and solemn, in its ferocity it maintains a regal bearing. With your crude and ungainly poking, you are like a no pouched disciple of the beggar clan, what kind of Yi Yang Zhi is that? What a shame to all Dali!"

    Duan Zheng Chun saw that the person who spoke was non other then his nemesis - Duan Yang Qing. Although the words were rather true, his mind was all concentrated on saving his son and had no time to think of principles like harmony and regal style. His Yi Yang Zhi struck out harder and heavier, becoming extrememly fierce but lacking in depth and stability. Suddenly, Murong Fu deflected his finger strike slightly and with a 'chi', he ended up sealing Divine Croc's shoulder accupoint with his Yi Yang Zhi.

    As Divine Croc cursed and screamed out : "YOUR MOTHER'S.....", his scissors clanged down on his leg, cutting to the bone. In furious anger and great pain he broke out in huge curses but suddenly thought : "He is my master's dad, I cannot curse him. But one day when I have the chance, I'll cut his head off with my crocodile scissors...."

    Taking advantage of Duan Zheng Chun's hitting of his ally, Murong Fu struck out with lightning swift fingers and sealed the Zhong Ting accupoint on his opponents chest.

    The Zhong Ting point was a sixth of an inch away from the Shan Zhong point. The Shan Zhong point was the reservior of a person's breath and of utmost importance. If it was sealed, a person would be unable to breath. Murong Fu knew that his opponent was dangerous and in his haste could not hit the Shan Zhong point. But as it was, Duan Zheng Chun was now having difficulty breathing and felt a wave of internal pain.

    Wang Yu Yan saw her cousin hit his opponent and clapped out : "Cousin! What a wonderful 'Night Fork Probes the Ocean' (*Ye Cha Tan Hai*). Although only hitting the Shan Zhong accupoint counts as a "Ye Cha Tan Hai", she was only concerned with praising her beloved and so even if his aim was off by a sixth of an inch, it still became a "Ye Cha Tan Hai".

    Murong Fu saw that his strike was not fatal and followed up with another attack. His right palm shoved outwards and slammed Duan Zheng Chun in the chest. Duan Zheng Chun did not even have time to take one breath since the last strike and thus was unable to defend. As Murong Fu's fierce palm struck him, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. However, as his precious son was still trapped, he was unwilling to back off and tried hurriedly to smoothen out his breathing and gather his energy. But Murong Fu's second strike was already incoming.

    Under Murong Fu's foot, Duan Yu saw his father spit blood as Murong Fu prepared to strike him with yet another palm. In his urgency he pointed with his right forefinger at Murong Fu and yelled : "You dare to hit my Father?" In his frenzy, his inner strength naturally surged forward through his forefinger and this was the "Shang Yang Jian" stance of the "Liu Mai Shen Jian". With a 'chi' sound, Murong Fu's sleeves were cut open by the invisible sword and as the sword energy collided with his palm energy, he felt a tingling pain in his hand. Murong Fu was shocked and immediately leapt backwards, leaving Duan Yu free to stand up and point out with the little finger on his left hand, executing a 'Shao Ze Jian' at Murong Fu. Murong Fu waved his
    left arm to defend and with 2 slicing sounds, his left sleeve was cut open by the sword chi. Deng Bai Chun shouted out : "Watch out Master, its invisible sword chi! Use a weapon!" Unshealthing his sword, he spun it by the hilt and tossed it towards Murong Fu.

    Duan Yu had felt deep bitterness in his heart when he heard Wang Yu Yan cheer out as his father was injured. With inner strength flowing through, he unleashed the Liu Mai Shen Jian, the six strokes of the "Shao Shang", "Shang Yang", "Zhong Chong", "Guan Chong", "Shao Chong" and "Shao Ze" Jian shot out as he thrust and sliced away. Attacking with his mind and body as one, he fought as if divinely inspired.

    This set of swordplay from Duan Yu was magnificent and grand in display, each stroke contained heaven shaking power. Murong Fu hooked and slashed but was finding it difficult to resist Duan Yu's attacks.

    **END OF CHAPTER 41**
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    Default Chapter 42 Part I.

    (DGSD Chapter 42)


    Murong Fu's spirits were lifted as Deng Bai Chun's longsword sailed through the air into his hands. Displaying his Murong Family's swordstyle, the strokes were soft and fluid like flowing water and in an instant, his body was surrounded by a nimbus of glowing light. The gathered Wulin members all had long heard rumours of the Murong Family's impressive martial arts, yet none had anticipated that their swordplay was of such brilliance.

    Yet no matter how fiercely Murong Fu attacked, he was unable to get within ten feet of Duan Yu. As Duan Yu pointed and poked with both hands, Murong Fu was forced into a defensive position and had to dodge unabatedly. Suddenly, there was a loud 'Pai' and the longsword in Murong Fu's hands was shattered into over 30 pieces as it collided with the invisible sword energy from Duan Yu. The pieces soared through the air and reflected the sunlight, sending out shards of brilliant white light.

    Murong Fu was stunned by the incident, yet he kept his calm. Waving his right arm, he utilised the broken shards of the sword as projectiles and sent a storm of flying metal to rain on Duan Yu. With a loud shout of 'AIYAH!', Duan Yu was at a loss as he flailed his limbs aimlessly and flopped down onto the ground. As the hail of broken shards flew over his head, the sight of a fighter sprawling on the floor in a fight between pugilistic elites was an ugly sight to behold. Although Murong Fu's sword was broken, he gained victory in defeat with great style and gained much more glory then Duan Yu.

    Feng Bo Er yelled out : " Master, grab the sabre!" and tossed his sabre out. With sabre in hand, Murong Fu turned to see that Duan Yu had already stood up. Laughing out he asked : " Brother Duan, this stance of 'Wild Dog eats urine', is it secret technique of the Dali House of Duan?". Duan Yu was at a loss and replied flatly : "No it is not." and flicked out the little finger on his fight hand with a "Shao Chong Jian".

    Murong Fu wielded his sabre as if in dance and executed the strokes from "5 Tigers Breaking the Gate", the skill of "Eight Trigram Sabre Play" and even the "Six Unified Sabres" (**Wu Hu Duan Men Dao, Ba Gua Dao Fa, Liu He Dao**). In a quarter of an hour, he had displayed over eight or nine different sets of sabreplay. Each was a deep and profound style and executed with brilliance. The assembled sabre wielders marvelled at his saberplay but saw that not matter what he did, he was unable to close in on Duan Yu. As Duan Yu executed a stroke of "Shao Chong Jian", his attack curving in from the left, Murong Fu raised his sabre to block and with a clang, the sharp sabre was also broken.

    Gong Ye Gan immediately tossed out his Judge Pens (*Pan Guan Bi*) to his master. Murong Fu tossed down the broken sabre and grabbed the pens, immediately attacking with his accupoint hitting techniques, the pens exuded a 'chi' 'chi' sound as his inner force shot out through them.

    Duan Yu had survived over a hundred strokes in the fight and his fear gradually subsided, remembering the teachings of his Uncle and Elder Ku Rong on inner strength techniques he executed the Liu Mai Shen Jian with harmonious and well connected circular strokes. Suddenly he heard the voice of Xiao Feng : "Third Brother, you are still not experienced with the Liu Mai Shen Jian, the six stances are different and there is a gap when you change between the six, allowing time for your opponent to attack. You should try concentrating on only 1 stance."

    Duan Yu replied "Thank you for the instruction Big Brother!" Peering quickly to the side, he saw Xiao Feng standing idly by the side with a relaxed expression while Juang Ju Xian was lying on the floor with both legs broken, groaning loudly.

    It turned out that once Xiao Feng was without the grave threat of Murong Fu and faced You Tanzhi alone, he immediately gained the upper hand. However, whenever their palms connected head on, Xiao Feng could feel an incredible cold energy penetrating his body, causing unspeakable pain. Xiao Feng instantly threw out a loud multitude of fierce palm strikes and while You Tanzhi fully concentrated on meeting the many palm strikes head on, Xiao Feng dropped to the floor and swept out with a kick.

    You Tanzhi's strength was in his Silk Iceworm Poison fused with the Yi Jin Jing internal cultivation while his hand and leg techniques were wholly learnt from Ah Zhi and were nothing extraordinary. With a snapping sound, both his lower leg bones were broken at the same time, causing him to fall to the floor. Xiao Feng spoke in a clear voice "The Beggar Sect always places humanity and justice foremost. As the leader, how can one consort with the Xing Su Sect deviants? Do not disgrace the good reputation of Beggar Sect which was built up over centuries!"

    You Tanzhi only became Sect Leader through his extraordinary fighting skills, his deameanor and bearing was totally insufficient to earn the respect of the Sect members. The mask which he wore daily gave him an air of secrecy and mystery which was accentuated by the fact that the daily Sect affairs were overseen by Ah Zhi and Quan Guan Qing. This situation had cause great resentment amongst the Beggar Sect members. On this day, after they had witnessed him killing multiple Sect members with his technique while kneeling before Ding Chun Qiu and swearing allegiance to Xing Su Sect, non of the Beggar Sect members held him in regard as the Sect Leader anymore. Even though both his limbs were broken by Xiao Feng, they were secretly thrilled and no one came forward to assist him. Although Quan Guan Qing and a small number of his die-hard lackeys had the intention to come forward to help, they were all intimidated by Xiao Feng's mighty presence and no one was suicidal enough to step forward.

    After Xiao Feng had knocked down You Tanzhi, he saw that Xu Zhu was clearly dominating over Ding Chun Qiu but while some of Duan Yu's Six Meridian Sword strokes were clearly brilliant and exquisite, many of his moves were also incomparably idiotic. After watching Duan Yu squander many opportunities to gain victory, he could not help but interfere with some advice.

    While Duan Yu momentarily glanced at Xiao Feng and You Tanzhi, the distraction caused a gap to open in his Six Meridian Swords and the ever vigilant Murong Fu immediately took advantage of the situation. With a swing of his left hand, he infused a Judge Pen with inner force and threw it at Duan Yu's chest. Seeing the Judge Pen about to pierce his bosom, Duan Yu frantically yelled out "Big Brother! Help"

    With a stroke of "Watching the Dragon in the Field" Xiao Feng struck out sideways and the Judge Pen was inmmediately caught in the palm energy. Unexpectedly, the Pen circled behind Duan Yu's head and shot back towards Murong Fu.

    Murong Fu imediately raised his right arm with the other Judge Pen to smash away the incoming strike. With a loud 'Dang!'both Pens collided and he felt his right arm go numb. Without waiting for the deformed pen to drop, he hooked out with his left arm and caught hold of the pen.

    When the gathered crowd witnessed the power of Xiao Feng's palm and the marvellous and exquisite hooking technique of Murong Fu, they could not help but break out in loud cheers. Witnessing such incredible talent, they had not travelled all the way to Shaolin in vain.

    After escaping from the danger of the flying Judge Pen, Duan Yu's heart calmed down and with a raised thumb, wielded the Shao Shang Jian. This sword stroke covered a great area and contained vast energy. Each stroke which struck out contained rock breaking and sky shaking power, dense and encompassing like the wind and rain. Murong Fu was finding it extremely difficult to block even with both the pen and hook in hand. After heeding Xiao Feng's advice and concentrating only on one stroke of the Shao Shang Jian, his defence showed no more loopholes. If all the Swords contained in the Six Meridian Divine Swords were wielded flexibly, their power would greatly exceed the lone use of any one single Sword, however, Duan Yu did not know the proper techniques and was more suited to wielding a single Sword in isolation. After 10 Swords was displayed, Murong Fu was flush with perspiration and could only retreat backwards. He retreated till his back faced a large tree and had to use it as a defence. At this moment, Duan Yu had completed one more stroke of the Shao Shang Jian and with his thumb bent, suddenly raised his forefinger and changed to the Shang Yang Sword Stance.

    The Shang Yang Sword did not have the expanse and coverage of the Shao Shang Sword but in terms of speed, it was incomparably faster. With continuous finger movements, he shot out Sword after Sword with matchless speed. When using a sword, one is dependant on the agility of one's hand and wrist but no matter how fast one's sword strokes, there will always be a gap of a few feet in between one thrust and another. Duan Yu was using his forefinger to issue out invisible sword energy and only had to move his finger within the space of a few inches for each strike, how convenient and easy was that in comparison? In addition, Murong Fu had been forced to retreat to outside the distance of 1 zhang, allowing him no opportunity to retaliate. If Duan Yu were to exchange normal blows with him, it would not be a difficult matter for Murong Fu to deliver a lethal blow by the second stroke, however Duan Yu was only attacking now, with no need to care about defence, giving him the opportunity to freely display the Shang Yang Sword which he had learnt from the Heavenly Dragon Temple, thus putting him at a huge advantage.

    Wang Yuyan saw that her cousin was in mortal danger and was filled with great anxiety and worry. Although she was familiar with all the techniques of the various Sects under Heaven, she had no knowledge of the Liu Mai Shen Jian's techniques and was thus unable to offer even the slightest advice and had to suffer in silence.

    When Xiao Feng saw the invisible sword energy from Duan Yu getting more and more miraculous, he was filled with both happy reassurance and healthy respect. However, he had a sudden sour feeling in his heart. He thought about Ah Zhu and wondered to himself "On that day when Ah Zhu offered her life in order to save her father, was she afraid that if I killed him, the Duan Clan of Dali would seek me out for revenge and was worried that I would be unable to resist their Six Meridian Divine Swords? Third Brother's Sword Technique is indeed magical. If I was in Murong Fu's position, it would indeed be difficult for me to resist. can a Khitan Warrior like me deserve such an act of noble sacrifice from her?"

    The assembled heroes could see that Murong Fu was being hard pressed into an extremely dangerous situation by Duan Yu and several of them were thinking about rushing forward to assist when they suddenly heard a multitude of female voices shouting from the south-western corner of the mountain.

    "Xing Su Old Freak! How dare you raise your hand against our Master of the Eagle Palace of Misty Peak*. Kneel down immediately and bow in submission!"

    (*note : I find it very hard to translate Ling Jiu Gong and Piao Miao Feng into English. Ling Jiu translates into Alert/Smart/Quick Eagle/Condor but calling it Smart Eagle Palace sounds dumb. And Misty does not capture the mystical feel of Piao Miao)

    The crowd turned their heads and saw that the mountainside was filled with several hundred females split into eight different troops. Each troop was wearing robes of different colours. Red, Yellow, Green and Purple, the vibrant and fresh colours were extrememly eye-catching.

    Standing next to the eight troops of females were also several hundred Jiang Hu fighters dressed very differently from normal people as well. These fighters were also yelling out "Master! Let him taste a few Life-Death Talismans. The Life-Death Talismans would be most ideal for dealing with this Old Freak!"

    Xu Zhu's kung fu and internal cultivation was all superior to Ding Chun Qiu and should have defeated him easily. It was just that his real fighting experience was really too shallow and was unable to even display sixty or seventy percent of his strength. Secondly, his nature was benevolent and many lethal strokes were actually aborted halfway before they could take Ding's life. In addition, Ding was well equipped with many terrible poisons and Xu Zhu did not dare casually come into contact with his body. Little did Xu Zhu know that the profound inner energy in him was already powerful enough that even the terrible poisons on Ding Chun Qiu would be unable to harm him in any way. It was thus that even after a long fight, no end was in sight.

    When Xu Zhu heard the chorus of male and female voices clamouring loudy at the side, he turned and was pleasantly surprised that Eight of the Nine Heavens Nine Pathways troops of Ling Jiu Palace had arrived. Only the Mystical Sky troop had stayed behind to guard Ling Jiu Palace. The crowd of males were indeed the Cave Leaders of the 36 Caves and Island Masters of the 72 Islands along with their followers. Even though not all the Cave Leaders and Island Masters had arrived, at least eighty or ninety percent of them were present.

    Xu Zhu called out "Granny Yu, how come you are all here?" Granny Yu replied "Reporting to Master, your subordinates received word from the 4 Flowers and knew that the Shaolin bandits were making things difficult for Master. Thus we summoned all the Cave and Island Sections and rushed here quickly. Thanks to Heaven that Master is unharmed. Subordinate is indeed relieved!"

    Xu Zhu replied "Shaolin is my Master's Sect, do not be rude in your language and quickly apologise to the Shaolin Abbot." As he spoke the words aloud from his mouth, The Tian Shan Zhe Mei Shou and Tian Shan Liu Yang Zhang were still flowing with brilliant technique from his hands.

    Granny Yu’s face changed colour in fear and bowed her body in reply “Yes. Old crone knows her mistake”. Walking up to Abbot Xuan Ci, she knelt down on both knees and touched her forehead to the ground four times. “The subordinate from the Vast Heaven Troop of the Master of Ling Jiu Palace – Granny Yu has spoken rudely and offended the high monks of Shaolin. I bow in apology and seek the Abbots punishment.” Her words were spoken heartily and each word was heard clearly. Her deep inner strength was clear and marked her amongst the realms of First Class Elite exponents.

    Xuan Ci waved his sleeve and said “I don’t deserve such honour! Madam please rise.” This wave of his sleeve contained half his inner force and he had wanted to use it to pull Granny Yu upwards. How did he expect that Granny Yu’s body only trembled by the slightest amount and did not budge one bit. Granny Yu tapped her forehead on the ground one more time and said “This Old Crone had insulted my Master’s Sect and deserves death”. Only then did she slowly rise up and walk back to the assembled females.

    The Abbot Xuan Ci and the Elder monks had already heard from Xu Zhu about becoming the head of Ling Jiu Palace but the younger monks and the assembled crowd were stunned. “This old woman’s internal cultivation is most profound and the assembled crowd of females and male fighters do not look weak either. How can they all be the subordinates of this junior Shaolin Monk? This is most strange!”

    Many of them saw that Xu Zhu was assisting Xiao Feng and with such a large troop of fighters behind him, they thought that killing Xiao Feng would not be an easy task after all and started to worry.

    The Xing Su followers saw that many of the females from Ling Jiu Palace were beautiful maidens and thus their language naturally started being unclean. The Cave and Island Sects were also rough and crude people and when they started scolding back, the rude shouts and crude insults became filled the mountain. The Cave and Island members brandished their weapons in challenge but without the orders of their Master, none of the Xing Su members dared to start a fight and instead doubled their verbal insults. Some of them could see that their Master was losing the fight and started looking left and right in desperation for an escape route off the mountain.
    Its BIxie Jianfa Gawdammit you guys!!!!

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