This is my kind of work. And, I'm currently working with Maya software. It is an amazing software. You can use its programming language or simply hands-on with those buttons to do your modelling. The programming language packaged in this software belongs to the C++ code. Its known as MEL script (Maya Embedded Language)

Most of the special effects and models of the present sci-fi or animation movies (Shrek, LOTR, Spiderman, etc) are created using this software. I'm yet to be a great digital artist so here I am, hoping to know anyone who is doing the same. Anyone else into the same, or possess knowledge of animation? Anyone using other software, such as 3D Max studio?

Please share your part.

Tips: Doing animation is unlike any academic work. You need inspiration and of course that creativity to create a character with its personality. Its more on the feelings than just dead thinking. To personalise a character, you need to be that character. It helps when you get in touch with more Looney tunes or the old school crazy cartoons. It helps alot as you pay much attention to their expressions. Try to act out on your own. - It can be dangerous when you get too used to it tho.