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Thread: Is my new Memorex MMP8640 Media Player charging from the house current or not?

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    Default Is my new Memorex MMP8640 Media Player charging from the house current or not?

    A few days ago, I purchased my first portable MP3/Media Player after years of holding out with my old cassette Walkman (yeah, I know...I'm old). Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, but there's one issue I need to get resolved...

    I usually charge the player through my PC, which is what is supposed to be done, after all. No problem there. When I charge the player through the PC, the player, though technically "off," comes on to indicate that it's charging. A little energy bar, which is red when the player has no power and green when the player is charged up, alternates between red and green while charging. When the player is fully charged, the bar becomes solid green. Hunky dory.

    I don't always lug my computer around, however, so I bought a USB adapter to charge my player when I'm on the go without my computer. When I plug the player into the USB charger, though, the player comes if to play (and it is playable at this point, unlike when it's charging through my PC, where it remains off until I disconnect the player from the PC). The energy bar appears, but is stuck on red, never turning green.

    So is the charger actually charging the player's battery, or just using the house current to power the player while it's plugged in? I want it to charge the battery, not power the player while plugged in.

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    How long have you had it plugged? I would wait long enough to see if it is infact charging. If you've already concluded that it is not charging, then perhaps there may be a mode you need to switch to? How about powering it off while plugged?

    Check the documents too.
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