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Thread: Christmas Foods

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    Default Christmas Foods

    First off, Merry Christmas to everyone!

    This holiday season, have any of you baked cookies or made any special foods? I made Christmas cookies and I'll try to take a pic and post it up if there are any left when i get home. -_-

    my coworker also gave me the most amazing pumpkin and butterscotch chip cookies.

    Does anyone have any holiday recipes they'd like to share? Anyone throwing a party and having "festive foods?"
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    Yesterday, my friend and I made 3 apricot glazed stuffed chickens with wild rice. Of course, she did most of the cooking and frying and baking while I did most of the washing and chopping and paying but it turned out very good. I bought in 2 today for my company holiday party and everyone liked it. That's probably all the "cooking" I'll do for the rest of the year.
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    Belated Christmas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adalia View Post
    Welcome! This is the forum which you can get more ideas and information and even you can share your knowledge too. Welcome!
    Surely, you meant to say that Ibeza, Spain has the best Christmas food - right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ View Post
    Surely, you meant to say that Ibeza, Spain has the best Christmas food - right?
    PJ, you're funny
    First, you picked on bigbaby on the other thread, and now you're poking fun at Adalia. Where's the warm welcome for new members?
    What's her deal with Ibeza neway?

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