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Thread: Anyone know anything about networking?

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    Default Anyone know anything about networking?

    I still use 56k dialup at home. With images loading disabled it's actually not bad at all. Last week, the phone service in my building went down the tubes. After service was repaired, my home internet connection has been ridiculous. Although the network connection icon displays that I am connected at about 40kbps, the actual connection is probably more around 2kbps. For example, the SPC forum frontpage just took me nearly 3 minutes to load, and that's without loading images. My browser just hangs and hangs.

    I suspect the repairmen must have replaced the phone cable and perhaps other hardware in the building. Could different phoneline hardware than before create incompatibility with my modem? Are there different configurations of my modem that I can try to see if the problem gets alleviated?

    Any tips on any different things I can try will be appreciated. Thanks.

    PS, if I call up the phone company, I think they'll blame it on the ISP. And I don't think they'll do additional work on the hardware setup in my building just cuz I complain about the internet.
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    well displayed connection speed don't mean crap since speeds fluctuate.
    many factors involved...culd it be your connection just congested at the moment?

    best to get an idea of connection speed at any given moment by testing it.

    Id sugest getting cable or dsl. Unless you are living in Tazmania or something.
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