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Thread: Who all learned 9 Yang?

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    Default Who all learned 9 Yang?

    Zhang Wuji, Zhang Sanfeng, Guo Xiang, Wuse, Kongjian, and Cheng Kun all did learn some of it.
    The Creator of 9 Yang Shen Gong obviously knew it too.

    Anyone else I'm missing?
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    Shaolin librarian Jue Yuan and Shaolin monk Wu Se
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    I would guess the 7 heroes of Wudang all learned a bit of it.

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    Our grouchy nun Miejie also knows 9 Yang.

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    I picked up some of it on the way to work this morning. Seriously though, shouldn't there be a distinction between those who learned it in it's purest form (ZSF, ZW), and those who learned the watered down version (Cheng Kun)?

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