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Thread: Is the HK entertainment media all tabloid?

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    Default Is the HK entertainment media all tabloid?

    Yesterday I was at my uncle's, and picked up a legitimate mainstream Chinese newspaper lying around on the couch. There was some article about some busty HK chick doing some lame promotion whose name I forget now, but her last name is "Lui" (Character for Thunder). Almost every mention of her name includes the description busty or even gives out her measurements. Now if hot girls want to be exploited for fame, that's perfectly fine with me, exploit away! But in truth, what the hell is she known for anyway? Just for having big implants?

    Then there are other articles about other HK female celebs, and they almost all include one sort of sexual reference or another. And the ones about male celebs, almost all include some reference to some chick that he's linked with.

    Now I understand that since HK is a more conservative society than the US, sex is more mysterious and lame sexuality by Western standards is hot stuff by HK standards, so newspapers that wanna sell themselves will promote the heck out of lame sexuality, but are there serious entertainment publications in the HK?

    If legitimate newspapers are printing the trash, I can't imagine what the 'tabloid' tabloids are printing. No wonder I have no respect for HK entertainers except for a few like Tony Leung, Eason Chan, Andy Lau, etc.
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    Tabloids sell cause the demand is there. Most of them time the reporters are trying to stir things up cause there's nothing to report, but it still sells. As long as ppl pay to read it, we will continue to see tabloids.
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    the most hilarious thing is - people have an interest for these crap.

    once in a blue moon, i'm actually absorbed into certain circulations of news but that's very infrequent. the last time i recalled was the edison sex scandal. even then, it wasn't the tabloids that notified me of us and they just followed up on what netizens unraveled.

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    Lol I really love tabloid news. "Kim Tae Hee loves Ice Cream!" ...Oh my, what earth-breaking news.

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    Aye, Hong Kong is a compact high-strung pressure cooker where people need stale vents.
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