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Thread: EEG likes to scam money?

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    Default EEG likes to scam money?

    is it just me or do EEG releases like a couple version of every albums of their artists. i mean look at vincy chan, she release a album, then a month later, an album 2 comes out. and joey yung, theres 4 versions of her love joey love album, even tho theres liek 1-2 new songs everytime, but still. and look at twins, their recent albums seperate the 2 into 2 diff albums (they solo each album) but they sing the exact same songs. then a month later... version 2 comes out, so basically they released 4 copies of the same album in 2 months... and theres more, but i think u guys get the point. discuss

    ps: like every 2 years, they release a "new + favorite" album of their artist, i mean it is basically a complilations of old songs except for 2 new songs and there goes another 20 dollars.
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    Well, basically there will be no supply without demand.

    The reason they keep doing it is because there will be people stupid enough to keep buying. If there's money to be made, why not?
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    What can I say?

    Why do you think people do "underground" exchange of music files? (ok this may not be an excuse good enough for...that "illegal exchange" :P)

    Anyway, I'll think my money would be spent better on artistes' album such as Elvis, John Denver etc.
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    Albert Yeung is a shady dude. He is a young-enough-to-be-his-grand-daughte-starlet layer though, so god bless him.
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    Yeah it pisses me off when they release 5 different versions of the same album. EEG is not the only one that does it. I only buy one. I'm a sucker for 80s compilation CD's though even though they keep releasing the same songs.
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