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Thread: Sun Moon Sect and Hmong

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    Default Sun Moon Sect and Hmong

    Is Blue Phoenix Hmong?
    How about Ren Yingying? She was Hmong in the Tsui Hark movie, but we all how reliable that source is.
    How about Ren Woxing?
    Xiang Wentian?
    Dongfang Bubai?

    Is any of them Hmong?
    楚留香笑道:你口气倒真不小。 小字出口,他已箭一般向阴姬冲了过去。他知道自己唯一能胜过对方之处,就是个快字。所以他尽量利用 这快字,只要他能抢得一刹那间的先机,他就或许还有战胜的希望。他出手实在快,快如急风,快如闪电。谁 知他刚一出手,阴姬的手掌一挥,就立刻有一股奇异的力量阻住了他的去路,这股力量如浪潮初起,澎湃不绝。楚 留香莫说根本无法抢得先机,根本就近不了她的身。

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    What da hell is a hmong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QF View Post
    What da hell is a hmong?
    1. Hmong people
    2. Hmong Homepage
    Jin Yong's Ode to Gallantry [侠客行].
    Quote Originally Posted by atlantean0208
    what about SPT, I need my SPT fix ASAP, pretty pleaseeeee...
    Soon ... SOON!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QF View Post
    What da hell is a hmong?
    It was stated in the novel that Blue Pheonix (and half her sect) was Hmong but I don't know about anyone else.
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    Yes; the original Five Poisons sect, as well as Blue Phoenix, was Miao in ethnicity. When Han members joined it, they told the people that the name was displeasing to the ear, and consequently lobbied for it to be changed into the Five Divinities Sect (Wu Xian Jiao). No one else was.
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