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Thread: Savio Tsang Wai Kuen

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    Default Savio Tsang Wai Kuen

    Hi all, I was wondering anyone know any Info on this actor? He not famous and he always play support roles so it hard for me to digg up Info on him.
    I only know for sure that, He born in 1961 on Nov 5. He start acting in the 1980's in Taiwainese dramas first before go to TVB.
    From this Birthday, Which make him 47 this year. Oh my God!!!!!!!! He looks so freaking young. If anyone watch The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007 (TVB) where he play Moses boss, all he do is keep screaming at Moses, Lolz!!!!!!! He look so young, never thought he 47 this year. Faint!!!!!

    Any Info on him would be nice, thanks.

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    And I was searching around the Net, I found some news that Savio ex-girlfriend is Cutie Mui. The news said they broke up.......but it make it sound like Savio is so bad, Lolz!!!!! Maybe he is. Below is what I got Online.

    Everyone remembers that Cutie bears deep wounds from her much envied dream romance with Savio Tsang that was met by intrusion from a third party and left in tatters, but this has not put Cutie off finding her true love as she still dreams of stepping into a church with her beloved. She laughs: "Such a shame that I have Margie Tsang and Chu Wai Shan to compete against. Margie is not looking to remarry soon though, maybe because she has previously been married. For a person like me who has never been married and is very traditional, then I would like to try it at least once and even hope to have a baby, but if I do not get married in the next couple of years, then I will not have children, because I don't want the generation gap to be too big.
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    I light his acting too and I've seen a good number of series with him in it. I liked his character in Rise of the Taiji Master with Eddie Kwan, Fiona Leung, and Elaine Ho.

    It's just TVB has been giving him a bunch of stock character roles lately or the last time I watched a TVB series. Characters like i.e. in TOB and Vigilante Force and etc. It's not good enough for him, when he's like a long time actor.
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