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Thread: Removing MSN Blocker virus program!

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    Default Removing MSN Blocker virus program!

    Hi all,

    Lately, there is alot of people who is using MSN and has been receiving links. Whoever it is, would not be your e-friend? If that person is not responding, please do not click it, MSN blocker virus, who knows what they are doing? All I know they are going to annoy your friends too no end. Here is something to helped removed it and FAQs:

    Does MSN Blocker exist? FAQ:


    2. MSN Spamharvesting - A Caution-28Jan08: http://whyamistilltyping.wordpress.c...te-of-caution/

    This is the current MSN blocker 2008 sample looks like. Please checked it out! BTW, if you have Pidgin, then download it. Thanx, for Kidd providing me some details about it, I'm here in assisting other Spcnet members to try and removed it.

    Text Sample :

    Person A says: or (2008), (2008) [Warning!]

    Konrad says: what is this?

    Konrad says: haha no way!

    Konrad says: it has no page rank, i.e. its a great way to loose your login details to do something you can do within gaim / pidgin

    Person A says:

    Konrad says:
    I would not use it

    Person A says:

    Konrad says:
    looks like a big security hole

    Person A says:

    Konrad says:
    lol you tried it didnt you?

    Person A says:

    Person A says:
    did it just send a message for me?

    Person A says:
    ****ing thing

    Konrad says:

    Person A says:
    sorry, just changing my password

    Konrad says:

    Konrad says:
    thats funny

    Person A says:
    did it send a message to you

    Konrad says:
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