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Thread: Sad Palms work like this?

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    Default Sad Palms work like this?

    I've been pondering about Sad Palms for a while. Ever since watching ROCH06 back in 2006 the idea that Sad Palms is controlled by the user's emotions haunted me in my sleeps. But recently I developed a theory. What theory you might be thinking right now...

    The theory of how Sad Palms really work!

    Okay, here I go. In most humans both male and female species go through many stages of different body activities. For instance, both male and female can have perverted thoughts and something would happen to them... What things? I'll leave it for you guys to think it out.

    So maybe Sad Palms is like getting horny (oops ). The power of each palm depends on how sad you are (as opposed to how horny you are).

    So what do you guys think about my idea? And sorry, I know this is a PG forum but this is the best example I can think of. So please bear with me since I haven't posted anything explicitly bad.

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    I think it's the voluntary activation of the adrenal gland more than anything.

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