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Thread: 一江春水向东流 A River Flows Eastward

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    Default 一江春水向东流 A River Flows Eastward

    this is ATV's version, made years earlier than China's version in 2005; this is based on a movie in the 30s, definitely must be another worth - rewatching rare atv oldie

    (disclaimer: i never saw this movie, so i don't know what it's about really, but i bump into this and want to share this)

    opening song

    ending song ("every drop of grief, every drop of worry, all flow eastward... and away")

    RTV (197X) scene

    being a film made in the 30s or 40s, this has anti-imperailistic or anti-Japanese elemnets, being made in the 70s, some of these ifdeas still exist, but of course, now we know better
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    Have you seen the Mainland version? If so, how do they compare?

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    to tell u the truth, i never saw the movie or any of the drama versions, but i'll def check out the movie and then china's version (if i could rent it); atv's version has not been released yet or open for any distributors yet, so i can't really say... but seeing how good the modern remake is, this one can't be bad either

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