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Thread: Classic Kungfu Series of 80'-90's

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    Beardy is awesome. His role here made me an instant fan:
    "If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it in a bottle it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water my friends.

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    70's I like : the twins (shek sau), reincarnated (norman tsui), chor lau heung (adam cheng), romantic swordman (paul chu)

    80's I like : young heroes of shaolin (shek sau), demi god semi devil (kent tong), legend of condor heroes (felix wong), return of condor heroes (andy lau), heaven sword & dragon sabre (tony leung), tai chi master (alex man), the grand canal (tony leung)

    90's I like : judge bao (kenny ho), white snake legend (angie chiu), legendary of qian long (adam cheng), new adventure of chor lau heung (adam cheng), journey to the west (dicky cheung)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWB_77 View Post
    I'm a big fan of classic kungfu series of 80' - 90's...I think this the best era of kungfu series...I love the most are THE WILD BUNCH (Felix Wong, Barbara Yung, Austin Wei), YOUNG HEROES OF SHAOLIN (Tung Wei, Michael Miu), The Adventure Of Chor Lau Hung (Michael Miu, Austin Wei), dll.

    If anyone has same interest with me, welcome...!!
    try this classic series.

    1) The Blood Stained Intrigue
    2) The Legend of The Condor Heroes
    3) Land of The Condors
    4) The Other Side of The Horizon
    5) The Hunters Prey
    6) Brother Under The Skin
    7) The Zu Mountain Saga
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    The fight scenes in the 80s were great. You can tell they put effort into the fight scenes. The early 90s had some great scenes too. It had a nice balance of martial arts and special effects. They eventually got to carried away with the special effects. The fight scenes are at least 90% special effects now. People love it. I will admit some of the special effects look nice but there is no real martial arts behind it. It takes to much work to have great martial arts now.

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    Me too., love 80s - 90s TVB kungfu ancient series. Nowadays, TVB seldom film kungfu series. Mostly is modern series and those palace related series like Curse Of The Royal Harem, The Life And Times of A Sentinel .

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    hi.. i'm new in here... i'm looking for an old unknown mysterious wuxia series..
    its a long time ago.. so maybe it need an wuxia maniac to know it..
    i don't know the cast or who made it.. i'm not even sure its tvb..
    i only remember the story and the opening song...
    btw nobody know this.. i've asked a lot of people..
    so here's the story..
    there is a young man and young woman live in a village far from the crowd with their father(maybe)..
    and both of them are so stupid, the young girl don't even know she's a woman
    their father raise her as a man and they aren't allowed to take a bath together
    one day there are many samurai came and kill their dad
    after their dad died the two of them begin their journey
    but the two of them are still lover...
    this is very sweet memory of my childhood.. can anyone find it?

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