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Thread: looking for an old atv drama by tsui siu keung

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    Smile looking for an old atv drama by tsui siu keung

    hi all

    although atv hardly produces blockbusters lately, it had gone thr a golden period of producing nice period dramas. my top fav is reincarnated. aft tat, the local tv station also showed tsui siu keung's 'sam sing yee' which was equally good but atv chose to ignore it but not giving it adequate promotion!

    i managed to get hold of the novel but only the parts on 'madam seung see', 'demonic flute' and 'skeleton killer' rang a hard as i tried, i could not recall the other segments. there are 7 segments for this 20 episode drama.

    i would appreciate if anyone can let me know where to purchase this drama or notify me of any website tat shows this drama as i urge to write a review on it. it is a pleasure to know all of u and i am very delighted to know tat there are always fans who also support atv dramas.

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    sorry, i only know that there's a mandarin vcd out there, but i can't find it online, only the image.
    atv rebroadcast this pretty recently, not too long ago, and here's a clip of it
    the picture quality is so much better than its previous rebroadcast in 2003
    it is open for distributors to release in ATV Enterprise library. hopefully, it will be rereleased soon (i notice this trend that atv is remastering some of the dramas and then rebroadcrasting them, then the official us distributor releases the remastered version, like Young Wong Fei Hung with Wong Yuen San and Princess Cheung Ping.)
    bobbywu's review on these atv dvds mentioned that 1/3 of the pix is super clear, like it's not made in the 1970s (see Yong Wong Fei Hung clip below, dang! isn't it?)
    but sometimes the pix quality is kinda fuzzy, old, duller colors, like tvb vcds sometimes
    but you get my point

    another thing, maybe sam shing yee Us edition dvd is out there, just because yesasia is not carrying it; the other day i saw Beauty Diu Sim DVD in a Chinatown rental shop, but it's not there in yesasia. i'll keep a lookout

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    Smile thanks for the old atv clips!


    thanks for sharing so many wonderful clips! tsui siu keung is so cool. it is amusing to see him acting with gu goon chung in the same drama though - as both are as wan dai hup in reincarnated!

    but alas - atv seldom sells dvds to spore or i will definitely grab it. hope it will be released soon. also missed wong yun sang. what he delivered r real punches!

    once again, thanks for bringing so many nice memories of these dramas!

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