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Thread: What do you think "art films" are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wu Wudi View Post
    Nah, sometimes garbage is just garbage. In order for a film to have any artistic merit, it has to actually be good. Something's not a good film just because no one else can understand it but the director. There are plenty of films every year that are called "artsy" when they should just be called trash. I'd take a well made, not very ambitious action flick any day over a low quality indie aspiring to be high art.
    Art or garbage, the answer lies in the eye of the beholder.
    However, I'm relatively forgiving when it comes to these type of films.
    As Michelangelo Antonioni said:
    "I do not believe images need to make sense or be explained."
    To me art is all about the feeling.
    And as one viewer once said:
    "When I've seen something that has affected me but I just can't put it in words,
    I know I've seen something special."

    What's in a good film? You may love it; you may hate it. But let him who is not a ghost dare say that he has felt nothing.
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    Has anybody seen "Southland Tales", starring "The Rock"? Is this considered "art films"? I watched the movie with my finger stuck on the fast forward button!!!
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