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Thread: 火蝴蝶 (Fire butterfly) (airing:21-04-2008)

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    What really annoys me about ATV series is their inclusions of actors from other countries and then they have to dub their voice. This series lessen my enjoyment of the series. But, I agree that ATV's series storyline can be pretty good. I didn't watch this series though, so, cannot comment. But, ATV often made this kind of series where there's no total right or wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzarius View Post
    The final question I have is: why did Rain choose that particular time in the final episode to take her life. I'm assuming that the very last scene when she meets up with Michael is because she is now dead too and that's how she can finally reunite with him (because he was actually really killed while trying to escape from his kidnappers). So why did she wait so many years with the hope that he might be still alive, but when the will was read and she shows that she still wore the wedding ring, then she kills herself... why? Is it because of the final clause in Michael's will convinced her that he actually still loved her.... and by realizing this, she was satisfied and was willing to accept that he is now gone forever. Thus it was time for her to go too?
    What do you guys think?
    I don't think she died. No one besides Faye & Gilbert (Rain & Michael's characters name in the drama) know about that house of their childhood. Remember how their employees in the electrical appliance company asked them where they went for their honeymoon but Faye refused to answer?

    Also, right before the trial where Gilbert would be named officially dead by the courts, Faye thought she saw Gilbert in the reflection of her cell phone while she was taking a photo of the miniature house that resembled their childhood house. Earlier in the drama, not long after Faye & Gilbert meet each other again when Faye was still dating Chris, Faye had stood outside a similar storefront that had that miniature house on display; Gilbert came up behind her then.

    When had Gilbert had that last bit of the will/codicil regarding Faye must have his ring on her body when the will was read for her to inherit everything added in? I know right after Gilbert comes out of his coma, he and Faye talked about what each should do if the other one passes away.

    And in the final scene of the drama, we actually get a good look at Gilbert's left hand (the hand where his ring finger was cut off during the kidnapping) holding the yellow flowers. He is missing the ring finger. Was Gilbert actually killed while trying to escape? He rolled down the embankment and one of the kidnappers wanted to shoot, but the 2nd kidnapper stayed 1st kidnapper's hand and told him to hurry and get away. That's the last we saw of Gilbert, disappearing into the underbrush. His body wasn't found either.

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