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```~Kim Jung-Eun [korea's Sweetheart]~``
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Thread: ```~Kim Jung-Eun [korea's Sweetheart]~``

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    Lightbulb ```~Kim Jung-Eun [korea's Sweetheart]~``

    ㆍ본명 [name]
    김정은 [kim jung-eun]

    ㆍ별명 [nickname]
    너구리 (화장 지우고 있을 때 가족들이 지어줌)
    racoon [it was acknowledge by her family]

    ㆍ성별 [gender]
    여자 [female]

    ㆍ생일 [birthdate]
    1976년 3월 4일 [march 4, 1976]

    ㆍ취미 [hobbies]
    스키 [skiing], 수영 [swimming]
    오락 [video games], 독서 [reading]

    ㆍ특기 [talents]
    피아노 [piano], 플룻 연주 [playing the flute]

    To those people who 'Like' KIM JUNG-EUN: :wub:
    feel free to visit this site:


    to those who "hate" her...
    please "RESPECT" us...
    just leave us alone...
    because we also respect you...
    thank you...
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