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    I'm interested in creating a web page, but am overwhelmed with all the options out there. I just want something simple, free, and most importantly, user friendly (considering that I'm not too tech savvy). Does anyone have any suggestion?

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    If you just want to add content and not worry about updating layouts etc, I suggest you just sign up with the blogs and use wordpress (which if you go to, you can use different theme layouts for wordpress) or just use, where you really don't need web design knowledge. Blogspot or any of the like sites will still give you the webpage you need and I think most are free to sign up.

    But if you actually have the time to design a website with layouts and all, invest in webhost, website space, url link, and time to update. Good luck.

    I recommend and its quite user friendly. I think they guide you through the process or something. Well I think there's an option for that.
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    I would recommend wordpress. It's neat, easy to use and looks classy.

    blogger would also be a good choice.

    you might need to get used to some HTML codings if creating your own webpage. Alternatively, you can also use blogskins for your webpage.
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