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Thread: Nu Ren Hua (Liu Tao)

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    Default Nu Ren Hua (Liu Tao)

    Has anyone seen 'Nu Ren Hua'?

    It's hailed as the 'Chinese Gone With The Wind', with ratings that shot through the roof when it was screened on CCTV. Also special because it is one of the last or 'the' last performance of Liu Tao (as she announced her 'retirement' from the media when she got married).

    Lin Xue Lin played by Qin Hai Lu (supporting female lead)

    Wang Mei Er played by Liu Tao (female lead)

    Qiao Ju played by Tu Li Man

    Xiao Cai Feng played by Wang Ming

    Wu Yu Sheng played by Feng Shao Feng (male lead)

    There are 2 main 'layers' to the series. In the fore, there is the story about the 3 Wong sisters (from oldest to youngest): Lin Xue Lin, Wang Mei Er, and Qiao Ju. They were separated in the turmoil following Qing imperial troops coming to their home to exterminate the family. The difference in their names reflect them ending up with different lives and not knowing who they were (with the exception of the eldest sister, although she used a fake name to hide her true identity). The series traces the 3 sisters finding each other through many tribulations.

    The 'backdrop' of the series is the political unrest during the reign of warlord and self proclaimed emperor Yuan Sai Hai. The reason why the Wong family were exterminated ties in with all the political shenanigans.

    I watched series mostly because of Liu Tao. Although I thought her character development in this series was a bit inconsistent, Liu Tao was positively stunning (in performance and looks) in this series.

    She portrays a famous opera singer (a 'Wang Mei Diao' singer), and she sang all the songs herself. I think this really validates Liu Tao's ability as a singer (even though she is disinterested in singing...she has an amazing raw talent as a soprano).

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    Series looks very interesting! Wonder if it's released in Viet yet? Liu Tao looks GORGEOUS!
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    Default Nu Ren Hua

    I really love Chinese movies, but the ones that I saw on CCTV station they are not as violently the ones saw years ago. I do not know who is the movie director of Nu Ren Hua. I just wish that it where more parts to the TV movie, like instance make it 6 part movie. Who ever is the movie director, I would give he or she a reward for that movie. There were other TV movies that was on CCTV station, that really interested movies. The Nu Ren Hua is yesasia web site.

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