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Law Enforcers 《勇探實錄》
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Thread: Law Enforcers 《勇探實錄》

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    After the "Guessing Game" (btw thx for posting em, it's very fun), I decided to look in my tvb stash to watch Law Enforcers again. I don't remember a thing! This is a wonderful and suspensful series, so here's some information about it.

    English Title: Law Enforcers
    Chinese Title: 勇探實錄
    Number of Episodes: 20
    Theme Song: Nick Cheung - Nothing Normal

    Roger Kwok as Cheung Kwok Fung
    Fennie Yuen as Cheen Ngah Lai
    Nick Cheung as Chow Ka Wing
    Hui Chiu Hung as Chan Chow

    Cameo Appearances
    Wu Fung as Wing's Father
    Ma Tai Lo as Chan Chow's Future Girlfriend
    Hawick Lau as Ming
    Tam Siu Wan as Yee
    Sonija Kwok as Fung's Ex Wife
    Joe Ma as Sonija's New Husband

    Credits: Tvb.Com, Spcnet.Tv, & Asain4Ever.Net.[/CENTER]
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