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Thread: name of ATV, TVB, TAIWAN, MAINLAND's chinese movie songs...?

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    Question name of ATV, TVB, TAIWAN, MAINLAND's chinese movie songs...?

    hey ..everyone...reading you i love watching the ancient series movies, and the songs are great too...but the problem is I don't speak Chinese or understand it, the DUBBED is only in VIETNAMESE.
    SONGS from :
    THE BLIND DETECTIVE (main and SUB themes)

    HEAVENLY SWORD & DRAGON SABRE '86, 2000, 2003 (main and SUB theme)


    THE BEJING PRINCESS (main and sub theme)

    and i can go on and on but its TOOOOO..much..
    if any of you read this and know..
    name them and name some others that you KNOW of even if its not on here...
    name the MOVIE too!!
    thank you!!

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    I am also looking for a couple of theme songs from ATV. If anyone knows the title and artist, please tell.

    Gun and Glory
    Midnight Lovers

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