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A Hero's Vow
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Thread: A Hero's Vow

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    Default A Hero's Vow

    The Characters: I will only have the two leading male characters play by Raymond and Bosco For the rest of the characters, I will have descriptions from the story. So you can imagine whoever you want , in fact, you can even imagine the two male characters as some else xD


    "Once a gentleman speaks his words, it shall not be broken."

    Raymond Lam as Zhang Feng (Truong Phong) : a powerful figure in Jianghu. Though at a young age, he excels in martial art and is consider a prodigy by many. To the vunerables, he is a hero for he defends and protects them.


    "Between the world I grew up in and the world I have grown to love, how can I choose?"

    Bosco Wong as Li Hao Tian (Li Hao Thien) : the handsome son of the most powerful general in China. Hoping to vent his mistake, the young man set forth in Jianghu to recover it. But in the process he found more than what he anticipated, freedom.


    "Having sympathy toward the enemy is only being cruel to oneself."

    Yang Sue Ying (Duong Tuyet Anh) : "She was a fair maiden with mesmerizing eyes. Though her beauty could not be compare with that of Ming Yue, she held an indescribable aura that cause one unable to stop looking." || '"She is a truly an admirable woman," whispered the young man.'


    "I am not a gentleman, so why must I keep my words?"

    Huang Ru Yi (Hoang Nhu Y): "large, alluring eyes and cherry shape lips the shade of light magenta" || "Her nose was somewhat flat, but her warm features were pleasant to gaze upon." || "...her two canine teeth slightly stood out from the rest, but it only seemed to make her smile more charming."


    "For the ones you care about the most, you have to sacrafice... even if it means to sacrafice your own happiness..."

    Murong Ming Yue (Mo Dung Minh Nguyet): "Her captivating eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky, her lips pink and luscious, her nose straight and slender. Her face structures pieced together perfectly while her pale skin was smoother than a pearl necklace. From her head to her toes, one could not detect any flaw. One could describe her as a goddess from heaven, more dazzling than the spring’s newly bloom flowers. Even the concubines inside The Emperor’s Palace could not be compare with this beauty."

    ************************************************** ***************
    ************************************************** ***************

    About The Story

    1: He promised her he would return, she told him she would wait. Neither ever guessed that an unexpected twist would come between their love story. Will their love be strong enough to overcome all obstacles or will it be a pitiful ending for the pair?

    2: She left in search for freedom, he left to retreive a stolen item. Both found themselves in incidents they had never anticipated. Will they be able to get through all the tribulations to get what their heart had long desired or will they fail in the trials?

    3: He only wanted to rescue her, but saving her meant bringing jeapardy to himself... will they surpass the danger together?

    4: They sworn to be brothers, promise to be through bliss and suffering. But when force to turn against each other, friends will turn into adversaries, brothers becoming enemies. In intense battles, calamity cannot be avoided. Regardless who wins at end, there will be no real victor. Will the brothers go down this path of destruction?


    [Author's Note]

    First of all, I would like to give a big thank to Kaiyi for the beautifulll poster!!! I absolutely love it

    This story was submitted for a review at two fanstastic review site, check them out at: www.angelike-reviews.com and http://www.irreplaceable-fanfics.co.nr and www.freewebs.com/escapingdreams

    winglin link: www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8
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    Default The General's Son

    “It is now midnight! Beware of fire! Beware of thieves!” a night guard shouted dully as he rang his gong while passing the grand and vast manor of General Li, a renowned general in China. Possessing extraordinary intelligence and excelling in martial arts, he was one of the emperor’s best man by the age of twenty. Now at the age of forty-five and having being through many life and death incidents with the emperor, Li Chung Kit was the emperor’s most trusted advisor along side with the Prime Minister, Murong Jin.

    It was another peaceful night with no sign of fire or burglars. The sky was vividly calm, showing no indication of rain. The moon couldn’t be any rounder as the stars shimmered happily by its side. The chirping of crickets tinkled throughout the night along with the quiet snores of the sleeping habitants inside the Li Manor.

    In the middle of the night, a young man rolled over in his sleep thinking that he had heard a sound coming from outside. Reacting quickly, he pulled on a black silky cape, grabbed his sword and dashed out the door. His handsome features illuminated in the bright moonlight, showing his straight, tall nose, slender lips and dark brown eyes that sparkled in the light.

    Darting his eyes back and forth with his sword at hand, he scanned his surroundings for intruders. But to no avail, he marched back in to his room, laughing at his own suspiciousness. Who would have the guts to enter the heavy guarded general manor?

    Just as he was about to get back to bed, a loud and sharp scream of a man was heard throughout the manor. The young man quickly headed toward the sound, but it died out by the time he got there. He searched the scene for the intruders but only saw the unconscious guards on the ground.

    Suddenly, a black shadow sprinted pass him. Taking no time to wonder, the young man immediately followed the figure in black. Even though at his fastest speed, the young man could not par with the intruder’s superior qing gong. But of course, who could be faster than him inside his own home? The lad grinned as he turned to the right. Within a few leaps and a few turns, he was standing right in front of the intruder!

    “Who are you?” the young man inquired, staring at the masked person. Though the intruder’s face was covered by a black veil, the lad instantly identified her as a woman from her petite size and beautiful, mesmerizing eyes that glared back him.

    “Hmph, that’s none of your business!” replied the cold, yet elegant voice of the maiden.

    “You do know that General Li’s martial arts can defeat many experts in Jianghu right?”

    “General Li might be an adept fighter, but do you think you can outfight me?”

    The young man stared at her, impressed at her courageousness, for not many would dare to enter the general manor, “Do you really think you can escape?” he chuckled.

    “We’ll have to see about that!”

    Before the lad realized, the maiden was already in front of him, her swift sword glistened under the moonlight as it aimed at every weak point it could find in its opponent. But being a decent fighter himself, the young man managed to dodge her attacks. However, he did not counter and only continued evading until he could duck no more.

    Within ten stances, the sharp tip of the intruder’s sword was at the young man’s throat. The curious eyes of the maiden looked at him, “Why won’t you counter?”

    “Because your attacks were not fatal,” he smiled.

    The maiden’s eyes fumed with irritation, “You dare belittled me? I am more than capable of killing you!”

    “You have mistaken. In fact, within two of your stances, I already figured out that you are the Midnight Fairy. Who would dare to disparage you?”

    “If you know who I am, then why not try to capture me? After all, my head is worth a million taels.” (tael is a type of currency)

    “Money means nothing to me, and I have long admired your honorable deeds of helping the poor,” the young man answered honestly.

    The maiden looked at him, the expression in her eyes no longer cold and suspicious. She let down her sword and uttered, “May I know your name?”

    “I am Li Hao Tian, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

    “You are the general’s son?” she asked, her voice full of shock. Hao Tian however only smiled and nodded.

    Right in the midst of their acquaintance, drumming sounds of footsteps could be heard advancing toward them, the noise becoming louder with each step.

    Alerted by the sounds, the maiden jumped up to the roof, “It is pleasure to meet you. If fate allows, we’ll meet again!” By the time she finished talking, she was already out of sight.

    As soon as the maiden left, a familiar face came dashing toward Hao Tian followed by a dozen infantry soldiers. Even when the face was still afar, Hao Tian immediately recognized it as his own father, General Li Chung Kit. Though at an old age, one could tell that he was once very handsome. Surrounding him was an air of authority. He was tall, with a round face and powerful features that a person could not help but feel nervous at his presence.

    “Hao Tian, where is the intruder?” he asked as he marched up to his son.

    “Father, I am useless. I could not stop the intruder,” Hao Tian lied because the truth was that he had released the enemy. To his surprise, his father did not scold him but only mumbled, “You are still inexperienced. The intruder was the female bandit, known as Midnight Fairy. If she can easily come in and out of our manor, her martial arts must be superior… every Yamen in our country has trouble catching her for a time now…”

    “General!!! General!!!” cried a panicky soldier as he tumbled his way up to General Li.

    “What is it?” Li Chung Kit questioned as he focused his eye on the troubled man.

    The soldier whispered a few words into the general’s ears and the expression on his face changed instantly.

    “Outrageous! No one must know about this!” the general’s once powerful eyes were consumed with anxiety. Hao Tian’s eyes moved about, from the weary soldier to his worried father.

    “Father, what happened?”

    “The Heroic Sword is gone…”


    The sun was high up in the sky, shimmering down at the General’s Manor. The sky was ocean blue with bits of white clouds here and there. The sparrows sang their happy tune, carried away by the warm summer breeze to the ears of their listeners. Like a rainbow after a storm, it was indeed a peaceful day following a hectic night.

    Li Hao Tian was in his backyard, practicing his martial art techniques hoping it would vent his frustration. Though only at the age of twenty, he was a fine swordsman. With a sway of his sword, the leaves came flying from the tree. Though not the best, his sword stances were quite quick and strong. But since he had never been able to use his techniques in many real life circumstances, his skills were raw and would be easily defeated by more experienced fighters.

    “Brother Tian!” called a delicate female voice. Upon hearing his name and the familiar voice, Hao Tian immediately halted his swordplay.

    He turned around and it was certainly who he thought it was for no other could be compared to this maiden in a lavender gown. Her mesmerizing eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky, her lips pink and luscious, her nose straight and slender. Her face structures pieced together perfectly while her pale skin looked smoother than a pearl necklace. From her head to her toes, one could not detect any flaw. One could describe her as a goddess from heaven, more dazzling than the spring’s newly bloom flowers. Even the concubines inside The Emperor’s Palace could not be compare with this beauty. She was no other than Murong Ming Yue, Li Hao Tian’s best friend since childhood, and the third daughter of the Prime Minister, Murong Jin.

    “Yue Er, what brings you here today?”

    “Can’t I come to see you? Why do you not want to see me Brother Tian?” Ming Yue pouted.

    “Of course not! I miss you each and every second! How can anyone not want to see you?” he teased, his lips curving into a smile. Even though he was smiling, from one glance, she could tell that he was troubled.

    “Brother Tian, what is disturbing you?”

    He looked at her, amazed that she saw through his smile. He pressed his lips together, unsure of where he should begin.

    “Brother Tian, though I am a maiden and may not understand your woes, but I’m sure you would feel better if you let it out…” she uttered as their eyes met.

    “There was an intruder last night and she took a quite important item… but I let her escaped… I freed her…”

    “So what are you planning to do now?” Ming Yue wondered.

    “It was my fault and I must mend my mistake. Yue Er, I’ve thought about it all night… I must retrieve the stolen item.”

    “You’re planning to sneak out!? Brother Tian, your father would never allow such!” a worry look adorned her face, yet it still looked as stunning.

    “Unless he doesn’t know about it!” Hao Tian exclaimed. “Yue Er, my father and mother will be at the emperor’s banquet tonight. This is the perfect night for me to leave,”

    “But Brother Tian, do you know how dangerous that is? I heard the people of Wulin are crazy and outrageous! What if something happens to you?!”

    “Don’t worry, I know martial arts. Beside, who could be more outrageous and scheming than those fake hypocrites in the government?”

    “But you have never journeyed alone before! What if I wouldn‘t be able to see you again?” she cried as she suddenly found herself clinging onto him.

    “Don’t worry. After I recover the item, I promise I will return to marry you. You will wait for me right?” he asked while caressing her delicate cheeks.

    She looked him deeply in the eyes, “I will wait for you, I will wait for you no matter what…” Even though she wasn’t completely willing to let him go, she knew that once he set his mind on something; no one could stop him from doing it. So she could only support him, and prayed that he will return.


    After bidding farewell to Ming Yue, Hao Tian began preparing for his journey. He packed his bag with a few set of clothing and other necessaries along with a large sum of taels. Before leaving, he left his parents a note.

    Greetings Father and Mother,

    Hao Tian apologizes for not being a filial son. It was my fault that the
    Heroic Sword is gone. I vow that I will bring it back at all cause. Afterward, I will return home. Please take care of yourself.

    Your son,
    Li Hao Tian

    Hao Tian left the letter on the table and walked out of the room. Unlike the clear night before, the stars were shrouded by shades of dark gray. The moon could barely be seen, hidden behind the clouds. It wasn't an appropriate night for traveling, but Li Hao Tian could care less because he knew if he didn’t leave then, he might never get another chance.

    Using his lightness kung fu, he leaped out of the General Manor. Walking on the isolated road under the dim moonlight, the young man’s journey through Jianghu began.
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    Thumbs up i got hooked

    ur questions just made me want more of this story. i m also an avid reader of wuxia translations and fanfiction both.so pls dont even think of stopping ur updates.pls complete the story.its going to be good i can feel it.


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    ok heres my thought on this, i think ur story is really not original, like it has been done before, but other than that, this is very good. + i like that cover a lot.
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    Default Chapter 2: A True Hero

    The sun was slowly ascending, producing gorgeous shades of pink and purple as a lone wanderer strode onward on a deserted jungle path. Although the simple black attire he adorned was not worth much, they seemed to be held a higher value when wrapped around the body of this young man. His face though filthy and weary from a long distance of journeying, possessed dominant features. Even only in his mid twenty, each step he took contained the power and gallantry of a genuine hero. Only a fool would dare to belittle this man.

    Tied around his shoulder in shredded cloth was what appeared to be a sword. Like its owner, it looked worn out and beat up. But once an expert laid eyes on it, he could immediately distinguish the sword from other ordinary weapons for it was crafted by the best weapon creator in all of Jianghu.

    Without a destination, the young man kept advancing forward wondering where fate would lead him next. Suddenly, he laughed amusedly at nothing in particular. One would’ve thought that he was a madman if they had witnessed this.

    “If you had followed me for this long, why not show yourself?” the young man spoke, his voice was calm with a sense of authority.

    All of a sudden, four black figures sprinted out from surrounding trees and circled the young man. Each figure wore a mask of different color from white to red to blue and finally yellow, all with painted black stripes.

    “So it’s the four remaining tigers of the South!” exclaimed the young man after he merely glanced at his opponents.

    “Zhang Feng! You killed our eldest brother, Black Tiger! We will have your head today to avenge him!” cried the man in the white mask.

    “Bring it on!” Zhang Feng grinned, his eyes looked determined with no sign of fear.

    The four men charged at him with their daggers at hand. Zhang Feng however only stood there, still as a pole. When the four tigers thought their opponent was only inches away from the wrath of their daggers, he was suddenly gone! How he disappeared, none of them knew. They browsed their surrounding in search of him.

    Only when Yellow Tiger shouted, “Up there!” did they realized that their opponent was charging at them from above. With one slash of his sword, White Tiger fell dead on the ground as red hot blood dripped from Zhang Feng‘s weapon.

    With the will to avenge his fallen brother, Yellow Tiger attacked the young swordsman but Zhang Feng made a rapid evasion to the left and plunged his sword at his attacker. Yellow Tiger tried to escape, but his opponent's sword was completely inevitable. The masked man could not even take two stances before he joined his brother in death.

    Trembling in fear, the two remaining tigers cowered to their knees like defeated dogs begging for mercy.

    “Hero! Please don’t kill us, we were wrong to attack you. We are fools! Hero Zhang, you are too generous! You wouldn’t want to waste your energy on incompetent people like us!” begged the red masked man as he continuously bowed down to the man whom he knew had skills far superior than that of his own.

    Zhang Feng took a glance at them before he walked away. The young man never attempted to kill anyone. Black Tiger only asked for his own death when he raped and murdered innocent girls from poor villages.

    Though Zhang Feng had released them, the two spiteful men had sworn to kill him no matter what. Seeing that he was not on guard as he walked away, the two cling onto their weapon attempting to plan a sneak attack on him.

    What they didn’t know was that at the corner of his eyes, the swordsman could already see the two men charging at him from behind, but he only kept on walking without care. When they were just inches from him, their daggers were abruptly intercepted by a silver sword. To their surprise, it was not Zhang Feng’s, but another figure in black.

    Even without looking, Zhang Feng knew that his ally was a female from her gentle and agile glide. The maiden in black lunged her sword at Red Tiger who blocked it with the side of his dagger, believing that he could retaliate. But to his astonishment and disappointment, his opponent’s internal strength far exceeded his expectation and even surpassed his own! The maiden’s sword forced Red Tiger backward.

    Seeing that their opponent was occupied with his brother, Blue Tiger charged at the maiden from behind. Being alerted and experienced, she lifted her leg and kicked the dagger out his hand as soon as it came close to her. Taking her sword off Red Tiger’s dagger, she did a semi-circle turn and slashed Blue Tiger across the face. His blue stripe mask dropped to ground as it broke in half, showing his sickening rodent-like face.

    Before the two men was aware of it, their opponent was already up in the air kicking Blue Tiger before descending on land, sending him soaring through the air while at the same time, sliced Red Tiger across the neck with her nimble swordplay. Red Tiger fell motionless on the forest’s terrain. Blue Tiger collided with a tree before crumpling to ground. Blood flowed from his mouth as he grasped his chest in pain. But by the time he could take another breath, the maiden’s sword had already struck him in the stomach.

    He let out a horrible sound before closing his eyes forever.

    “Having sympathy toward the enemy is only being cruel to oneself,” said the maiden as she retrieved her blood stained sword from the dead man’s body.

    By then, Zhang Feng had turned around, smiled and simply said, “I thank you for Miss’s advice. But one must admit, they were brave…”

    The maiden turned around, although her face was covered by a black veil, Zhang Feng could make out her beautiful, captivating eyes even in the dim morning sun.

    “You call them brave when they used trickeries against you?” she questioned, her eyes beamed with curiosity.

    “They only wanted to avenge their brother, that would be consider utmost loyalty.”

    “You are indeed a true hero.” she uttered.

    “Hero?” he chuckled, “I don’t think I am worthy of such title…”

    “Hero Zhang needn’t be so humble, it was obvious that you could’ve took care of those two with a flick of your pinky!” the maiden snickered.

    Zhang Feng was slightly amused by her remark, “Then why did you help me?”

    “It was a great chance to make acquaintance with the young prodigy of Wulin!” was her witty reply.

    “Prodigy?” he laughed, “And if I’m not mistaken, you must be The Midnight Fairy, yet why are you out here at dawn?”

    “You are indeed observant and my business of being here at dawn, I cannot let you know,” said the maiden, her eyes gleaming with determination.

    “My guess would be that your ambition is to steal the precious jewels that will be deliver to Prime Minister Jin!” Zhang Feng smiled.

    “Your guess is correct. The Emperor's men will pass here at noon.”

    “Then I wish you luck, "Zhang Feng smiled before wandering away. The maiden watched as he left, he definitely had the air of a true hero.


    By the time Li Hao Tian reached a small town at the foot of a high mountain, the shades of pink and purple were no more for the sun had already risen and shone down on the gate that read ‘Plum Blossom Town’. Hao Tian walked through the gate and onto the main street that was filled with the yelling of peddlers calling out to passers about their goods and shopkeepers unbolting the doors of their stores.

    As he continued walking, a warm aroma of fresh cooked noodle soothed the atmosphere when the soft morning breeze blew. He followed the scent that led him to a mediocre restaurant. Without hesitating, the lad walked in. Though it was still quite early in the morning, the restaurant was already stuffed with chattering. Fortunately, Hao Tian found an empty table at a far corner of the restaurant.

    Seeing the sight of a new customer, the waiter immediately advanced toward the table with a cheerful smile, “Young Master, what would you like?”

    “A bowl of noodle please,” Hao Tian replied.

    “Good choice! Our noodle’s the best in town, I dare say! It will be ready in a minute!” the waiter replied before attending to other customers.

    Li Hao Tian took a glance at his surroundings, people of all kind crowded the seats, from grandparents to their grandchildren, from farmers to merchants. The most intriguing person however a young man with small built and feminine features. He had large, alluring eyes and cherry shape lips the shade of light magenta. Though his nose was somewhat flat, his warm features were quite charming and pleasant to gaze upon. Hao Tian thought he would’ve made a charming young lady.

    Only when the waiter returned with a bowl of hot noodle did Hao Tian took his eyes off the young man.

    “Young Master, are you new to our town?” the waiter asked while setting down the shimmering hot bowl.

    “Yes, I‘m wondering, have there been any sighting of Midnight Fairy in this town?” questioned Hao Tian, hoping to find a trace of her.

    “Midnight Fairy the heroic bandit? I have heard of her, but never had she made an appearance in this town. But while you‘re here, you should check out the Snow Blossom Manor, you know that is what our town is famous for, its beautiful plum blossom garden. Even though there are no more flowers, the fruits are in season right now and the mistress of the manor is as beautiful as a plum blossom herself!”

    “Thank you, I will be sure to visit it,” replied the young man with a smile though he was disappointed that in his many days of traveling, he had not foundany information.

    The waiter nodded sheepishly, feeling that he had said to much and returned to his duties.

    Hao Tian consumed a mouthful of his noodles and the taste indeed matched its scent. Though not as fancy as the food he was used to, the simple and delicious taste was something he could not described, he simply savored it.

    When Tian Hao was mid-way done with his bowl of noodles, three bulky-size men marched into the restaurant, obliterating its peaceful atmosphere. The man leading the three was at least six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a menacing face. In his hand was a silver mace. Following him was a bald and wide man that very much resembles a pig holding a dagger. The third man was a lot thinner than the two preceding him, his hay-like black hair stuck out in ever direction like the spikes on his iron ball. All of their weapons were made of heavy plated metal. If a person had seen these three at midnight, they would’ve fainted at the horrid sight presuming that they had encountered demons from the underworld.

    The men bullied a family of six who trembled at their sight out of a large table in the center of the restaurant. They took their seat haughtily as the two parents scampered away with their four young children. The waiter shuddered as he made his way up to their table. Hao Tian found it excessively unjust, but not wanting to cause a chaotic scene, he did not interfere. He didn’t even take a glimpse until he heard a sudden thunderous pounding from the feminine young man who stood up and stomped his way to the three hulky men.

    “I hate those who bully the innocents!” cried the young man in a deep-forced voice as he unsheathed his sword and lunged it at the leader. Without thinking, the hulky man grabbed the sword with his bare hands. The young man twisted the sword and pulled it from his grasp, causing the savage man’s two rough hands to swelled in drenching blood.

    “Get him brothers!” roared the broad-shoulder man, fuming with anger as he glared at the young man with threatening eyes. The three men immediately surrounded him. By that time, everyone in the restaurant had scurried away, even the staffs dashed behind the counters in terror. Only Hao Tian remained, watching from the corner of his eyes as he sipped the warm soup from his bowl.

    The feminine young man waved his sword in zigzag direction as he attacked the wild-hair man. The wild-hair man swung his iron-ball at the young man but with quick agility, he jumped escaping it just in time. However, the unlucky table behind him was demolished.

    Meanwhile, the broad shoulder man plunged his mace toward the lad’s face which he barely avoided by bending backward like an acrobat. In the process, he kicked the mace out of the man’s arm. The mace flew across the room and landed only a few inches from Hao Tian.

    When the feminine young man was off guard, the pig-like man saw his chance and swung his dagger at the lad. It sliced the ribbon that tied his hair up in half and the lad’s hair came flying down, shaping his face. To everyone surprise, the feminine young man was a girl! Every eyes widened with disbelief, except for those of Hao Tian for he had already long suspected that the feminine young man was a woman in disguise.

    “So it’s a cute little girl!” the pig-like man gave out a hideous laugh.

    “We can have lots of fun with her!” the wild-hair man crackled, his voice hoarse and eerie. The maiden did not reply and only scoffed as she kept exchanging attacks with the two men.

    Meanwhile, the leader of the three men marched in the direction of Hao Tian and where his mace laid still on the ground.

    “Brave one eh?” he mocked as he eyed the only remaining customer in the restaurant, “Pick up my mighty weapon for me!”

    Li Hao Tian smiled, “You want this?” asked the young man as he stepped on the weapon. The broad-shoulder man glared at him with his ominous eyes expecting the young man to obey. But to his shock, Hao Tian only kicked the mace up, striking the man’s disgusting face and before he could utter another word, he collapsed to the floor unconscious.

    The maiden was still fighting with the two remaining men. Even though her martial arts exceeded theirs, their brute strength surpassed hers. Fighting one on two was also a disadvantage. From their combats and stances, a winner could not be determine as they fought on. After a while, Hao Tian decided to join the fight.

    The young man launched his attack at the pig-like man. For a massive man, his reflects were quite fast as he intercepted Hao Tian’s sudden attack with his dagger. Realizing that his strength could not beat this man, Hao Tian decided to use his agility. His rapid sword moved about attacking every opening it could find on its opponent. The pig-like man could only evaded and had no time to retaliate. However, the man’s arm was quick enough to deflect each and every attack with his dagger. Suddenly, Hao Tian leaped into the air with his sword at hand. The pig-like man thought the young man would once again attack with his sword, so once again used his dagger as shield. To his surprise, Hao Tian did not attack with his sword but instead kicked the dagger right out of the bald man’s hand! The man whimpered in shock when he couldn’t deflect no more. The tip of the young man’s sword was facing his throat.

    By that time, the maiden had already defeated the wild-hair man who was moaning in pain.

    “Go!” the maiden ordered, “And never let me see your disgusting faces again!”

    The two men cowered to their unconscious brother. Carrying him with them, they walked out in shame. By the time they were out the door, they instantly turned around glaring at the two youngster.

    “You better watch out! Once we tell our brothers about this, you wouldn’t live another day!” warned the pig-like man before they scurried away. Hao Tian looked at the maiden who didn’t seemed a bit scare and only stuck her tongue out after them. He couldn’t help but was amused by her childish behavior.

    She suddenly diverted her attention toward Hao Tian, “Humph! It sure took you a while to help!”

    “Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

    “I never asked for help!” she replied arrogantly with a sudden smile that showed her sparkly white teeth. Hao Tian noticed that her two canine teeth slightly stood out from the rest, but it only seemed to make her smile more charming.

    “May I know Miss’s identity?”

    “Huang Yu Ri! And you are?”

    “Li Hao Tian,” he replied and began eyeing her wardrobe up and down.

    “You must be wondering why I’m dress as a guy right?” she muttered like she was reading his mind.


    “I’ll tell you… if you let me journey with you!”

    “But you don’t even know me…” Hao Tian chuckled.

    “True, but I can tell that you are an honorable man. Therefore, you are trustworthy… why am I not worthy to be traveling with you?” she inquired when seeing the amused look upon his face.

    “It is inconvenient for a male and a female to travel together…” Hao Tian pointed out.

    “Is it not more inconvenient for a female to travel by herself?” she questioned.

    “Well… yes… but…”

    “Then it is decided, we shall journey together!” Ru Yi interrupted with a smile before he could say anymore.

    When they could no longer hear the clattering noise of fighting, the staffs of the restaurant slowly crawled out of their hiding places, to find broken furniture and two youngsters chatting. Though dismay to see their belongings in pieces, they did not blame the two courageous adolescents.

    The waiter who had served Hao Tian earlier quickly darted up to the two.

    “Young Master, you must hurry to The Snow Blossom Manor!” urged the anxious waiter, his tiny eyes cramped with anxiety.

    “Why is that?” asked the bewildered Ru Yi.

    “Those were three of the Evil Six Of Plum Blossom Mountain! You might have defeated them, but their three seniors are much stronger! I’m afraid only the mistress of Plum Blossom Manor can save you now!”

    “Hmm… if she is that powerful, then why don’t she just drive them out for good?”

    “Though she can defeat half of them… but against all six, she is no match!” answered the waiter.

    “Then how can she stay live until today? Why haven’t they kill her?”

    “How can they bare to kill such a beauty? Aiya Miss! You are asking too many questions! Now you two must hurry and get out of here before they come back!” cried the waiter with a slight hint of annoyance at the maiden’s continuous questions.

    “Thank you for your advice, we’ll be off now,” this time, it was Hao Tian who spoke, “I’m sure this should be enough to pay for the damages.” he handed a tael of silver to the waiter and walked out the door. Ru Yi, though still full of questions had no choice but to followed him out the door, into the busy street.

    “Where are we going now?” she asked while skipping alongside him.

    “Haven’t you heard the man? To The Plum Blossom Manor,” he grinned.

    “Are you really scare?!”

    Hao Tian only chuckled and replied, “What kind of man wouldn’t want to see such a beauty?”

    “Pervert,” Ru Yi mumbled, but Hao Tian ignored her comment and continued speed walking leaving the maiden standing in the middle of the crowded street. She pouted, stuck out her tongue showing her obvious irritation. However, she still tagged along with the young man for the truth was… she was as penniless as a homeless person.
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    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    maverick: I'm glad you like it i'll try my best to finish it and make it as good as i can! thanks for the support =] hope you like chapter 2 ^^
    LuNaR: yeah, i know that a lot of stories start out this way. but i'll use every piece of my brain to make this as different as possible and what i'm really going for is characters that are different from most of the characters in other wuxia stories. Hopefully, i can do both xD thanks for reading =]
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Default its good

    i like the love story that develops along with the wuxia.its good. i m interested in finding out the pairing.wanna imagine more.

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    Default Chapter 3: The Maiden's Trick

    Li Hao Tian halted when he reached a sign reading “The Plum Blossom Manor,” positioned at the east of Plum Blossom Town.

    “We have reached our destination,” the young man uttered quietly.

    His companion, who was now dressed in the form of a maiden simply looked at him, “You mean your destination. I had never desired to come here!” she mumbled.

    “I’d never ask you to follow me, you were the one wh-” Hao Tian retorted but fell silent when he noticed his companion had already advanced forward. Suddenly, she turned around, her simple ponytail swaying across the air.

    “I’ve been thinking. You don‘t look like a person from Wulin, where are you from?” Ru Yi questioned bluntly as they ventured through the wooden gates of The Plum Blossom Manor. It was made of simple wood, but surrounding it was an attracting mist that would lure one right in.

    “Is that of any importance?”

    “It is not, but I would prefer to know,” answered the maiden as she flung her baggage around her shoulder.

    “But I do not wish to tell you.”

    “Fine, you don’t have to tell me now, but I will find out one day!” she smiled charmingly and continued along the winding path. Though she was curious, she knew that the more you pry into a person’s affair, the more reluctant they will be.

    The scenery inside the Plum Blossom Manor was certainly as beautiful as the waiter claimed. The pair soon discovered that they were surrounded by exquisite plum trees. Even though the blossoms were no more, ripe reddish-purple plums crammed each tree and the wonderful aroma flowed across the atmosphere.

    As Ru Yi gazed at the familiar trees, she couldn’t help but felt homesick as she remembered all the plum trees back at home. The maiden inhaled the fresh mountain air and heaved a sigh. She found it ironic that she would miss a place she tried so hard to escaped. She shook her head mentally, loosening the vision of home. Her grand-father was probably searching for her at the moment; shouldn’t she enjoy her freedom while it lasted?

    “This place is rather empty, don’t you think?” Hao Tian spoke and Ru Yi immediately snapped out of her thoughts. But it seemed that Hao Tian had spoken too soon.

    “Welcome guests to the Plum Blossom Manor, may I know your identities?” a misty female voice echoed in the air. The sudden voice shocked the two youngsters who hadn’t feel the present of a single soul, yet the voice sounded only a few meters away! For a person to be so close without them knowing, this person must possess superior qing gong.

    “I am Li Hao Tian,” replied Hao Tian courteously as he analyzed his surrounding pondering where the voice was projecting from.

    “And I am Huang Ru Yi,” his companion added, her enchanting eyes roaming about.

    “Greeting Young Master Li and Miss Huang. I am Mei Tian’er of the Snow Blossom Manor,” introduced a woman that seemed to had just emerged from the obscure haze.

    Hao Tian watched as the pale woman in white approached them. If it wasn’t for her long dark hair and dark brown eyes, she would’ve easily camouflaged in the fog. She cannot be describe as young, but she could not be considered old. She appeared to be around twenty-eight. Though cannot be depicted as beautiful, Mei Tian’er held an incomparable grace that few others carried.

    “Ah, you must be here to see our Mistress,” Mei Tian’er continued as if she had read their mind. “But I’m afraid you have come at the wrong time. If you like, you could wait in manor…”

    “It is a real pity that we are not able to meet her. I thank you for your request, but we will take our departure now,” Hao Tian responded with a warm smile. But before leaving, he had another question.

    “Is there anything I can help you with?” Mei Tian’er smiled when she sensed dissatisfaction in the lad’s tone.

    “Miss Mei, I have a question, do you know anything about the whereabouts of a female bandit known as Midnight Fairy?”

    Ru Yi eyed him with interest, wondering why he wanted to locate the Midnight Fairy.

    Mei Tian‘er blinked once before replying. “I am afraid I cannot assist you…”

    Hao Tian nodded politely and bid goodbye. Ru Yi took a quick glance at the misty woman before following her companion down the meandering path. Mei Tian’er watched the two youths wandered away across the steamy fog. She had a feeling that they would return one day for no one knows more about the Midnight Fairy than the ones within this manor.

    “Why are you looking for the Midnight Fairy?” Ru Yi questioned as the two trotted down the trail.

    “I have my reasons…”

    “What if I know her location? Would you tell me then?” snickered the maiden.

    Before Hao Tian could answered, he realized that their path was blocked by four massive figures. The pair immediately recognized two as the monk and spiky haired man from the restaurant. The other two however were complete strangers. One was buff with oily, dark skin while the other held a rat-like face consisting of a pointy nose and pursing lips. All four crackled menacingly at the sight of their target, their weapon ready at hand.

    “So you are the ones who bullied my brothers!” squeaked a shrill, cold voice. Only then did Ru Yi and Hao Tian realized that there was a fifth person! Contrasting the other four, he was a small man no more than four and a half feet with squirmy, miniature eyes. Overshadowed by the four huge beings, who would’ve notice him?

    Indeed it was peculiar to see a dwarf standing between four giants, but Ru Yi did not look a bit shock.

    “If I am not mistaken, he must be their leader, Small Big. Don‘t underestimate his size. Rumors has it that he is stronger than all of them combine…” Ru Yi whispered to Hao Tian without losing eye contact with the five men. Hao Tian took a glimpse at the maiden, who did not appeared frighten at all.

    Out of nowhere, Ru Yi released a sudden laugh, “After a defeat, you dare to come back? I see that you have brought backup, but do you really think you can beat us?”

    “You impish lass! How dare you talk to old master like that!” Little Big yelped with his long snake-like fingers on his bony hips.

    “Old Master? You dare refer to yourself as old master when standing before the Yellow Swordsman and his wife?”

    “The Yellow Swordsman, Huang Fei Yang? Do you think we are stupid! He is almost fifty! How can he look so young!” intervened the rat-like man as he glared at Hao Tian. Though the handsome young man was bewildered by this whole event, he did not show any emotion and only kept a straight face.

    Ru Yi emitted a sigh, “Incompetent fools like you simply do not understand the marvels of the Yellow Manuscript…”

    “Big Brother, she is lying. We have fought with these two and their martial arts are only mediocre!” cried the spiky-haired man.

    “Ay! If mediocrity is able to defeat you, then I am afraid that your martial arts would be at the lowest level. You should be glad that we were sympathetic and only used a tenth of our strength on you!” Ru Yi exclaimed while pressing a force of internal strength toward a nearby boulder. In seconds, a deafening explosion bellowed across the mist. Every eyes widened in disbelief when the boulder obliterated to scraps.

    “If you are husband and wife, why did you sit in different table!” challenged the chubby monk.

    “Must I waste my time by answering your worthless questions? Either you leave now, or don’t blame me for using force!” declared the maiden as she shot them a fierce look. Without contemplating any further, the five scampered away.

    By then, Hao Tian could not help but chuckled, “You are indeed something!”

    Ru Yi returned a smile, “We must leave before they realize they are deceived.”

    “What is your connections to the martial arts master, Huang Fei Yang?” Hao Tian interrogated as the two resumed their pacing.

    “Since you did not answered my question earlier, you won’t be getting answers from me!” the maiden grinned, barely looking at her comrade. Li Hao Tian chortled and moved on to his next question.

    “If you were capable of blowing that boulder to pieces, why did it take you that long to defeat them earlier?”

    This time, the maiden did not answered right away but gave an amused laughter.

    “Even you did not notice?” She then extracted a round, brown ball from her sleeve. Hao Tian watched curiously as she tossed the object at a nearby boulder which after a great boom, was demolished.

    “Though I am not adept at martial arts, my inventing skills can be consider excellent,” Ru Yi flashed a dainty smile, showing all her teeth.

    “So what was it that you know about the Midnight Fairy?” asked the young man when recalling their previous conversation before the interruption.

    “First, you must tell me why you are searching for her.”

    Hao Tian began retelling his tale. However, there was one thing that he did not reveal and that was he’s the son of the renowned General Li.

    “So that is why you’re searching for her… Well, truth is I don’t know anything about the Midnight Fairy,” was Ru Yi’s sheer answer when the young man finished his story. Hao Tian’s mouth dropped in astonishment.

    “What! You tricked m-”

    “I don’t know! But Mei Tian’er does!” Ru Yi interrupted with a smile before he could finish talking.

    “Mei Tian’er?” the lad repeated.

    “Indeed. From her eyes, I could tell that she was keeping something from us…”

    “Then we must return to the manor…” Hao Tian grinned. Even without showing it, the young man was quite impressed with how observant the maiden is.


    Hidden behind the tree, she was like an owl patiently awaiting for its prey. Her sharp eyes focused on the coming path. Though she was at this very spot since dawn, she managed to stay calm even in the scorching summer heat.

    The sun was sizzling in the middle of the sky, it was noon. In minutes, the sounds of footsteps could be perceived, approaching her. The maiden’s eyes sparkled in delight. Her targets have finally came…

    When a dozen men advanced toward her, her eyes widened in astonishment at the sight of the tall, square-faced man in his forties. The maiden immediately recognized him as Lin Ta Ky, leader of the Red Flag Escort. She knew that he was no easy competition…

    Without considering further more, the maiden launched her attacks. Long and thin silver needles were directed at the men. Every guards with the exception of Lin Ta Ky were shot unconscious to the ground. Being unskilled in martial arts, they were unable to avoid the maiden’s fast and sudden weapons.

    Lin Ta Ky however managed to reflect the needles with his red handled saber.

    “Show yourself!” bellowed the bearded man as his tiny eyes traveled about while his ears focused on surrounding sound. The maiden in black charged from her hiding spot, her long silver sword aiming at Lin Ta Ky.

    He immediately intercepted with his blade, “So it is the Midnight Fairy!”

    The two began an exchange of attacks. Midnight Fairy’s swordplay contained agility while Lin Ta Ky possessed strength. Both weapons clanged into each time after time, but a winner could not be determined even after twenty stances. The maiden in black suddenly leaped into the air and charged at him from above. However, with a sway to right, he evaded her attack and sent his saber aiming at her. She quickly pulled her sword from the forest’s ground and kicked the saber, attempting to knock the weapon from its owner’s hand. Even though the strength of her kick was immense, Lin Ta Ky did not lose hold of his saber.

    With his saber tightly clutched in his hand, Lin Ta Ky slashed across Midnight Fairy’s chest. She immediately dodged with her rapid qing gong. But to her surprise, the bearded man threw her a punch. She quickly took a step back. Shockingly, she was still struck in the shoulder. She winced as red, dripping blood surged from her fresh wound. It turned out that Lin Ta Ky had a hidden dagger tucked behind his sleeve. Even though his punch did not reach her, his secret weapon certainly has. Who would’ve guess that a heroic figure of Wulin would use such antics?

    Midnight Fairy grabbed her bleeding wound. Her body felt as if it was being poked by a million scorching hot needles when she crumpled to the ground. Though she tried to get up with her qing gong. It was useless. Trying to use her internal strength only cause the pain to hurt more…

    “Who would‘ve thought that the infamous Midnight Fairy would be so easy to defeat?” Lin Ta Ky laughed, his deadly saber pointing at the maiden’s throat. She only scoffed as she glared at him in resentment.

    Suddenly, a rock was chuck at Lin Ta Ky. Before he realized it were heading toward him, he was already struck to immobilization. Though he was able to avoid the maiden’s needles earlier, these rocks were ten times faster, the strength of the user ten times stronger.

    With a blink of an eye, a shadow sprinted pass him. When the shadow was gone, so was Midnight Fairy…
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    maverick: I have the pairings in mind, but I'll try to make it as unpredictable as possible and I don't know, I might decided to change the pairings c[= We'll see So what do you think of chapter 3? I hope this story is not draggy =[
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

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    i m no critic but allow me to say i like it. i particularly like bosco wong more than Raymond lam.so i wud like to see him with good girl/s but since u r the one writing i hope u make it more interesting.
    keep up the good work

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    Default Midnight Fright

    maverick: thank you for commenting I like both Bosco and Raymond. As for now, there are more of Bosco. and don't worry, Bosco will have relationship with a few female protagonists ;]


    As the sun set, bringing the bright colors of daylight with it, the moon materialized in the dark sky illuminating the world with dark yet visible colors. Citizens closed their shops and bolted the doors to their homes as the sky darkened. Birds and squirrels returned to their nests anticipating a night of peaceful rest.

    However, contradicting everyone else, two youngsters in the Plum Blossom Manor were preparing for their mission. After returning to the manor, Mei Tian’er had agreed to let them stay for the night when Ru Yi explained that they were being sought for by the Six Devils of Plum Blossom Mountain. Staying inside the manor not only protected them from the Six Devils but also allowed them to search for clues of the Midnight Fairy.

    Ru Yi who was now dressed in black from head to toe, a black handkerchief wrapping her dainty face easily camouflaged in the night. After giving Hao Tian a slight nod, she immediately leaped into the moonlight as the young man followed her, deliberately shouting, “Intruder!!! The Midnight Fairy is here!!!”

    Alarmed by the loud yelling and the hectic chase, every soul in the manor arose in disbelief.

    By the time Hao Tian entered the courtyard, Mei Tian’er could be seen racing toward him, her face glowing radiantly in the moonlight.

    “Young Master, what is going on?”

    “The Midnight Fairy is here. Ru Yi and I split up while pursuing her…” answered the young man.

    “That is impossible,” uttered Mei Tian’er, her pale face grew whiter with shock.

    “Why is it impossible?” Hao Tian questioned calmly. Without bestowing an answer to the young man, the woman turned around to her servants.

    “Put up heavy guards. This intruder must be caught!” as she finished talking, a shadow dashed across them. Mei Tian’er immediately pursued the masked person with Hao Tian trailing behind her.

    With her crafty qing gong, Mei Tian’er swayed across the dark night like a hawk hunting for its prey. Within seconds, she stood in front of the intruder.

    “Imposter! Who are you?” Mei Tian’er exclaimed, her voice raging with anger as she glowered at the masked person.

    Altering her voice, Ru Yi spoke, “Imposter? How dare you accuse me of being an imposter!”

    Attempting to capture her prey, Mei Tian’er charged at the masked maiden with the two daggers clutched tightly in her hands. Responding quickly, the masked maiden countered with a long, silver sword. By that time, Hao Tian had arrived at the scene to witness the fight before him.

    Within ten stances, it was clearly obvious that Mei Tian’er was gaining the upper hand. Worried about his companion, Hao Tian raised his sword ready to assist her. To his surprise, yellow sparks emitted from Ru Yi’s sword. He halted and watched with bewildered interest as she executed an attack he had never saw her use before.

    Mei Tian’er’s eyes widened in shock at the skills of her intruder. The masked maiden leaped up, soaring into the dark night. She waved her sword in a thousands direction, so fast that the naked eyes could not make out its meandering path. Golden light emanated from both body and sword as the maiden descended, her sword plunging toward the ground, right at Mei Tian’er.

    Shocked at the intruder’s capabilities, Mei Tian’er evaded with a rapid movement to the right. The sword of the intruder pierce through the hard granite ground, yet not a scratch was left on it.

    “The Golden Stance of the Yellow Manuscript?” mumbled Mei Tian’er, her eyes closely watching her opponent. She knew that this technique was the strongest of Wulin. Luckily for her, the skill of her attacker was still raw, allowing her to escape.

    The intruder extracted her weapon from the ground when she saw Mei Tian’er attacking her from the corner of her gleaming eye. The masked maiden countered the left dagger with her sword while evading the right dagger with a bend to the left. Her leg elevated, launching at Mei Tian’er’s chest but missed as the woman twisted her body in the air. The intruder fluttered after her as they kept exchanging attacks. After twenty stances, the dagger in Mei Tian’er’s hand was pointing right at the intruder’s throat.

    Worried about his comrade, the anxious Hao Tian intervened into the fight, aiming his sword as Mei Tian’er, hoping to distract her. But before he could reach her, a loud deafening boom was heard before smoke obscured the courtyard. Soon, the smoke began to disperse, with it went the masked person and Hao Tian.


    When they escaped to the gloomy forest, Ru Yi pulled off her veil, unmasking her delicate face. She frowned as her captivating eyes stared at Hao Tian, “Why did you do that? I could’ve easily escaped. Now Mei Tian’er knows it was me… we can no longer return to the manor…”

    Surprised at her unexpected reaction, Hao Tian did not know what to say. He waited a few seconds before retorting, “I only wanted to help you!”

    The maiden heaved a sigh, “Though are older than me, you are quite inexperience. Perhaps you should be my disciple!” she added with a sudden beam.

    “Your disciple? Being a disciple to a lass like you would be no better than being a slave,” said Hao Tian. Ru Yi did not take it as an offense and reacted with a simple smile.

    “Fine, whatever you prefer. However, our mission tonight is not a complete waste…”

    “We are now positive that Mei Tian’er definitely knows something about the Midnight Fairy…” Hao Tian concluded after contemplating the incident.

    “That is not all we know,” Ru Yi grinned.

    “There is more?” wondered Hao Tian as his eyes lifted in astonishment.

    “I believe that the mistress of Snow Blossom Manor is Midnight Fairy herself!”

    “The mistress? Why is that?”

    “Have you ever seen Mei Tian’er as mad as when she saw me impersonating the Midnight Fairy. If the Midnight Fairy is not anyone of importance to her, why would she react as such? Therefore, the Midnight Fairy is no other than her mistress,” explained the maiden. Hao Tian was once again surprised by her intelligence. Never in his life had he met a girl as witty as Ru Yi. He doubt in his lifetime will he meet another.

    “I suspect that Mei Tian’er is not just an ordinary servant at the manor. I believe that her martial arts must be greater than the mistress herself!” the maiden continued.

    “And why do you think that?”

    “The waiter once said that the Six Devils are capable of defeating the mistress. Judging from Mei Tian’er martial arts, she is more than able to beating the Six Devils…”

    “But you are more than capable of beating the three devils at the restaurant yet you chose not to…”

    “You’ve got smarter!” Ru Yi laughed, “That was because I knew you would not just sit and watch. Beside, I did not want to reveal my martial arts.”

    “Mei Tian’er said that your technique was the ‘Golden Stance,’ so you are related to Huang Fei Yang?”

    Before Ru Yi could answer, she felt the present of six others. She placed her hand over Hao Tian’s mouth gesturing him to stop talking, “We have company.”

    “You impish lass! You are indeed observant!” crackled a shrill voice. A voice like this one, once a person had heard it, he will not forget. Hao Tian and Ru Yi immediately recognized it to be Small Big. Once he finished talking, six faces emerged from surrounding trees. Seeing the malicious faces of these men under the moonlight did not differ much from seeing demons from the underworld. If one was to have a weak heart, that person would easily faint from fright. No wonder people referred to them as the Six Devils of Plum Blossom Mountains.

    “So it is you cowards!” exclaimed Ru Yi. Though her deception was exposed, she did not looked a bit worried. A sheer hint of amusement still remained in her eyes.

    “Hmph! You wouldn’t be calling us cowards when we deal with you!” declared Small Big, his tiny eyes flaring with frustration.

    “Deal with me? You weren’t even able to touch us!” the maiden laughed.

    “That’s because you used your trickeries!” cried the buff devil with dark, oily skin.

    Ru Yi sighed, “Then I guess that means you lot are the most dimwitted creatures on earth, to be trick by a simple maiden like me…”

    Loss at words, all six devils could only attacked the two youngsters as a respond. Each hurtled their heavy plated weapons at Hao Tian and Ru Yi. The crashing sounds of weapon soon deafened the wind’s soft whistle and awakened the forest critters. The forest’s terrain cringed with tremor as the battle proceeded. However in an hour, all the noise subside. Being outnumbered in persons and strength, Hao Tian and Ru Yi had lost the battle.


    The trees danced elegantly in the soft morning breeze as the sun slowly lifted from its deep slumber, once again painting the earth with its brilliant colors. The birds and forest’s critters awakened by the sunlight arouse the quiet forest with their morning greetings.

    Inside a wooden hovel, a young man stared at a beautiful maiden before him. Though he had seen women more fair, none had the aura that she gracefully possessed. Her face, like a newly blossomed flower, pale and pink contrasted her deep magenta lips. Straight and slender, her nose stood charmingly in the center of her face.

    The man’s eyelids lifted when he saw that she was stirring. Slowly, her eyes opened, revealing her exhausted yet enchanting eyes. The pair of mesmerizing brown eyes though clouded with worries added to her grace.

    “Are you alright?” inquired Zhang Feng as he helped Midnight Fairy up.

    “It was you who saved me?” she asked, ignoring his question. The maiden received her answer when Zhang Feng merely nodded.

    “And you who took care of me all night?”

    “Lin Ta Ky’s weapon was poisonous. I’m sorry for any intrusion. My only intention is to save Miss’s life.”

    “Hero Zhang needn’t apologize. As a maiden of Jianghu, I understand,” she replied with a weak smile.

    “The Midnight Fairy is known for her secret anqi. Yet, why did you not use any against him? You yourself said, ‘Having sympathy toward the enemy is only being cruel to oneself’” Feng quoted with a dry grin.

    “That is true, but a heroic figure of Wulin as him, I have never treated him as my enemy… but who would’ve guessed that he is nothing but a hypocrite,” uttered the maiden with a slight scoff. To which, Zhang Feng chuckled amusedly.

    “You should be more careful from now on, you will meet many more like him. Now that you are alright. I should make my departure, farewell,” Zhang Feng uttered as he stood up, standing tall and valiant.

    “Hero Zhang!” the maiden suddenly called out, “do you not wish to know my name?”

    “A name is but a name. It does not hold much importance…” answered Zhang Feng without even looking at the maiden.

    “Be that the case, then I am most grateful for your help.”

    “You have helped me once. Consider my debt repay…” were his last words before he left. The maiden watched until Hero Zhang was out the door, her heart tingling as he disappeared into the sunrise.

    She heaved a long weary sigh. If fate is on their side, may they meet again one day. One day soon.
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    Default An Insidious Trap

    High above a mountain that got its name from the beautiful plum blossom trees accumulating its every inch laid a manor of great beauty. If travelers were to walk these grounds in a snowy winter day when the blossom are newly ripe, they would believe that they’re taking a path that would lead straight to heaven. Little would these travelers know, the residents within those walls were not any gods or goddesses of such but instead the most fearsome devils. Now detained in their hostage are two adolescents. A lively young girl of sixteen and a handsome lad no more than eighteen.
    “Great, we are trapped in here, are you not a bit worry at all?” Ru Yi grunted as she crossed her arms in frustration. Her companion merely looked at her as he returned a casual shrug.

    “Are you not a bit scare as of what they will do to us?” the maiden challenged as she carefully observed the calm expression on the latter’s face.

    “With you here, what’s there to fret?” he grinned.

    “Oh?” her eyes raised, showing its obvious amusement while her cherry lips coiled into the shape of an oval egg.

    However, her face soon transformed as she chuckled loudly, “What kind of man are you to depend on a young girl like me?”

    “Only a wise man would know when he sees a clever girl,” Hao Tian smiled.

    “But wouldn’t a wise man figure out this situation for himself?” retorted the maiden, an amused smile adorned her face.

    To her comment, the young man was left speechless. Instead, he chose to ignore it with another of his own, “We had not finish our conversation before we were disturbed. What is your relationship to the great martial arts master, Huang Fei Yang?”

    “I am his granddaughter…” Before she went on any further, Ru Yi directed her eyes at the door. Hao Tian immediately understood her.

    “Ay, I am afraid it would be difficult for us to escape unless a miracle happens and I am able to master the Yellow Manuscript in such little time…” the maiden uttered loud enough for the men outside to heed. Suddenly, the door flung opened revealing a bulky size man with dark oily skin. Dark Skin Two, second of the six demons instantly marched his way up to cage that imprisoned the two youngsters.

    “Little lass! What did you say about the Yellow Manuscript?” declared the man as he stared at Ru Yi with a hungry guise.

    “The Yellow Manuscript? I did not say anything about it…” murmured the maiden with a bewildered look.

    “How dare you lie to me! I had heard you clearly!” he shouted, clenching his fist in anger. At that very moment, the five other demons rushed in, Small Big leading them. His easily recognized sharp crackle brought a cold shiver to the room.

    “The Yellow Manuscript? Did she really say something about the Yellow Manuscript? Hand it over lass and your death may not be as hideous!” squealed Small Big, his tiny eyes emitting an intimidating ray of terror.

    “How can I hand over something I do not have?” snapped the maiden, her large eyes raging with innocence, a slim smile trickling from the corner her lips. However, these six men would not be fool by such.

    “If that is how you want to play! Spike Ball Six, take the lad out!” commanded Small Big. The stick-like man with hair sticking out in every direction immediately unlocked the heavy metal cage and pulled the unwilling Hao Tian out. Though he was reluctant, the young man’s eyes showed no sign of fear. He knew that the maiden had a trick up her sleeve. Even though he only met her for such little time, an instinct told him that he could trust her completely, even with his own life. Whether that instinct was right or not, he will soon find out.

    “Either you tell us… or you can say good bye to your little friend,” snickered Small Big as he seized Hao Tian’s neck with his slimy, long fingers.

    Well aware of the fact that if she gave in too quick, they would be perceptive of her, Ru Yi hesitated for a moment.

    “Well?” Small Big urged. The smile wiped from his face, his hand was growing impatient as it took a tighter grip of the young man’s throat. Hao Tian panted, grasping for air when he felt the pain in his neck as the clench tightened.

    Realizing that she could no longer stay silent, the maiden spoke, “Let go of him! I’ll tell you…”

    Upon hearing her words, Small Big loosened his hold as a greedy smirk displayed on his face.

    “However, you must promise me to let us go afterward…” Ru Yi negotiated.

    “Very well… I promise you!” giggled Small Big.

    “I have no manuscript.”

    “Y-you!!!” stammered Small Big as his grip once again strengthened.

    “But it’s all in here!” the maiden hastily added pointing at her head.

    “Why must we believe you!” intervened the other five demons, their eyes flaring with anger, taking the maiden’s actions as an insult to their integrity.

    “I don’t know… why should you believe me?” she flashed a defiant smile.

    Though doubtfulness lingered in their minds, their selfish greed surpassed all doubts.

    “Get her ink and brush so she can rewrite the manual!” ordered Small Big.

    “I will not write it! Once I finish writing, you will definitely kill us. To ensure our lives, I will bestow you a step at a time…”

    The six contemplated for a while and their power lusting minds shortly agreed to Ru Yi‘s proposition.

    “The Yellow Manuscript’s power mainly focus on the right hand. Therefore, you must cultivate all your inner strength to that hand. To do this, you must stand on your right hand for eight hour, allowing sufficient time for the inner strength to do so in a smooth and harmless way. However, once you’re on your hand, you are not allow to stand straight until eight hours passed. Otherwise, it would backfire causing the most horrifying death…” recited the maiden, imposing a straight face to seal all her entertainment.

    “Big brother, is there such things?” queried Inhuman Monk Five, the pig-like monk and fifth rank of the six demons.

    “If you do not believe me, then do not do it!” declared the maiden.

    To which, Small Big responded, “This lass would not dare to lie to old master again! But to insure our safety, you five must watch these two while I try it first!” He instantly hopped onto his right arm after handing Hao Tian to Rat Face Four who placed his dagger at the young man‘s throat.

    Ru Yi heaved a long sigh, “And I thought the six of you are the closest of brothers who would put the benefits of the others before yourselves. Never would I guess that Small Big is this selfish to only think of himself…”

    Frustrated at the maiden’s insult, Small Big’s face twisted like an angered monkey, “Do not listen to this lass’s nonsense!”

    “Indeed I feel sorry for the five of you to be bully by him all the time…” Ru Yi mumbled, but it was loud enough for all five men to perceived.

    Without further consideration, Rat Face Four shoved Hao Tian back into the cage, locking it after him. Hao Tian took a quick glimpse at his companion. Though he was not sure what she was up to, but he found it outright hilarious that these six would believe Ru Yi‘s gibberish.

    “Brothers, we must think for ourselves too!” announced Rat Face Four. The others nodded in conformity and all five men leaped onto their right hand. Small Big grunted in frustration, but did not move an inch, afraid that his life would be at stake if he take such risk.

    Ru Yi smiled secretly as the six were slowly getting ensnared into her trap. After two dull hours, the maiden extracted a small pin from her hair and began tampering into the golden lock. Within seconds, she unbolted the two piece of metal.

    “You see what happens when you fools don’t listen to me!” cried the frustrated Small Big as he attempted to remove his hand from the ground but was immediately stopped by Ru Yi.

    “I don’t think you should do that! If you do not believe me, try switching to left hand and see if you are able to move your right hand,” grinned the maiden. Small Big did as he was told and his miniature eyes widened in astonishment when he realized his right arm was completely numb. Assuming what the maiden said was right, he dared not move.

    Ru Yi slowly trotted out of the cage, walking around her six victims, laughing in enjoyment. Before they noticed, the maiden had already struck a needle into each of them, pointing right at the spinal cord. Thus, all of them were froze to immobilization.

    “You six are definitely fun to play with! Even a five year old would not believe that you would die from moving after standing on one hand!” Ru Yi’s joyful laugh lightened up the gloomy room, but the tormenting expression on the six demon’s face remained.

    “Then why was I unable to move my arm?” questioned Small Big, gritting his teeth in irritation.

    “This is simple. Since you stood on your arm for so long, of course it would be numb…” it was not Ru Yi who spoke but Hao Tian.

    “Y-you insidious lass!” shrieked all six demons, loss at words.

    “Seeing you six like this, I do feel pitiful for you. However, since you are not related to me at all, there are no reasons as of why I should save you… unless… you six become my disciples! Then I will surely save you!” beamed Ru Yi, showing her pearly white teeth.

    How could the six great demons of Wulin possibly become the disciples of a maiden no more than sixteen? It would be considered utmost humiliation. Nevertheless, they knew that their lives were worth more than their dignity. Reluctantly, all six men agreed. After the maiden released them, they scampered away like there was no tomorrow. Shamed and mortified, never would they want to run into that cunning lass again.


    As the sun‘s dim rays flickered over a vacant courtyard, a solitary maiden stared at the instrument before her. Differ from the other days, she did not wish to play her daily tune. Instead, another aroused in her mind, a song of soft whispers and quiet longing. The most incredible music emitted from the zither when her delicate fingers plucked each string. Its melody, deadly enchanting that a person would be hypnotized by its rhythmic echoes. The envious birds stopped their chirping to listen to the captivating tunes. The wind’s fierce howling broke into soundless bawling. It was a quiet day and the maiden’s forlorn notes only added to its loneliness.

    When the maiden noticed the presence of another, she halted her playing. The birds began chirping in disagreement, begging for more while the wind resumed its intense howling.

    A woman in her mid thirty glided toward the younger maiden, “Xue Ying, you have finally return…and it appeared that with your return, the style of your song had changed as well. What happened?”

    “Auntie, I myself is confuse as well, how can I tell you? But I’ve heard from the servants about our visitors…is it true that she used Golden Stance of The Yellow Manuscript?” questioned Xue Ying, in hope of changing the subject and all the same, curious of the happenings while she was gone.

    “It is, I pursued them after they escaped but they were captured by the Six Demons. I secretly followed them and it turned out that even these six hideous men could not deal with that maiden…In the end, they became her disciples…” Mei Tian’er chuckled as she recalled the amusing incident she had just witnessed.

    An amused smile escaped from Xue Ying’s lips. Though she found it hard to believe, it was certainly humorous that those six would be trick into becoming disciples of a young maiden.

    “What will you do of this matter?”

    “I will sent an order to the six demons…they are to be good disciples and protect her at all cause…”

    A Poster I made out of boredom =)
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Are there still anyone reading? If so, I hope you can leave a message. A writer does need encouragement sometimes =)


    The crescent moon smiled over the silent night as it gazed at its crystal clear reflection emanated from the flowing water of the Yellow River. The many fish lurking below the shadows of the river slept peacefully. A forlorn young man, oblivious to this fact hurtled stones after stones into the river, causing ripples as the rocks bounce off the water’s surface, disturbing the frustrated creatures from their midnight rest.

    A maiden not too far from him tossed and turned at the noise of splattering water. Unable to take the sounds any longer, she suddenly leaped up, a grumpy expression clouding her lively face.

    “Can you quiet it down? It’s impossible to sleep with all the racket you’re creating!” she grumbled.

    Li Hao Tian turned to look at his companion. Frowning, he muttered, “Sorry, I can’t sleep.”

    “Why is that?” Ru Yi questioned but received silent in return. In spite of this, she chose to break the silent with a comment of her own, “You must be missing someone, am I right?”

    Impressed at the maiden’s ability to read his thoughts, the lad let out a slight chortle, “Out of all the maidens I am acquainted with, you are the cleverest. There’s still one thing I’m curious about. You are the granddaughter of Huang Fei Yang, but what are you doing out here all by yourself?” Hao Tian added, bringing light to a new topic.

    Upon hearing his question, Ru Yi exhaled a distressed sigh, her frowning face trailing it. “I’ve left home to search for my father,” she replied solemnly.

    “Your father? Huang Xiao(Xiao as in Xiao Yao of Chinese Paladin) Yu(Yu as in wandering)? Isn‘t he… dead? If I recall it correctly, he died when I was eight…” remarked Hao Tian bluntly, regretting what he said after seeing the gloomy look on the maiden’s face.

    With her eyes hovering over the glimmering water, she began, “I last saw my father when I was eight… Though I was quite young, I could tell that my parents did not love each other. A few months later, my grandfather announced my father dead. Mother passed away soon after. Though my grandparents try again and again to convince me that my father is gone. I have never saw his corpse and until I do, I won’t believe them. I know they are keeping something from me. No matter what, I will find out the truth…”

    Hao Tian stared at her. He had heard of the stories revolving around the Yellow Swordsman’s family, but no accounts of his granddaughter. Never would he thought that this vivacious girl is hiding so much behind her cheerfulness. He gave her a sincere and reassuring smile as he stood up, “Don’t worry. Once I retrieve the Heroic Sword, I’ll assist you in finding your father.”

    To his surprise, the maiden chuckled, replacing the troubled expression with a haughty one, “Do you think you are capable of helping me?”

    “You-” aggravated by her comment, Hao Tian had the urge to retort but quickly prevent himself from continuing when he thought of her tale.

    Without speaking further, he lowered his head. The thoughts of Ru Yi’s heartrending past eventually drifted from his mind when he came face to face with the reflection of the falcate moon. As enchanting as it was, it cannot be compare to the person lingering in his mind. Though he met incredible women like Huang Ru Yi and Mei Tian’er during this journey, none carried the captivating beauty of Murong Ming Yue.

    When his eyes lifted to meet the glittering stars perching in the veil of darkness, each one seemed to attach with another, gradually forming a gorgeous face of a maiden. Gazing at the illusion before him, he wondered what she was doing at the moment. How he wish to feel her soft face and listen to her song-like voice.

    The familiarity of another voice woke him from his daze, “So who are you missing?”

    Astonished at the sudden voice and a hit on his shoulder, Li Hao Tian lost his balance and plunged into the river. Luckily, Ru Yi managed to rotate him around. In the process, he tumbled right on top of her. Before neither of them knew it, both eyes widened in disbelief when they found their lips colliding into each other. Both youngsters sauntered into another world as an awkward silent enveloped them. The moon seemed to stared down at them, watching their every move while every stars turned to their direction gazing at the sight below. The river stopped its flow, observing with its curious tides. Everything seemed to froze at the moment.

    Even only with a few passing second, it felt like eternity to Ru Yi. When she finally grasped the current condition, the maiden immediately shoved him off of her and jerked up. Without considering further, she grabbed her luggage and raced off into the dense forest.

    Hao Tian gawked at her disappearing figure, her soft sniffling echoing in his eardrums. He wanted to call out to her, but a sense of guilt pulled him back. In the end, he could only watch in silence as the maiden vanished into the shadows of countless trees. The river resumed its flow, the stars went back to their doings. The young man knew that tonight would be another restless one. He dropped his head in frustration. A beam of light flashed across his eyes. He followed the source of the glow and realized that it was a piece of jade only a few feet from him.

    “Ru Yi must had dropped this…” he assumed as he picked up the piece of brilliant carved jade with the word ‘meng’(dream) engraved on it. Sighing, he tucked it safely into the pocket of his wardrobe.


    “Stupid Hao Tian! Dumb Hao Tian!” shrieked a young maiden as she continuously pound onto an oak tree, hoping to vent her sorrow. When she realized that her hands would soon swell in pain, she ceased and let herself fall the ground. Huang Ru Yi turned her head in every direction and realized that she had gone deep within this forest. With darkness engulfing her in every direction, she could barely make out her surrounding. However, when one could not use one sense, the others become more vigilant. With her ears, she made out the noise of the night critters hunting for preys while smelling the exotic aroma of nature.

    As she wiped the tears from her face, she realized that she was not the only human being around. Grinning, the lass announced, “Do you guys want to play hide and seek with me? Reveal yourselves!”

    Seconds later, six figures emerged from surrounding bushes. Five bulky in size while the sixth merely three feet. They were no other than the Six Devils of Plum Blossom Mountain.

    “So it is my six disciple!” smirked Ru Yi. Though she simulated a bold look, the maiden was secretly afraid and somewhat regretted for releasing them earlier. To her shock, all six dropped to their knees and greeted her by master.

    “Why are you following me?” the maiden questioned and the six responded with a simple answer by saying they only wanted to be good disciples to her. Nonetheless, the cunning maiden would not be so easily convinced.

    “Tell me the truth if you are to be good disciples!”

    “I-it was the Mistress of Plum Blossom Manor, she wanted us to be your disciples!” replied Broad Shoulder Three. Ru Yi’s curiosity rose at the mention of the infamous mistress. Since the waiter informed them that these six would not dare to hurt her, Ru Yi suspected that there was a connection between these two parties. When the waiter explained that it was because the mistress was a beauty beyond comparison, the maiden became more skeptical. If she was really as beautiful as they waiter described, wouldn’t she be a victim of these six lustful men unless she somehow have power over them? However, till this day, she was still unable to decipher their relationships.

    “Tell me why my six disciples would listen to a mere mistress of a manor in an remote town?”

    Unsure how to answer, all six remained silent until the maiden spoke again, “Take me to see this mistress when the sun rise!” Though she was curious to find out who this mistress was since the other was obviously aiding her, Huang Ru Yi secretly wanted to assist Hao Tian in finding the Heroic Sword.

    When Ru Yi stopped talking, everything became silent again until sudden grumblings from six hungry stomachs. The maiden chuckled as she tossed the six the remaining of her food exclaiming that it would be hard for them to hunt in pitch darkness. Though the fearsome men that they were, being human, they still had hearts and thus were touched by her generosity. Confident that the six would not harm her, Ru Yi camped in the middle of the forest with a campfire bathing the small area in warm light.


    Meanwhile, Li Hao Tian felt quite lonely without Ru Yi‘s companionship. Lost and confused, he did not know where to head next. Should he journey back to Plum Blossom Town and seek the mistress or should he resume his search else where? If Ru Yi’s prediction was correct, then the mistress herself is the Midnight Fairy. But what if she was wrong? With Mei Tian’er’s new knowledge of their plan, he would just be heading back to a tigress’s den.

    Deciding to let destiny guide him, the young man placed his sword on the ground and gave it a hard spin. When the weapon stopped its cycles, its tip pointed to the east. Back to Plum Blossom Manor this young swordsman will go.

    As he headed toward the town, his thoughts traced back to Ru Yi, wondering if their path will ever cross again in this lifetime. He prayed to the stars and moon above that she will find the answers she’s seeking for and he secretly hoped that whatever those answers won’t cause her pain. Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he continued his walking.

    After a short distance of traveling, he came across a young man about twenty three. Though the young man was not very handsome, he held a powerful aura that makes one nervous at his sight. The stranger on the same path questioned Hao Tian about the closest town to which the young man politely answered, “Plum Blossom Manor, I am heading there right now. If you don’t mind, we can travel together.”

    The latter nodded with a slight smile. Though they did not talk much nor knew each other identities, both youths found his new companion quite to his likings. After an hour of silent, Hao Tian attempted to start a conversation, “I am Li Hao Tian, what is your name?”

    “Zhang Feng.”

    “The Zhang Feng whom everyone addressed as the young hero of Wulin?” Li Hao Tian was in awed at finding out his companion’s identity. He would never thought that he’ll be this lucky to meet the young prodigy whom he had heard so much about.

    Zhang Feng chuckled at the younger man’s reaction, “That is but a title which I do not deserve.”

    “Hero Zhang is too humble! It is my honor to meet you tonight!” complimented Li Hao Tian, who was quite impressed at the latter’s modesty.

    “Brother Li, please do not call me Hero Zhang.”

    “Then I shall call you Brother Zhang,” Hao Tian smiled.

    “Brother Li, you do not look like a person of Wulin. What are you doing out here?”

    Though he had only met this man, Hao Tian immediately found him trusting and therefore told his companion of his story. Zhang Feng understood the other’s difficulty and told him of his meeting with Midnight Fairy. Afterward, he promised that he would help his comrade find her. Thus, the two new friends continued toward the small town.


    Back in the capital city of Kaifeng, General Li Chung Kit was enraged when discovering the absent of his son. Worried about the safety of his younger child, he sent his older and more experienced son, Li Fei Tian to sought after the latter.

    The young man in his early twenties traveled on a winding path, racing across the thick forest. The morning wind blew his dark hair back, revealing his handsome face. Li Fei Tian’s deep brown eyes stared at the path before him as he continued his journey. He came to a stop when he saw a caravan of seven consisting of six odd looking men and a cute-looking maiden no more than sixteen. When he heard the six referring to the maiden as mentor, Li Fei Tian couldn’t help but chuckled aloud in amusement. He found the maiden quite intriguing and immediately wished to befriend her. But not wanting to delay his search, he carried on. In this distance of a several meters, he instantly turned back and headed toward the maiden.

    “Pardon me, but have any of you seen a young man about eighteen?” Li Fei Tian asked politely with the descriptions of his younger brother.

    Huang Ru Yi stared at the handsome stranger and was immediately reminded of Hao Tian.

    “Master, don’t he look a lot like the lad with you earlier!” chirped Small Big.

    “Miss, are you acquainted with my brother Li Hao Tian? If so, can you tell me of his whereabouts?” Li Fei Tian uttered anxiously.

    “We separated last night. If you want to look for him, I suggest you try Plum Blossom Town. In fact, we are currently heading that way, you may travel with us if you like,” Ru Yi’s voice tinkled like a bell and her charming smile that could melt one‘s heart and it certainly brought warmth to her new companion. He gratefully agreed and after a brief introduction, the party headed toward Plum Blossom Town.


    As the suns awoke from its sleeping, bathing the earth with warmth and light, Zhang Feng and Li Hao Tian finally reached a small town called Plum Blossom Town at the edge of Plum Blossom Mountain.

    Zhang Feng stared up at the wooden entrance and pondered whether he will find what he had been looking for. Since the day of his father’s death five years ago, he had been traveling through Jianghu searching for his mother. Since his father was always drunk when he was alive, Zhang Feng never learned much about his birth-mother. She left when he was five with only a piece of jade as a remembrance. Though with five passing years, the young man had never once lost hope.
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Default Leaving Plum Blossom Town

    It was early dawn when two women galloped across the forest, beneath the gray sky. The sun, barely awake from its slumber, flickered but a few rays onto the Earth, granting it the dimmest of light. The forest was awkwardly quiet, creating no sounds except that of the galloping horses.

    The young maiden on the left was riding on a beautiful black steed, whose coat was slicker than the midnight sky. The bottom half of the maiden’s face although shielded by a black veil, her mesmerizing eyes stood out immensely as it scanned the area surrounding them.

    “Auntie,” the maiden spoke, her voice clear and enchanting, “I am worried.”

    “Worried?” repeated the more mature woman who was wrapped in elegant white, differ from the latter whose outfit was completely black. This woman could not be considered beautiful, but she emitted an endearing grace that not many carried.

    “Father’s martial arts may be high, but there are many experts in this world,” the maiden spoke, her voice though crisp and clear was enveloped by apprehension.

    “Xue Ying, you need not worry. Brother-in-law knows what he is doing,” the older woman consoled.

    “Auntie, do you want to do this?”

    “A person of Jianghu lives not by their own will,” Mei Tian’er replied sharply.


    The sun peered from the corner of the sky, barely visible behind the thick layers of clouds. It was late morning when a caravan of eight reached the east entrance of a small town, located on the edge of Plum Blossom Mountain. The odd group consisted of six bizarre looking men, a vivacious maiden and a handsome young gentleman. Just when they were mere inches from the gate, the only maiden in the group halted, a hesitant look detaining her.

    “Brother Li,” the maiden began as she turned to face the attractive young man in his early twenty, “We will separate here. I still have an unfinished task to attend to.”

    “Miss Huang, you will not accompany me to find Hao Tian?” questioned Li Fei Tian who had assumed that this young maiden too was searching for his junior brother.

    “I’m afraid I can’t. If you see Hao Tian, please tell him that Ru Yi advice him that a dog who will not bark will live longer. Farewell Brother Li. May our path cross again,” Ru Yi cupped her hands together in respect of her senior and headed off to her destination with her six disciples who everyone referred to as the Six Demons of Plum Blossom Mountain tottering behind.

    Li Fei Tian watched as her dainty figure gradually disappeared into the horizon. He heaved a long sigh and pulled onto the rein of his stallion, sauntering into the busy town. Throughout his twenty-one years of life, he had never met a maiden quite like Huang Ru Yi. Maiden far fair, he had encountered many but none possessed the intelligence that she carried. One who is capable of tricking the renowned Six Demons of Plum Blossom Mountain into being her disciple, surely in this world, there would not be second person.

    Huang Ru Yi bit onto her bottom lips as she sauntered away. She knew that Li Hao Tian didn’t want to be discovered by his family, but perhaps it would be better for his sake if Li Fei Tian finds him. After all, Hao Tian was green to this world of Rivers and Lakes. If he was to journey himself, he would indeed encounter much danger.


    Before Ru Yi and her disciples reached the gates of the Snow Blossom Manor, two young maidens dressed in pale pink approached them and curtsied politely. The taller maiden of the two spoke first, “You must be Miss Huang. Our mistress was expecting you. She knew you would come but it is a pity that she had just left.”

    “Young Mistress had ordered us to wait for you here. She wants to let you know that she is heading to Guilin,” added the latter.

    “Guilin? The Hero Tournament!” Ru Yi instantly came up with the assumption. Why else would their mistress be at Guilin if not for the grand tournament? Perhaps, she could also find traces of her father there. However, such would be risky for her as well. After all, is it not the best place for her grandparents to search for her? Despite the risk, Ru Yi knew that if one does not go into the tigress’s den, there would be no way for them to retrieve the tigress’s cub. This was a risk that she was willing to take.


    Zhang Feng and Li Hao Tian visited the Snow Blossom Manor only to found that their journey was in vain. The mysterious young mistress, though returned, had once again left Plum Blossom Town. Even though Zhang Feng have faith in the words of the two maiden guarding Snow Blossom Manor, Li Hao Tian on the other hand was skeptical and decided to sneak into the manor himself.

    “Brother Li, they were not lying. And if the mistress of the manor is really the Midnight Fairy, I can guarantee you that she is not a person who would use trickeries,” said Zhang Feng, in hope of changing the other‘s mind. From his previous encounters with the infamous Midnight Fairy, he was assured that she was a woman of honor and worthy of his respect.

    “How do you know they are not lying?” the younger man challenged.

    “From their eyes,” replied Zhang Feng. Though the tone of his voice differed from Huang Ru Yi, their phrase was the exact same and Hao Tian was immediately reminded of his former companion. Simply for that reason, he chose to believe Zhang Feng’s words.

    “Then she is really in Guilin,” Li Hao Tian concurred, recalling what the two maidens told them.

    “If I am not mistaken, the Hero Tournament is taking place in Guilin this year. A great event like this only occurs once every ten years. I would like to see it,” Zhang Feng grinned.

    “Then we can go together,” a natural smile lit up Hao Tian’s face. However, the smile faded as quickly as it had appeared. Li Hao Tian’s eyes widened upon sighting a man with familiar features. Fear gushed through his bloodstreams. What could his brother be doing in this distinct town? There was only one answer; to search for him. Reacting swiftly, he turned toward Zhang Feng, anxiety written clearly on his face.

    “Brother Zhang, I’ll meet you at the south entrance.” as soon as he finished talking, Hao Tian sprinted through the busy street, leaving the stranded Zhang Feng to wonder of his sudden departure. He found his answer shortly after when he caught glimpse of a handsome young man, bearing similar facial features as that of his comrade, dashing after Hao Tian.

    Li Hao Tian hurried away as fast as he could, without taking a single glance back. He knew that Fei Tian’s lightness kungfu exceeded his own and he couldn’t take the risk of delaying his escape by gazing back. The afternoon breeze brushed his hair as he raced across the crowded street. Villagers, taken aback by the sudden dashing figure instantly swept aside, making room for him to avoid any collision.

    To his disappointment, a strong arm caught grip of him, “Going somewhere?” The familiar voice strummed into Hao Tian’s ears and he knew exactly who the speaker was.

    “Big brother--” Before Hao Tian could finished his speech, he was interrogated when Zhang Feng came between the two brothers.
    When the young man realized what was going on, swords were already unsheathed. His two senior exchanged series of attacks while villagers ran for shelter behind their safe havens.

    The speed of Zhang Feng’s swordplay was unbelievably fast that Li Fei Tian barely had time to avoid them. Zhang Feng’s sword, now like an unstoppable force, swerved in every direction. The intensity of its speed was so great that a person could not make out its fleeting course. Li Fei Tian could not see it at all but only felt the gushing force expelled from it. Yet, the swordsman was not aiming to kill him. In less than fives stances, Li Fei Tian was disarmed.

    “Brother Zhang, please don’t hurt my older brother!” Li Hao Tian bellowed when concern for his brother’s safety aroused. Though he was confident that Zhang Feng would not harm his brother, he knew that swords do not have eyes. In intense duels, casualties could not be prevented.

    “Zhang? Zhang Feng, the undefeatable swordsman? I am really a fool to challenge you,” spoke Li Fei Tian as he picked up his fallen sword.
    “Brother Li is too kind,” Zhang Feng smiled honestly. If these words came from the mouth of another, one would doubt their kindness as a method of mocking. However, Zhang Feng’s eyes disclosed nothing but sincerity.

    “Seeing once is indeed better than hearing a thousand times. I have heard many stories of Hero Zhang, but only now do I see your gallantry for myself. Brother Zhang, thank you for looking after my brother, but I must bring him home now,” Fei Tian spoke calmly, but his words were coated with a sense of solemnity.

    “I can’t go with you!” Hao Tian intervened before Zhang Feng could opened his mouth, “Big brother, it is my fault that the Heroic Sword is gone. I must recover it!”

    “Do you know how worry Father and Mother are?” Li Fei Tian opposed, his voice held that same mist of authority as their father. Hao Tian felt his heartbeat rising at the tone of his brother’s voice, but he knew he couldn’t give in.

    “The Heroic Sword was a present given from the Emperor himself. If I can’t get it back, I wouldn‘t be able to live with myself. Big brother, trust me. I can take care of myself,” Hao Tian reasoned, hoping the latter would be convinced.

    Li Fei Tian squashed his lips together, unsure of what to do. As much as he didn’t want to go against his father’s will, he could not bring himself to deny his younger brother’s request. He grew up with Hao Tian; they learned together, ate together, played together. Despite the difference in interests and age, both brothers have high regards for the other.

    “Brother Li, if you are concern for your brother’s safety, I can guarantee you that I will not let harm befall him,” Zhang Feng, who was silently scrutinizing the brothers’ conversation had finally spoken out.

    “Big brother, with Brother Zhang’s words, you can rest assure now,” bolstered Hao Tian. Li Fei Tian took glances from Zhang Feng to his brother and finally, turned to Zhang Feng.

    He nodded, “then I shall rely on Brother Zhang.”

    That peaceful evening, the three drank the night away under the light of the moon and stars. While consuming the finest wine of the town, all three men shared with each other the marvels of each of their martial arts. Zhang Feng, the oldest and most renowned of the three no doubt gave the most impressive performance which left the two Li brothers both in awed by his extravagant skills.

    Li Hao Tian, being the youngest and least experience, could not take the intensity of the heavy drinking and was the first to pass out while the other two carried on. It was a happy night, but every jovial festivity must come to an end. The next morning came quickly.

    “Brother, what will you tell our parents?” Li Hao Tian, familiar with his father’s strict ways questioned, concern trailing his words.

    “Don’t worry, I will think of something,” his older brother assured him.

    “Uhm--letMing Yue know that I am safe,” the younger man muttered in a haste, his cheeks flustering red.

    Li Fei Tian chuckled at his brother’s awkwardness, “I will. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Ru Yi has a message for you. ‘A dog who will not bark will live longer.’” Fei Tian added, suddenly remembering Huang Ru Yi’s words.
    Li Hao Tian clenched his fist in anger, his cheeks now even redder than before. He mumbled to himself, “How dare that lass compare me to a dog.”

    “Farewells are unavoidable. I guess this is goodbye, Brother Zhang,” Li Fei Tian continued as he diverted his attention toward Zhang Feng who was standing quietly for a time now.

    “Farewell, Brother Li.”

    After the brief farewell, the two party proceeded in their different directions. While Li Fei Tian walked into the rising sun, advancing toward Kaifeng, Zhang Feng and Li Hao Tian headed South to Guilin and the Hero Tournament.

    Li Hao Tian pondered of the Heroic Sword. Will he be able to retrieve it and fulfill his filial piety as the son of General Li? His thoughts then wandered to Huang Ru Yi. Will he ever encounter that cunning lass again?
    Zhang Feng, walking alongside the other, also had things consuming his mind. Will he find traces of his mother in the Hero Tournament? If he did, would she even remember him, the son whom she had abandoned at such early age?
    Only fate knew what laid ahead for the two.
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    Many days of journeying had gone by. Li Hao Tian and Zhang Feng were lucky enough to arrived just in time for the Hero Tournament on the outskirt of Guilin. Hao Tian, who had never saw this many heroes together in his lifetime were in awed at the numerous fighters there that morning

    “Greetings heroes from all four corners of the world. Here we gather for another Hero Tournament! It is a great honor for me to be able to host the spectacular event,” announced a man in his later forties. He was tall, with a skinny built and a small beard. His voice was deep and profound, emitting the same aura that he carried in his deep eyes. Hao Tian observed his movement carefully as he continued speaking. Though racking his brain out, the young man could not think of who this man was. Fortunately, he received his answer when two men, clad in rugged brown attire began whispering among each other.

    “What is Wu Gou Ping doing here? He is not a member of Wulin,” inquired the younger of the two man as he eyed the talking man with an air of disparagement.

    The elder man cuffed his junior on the head as punishment for his ignorant, “How can you forget that Master Wu is a good friend of our Martial Leader? Beside, he earned his name as the richest man in Guilin.”

    Upon the mention of the Martial Leader, Li Hao Tian at once spotted him on the East side of the Stadium. Ma Jun was an easily recognized man, surrounded by an air of authority.

    Wu Gou Ping continued with his speech, “As you all know, the winner of this tournament will become the next martial leader. Now, let the competition begin!”

    His booming voice deafened out all other noise at his last sentence, followed by rhythmic poundings of four great drums. The sounds produced by these four instruments were so vociferous that one would crumpled to the ground if he did not possess any sort of inner strength.

    In mere seconds, a small man wrapped in flax clothing stood forth, carrying a long spear that look as if it was to heavy for him. He appeared to be a weak elderly man, but a book could not be judged by its cover. Despite his scrawny appearance, his steps were agile and light leaving the crowd impressed of his marvelous lightness kungfu and trepidation promptly aroused in those who had originally intended to participate in this tournament.

    “Allow me to have the honor of the first fight!” the man beamed confidently, stroking the long mustache, dangling scrappily from his chin. He instantly found an opponent when a sword came out to meet his spear. The owner of the sword was a young man of average built.

    An exchange of attack was expected at this point, but who to thought that the sword would lost to the spear in less than two stances. The swordsman, whose face was now flustered red from embarrassment quickly seized his weapon and scurried off into the crowd.

    “Elder Mo’s Thousand Spears technique is brilliant,” spoke a handsome male voice, “I, Liu Yi Feng from The Divine Wind Sect would like to take a few pointers from Elder.”

    The carrier of the voice was as attractive as the voice itself. Clad in white, Liu Yi Feng appeared to be well groomed young man around the same age as Hao Tian. He carried a striking face with sharp features and crispy thin lips. Despite his courteous appearance, his eyes carried a hint of haughtiness.

    Elder Mo flung his head to meet the young challenger. An amused expression plastered on his face, bringing out the wrinkles hidden around his tiny eyes. This lad dared to challenge him? He’ll have to show him the wonder of the Thousand Spears Technique.

    Liu Yi Feng held out his flute and bowed to his senior as a token of respect. Elder Mo eyed him with suspicion and spoke frankly, “Young man, you dare to use that wooden flute against my spear?”

    “The flute is a trademark of our sect, it would only be proper for me to use it to represent The Divine Wind Sect,” grinned Liu Yi Feng, not taking Elder Mo’s words to heart.

    Without further debating, the match began. Both fighters were quick and cautious, using their qing gong to their advantage. However, while Elder Mo launched series of slashes at the younger man, Liu Yi Feng only evaded without countering.

    “What are you waiting for! Attack!” demanded Elder Mo as he hacked his spear across the young man‘s chest. Liu Yi Feng grinned before swiftly dodging to the right. Elder Mo, furious at the lad’s denigration continued to strike vigorously. With each new stance, his hits grew more intense as he strived to aim at every of his opponent’s vulnerable parts.

    The rage on Elder Mo’s face was clearly obvious since he believed that Liu Yi Feng was merely toying with him. What he did not know was that the latter was secretly observing his every technique, waiting to strike at the appropriate time. Again, Elder Mo’s spear aimed for his chest, but missed when Liu Yi Feng slid to ground.

    A few in the crowd, assuming that the young man had slipped gasped aloud. Their eyes widened in astonishment when they realized that Liu Yi Feng was aiming at Elder Mo’s stomach. His powerful thrust sent Elder Mo, who was worn out from continuously attacking earlier, flying across the stadium before falling back first. Elder Mo cringed in pain as he glowered at Liu Yi Feng who was grinning proudly. While scrutinizing his opponent’s attacks, Liu discovered that The Thousand Spears’s stances were mostly directed toward the upper body. Thus, when he slid down, Elder Mo’s spear would naturally miss him, bestowing him the chance to strike his opponent’s lower abdomen.

    The crowd cheered wildly while Li Hao Tian scrunched his face in disappointment, “I heard that there are many expert in Jianghu, but they are only a bit better than myself. If Brother Zhang was to join in on the fight, I’m afraid none of them would stand a chance.”

    Zhang Feng returned a small smile, obviously amused by his companion’s displeasure, but his attention instantly diverted to the men on stage when he realized that Lin Ta Ky had set foot in the competition.

    With his prior knowledge of the man, Zhang Feng was secretly hoping that he would lose to Liu Yi Feng, but disappointment subdued him when Lin Ta Ky was declared winner. Since Lin Ta Ky had already witnessed the combat between Liu and Mo, Liu Yi Feng could not use the same techniques as earlier. Lin Ta Ky, more experienced and possessing stronger inner strength unsurprisingly came out as the better fighter of the two.

    Though he had the desire to beat Lin Ta Ky to wipe that arrogant smirk off his face, Zhang Feng did not wish to intrude in on the Martial World’s matters. Thus, he only continued watching.

    “Yang Xue Ying of Red Shadows Cult would like to challenge Master Lin!” spoke an enthralling female voice. Her voice was like music to one’s ears, but every heart trembled upon the mention of The Red Shadows Cult. Though the demonic sect disappeared from Wulin ten years ago, its malicious activities carved fear into the heart of many till this day. Now that someone from Red Shadows Cult had resurfaced, it also implied the rebirth of the Red Shadows Cult had occurred.

    “The Red Shadows Cult? Nonsense! We’ve conquered it ten years ago,” Lin Ta Ky spoke brashly, presuming that the maiden was only boasting.

    Once he finished talking, the figure of a maiden in black glided over the crowd, treading onto the stage. Every eye marveled over her unearthly appearance. She was a fair maiden with mesmerizing eyes. Li Hao Tian too was stunned. Though her beauty could not be compare with that of Ming Yue, she held an indescribable aura that cause one unable to stop looking. Yang Xue Ying was indeed a rare beauty,

    Zhang Feng’s eyes widened at the familiar face. She was no other than the Midnight Fairy. This shocking revelation was too complicated for even him to comprehend. How could the Midnight Fairy, a heroine of the poor be a member of the Red Shadows Sect? The mere thought of it seemed quite ironic, but Zhang Feng could care less on that issue. Through his twenty three years of life, he learned that the line between good and evil is very vague. What matters most is not one’s social class but his heart.

    “You have found the person you are looking for,” Zhang Feng murmured to Hao Tian, his eyes still remaining on Yang Xue Ying.

    Li Hao Tian’s pupils widened in bewilderment as he gaped at the maiden. Zhang Feng’s prior thoughts now consumed him. So the Midnight Fairy whom he had once looked up to and respected was a member of the Red Shadows Cult in disguised. Though Li Hao Tian was not a part of Wulin, he had heard many tales regarding the Red Shadows Cult. They were once on the government’s most wanted list for mast murdering and capturing of government officials. Now he knew her reasons for stealing the Heroic Sword. It was once a priced weapon of the emperor before awarded to the Li Clan. Unlike other swords, it was crafted with pure, genuine gold, valued more than a million taels. The money would indubitably help the resurrection of the Red Shadows Cult.

    Li Hao Tian watched carefully as Yang Xue Ying initiated a battle with Lin Ta Ky, examining their every action. While Lin Ta Ky’s hits were forceful, the maiden was elegant, perfected with unparalleled agility. Everyone watched in amazement, astonished at the maiden’s beautiful yet deadly moves.

    Zhang Feng watched with interest. In his years of wandering, he had never encountered a martial arts like the Yang Xue Ying‘s. Her sword was like a shadow, untouchable, leaving only traces of its path. This must be the infamous ‘Sightless Shadow Sword’ of The Red Shadows Cult.

    Lin Ta Ky, realizing that his speed was incomparable to the maiden decided to change his tactics, countering speed with tolerant. He halted his sequences of attacks, allowing Yang Xue Ying to strike first. Before the maiden could come in reach with him, his dagger shot out, directing right at her. To his disappointment, Yang Xue Ying was no fool and had saw through his plan the moment he ended his offensive mode. Like a butterfly, she eluded to the left, her black wardrobes fluttering gracefully in the air.

    “Xue Ying, do not waste your time fighting incompetent charlatan,” spoke a misty female voice. Once she ended her sentence, a single needle flew toward Lin Ta Ky, aiming straight at his throat. Before he could avoid it, he had already fell onto the hard wooden stage. His death brought tremors to the heart of spectators. A few shrieked in panic, frightened of the new intruder’s skills.

    When the second intruder revealed herself, Li Hao Tian recognized her to be none other than Mei Tian’er. Ru Yi was indeed right about the connections between the Midnight Fairy and the mistress of Snow Blossom Manor. They were the same person.

    Before anyone had time to respond, another voice bellowed through the crowd, “Today will the day that The Red Shadows Cult gets its vengeance. Every of you so call pugilists here will perish in our hands!”

    Shock and fear dominated every soul present as they fruitlessly scanned their surrounding, frantically searching for the owner of the threatening voice.
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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