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Thread: Where to Read Wuxia Novels Online?

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    Default Where to Read Wuxia Novels Online?

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to know if anyone has suggestions as to where you can read Chinese wuxia novels online for free.

    I usually use this site:

    But it's not working, any suggestions?

    Thank you.
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    楚留香笑道:你口气倒真不小。 小字出口,他已箭一般向阴姬冲了过去。他知道自己唯一能胜过对方之处,就是个快字。所以他尽量利用 这快字,只要他能抢得一刹那间的先机,他就或许还有战胜的希望。他出手实在快,快如急风,快如闪电。谁 知他刚一出手,阴姬的手掌一挥,就立刻有一股奇异的力量阻住了他的去路,这股力量如浪潮初起,澎湃不绝。楚 留香莫说根本无法抢得先机,根本就近不了她的身。

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    I believe is the only reliable place for me to get english translation and sometimes i will use the by translating it with online translator website.

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