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Thread: Kho Ping Hoo - Peerless Master (abridged)

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    Default Kho Ping Hoo - Peerless Master (abridged)

    This series' original name is Bu Kek Siansu. By Kho Ping Hoo (Xu Ping He).


    I've been lurking the translation in the background and I feel that it's time to contribute I noticed we have a lot of Jin Yong and Gu Long, with Huang Yi encroaching. No Kho Ping Hoo, as he is not very well known outside of Indonesia. Unlike Jin Yong or Gu Long and the rest of his peers, he had never set foot in China, thus his works contain a lot of historical/geographical discrepancies. However, once you can get over those flaws (just treat his works as something that happened in an alternate universe or something !), you'd come to appreciate his creativity (or I hope ).

    Just as Jin Yong is known for his knack at linking his story with known history events/figures, and his attention to details, Gu Long for his deep dialogues, unique characters, and his intriguing plot, Kho Ping Hoo is known for taking his time on the scenery, moral lessons, and character building.

    Peerless Master:
    Gua Shenlong, the miraculous boy, were highly sought after and contested by the martial experts. Some wanted him to become their disciples, some wanted to take him as prestige, some actually wanted to use his miraculous organs to enhance their kungfu skills.

    Eventually Shenlong became a disciple of the Ice Island, and from there, through some plot twists and turns, he was 'enlightened' and became the WuJi XianShi (Peerless Master).
    Thanks to .:mich:. ( - I'll try to organize the translation into their groups, hoping that it would make more sense that way, as Peerless Master series are composed of 17 books spanning over hundreds of years.

    Kho Ping Hoo used a lot of Hokkian expressions and terminology. The moves used in his books are in Hokkian. I will try to translate the words into Hanyu Pinyin as much as possible. If you catch any mistakes later please let me know by all means so we can fix and improve the translations.

    This is an abridged version. Kho Ping Hoo inserted a lot of his ideology and views of life. While I try to keep with his original story, some contents might not be translated properly or may be cut off entirely. Should you think there's a better way to handle this matter please let me know so we can all benefit from this.

    With all said, enjoy!

    He YanFeng

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    Chapter 01: The Miraculous Boy
    Chapter 02: The Bloody Events for Shen Tong (part 1)
    Chapter 03: The Bloody Events for Shen Tong (part 2)
    Chapter 04: The Fights
    Chapter 05: The Prince from Ice Island
    Chapter 06: The Fateful Meeting

    WuXia terms used:

    Shifu - Master
    Shipo - Mistress (master's wife)
    Shixiong - Martial elder brother
    Shijie - Martial elder sister
    Shidi - Martial younger brother
    Shimei - Martial younger sister

    QinGong - Lightness skill
    NeiGong - Inner power

    Laoyingxiong - Old hero, used for addressing older people
    GaoShou - [lit. High Hand] experts, person/people with high martial arts prowess.

    -zi - [lit. child] Used after a child's given name, mostly used by parents/teachers to address their children/disciples
    -men - Used to pluralize an expression. 'I'-men will translate I into We/us. 'he/she'-men will translate he/she into they/them.

    List of major characters, in order of appearance (contains spoilers!!!!!!! Read at your own risk!!!!)

    click to show/hide spoilers
    Gua ShenLong - The main protagonist of the Peerless Master. Originally from Kun Leng. His parents were murdered by house thieves when he was little. He ran away to Qian Hua San (Mountain of a thousand flowers) and there he was called Shen Tong (miraculous boy) by local villagers. Eventually became WuJi XianShi (Peerless Master).

    BaShou GaiWang [lit. Beggar King with 8 arms] - Leader of BaShou GaiBang [lit. clan of 8-armed beggars]. A practicioner of black magic that requires him to eat human brains. One time, he came across 13 heroes of Wudang, killed 12 of them and raped Chen Jialing, the youngest of Wudang 13 heroes. Eventually tortured and killed by his illegitimate son resulted from this rape.

    Chen Jialing - Originally the youngest of the 13 heroes of Wudang. Brutally tortured and raped by BaShou GaiWang. Thanks to Shenlong's pleas, she was rescued by Han DiWang, and eventually became Han's second mistress. Unfortunately the trauma caused her disposition to be cruel and cold-blooded. Mother of Han Wuwang.

    JianMo CaiNu - One of the baddies who wanted Shenlong when he was a kid. Eventually allied herself with Chen Jialing.

    Han DiWang - ShenLong's master. The last ruler of the Ice Island. Husband of Liu Mei, and eventually Chen Jialing.

    Liu Mei - Han DiWang's first wife and Han XueFeng's mother.

    Han XueFeng - a daughter of Han DiWang and Liu Mei. Shenlong's shimei.

    Han WuWang - son of Chen Jialing. Originally thought to be Han DiWang's son, he was actually the result of BaShou GaiWang's rape on Chen Jialing.

    Xuan Zi - granddaughter of the island-master of Hell Island.
    This list is not final. It will evolve as I translate the book.
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    Ch01 – The Miraculous Boy

    Morning came so strikingly beautiful in the forest on the hillside of Qian Hua San (Mountain of a Thousand Flowers). The early sun brought its yellow-golden rays, reviving the grasses that were drenched in morning dew, the trees and flowers that were cloaked and chilled from the cold of the night. The rays brought warmth, beauty, life. It chased away the thick morning fog, leaving the dew on the flowers and the trees, giving them an illusion as if they are young maidens, freshly glittering after their bath. The gentle sunlight was covered by the leaves and branches of the foliage, but it still managed to find its way to the bottom between the gaps. When it met the water pond, it produced such a pretty rainbow. Beautiful! Blessed are those with eyes free from all ties. The beauty will be even more pronounced, new beauty that will always appear new even though such sights are common everyday.

    It was silent at dawn. The morning started with the roosters calls. Their crows were sudden and came from everywhere. They brought forth the activities: birds that were still asleep and all of a sudden the entire forest sprang to life! It’s hard to tell which one is more beautiful: the singing of the birds or the silence in between the sounds.

    The boy. He was still so young. No more than 7 years of age. He had been standing still on the higher plateau in the forest of Qian Hua San, facing east for more than half an hour. Only his eyes moved, wide eyes that were both sharp and gentle; as typical for children who are still free and pure. However, there were some creases between his eyes. It’s so strange to see such a small boy with wrinkles between his eyebrows! His clothes were plain, even though they were like his body, extremely clean, from his hair to his fingertips. His face was ordinary yet handsome, just that his eyes and his wrinkles gave a certain impression on whoever looked at him. Whoever looked at him would see him as a strange child with extraordinary bearing.

    His pair of eyes shone lively as he watched the sunrise, a huge crimson sphere that started very attractive, but slowly but surely became too overpowering to the eyes. As he shifted his gaze, he began to marvel at how this wonderful light gave life to everything around him.

    He then took off his clothes slowly, piece by piece. He knew that no one would be around this early in the morning. Stark naked now, he sat and meditated on a rock, facing the sun. He sat straight, both legs folded, and his breathing came in and out softly and naturally, just as a breathing of a sleeping newborn. He had been doing this every day for years – sitting and taking in the sunlight for 2-3 hours. Similarly, he had been taking in moonlight, full moon for up to 7 nights in a row.

    People called him Shen Tong (Miraculous Kid). As everyone called him Shen Tong, and since he did not intend to say his name, the boy was used to this nickname and called himself Shen Tong as well.

    Why did all the villagers around Qian Hua San called him Shen Tong? Because this 7-year-old boy was a natural doctor. Most villagers would go to Qian Hua San to be treated. Shen Tong would then willingly treat everyone who came to him freely, even refusing to be paid! People were coming at him in waves, and silently regarded him as the marvelous boy, an incarnated god in person. During an epidemic the year before, this kid was the one to come up with the cure and saved uncounted villagers. Even though Shen Tong refused to be paid, the women came to him with new clothes. Unable to refuse, Shen Tong gratefully accepted the humble gifts.

    Who was this Shen Tong? Was he really god incarnated? He was originally the only son of the Gua family, from Kun Leng, a small town east from Qian Hua San. His real name was Gua ShenLong. His father was a pretty well-off apothecary in Kun Leng.

    Shenlong was 5 years old when the disaster stroke. Three thieves decided to burglar their house one night. As their faces were seen, the thieves killed his parents. Fear and shock muted Shenlong, thus saved him from being killed by the burglars. When he finally was able to cry out, the 3 burglars were caught red-handed by the neighbors. Seeing the Gua couple dead, they decided to carry out the punishment on the 3 unlucky men.

    Seeing the violence in front of his very eyes, Shenlong was shocked even more! How humans can become monstrous! He kept running to leave Kun Leng, towards the mountains, towards Qian Hua San! Night and day he kept running and running, until he fainted at the foot of Qian Hua San. After a few days he arrived at the forest. Seeing the spring flowers brought his mind to peace, such a contrast from the violence and struggle he recently had from the murder of his parents. Little did he know, his parents’ belongings were gone by then. Family and relatives, saying that they intended to ‘secure’ the items, had decided to take liberty with the Gua couple’s money, furniture, and other things.

    It is said that love comes from familiarity. After 2-3 months staying in the forest of Qian Hua San, Shenlong lost all intent to go home. He already regarded the forest as his new home. He lived in a cave on a stony hill near a peak tree.

    Ever since he lived there, his knowledge on natural medicine improved by leaps and bounds. Within 2 years, he had learned to differentiate medicinal herbs from the poisonous ones, and their different properties and uses just by smelling them!

    Living in nature like that really honed Shenlong’s intuition. He became very perceptive of his surroundings. Bathing in the sunlight and moonlight that he did everyday and night unknowingly brought him even further benefits: his body had absorbed the essence of Yin and Yang. His blood became cleansed, his bones strengthened, his inner energy improved even without him knowing.

    Nearing noon, people needing medication started to trickle in. Among them were JiangHu people. They were rough crowd who received poisonous wound and injury during their fights. Shenlong extended his care to everyone regardless of who they were. More than 15 people came for treatment, the last one to come being a semi-old man with tall stature, carrying a broadsword on his back. He limped towards Shenlong, begging him to treat the black wound on his thigh.

    Even though Shenlong never refused to help them, he did not really like these bloodthirsty wolf-like people, who live to fight and hurt other people.

    “LaoYingXiong, didn’t you come to me 2 months ago to treat your poisoned left arm?”
    “That’s right Shen Tong. I, Shen HeiHou (lit. Powerful Black Tiger), was hit by poisonous needle on my left arm. But now my injury is even worse. Someone slashed my thigh with overpoweringly poisonous sword. I will die if you don’t help me at once.”

    Shenlong quietly approached the man and checked the wound. The wound was wide and deep, covered with blackened blood. The entire leg was hot to touch, proving that it was heavily poisoned. Sighing heavily, he said:

    “LaoYingXiong, why are you still fighting with other people? Didn’t you promise me not to fight with other people when you came to me the first time?”

    Shen HeiHou glared at him for a while before his stare softened. He could not possibly get angry at this marvelous boy. A 7 year old kid could talk to him that way, as if this kid was an old sage!
    “Shen Tong, I am Shen HeiHou, don’t you call me LaoYingXiong. I am a robber, do you know that? A lone robber who live from robbing passersby! If I don’t need things, I won’t disturb people. If they give me their things, I won’t attack them. But twice I looked down on people and paid dearly. Once, I attacked a weak-looking grandma, resulting in my arms injury. Just now, I tried to gank this old grandpa carrying valuables, resulting in this thigh getting severely poisoned. Please help and I will be eternally grateful to you, Shen Tong. I have something very important to tell you.”

    “LaoYingXiong, I don’t need thanks nor reward. Perchance I got to know the use of the herbs around here. These herbs freely grow for us to use, without buying, without extorting, without violence. I just pluck and give them to you, why should I expect thanks and reward? Your wound is severe, your legs are hot all over, meaning your blood is already poisoned. Now to get the poison out, we’ll need to cut open the wound. Could you open up your wound LaoYingXiong?”

    Shen HeiHou drew his blade and, seeing the shines of the blade, Shenlong closed his eyes… the image of 3 swords cutting his parents flashed back, along with the many swords cutting down the 3 burglars. Shen HeiHou used his blade tip to pierce and open up the wound. Crying loudly, the wound opened and blackened blood flowed out. In huge pain, Shen HeiHou threw his blade and massaged his thigh, trying to force the blood out. The putrid and rotten stench was unbearable, but Shenlong kneeled down and helped Shen HeiHou push out the rest of the blood. He then took out a root powder and sprinkled it on the wound. Finally he took 4 leaves to cover the wound.

    Shen HeiHou was crying out the entire time – his cries got smaller when the treatment was over.

    “LaoYingXiong please take this root, boil and drink the water. This can neutralize the poison in your body. This powder and these leaves are for external use. You should change the dressing daily. You should be fine within 1 week.”

    Shen HeiHou received the medicine, sighing nonstop. “If only I have a best friend like you who is always by my side. If only I have a son like you, I won’t be fallen this deep. Thank you Shen Tong. I can’t give you anything but a warning. You are in danger. An enormous danger.”

    Shen Tong looked at Shen HeiHou, not understanding what he meant by that.

    “Shen Tong, your name has shaken JiangHu. A lot of JiangHu people, including me, have received your treatment, making a lot of people talk about you. A lot of big schools were interested and decided to come and get you to join their school or become their disciple. Bad thing is, there are 2 devils with ulterior motives, to use you for their own benefit.”

    Shen Tong was unperturbed. “LaoYingXiong, I am just a kid with nothing. I have no enemies. Who will want to harm me?”

    Shen HeiHou sadly looked at him. “You are too strange and pure-hearted! If I have an ounce of strength, I will protect you with all my life. Not because you saved me twice, but because I can’t really take that someone wanted to take advantage of you. But, those 2 devils….” Shen HeiHou shuddered and looked extremely terrified.

    “Who are they and what do they want from me?”

    “In JiangHu, there are many evil sects, evil men like me. But compared to those 2 people I mentioned, they are fierce tigers and I am just a small rodent! One is clothed like a beggar, having a bearing of an old, innocent, and poor grandpa. He is number one devil, the leader of BaShou GaiBang (Lit: sect of eight-armed beggars), one with castle as a house, with an innocent face hiding behind it a devilish mind! I really hope you don’t fall into the hands of this man, Shen Tong.”

    “Hmm, I don’t think such an old man like him will need a small boy like me. I can’t worry that he will harm me, LaoYingXiong!”

    “I am not surprised you think that way, since you are such a pure-hearted kid! But I am still very concerned. The second devil is no less cruel. She is a woman, pretty, age undetermined. Her long hair smells very nice, and she never goes anywhere without an umbrella. She looks so delicate and appears as if she needed help. But just like the first devil, her beauty, her gentleness, they both hide her ugly and evil self that is even worse than the devil’s.”

    “LaoYingXiong, please don’t badtalk other people like that. I can’t believe.”

    Shen HeiHou sighed and stood up. “I have warned you Shen Tong. And if you will, you can come with me and hide in a safe place. Once the situation settles down you can always come back here. I heard those 2 devils are coming to Qian Hua San to look for you.”

    But Shenlong shook his head. “I am needed by the villagers here, I won’t go anywhere, LaoYingXiong.”

    “Hmm, words have been said! I have tried to warn you. I hope nothing bad happens. Farewell Shen Tong, and once again, thank you.”

    Shen HeiHou walked ten and so steps, turned around and once again asked: “Shen Tong, are you sure you don’t want to come with me to a safer place?”

    Shenlong smiled and shook his head.

    Shen HeiHou shook his head and continued to walk, shaking his head all the while and mumbled: “Shen Tong, marvelous kid, what a pity!” He balled his fist, as if he was going to attack whoever would lay hand on his idol.

    What dangers lie ahead waiting for Shenlong? Can he survive the impending calamity?
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    Unbelievable !!

    Really2xx..., absolutely marvelous and top class translation.

    To be honest, this is looking far better that what we expect, ... I still can't believe that you can put the wording and description of the story much better than the Indonesian version itself.

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    Thanx for the new translation - lucky me coz I can understand BI a little bit. However my english is bad so cannot help with the translation. Good luck and hope you have enough force within you to finish it.

    QinGang - Lightness skill
    Usually the translator here use qinggong for lightness skill
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    Quote Originally Posted by .:mich:. View Post

    Unbelievable !!

    Really2xx..., absolutely marvelous and top class translation.

    To be honest, this is looking far better that what we expect, ... I still can't believe that you can put the wording and description of the story much better than the Indonesian version itself.
    Thanks for the support

    Again this is an abridged version, so there are some contents that might not be literally translated or edited somewhat

    Usually the translator here use qinggong for lightness skill
    Thanks.... I don't know why I used Qinggang. Thanks for the correction Atlantean

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    Ch02 – The Bloody Events for Shen Tong (part 1)

    A few days had past since Shen HeiHou left. More people came and went to tell Shenlong of the story of his feats in JiangHu. Many strange and scary tales were told, yet the boy himself did not even bat an eye, he still went on doing what he was doing.

    A few weeks later, along the east side of Qian Hua San, an old man was seen passing by. The old man took his time to see all the scenery around him. He must have been at least 60 years old, thin and small-framed. His clothes are patched all over the place, his face is gentle and full of friendly smiles. He slowly walked to enter the first forest in the mountainfeet of Qian Hua San, aided by a black walking stick. People would see him as an old beggar who lived in poverty, yet had adjusted himself not to feel that he lacked anything. When he heard the bird songs, he opened his mouth and sang along! But the lyrics of his song would definitely confuse its listeners.

    “What is there for life
    If the heart is unhappy?
    What is there for life
    If the wants are unsatisfied?
    Tens of years of practice
    To fulfill the heart’s desires
    Swimming in the ocean of happiness
    Only then can life be meaningful!

    He repeated the same words over and over, his voice was soft and pleasant. While singing he matched the beat of the song, brandishing his stick on the ground. Whether the stick hit soft soil or hard stone, the tip would leave a hole. His feet left no mark, even as he walked on moist soils.

    Not long after the strange old man passed, a group of people passed through the same area. 12 men, between 30 – 40 years of age, and a woman, around 25 years of age. Their movements were light and fluid, their appearances were awe-inspiring, hinting that they were not regular people but a bunch of GaoShou (experts). They were who people called WuDang ShiShan ShenXia (Wudang 13 Powerful Heroes), main disciples of Wudang.

    “ShiXiongMen please halt!” The pretty girl lifted her hands to warn her ShiXiongs, pointed down and called out.
    “Look at this..!”

    The 12 men inspected the holes. They were evenly spaced, with the same depth, regardless whether the holes happened to be on the soft soil or the hard stone.

    “Who can this be beside ‘him’?” The girl said with furrowed brow.
    “What a powerful thrust force!” Someone exclaimed.
    “His steps left no mark, this must be BaShou GaiWang (8-armed beggar king) who passed by here just now. Let’s chase him! Don’t let him get ahead of us into Qian Hua San!” The oldest one exclaimed. This oldest brother is about 40 years old with a strong and fierce face not unlike a tiger’s.

    Convinced that the marks were left by BaShou ShenWang’s staff, WuDang 13 Heroes unsheathed their weapons, applied their Qinggong and followed the marks. Not long after that the old man’s singing could be heard. Hearing the lyrics, the girl was unable to restrain herself and exclaimed:

    “What a devil! All his life he seeks only pleasures and for them he never hesitated to do all sort of devilish acts that even the devil himself wouldn’t dare doing!”
    “Pssh, shimei, we need to be on guard against people like him. Wudang has never interfered nor antagonized any JiangHu Gaoshou. Let’s just politely ask him, and try to avoid fighting as much as possible.” The oldest Shixiong said.

    All his ShiDi’s nodded, but the shimei crossed her sword and grumbled: “Who is afraid of this devil?”

    This Chen Jialing was known to be hard-hearted and brave with sword skills to match.

    “Shimei, we have to obey shifu’s order, not to sow discord with other schools, both orthodox and evil. So, in this matter, let me handle the talk and represent all of you!”

    Knowing she couldn’t disobey her shifu’s wish and order, and that this oldest shixiong was the most capable and represented their shifu, Jialing nodded. The singing got louder, implying that they were closing in on their target. The Wudang heroes utilized their qinggong and overtook the old beggar with heroic aura.

    The old beggar still continued singing while looking around; his eyes glinted obviously as he stared at Chen Jialing. As he stopped singing, he smiled and asked them.

    “What do you want from me? I am a beggar and have no money to pay you!”
    “LaoQianBei please stop pretending. We know you are the esteemed BaShou GaiBang-Zhu (leader of BaShou GaiBang). You are called BaShou GaiWang, are you not?”

    The old man smiled. His kind face turned even more sympathetic and gentle. The Wudang heroes who only heard of the name of the devil were a bit distracted. This old man looked so cultured, polite and kind. How could he be the devil they were talking about?

    The old man stared at Chen Jialing, his eyes became more and more impolite every second. Lifting his head, he laughed boisterously.

    “Youngsters this age are very perceptive! You have never met me yet you already know me!”

    Staring at Chen Jialing’s bosom, he continued: “Correct, I am BaShou GaiWang, an old beggar with this walking stick. Who are you and why do you intend to block my way?”

    Chen Jialing was so embarrassed with the way the old man undressed her with his gaze. “We are Wudang 13 heroes!” She replied curtly. Her oldest shixiong glanced at her disapprovingly. Mentioning Wudang right away will result in prolonged conflict.

    “Good. I heard Wudang has many talented and pretty disciples, but I don’t remember having any conflict with Wudang.”

    Seeing the old man replying gently with no hint of opposition, the oldest shixiong was getting uncomfortable. But when he recalled what kind of person the old man standing before him is, and how Shen Tong was reported to be a miraculous kid with golden heart, he was really worried for Shen Tong’s well-being if this old man found Shen Tong.

    “LaoQianBei is right. LaoQianBei and Wudang never had an enmity, and we did not intend to disturb your esteemed. But we heard some news that along with JiangHu people, LaoQianBei is also interested in Shen Tong who lives in Qian Hua San. Is this talk correct, and are you headed that way?”

    The old man’s countenance became perceptibly darker. His smiles never left his face, but his eyes that used to be kind and gentle now turned cold.

    “Impolite kids. I want to go see Shen Tong. What do you want?”
    “LaoQianBei, if that’s the case, we must ask that LaoQianBei does not harm the kid.”
    “Who is he to you?”
    “Noone, LaoQianBei. But hearing that he has helped many people unreservedly, it is every heroes’ responsibility to keep him from any danger.”

    The old man’s smiles vanished, the corner of his lips jeered. His voice turned cold and dismissive.

    “Insolent kids! Was that the old turtle GuiMu SanRen who sent you little ignorant kids here?”
    “Our shifu did not know anything about this. We were in this area perchance and heard that Shen Tong is in grave danger. Seeing LaoQianBei we braved ourselves to ask you. If LaoQianBei had no ill intention towards Shen Tong, we won’t dare to be impolite and beg for your forgiveness”
    “I am headed to Qian Hua San. Why would you suspect I will harm Shen Tong?”

    Wudang 13 heroes became alarmed. The old man said it himself now.

    “Who hasn’t heard that BaShou GaiWang practices this devil art called XueZhang FaShu [lit. Bloody palm magic stance]?” Jialing exclaimed and pointed at the old man’s face. Her shixiongs were shocked, the accusations said, yet in their hearts they suspected this.

    XueZhang FaShu was some sort of black magic practicable only by evil sect as this art had some really demented requirement: Absorbing black energy by sucking and drinking the blood, brain, and ligaments of children with clean blood. Obviously for this kind of art practitioner, Shen Tong was very attractive. One hundred regular children pale in comparison to one Shen Tong!

    The old man lifted his head and laughed. “What you said is not wrong! Only Shen Tong can help me to complete my martial art! Beside all that, I don’t shy from having fun with girls like you!”

    The swords moved in unison and surrounded the old man before he even finished his sentence. The old man did not even look twice and continued to laugh.

    “Hahaha, little kids fooling around with BaShou GaiWang? Beside this pretty doll, you will all die. Even if that old turtle GuiMu SanRen was here he would just roll over and die!”

    “We won’t give face to you. Let’s just kill this monster!” The oldest shixiong cried. The swords disappeared into lines of glittering light.

    The old man produced a terrifying roar, followed by hair-raising laughter. This laughter echoed all over the forest. Somehow this caused these 13 heroes to freeze, for a few seconds they just emptily gazed at that old man, their hearts seemed to stop beating for a moment.

    Their oldest shixiong exclaimed, “Watch out! ShiZhi Hugong [lit. Lion’s Roar]!”

    This sentence woke up his shidis and shimei. Applying their Shengong, the impact of ShiZhi Hugong diminished. They resumed their attacks, swords flew all over the old man’s body, in a second his body would be filled with slash and thrust wounds.

    BaShou GaiWang swiftly rotated his black staff and casually deflected all the swords, almost knocking them out of their hands. Wudang 13 Heroes felt incredible pain shot up their arms from their palms.

    “ShenJianDing (Masterful Sword Formation)!” The oldest shixiong barked. Changing their moves, the swords left their original formation and now rotated around the old man, attacking and withdrawing with a seemingly random pattern. The attacks came unceasingly from all different direction.

    The old man became irritated with the recent change. Originally he wanted to hang back and learn the essence of Wudang swordplay. But now, his life may be in danger as he is no longer familiar with their changes and formation. His left palm turned blood-crimson!

    The oldest shixiong saw his palm, and warned his juniors “Watch out for XueZhang FaShu!”

    He had not finished his sentence when 3 of his juniors fell down with heart-wrenching cries. The staff smashed 2 heads in 1 movement, and the left palm burned through 1 person’s chest. This is the power of the terrifying and deadly XueZhang FaShu. With his imperfect mastery the old man had managed to pull that off, his power after he had absorbed Shen Tong’s essences would be unimaginable!

    The remaining 10 people were shocked and incensed. Vengefully they tried to continue their attacks. But BaShou GaiWang could kill 3 of them in 1 move, how could they resist now? Within seconds 12 people died sprawled all over the floor, only Chen Jialing was left untouched!

    Her grief was unfathomable. Seeing his shixiongs, who were with her for most of her life, died within such a short period almost made her crazy.

    “Bastard, I’ll put my life to kill you!”

    The old man leisurely waved his staff and broke the sword and disarmed Chen Jialing. Jialing, realizing what a horrible predicament she was placed in, turned around to smash her head on a nearby tree and thus avoid the terrible tragedy. She jumped ahead and extended her neck, closing her eyes with a simple prayer.

    “Pooof!!” Her head did not break, in fact she did not feel any pain. She actually hit BaShou GaiWang’s stomach. BaShou GaiWang threw her bodily back among her dead brothers. Stepping lazily towards her, the old man greedily stared at Jialing. Jialing, desperate, stretched her fingers and made a motion to thrust her own head.

    “Whack!” and her second suicide attempt was thwarted once more. The old man waved his staff, and with each sweep a large portion of her clothes tore away, in a blink of an eye, she stood completely naked before this old lecher. All her efforts to escape were nullified, Jialing could only cry out and struggle uselessly. BaShou GaiWang seemed to be even more aroused from her struggles and enjoyed it even more.

    3 days and 3 nights passed. Jialing underwent unbearable torture. Raped, humiliated, abused. Toyed with, ridiculed, and humiliated among the bodies of his shixiongs for 3 days and 3 nights really took a toll on this young girl’s mind. BaShou GaiWang had a heart to actually took advantage of her among those atrocities he himself had created. It appeared that his cruelty is not inferior to the devil’s himself! By the third day, she could not even lift her head, only her eyes spoke unspeakable hatred to this disgusting old lecher.

    “Hehehe, thank you sweetie! I am leaving now, go kill yourself if you want to!”

    Jialing had endured this ultimate suffering. Powerless, extremely exhausted, disgusted, angered, humiliated, disgruntled, all these occupied her mind, but the overpowering hatred gave her the energy to cry out and curse this old man:

    “Bastard, I have to keep on living now! I have to live to see you die under my hands!”

    The old man laughed heartily and leaped away. “Hahaha, if you ever miss me sweetie, come over to Hong-san!”

    Jialing broke down. She cried over the dead bodies of her shixiongs for half-day.

    Jialing suddenly shook, her eyes wild and wide open with strange lights in them. Standing straight up she cried out:

    “Shixiongmen, listen! I, Chen Jialing, promised to avenge your deaths. My only goal in life is to kill this rotten bastard BaShou GaiWang!!!!” Glancing at her oldest Shixiong, the man who had her heart all along, she collapsed.

    “DaShiXiong…!” She crawled and kneeled in front of the decomposing body. “Don’t grieve, dashixiong… don’t cry…..”

    She struggled to stand up. “What was that? Me? Naked…? Your clothes…?” Crazed with anger and frustration, she took off the clothes from her dead oldest shixiongs, and wore them herself.

    “Hihihi, look shixiongs, your clothes are too big on me…” She looked around and uttered a noise that sounded nothing like laughter nor cry.

    “Yeah, that’s it! Laugh dashixiong! Laugh it out shixiongmen! Laugh and be merry, I will definitely revenge your deaths!!” She laughed and cried at the same time, the scene is very heart-wrenching and pitiful.

    Taking her eldest shixiong’s sword, she walked around groggily. The sword was the best among theirs, called HongMeiJian [lit. red plum sword]. She walked purposelessly. Her hair was unkempt, her eyes red and swollen, her lips bitten raw, her clothes were one or two sizes too big. Sometimes she laughed, she cried so bitterly, sometimes she giggled, sometimes she cursed with words unfit to lips like hers. Anyone who looked at her would conclude that she was unsound and crazy.

    Indeed, both her physical and mental sufferings had really pushed her over the edge and had taken a toll on her mental sanity.
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    Thank for the translation. What a crazy beginning! It is always good to read something a little different from JY and GL. Keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiarLiar View Post
    Thank for the translation. What a crazy beginning! It is always good to read something a little different from JY and GL. Keep up the good work!
    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I'll try to keep up to the hype

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    Ch03 – The Bloody Events for Shen Tong (part 2)

    On the same day that Wudang 13 Heroes fell on the east side of the mountain, on the west side happened something no less terrifying.

    That morning, a woman was walking up Qian Hua San from the west side. Looking at her, one would rather die than believe she was already 40 years old. Such a beauty would be really hard to find, her countenance can brighten up an entire room the moment she walked in. Her face was unblemished, the full lips inviting, the eyes are clear and shiny. However, if one paid a closer attention to her eyes, the attraction would turn into spookiness… Her eyes almost never blinked! A black umbrella fit under her arm, her clothes were exquisite, rich and extremely tight-fitting. Her extremely long and thick hair was tied in a sophisticated bun.

    It was said that you can’t judge a book from its cover. If one met this lady, he would rather believe that sunrise is on the west, than to believe that she was this infamous devil lady. This harmless-looking lady was no ordinary woman! She was JianMo CaiNu (lit. scholar-lady with umbrella-sword). The purpose of her visit to Qian Hua San was obvious. She had heard of Shen Tong, the marvelous boy, and intended to take advantage of his pure blood and strong body to perfect her demented martial art!

    Her real name was Lai Si. She lived in an area known as the Corpse Swamp. This swamp was located in the foothills of Lu Liang mountain. Her mansion was located on an island in the center of this swamp.

    The title scholar-lady was not an empty name; she was born to a famous poet and was a learned lady. One time she disguised herself as man and took the national exam and succeeded to become a distinguished scholar. Her cover was eventually blown, and a palace minister took her as his concubine.

    Through her connections she managed to learn all kinds of martial arts, mostly obtained by offering her body in exchange with valuable martial training. One day her husband found out and intended to kick her out. She struck first, killed the minister, looted his possessions and ran away. Ten years had passed; who would have thought that this JianMo CaiNu was actually Lai Si, the wanted outlaw from imperial palace?

    Lai Si smiled as she walked, a small laughter managed to leave her lips once in a while as she tried to figure out how she wanted to deal with Shen Tong.

    Suddenly 5 men appeared before her. Lai Si’s heart jumped to her throat. Seeing 5 young men with magnificent bearing and good looks, she looked as if she was on the seventh heaven.

    “Ah, who are you? Do you need to talk with me?”

    One of them replied: “Are we looking at JianMo CaiNu from the corpse swamp? We are JiSan WuHaoHan (5 Heroes from the Chicken Mountain)”

    Her eyes rolled and she gazed upon each one of them before she said: “Ah, so you are Hua San students? Please accept my humble offerings!”

    “Madam please don’t be too formal. We know who you are. We saw that you are going to Qian Hua San, so we braved ourselves to stop you”

    “What do you intend to do?” Her gazes became more irresistible, her smiles became so sweet.

    “We have heard the gossip that many JiangHu people were coming to obtain Shen Tong in Qian Hua San, and you are one of them. We have received a favor from Shen Tong in the past, so we wanted to pay him back by protecting him from any harm.”

    “Hihihi, five young men, seeing an attractive young woman, should not fight to the death like this!”

    “Madam, your meaning is….”

    “We should make love instead, what do you think?”

    “Sl*t! B*tch! Wh*r*!” All sort of improper insults were thrown at her, but she just smiled. Five blades shone forth and formed a circle around her. She opened up her umbrella and rotated it in her front, forming an impenetrable wall. All this time she never stopped talking and laughing, those 5 blades did not even come close to touching her.

    These five people did not even see when she loosened her hair. The black, thick, long and sweet-smelling hair suddenly whipped, and the first of the five people were trapped! JianMo CaiNu stretched her finger and hit his accupoint. The remaining 4 people intensified their attacks, but JianMo CaiNu’s laughter was becoming louder and louder, everytime her head moved, the hair stretched and accurately disarmed one person.

    In a blink of an eye the 5 men were thrown to the ground. The youngest among them were the most rash, his mouth never stopped cursing and insulting this devil. JianMo CaiNu calmly pulled this man, her hair strangling his neck. Just as his face was nearing hers, JianMo CaiNu closed the distance, opened her mouth, and kissed this young man. Minutes passed, and when she pulled away, blood spurted out from his mouth. She had bitten his tongue and sucked the blood. Unsatisfied, she moved her lips to his neck and bit there. This poor young man did not even have the strength to scream; he already passed out a while ago, his limp body was held by her long hair.

    Such a cruelty was unheard of, let alone seen. The remaining four people were white-faced and panic stricken. Looking at her now, her countenance became even more attractive. She seemed to have become 20 years younger in 5 minutes. Such was the result of her blood sucking skill! Imagine if she managed to get a hold of Shen Tong!

    The remaining 4 people were literally begging to be killed. But, how could JianMo CaiNu leave such fine specimens of males in their prime? She bent down and scratched them in specific places, then unashamedly stripped right before their eyes.

    When she released their pressure points, they became just as crazy as her; for 3 days and 3 nights they did such unspeakable acts. JianMo CaiNu with open arms accepted every one of the poor men that became so crazed from the poison.

    JianMo CaiNu licked her lips, as she stepped out she glanced at the 5 naked bodies of JiSan WuHaoHan. Walking calmly to Qian Hua San, her mind calm, her desires fulfilled, she only thought of Shen Tong, she only imagined how happy she would be when she attained his pure energy to feed her endless passion.

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    Long weekend is here in the US, independence day. There should be no more update this week unless I can squeeze in a short one.

    Ch04 – The Fights

    The eleven villagers saw Shenlong as he finished his morning meditation. Seeing his face already made their sufferings less, as if his charisma itself could already cure their ailments.

    As Shenlong was treating his patients, he heard someone singing softly headed towards him. The song was very nice, but the lyrics made him furrow his wrinkled brow.

    “Aiya, if life is spent to pursue pleasures, he won’t stop at anything to achieve his goals!”

    “Hahaha, you are dead on, Shen Tong. To achieve the goal we have to be courageous, including getting rid of all these unworthy guests!” Someone replied and out of the blue appeared BaShou GaiWang! His staff waved 5 times, 5 villagers screamed, rolled over and died.

    “Hihi, what a poor display of skills in front of Shen Tong! Watch this!” A pretty lady appeared and pointed her umbrella, and the remaining 6 villagers flopped over without any chance to cry. On their necks were small black needles.

    Shenlong stared at the two devils on his right and his left. His face turned red, and as his tears rolled down he pointed left and right and yelled:

    “Do you still call yourself human? Killing innocents as if you can revive them! Even the devil himself would have to call you masters!” He looked at the eleven bodies and cried.

    JianMo CaiNu and BaShou GaiWang were disappointed, seeing that the rumored divine child was crying so freely and appeared to be afraid of them.

    “Ehm, boy, you are crying for these useless things?” BaShou GaiWang inquired.

    “I am crying for your crookedness and your evil doings. How can a human being kill his own so easily!”

    These two devils did not want to waste more time, they ran towards Shenlong and extended their hands, extending to grab him first. Seeing that BaShou GaiWang were closer to Shenlong, JaiMo CaiNu changed her movements, she turned to BaShou GaiWang and tried to push him off.

    BaShou GaiWang, sensing a wave of energy rushing towards him, could not afford to be careless. He jumped back and returned the gesture. They were both pushed back now.

    “BaShou GaiWang! As long as I am here you can forget about taking Shen Tong!”

    “JianMo CaiNu, you should really yield to me, I really need this boy!”

    “Hmn, XueZhang FaShu, isn’t it? You… how hard can it be for you to find 100 kids for you to suck their blood and brain??”

    “Now you are being unreasonable. Isn’t he a bit too young for your taste? He wouldn’t be able to satisfy you!”

    Glaring at each other, they suddenly realized that they were not alone; 5 people suddenly appeared.

    The first man looked about 60 years old. He is tall and muscular, with a red face not unlike Guan Gong. On his back were a pair of swords. His eyes were wide with thick eyebrows, and his voice was loud as he laughed.

    “Hahaha, so it’s not only heroes who were interested in Shen Tong, even the devils were here!”

    His name was XiangGuan Hou, but people knew him as Di Du (lit. Earthen Poison), since he was an unmatched poison expert. He was infamous for his ferocity and unyielding attitude. He was known for his BaiLuQian (lit. Lightning Fist) and his swordplay called WanDu XiangJian (lit. sword with tens of thousands of venoms).

    “You are still naïve!” exclaimed the second man. “These 2 devils. One wants to drink his blood and suck his brain, the other wants to get his male-energy. Why don’t you just say it out loud, I want to see if you are so unashamed to deny this fact!”

    This man was a bit older than Di Du. He was Di Du’s ex-shixiong. His stature was tall and thin. Under his arm he carried a long staff. His movements were jerky and not unlike a monkey’s. He was the one people called Tian Du (Heavenly Poison). He was known for his staff play, called Jing Gao Gun (lit. Golden monkey staff), and his Shen Gao Quan (lit. Powerful Monkey fist). His real name was long forgotten.

    “Hmm, when I am here, the devils will give up any hope!” The third guy yelled. His voice was hard and loud, his gaze was sharp as a blade. His name was Jiang Han, called TianXia DiYi (lit. number one under the sky). Approximately 50 years of age, he was known for his long spear techniques and his arms were as hard as steel.

    The fourth man was dressed like a scholar, his gestures were refined, approximately 50 years of age, of average build but still very good looking. He carried a piece of judge pen on his waist.

    JianMo CaiNu stared long and hard at this fourth man. “Are you not YinXiao XiuCai (lit. scholar with silver flute)?”

    “I am. My abode is in Ming San.” This scholar replied calmly.

    The last man was about 60. He was tall and thin with a pale countenance. He opened his mouth and recited part of DaoDeJing:

    “Flawless, yet appears to be flawed,
    Appearing incomplete, yet uncompromised,
    Full, but appears to be spilled,
    Seemingly empty, but yet bottomless,
    The most straight appears to be crooked,
    The cleverest looks stupid,
    The most stupid looks smart,
    The most capable looks dumb,
    Hot flame can heat the cold,
    Cold water can chill the heat,
    The wise, pure and still can bless the world!”

    This last man was known as NanHai ShengRen (lit. Master from the southern sea). He appeared like a poor old Daoist, but actually he was the island-master of Turtle Island.

    Seeing how these 5 people seem to be against them, JianMo CaiNu and BaShou GaiWang smiled crookedly.

    “I, JianMo CaiNu, am not afraid that all you five will gang up on me, but you must realize how despicable such acts are! I believe YinXiao XiuCai would never do such a low act!” With this clever sentence JianMo CaiNu prevented them from ganging up on both her and BaShou GaiWang.

    “Why don’t we just let Shen Tong decide for himself, there is no need for us to fight and shed blood unnecessarily!” BaShou GaiWang added.

    One by one they came to Shen Tong, trying to implore him to come with them, yet Shen Tong did not even look at them twice. In his heart all these people were alike – bloodthirsty, violent, superficial and self-seeking. How could he bring himself to follow such people?

    “Thank you for LaoQianBei’s concerns. But I am not going with any of you. Behind your good-natured façade you are violent and without regard to fellow human beings. I would rather stay in this quiet place. Please LaoQianBei leave me alone.”

    Those people were not used to be denied their desires. Di Du were the one with the shortest temper. He was about to force himself on Shen Tong.

    “Why don’t we just use our capability and call our decision that way. After all, we are all martial experts.” Said NanHai ShengRen.

    JianMo CaiNu, seeing such advantageous opportunity, added: “If we fight one by one, it will take too long. I think all seven of us should just fight against one another. Whoever emerges alone will be the winner.”

    The fights were all violent and disorderly. One person would attack BaShou GaiWang, who was attacking someone else, and this someone would be attacking the person who was attacking BaShou GaiWang.

    This chaotic fight really benefited JianMo CaiNu. She was just running around and attacked whoever was in disadvantage. Sooner or later her exploit was found out, and everyone else would just focus on her!

    Shenlong was entranced. Without anyone knowing, he saw another man sitting leisurely, watching the ongoing chaotic fight. His left hand was holding a piece of white cloth, his right hand was drawing continuously on that piece of cloth, as if he was enjoying a beautiful scenery, not a deadly fight!

    He seemed to be about 40, with scholarly appearance. His gown was yellow, embroidered with a golden dragon and a red phoenix. His face was handsome and refined.

    Shenlong was all confused: He could barely see these seven people’s shadows! how could he be drawing them fighting? The fights were becoming more dangerous. Four out of seven already suffered from some sort of injury. He saw the man stopped drawing, stored his brush and floated down.

    “What rubbish! Seven idiots showing off in front of a boy, have you no shame?!”

    The seven people were shocked when they heard the powerful shout. This shout was impossible to pull off without a powerful QiGong and ShenGong. They became very wary, stopped fighting and turned towards this newcomer.

    When noone seemed to know who this man is, they became enraged.

    “Little bastard! Who do you think you are that you can talk to us like that?” BaShou GaiWang snapped and massaged his bloodied shoulders.

    “Small rodent! Did you eat a tiger’s heart that you dared to bark here?” TianXia DiYi snarled. His thigh was struck and now he was limping as he walked over to this newcomer.
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    Hi HeYanFeng

    Thanks so much for the translation. The story does start off differently (and yet similarly) to other wuxia like Jin yong / gu long in that the descriptions of the sufferings inflicted by the evil people is rather graphic. That , in my opinion , does not detract from its relevance to reality but adds to it. People who have incredible knowledge and power can be incredibly evil.... This can be seen in every age, including ours.
    In this book, the author does not hide the depths of ugliness available to man thru action..this is quite a change from other wuxia so far in this forum in that they sound more like pleasant fairy tales..(this is a personal opinion).

    Of course, I bet we will have amazing abilities displayed by the hero, so the author will, i think not restrict himself from the usual fantastic elements of wuxia, but there is quite a dab of reality too.

    Please keep it up!! I bet you are going to get a ton of dedicated readers if you progress beyond a few more pages!! (I am one already )

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    Thank you for the encouragement. As of now I was planning to update the thread in bigger chunks for easier management. I've seen some translators update their works more frequently albeit in smaller packages, and they seem to be pretty successful at that.

    I'll try to pump out a more frequent updates. In the mean time, thanks a lot for all your support

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    After the success of Legendary Siblings had due to Jean's frequent translations and still is having now on A Step Into The Past, i think you should do that.

    Frequent updates are a gaurantee to draw readers to your translation.

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    Even though i didnt reply after reading your translation i must say that this is shaping up to be another awesomely enjoyable wuxia the dude who wrote this in my opinion [so far] deserves a great reputation as an awesome wuxia writer and your translation is highly appreciated thank you!

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    Sorry for the slow update - chapter 5 should follow in a bit.
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    Ch05 – The Prince from Ice Island

    The man walked over to their side and boldly stared at them one by one. “I heard some hearsay that there is this good little boy that was fought over by the Jianghu experts. When I arrived and witnessed your actions, I was deeply disappointed. Your movements are still raw and undeveloped.”

    “Your staff moves, BaMo DongFa (lit. staff of eight evils) must be based on BaMo JianFa (lit. sword of eight evils).” He slowly said, pointing at BaShou GaiWang.

    BaShou GaiWang could not hide his surprise. They were fighting at incredible speed, how could this man know his staff moves?

    “And your moves are even more ridiculous! Copying the Monkey King, but your moves are stilted and disorganized, that’s not Monkey King at all, perhaps you should call yourself Rat King instead!” He continued, pointing at Tian Du.

    Tian Du was starting to make a move toward this man when this man waved his hand. “Stop!”

    Strangely, the voice was so awe-inspiring, Tian Du shook and stopped his staff moves.

    “I saw each of you has your own specialties, but your moves are still raw and unpracticed. I didn’t exaggerate, if you don’t believe me, come fight me and I’ll show you where you can improve! I’ll fight you with your own martial arts!”

    BaShou GaiWang ignored the wound at his shoulder, and jumped forward. “Now please show me the rawness of my staff moves!”

    Having said so, GaiWang attacked. His staff stabbed first, and then rotated to hit the head. His staff moves were indeed originated from sword moves, hence he was really surprised that this man knew this secret and exposed it.

    The other 6 people just formed a half-circle formation and watched this fight, wondering if this man’s capabilities actually live up to his arrogant mouth.

    BaShou GaiWang’s moves were not blocked, but the man suddenly disappeared! He reappeared a moment later with a branch that was roughly the same size and build as GaiWang’s staff. GaiWang intensified his attacks once he saw this man again.

    “Now you see. Isn’t this the Sword of Eight Evils that was modified into the Staff of Eight Evils? The man now matched GaiWang’s moves piece by piece. But whatever move GaiWang used, this man’s reversal was at least 10 times as fast and stronger.

    The other 6 people thought this man was just copying GaiWang’s moves, but within ten or so moves, the staff in GaiWang’s hands broke, and right in between GaiWang’s eyes there was a little slash made by the branch. If this man wanted to, he could have put more force behind the branch and severely injured if not kill him. Now he knew he is facing someone much stronger than him, and that his life was just spared. Lowering his head he stepped back and mumbled his defeat.

    “What a retarded old man!” TianXia DiYi suddenly snorted. He jumped up to this man. “Do you know who I am?”

    “So that old man was BaShou GaiWang? With his ordinary skill he actually dared to flaunt around Heng San? And who are you? Your Qing Gong was not too shabby, but your spear skills couldn’t be called Shen Qiang (lit. magical spear). You really have outdone your nickname…!”

    TianXia DiYi’s countenance turned red and spat out word by word. “Young bastard! If I don’t take your life today don’t call me TianXia DiYi Zhang Han! Now get ready to face your maker!”

    This man lightly jumped up without bending his knees. His Qing Gong has to be seen to be believed. With unprecedented speed he was back with another branch to match Zhang Han’s spear.

    “Now let’s see your famous spear skill!”

    When GaiWang fought this man, his staff skill was based on some known sword skill, so people were not surprised that this man managed to copy his moves on the fly. But Zhang Han’s spear skills were his own invention; he never taught this to anyone. Seeing this man could actually play his spear skills even better than he could, he got really incensed.

    Within a time of drinking tea there was heard a big crack sound when Zhang Han’s spear was broken, and his left arm was heavily injured.

    Zhang Han was not a newborn, he realized that his opponent out-skilled him by at least 10 times, even his master wouldn’t hold a candle against this man. He jumped back, sighed heavily and shouted, “I lost!”

    Tian Du was next in line, he jumped forward, his staff brandished in a wide circle that got narrower and narrower.

    This man smiled, moved his hand and chopped down the spear branch he used to defeat Zhang Han with.

    Now the rest of the people were treated to an unforgettable fight: Tian Du twirled his staff, mimicking the monkey king, complete with the yells and shrill. The man would do the same, except with faster, stronger moves.

    Again, within twenty moves Tian Du was forced to admit his inferiority. Di Du, YinXiao XiuCai, and NanHai ShengRen, they all had to also submit to this man.

    Suddenly JianMo CaiNu roared: “Move away now! Or I’ll kill the boy and you all will end up with nothing!” Her sword-umbrella was drawn so close to Shenlong’s neck, one move and his neck would be no more.

    The man steadily walked up to JianMo CaiNu. “The boy has nothing to do with me. If you want to kill him, do so. But, God is my witness; I will catch you and feed you to the Polar Bear!” He took off his outer robe.

    “You.. you are Prince Han DiWang!”
    “Prince Han DiWang!!”
    “Ice Island Prince!”

    JianMo CaiNu made a big mistake when Han DiWang turned his back to her. She snapped her hair towards him and followed up with her sword-umbrella. Han DiWang remained calm, but when the sword-umbrella arrived, his upper body twisted and lowered, and suddenly the sword-umbrella slashed through and cut JianMo CaiNu’s beloved long hair.

    In one smooth movement, Han DiWang slapped her back and then continued to snatch Shenlong from her grip. The twist and turn of his upper body, the step to JianMo CaiNu’s back, the slap and snatch all that occurred within a blink of an eye. Shenlong was in his hands before the rest of the people could comprehend what happened.

    With Shenlong in his left hand, this prince Han DiWang turned and faced the seven people, disregarding JianMo CaiNu who was still prone on the ground.

    “Is there anyone among you who wanted to harm this child? This time I won’t hold back!”

    One by one they slipped out. Only after a while did Han DiWang loosen his grip on Shenlong. Shenlong, once released, turned around and kneeled in front of him.

    “LaoQianBei, you are mighty, smart and righteous. I really respect you.”

    “Hmm, what do you mean by that?”

    “You defeated them, that means you are strong and mighty. You beat them with their own moves and skills, that means you are smart and quick to learn. After beating them, you let them go, that means you are kind-hearted and righteous.”

    “Speaking of smart, I don’t think I can be your match later! We need to be smart to survive in this dangerous world! Didn’t you know, if I didn’t provoke them to beat them with their own skills, I don’t think I can beat them if they come to me all at once! Now that you are safe, I’ll take my leave!”

    Gua Shenlong stared at the bodies of the eleven villagers.


    Han DiWang was not used to listening to anyone’s orders, but there’s something in this boy’s voice that actually made him stop and turn around.

    “Is there anything else?”

    Shenlong, still kneeling, kowtowed and said: “LaoQianBei, please take me as your disciple.”

    Han DiWang stepped closer and approached Shenlong. “What’s your name?”

    “Dizhi (disciple) is surnamed Gua, named Shenlong.” Shenlong quickly narrated his life up until now.

    “You want to be my disciple, what do you want to learn?”

    “To obtain your wisdom, and of course to learn your martial art.”

    “If you just want to learn martial art, why did you refuse them? Their martial arts were not bad.”

    “But Dizhi can still see hardness behind their martial arts. I respect you LaoQianBei because you are not only powerful, but you can also be merciful towards your enemy. I also noticed that, these eleven people came to me to be treated, yet they end up dead here. If only I knew martial art I could have prevented this from happening.”


    “Dizhi now see that to save people, beside medical skills I also need to learn martial art so as to save the innocents from being bullied. Would LaoQianBei you please accept my supplication.”

    Han DiWang smiled. He was deeply interested in this Shen Tong. This boy did not care for his own well-being, but for the safety of the innocents. This boy has incredible brainpower, sharp eyes, and boundless talent much greater than his own! He did not ask to take this boy because, if he did so, wouldn’t he be the same as the rest of the experts he painstakingly chased out?

    “Shenlong, if your decision is already fixed, come with me, but don’t regret it later. Let’s go!”

    Shenlong tried to bury the eleven corpses, but after half a day he could only manage to dig a hole barely big enough to contain 2 bodies. If he wanted to bury them all he would have to work 2 days 2 nights for that! Han DiWang became impatient and helped him in just minutes.

    Han DiWang then took Shenlong in his arm, and moments later, Shenlong had to close his eyes as his master flew past the trees towards east of Qian Hua San.

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    Hoo, nice! But now that I remember it, would it be appropriate to publish KPH's works? They're a little bit too..... vulgar.....

    Just check this one: 5th chapter and you've already got two sexual scenes, which are, fortunately, not as crazy as Fragrant Wooden Sword....
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    I'll try to tone it down a bit as I translate... as it is now I was forced to cut down on some of the rambles KPH used - many of those are repetitive and don't translate well.

    So I don't know... the word 'rape' might have to be edited out? I try to get rid of those sexual innuendos and graphic descriptions on the actual acts ><

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    A magnificent update this novel seems to be quite great thank you for the translating of this novel it is highly appreciated!

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