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Thread: What kind of food do you -hate-

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    I don't know if it was the restuarant but I really don't like Miso Soup. I got it because it sounded good and was one of the only vegetarian soups. I tried to eat it but the more I ate it the more I disliked it.
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    I hate in general the vegetables and seafood(exeption for shrimp and fish).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellamia View Post
    I'm allergic to them. The last time that I'd scallops, my face looked like Mike Tyson's punching bag for days.
    I love shrimp, but I once had an allergic reaction to improperly cleaned shrimp which caused all of my body, except the scalp and feet, to itch continuously. I was on a field assignment and working out of a small town of 1000+ people and had a meal that included deep fried shrimp. The itching started in the middle of the night and in desperation I bought a bottle of Solarcaine, hoping that, because it could dull the pain of a sunburn, it might work. Thankfully it did, but I got a lot of strange looks as I keep running off to one of the construction site's outhouses to to add a fresh coat of Solarcaine. To this day I cut off the last bit of a shrimp's tail before I eat it.

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