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Thread: Allergies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuangYushi View Post
    Have you been tested for G6PD Deficiency?
    Besides being allergic to broadbeans, people with G6PD Deficiency are also allergic to a number of medications, etc, in a life-threatening way.
    More info on G6PD here:

    I have several students at school (I'm a teacher) who have G6PD Deficiency, and have to watch what they eat during recess and lunch.

    Yes, I have done the test so a list of drugs, antibodies, broadbeans etc are no-no for me. Soya products seem quite alright for me (only some people are allergic to it because of G6PD).

    Quote Originally Posted by yittz View Post
    Wa 999 posts already

    I am more allergic to smoke and pollen rather than any foods.

    BearBear is it just broad beans, what about drugs and other foods?
    A list of drugs and antibodies for G6PD deficiency. Other than those that are related to the deficiency, I am allergic to....are you sure you want the list? Don't regret, here I go :

    Smoke: various degrees of breathing difficulties
    Dust: various degrees of breathing difficulties + itchiness
    strong perfume or strong artificial scent: breathing difficulties + headache
    close contact of animals' fur/feather: breathing diffculties + itchiness
    dogs' fur + dogs' shampoo: itchiness + skin peeling off
    cheap detergent: itchiness
    rain + flora: rashes

    Not too sure if I am allergic to alcohol but definitely low tolerance of it. After drinking a small amount, not only my face will turn tomato red (which applies to many people), I will experience heart palpitations and muscles aches

    Side note:
    Other people get sun tan, I get sun burnt easily too There was once my sibling and I went swimming together for an hour and I have to visit A&E after that coz of my sun burnt. It was horrible, it felt as if a million ants were crawling on my back.......

    There are more but I am sure you all have enough
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    Default Did you hear?

    Did anyone hear about that lady who refused to put sunscreen on her kids at the fair and they wound up with really bad burns? That was awful! Stupid Lady!
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    Quote Originally Posted by expression View Post
    You think being "too clean" can backfire?

    I know a couple who are meticulously clean with their babies - wash hands whenever they pick them up, friends and family no touch, don't let kids touch anything outside... both of their babies turned out to be the most allergic kids I know - allergy to nuts, eggs, wheat & barley, milk, some red meat, seafood... everything except rice, white meat and simple vegetable.

    Another couple went the mile to rinse all cutlery and bowls in ethanol at restaurants. Their young son died of mumps.
    Yes, it can definitely backfire. If you've never been exposed to bacteria or such, it's harder to build resistance to them. They end up being allergic to everything. Let kids be kids. Let them roll in the mud and eat bugs.

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    I was allergic to the juicy fruit gum when I was young. Might still be, but I've stayed away from that gum since then. I used to get red rashes all over my body when I chewed it.
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    Pineapples. I found out that I was allergic to them when my friend and I traded fruit cups (I have her peaches she gave me pineapples). After I ate the little fruit cup my eyes were puffy, red, and itchy. I had rashes on my chest and arms. And my tongue was swollen.

    My teacher thought that someone said something that hurt my feelings and made me cry so she kept on asking me "who made you cry?" It took forever for her to finally realize that I was having an allergic reaction.

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    I have a soar throat whenever I inhale other ppl's smoke especially in smoking areas. I'm not too sure if this is an allergy or I'm just being over sensitive to smoke.

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    Awwww, I see alot of people allergic to seafood.
    I <3 Seafood.
    But I heard too much is bad for you. My mom said her friend, got.... gouche? Idk how to spell it.... haha.

    Luckily, I'm not allergic to anything... yet. I heard it could develope later on.... no? My mom and dad are allergic to milk, i think. A mild form of allergy though.
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