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Thread: The Sword of the Third Young Master

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    Default The Sword of the Third Young Master

    Hi everyone,

    so I mentioned that I'd like to continue the translation of The Sword of the Third Young Master, previously translated by Kara.

    I was originally going to continue where she left off. But I realized that her translation was based on a Vietnamese translation of the novel, so the characters' names were all in Vietnamese. Lucky for me, fastclock sent me a Word version of the translated parts with most of the names changed into Pingyin.

    I was looking through the translation and the novel itself when I noticed that the translation had some inconsistencies with the novel. I think the reason for that is because the book that was used in the original translation by Kara was a Vietnamese translation of the original book, which may have altered the structures of the novel. Thus, while Kara's translations were great, it had some small inconsistencies since she used a translated version of the novel.

    I decided that I'm going to translate the novel from scratch again, since this way, I can fix the inconsistencies from the Vietnamese novel. The inconsistencies are not something drastic, but I feel that they take away from Gu Long's style, which I like to preserve in the translations.
    Also, it helps me to keep a consistent style in my own translations.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Chapter One – One Sword Strike Pierced the Heart

    The sword’s aura travels across 30 000 miles.
    The sword’s light shivers through nineteen states.

    It was early autumn.
    The tree’s leaves were dreary, the setting sun filled the sky.
    Underneath the dreary leaves stood a man, who appeared as if he was one with the earth’s autumn hues.
    It was because he was so still.
    Because he was so cold.
    He carried a sense of indifference and fatigue that seemed to seep through his marrows, but as well as a threatening killing aura.
    He was fatigued, perhaps because he had already killed too many people, some of which still should not have been killed.
    He killed, only because he had no other choice.
    He held a sword in his hand.
    A long sword that had a black murrel skin sheath and a golden sheath opening, and was decorated with thirteen large pearls.
    Not many people in the martial world were unfamiliar with this sword, and not many were unfamiliar with this man.
    This man and his sword had been famous within the martial world since he was seventeen. Now, he was nearing middle age and he could not set this sword down anymore. Others would not allow him to set his sword down.
    When he sets down this sword, his life would end. Fame sometimes was like a baggage, a baggage one can never get rid if.

    “September 9th, dusk. Underneath the ancient tree on the side of the ancient road outside of LuoYang City. Cleanse your throat, and bring your sword!”

    The sun set at dusk. The autumn sun had set, and the fallen leaves fluttered. A man strode down the ancient road. He was dressed in clean fancy clothing, his face was pale. A long sword hung diagonally behind his shoulders. His eyes were like swords that left their sheaths, and were staring at the sword underneath the tree. His steps were steady, but he walked very fast. He stopped seven feet away and suddenly asked,

    “Yan ShiSan?”


    “Your ‘Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance,’ is it really unmatched in the world?”

    “Not necessarily.”

    This man laughed. His laugh was derisive but callous, “I am Gao Tong, the ‘One Sword Strike Pierced the Heart’ Gao Tong.”

    “I know.”

    “Did you ask me to meet?”

    “I know that you are looking for me.”

    “That’s right. I am looking for you, because I definitely must kill you.”

    Yan ShiSan lightly said, “You’re not the only one wanting to kill me.”

    Gao Tong replied, “Because you’re too famous. I only need to kill you, in order to instantly become famous.” He laughed coldly and continued, “It’s not so easy becoming famous in the martial world. Only this method is relatively easy.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Very good.”

    Gao Tong said, “Now I’ve already come, and have brought my sword, and have cleansed my throat.”

    “Very good.”

    “Where’s your heart?”

    “My heart is already dead.”

    “Then I’ll let it die once more.”

    A flash of the sword and it has left the sheath. Like lightning, it pierced towards Yan ShiSan’s heart.
    One sword strike pierced the heart.
    It really was not known how many people’s hearts he pierced with just this single sword strike. This was supposed to be a fatal killer! But he did not pierce through Yan ShiSan’s heart. As his sword struck out, his throat suddenly felt ice cold. Yan ShiSan’s sword had already pierced through his throat.
    It pierced one inch and three points in.
    Gao Tong’s sword dropped, but he had not died yet.

    Yan ShiSan said, “I only hope you know that, to become famous isn’t really something to feel good about.”

    Gao Tong stared at him, his eyeballs already protruded out.

    Yan ShiSan continued lightly, “Therefore, you’re really better off dead.”

    He pulled out his sword, very, very slowly pulled it out of Gao Tong’s throat.
    Thus, the blood did not splatter onto his body.
    He had much experience with these kinds of matter. If bloodstains blemished one’s clothes, then it would be hard to wash them clean – to wash clean the bloodstains on one’s hands would be even harder.

    The twilight grew darker.
    The blood on the sword had dripped away completely.
    When the sword returned to its sheath, another four men appeared in the twilight.
    Four men, four swords!
    The four men’s clothing were all very extravagant, their styles were all very grand. The eldest had completely white hair, the youngest was still in his youth.
    Yan ShiSan did not recognize them, but knew who they were.
    The eldest was famous for over forty years, though he always remained outside the city borders. He singly created the “Flying Hawk Thirteen Thorns” stance, and his fame shook the borders. He came into the city this time only to look for Yan ShiSan.
    He did not believe that his Flying Hawk Thirteen Sword Stance was not a match for Yan ShiSan’s Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance.
    The youngest was a promising youth who recently rose to fame in the martial world, and was also the best student of the DianCang Sect.
    He had great potentials and he was willing to endure hardships.
    His heart was also cruel enough.
    Thus, though he had only debuted for a year, the name “Heartless Youngster” Cao Bin had already shook the martial world.
    The other two men were of course also highly skilled masters.
    Qing FengJian’s swordplay was light and spirited, and struck out like the wind.
    Iron Sword Zhen SanShan’s swordplay was calm and vigorous. His sword weighed a good thirty-three pounds.
    Yan ShiSan knew them. They came, because he had asked them to come.
    The four men’s eyes all stared at him, no one even glanced at the corpse on the ground.
    They did not want to break their own spirits before they even attacked. No matter who it was lying dead on the ground had nothing to do with them. As long as they could stay alive themselves, they did not care about others’ life or death, irregardless of who it was.

    Yan ShiSan smiled. His smile was very weary, “I can’t believe you all came.”

    Guan Wai Fei Ying (The Bordertown Flying Hawk) coldly replied, “I thought that you only invited me.”

    Yan ShiSan replied lightly, “If something can be taken care of once, why waste more time on it.”

    Cao Bin interrupted, “Since four people came, who goes first?”

    He was in much hurry.
    He was in a hurry to become famous, and in a hurry to kill Yan ShiSan.

    Iron Sword Zhen SanShan suggested, “We could use rock paper scissors. The winner gets to go first.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “That is not necessary.”

    Iron Sword Zhen SanShan asked, “Not necessary?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You can strike at the same time!”

    Guan Wai Fei Ying said angrily, “What do you take us for, to use many against one!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You’re not willing to?”

    Guan Wai Fei Ying said angrily, “Of course not!”

    Yan ShiSan said, “But I’m willing!”

    His sword already left its sheath. The sword flash was like flying rainbows and rapid lightning, and suddenly it had flashed by the four men’s eyes at the same time.
    Now even if they were unwilling, it was too late. Their four swords also left their sheaths at the same time. Cao Bin’s attack was the fastest, the cruelest, and the most heartless.
    Guan Wai Fei Ying leapt up into the air and attacked downwards from above. The Flying Hawk Thirteen Sword Stance originally was the same style of martial arts as the Seven Avian Fist – from high up attacking downwards, using the strong to conquer the weak. Unfortunately, his opponent was stronger.
    In a blink of an eye, Cao Bin had struck out nine sword stances. He did not pay attention to the others, but only stared at Yan ShiSan. His only wish was to have this man die under his sword.
    Unfortunately, all nine stances missed. Yan ShiSan, who was originally in front of his eyes, was now nowhere to be found. He paused, and then realized a very frightening thing.
    Three more dead people appeared on the ground.
    Each one of their throats had a hole.
    Guan Wai Fei Ying, Qing FengJian, and Iron Sword Zhen SanShan, these three first-class swordsmen in the martial world, had all in the blink of an eye died under Yan ShiSan’s sword.
    Cao Bin’s hands were ice cold. He looked up and had only then seen Yan ShiSan already standing far away underneath that ancient tree.
    The killing sword now returned to its sheath.

    Cao Bin’s fists clenched, “You …”

    Yan ShiSan interrupted him, “I don’t want to kill you yet!”

    Cao Bin asked, “Why?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because I want to give you another chance to kill me.”

    The veins popped up on Cao Bin’s hands, cold sweat that were the size of beans formed on his forehead. He could not accept such an opportunity. This was an insult. But he also did not want to give up this opportunity.

    Yan ShiSan continued, “Go back and practice for three years, then come back and kill me.”

    Cao Bin clenched his teeth. Yan ShiSan continued, “DianCang’s swordplay is really not bad. As long as you’re willing to practice, then you’ll surely have a chance.”

    Cao Bin suddenly asked, “What if after three years you had died under someone else’s sword?”

    Yan ShiSan smiled and said, “Then you can go kill the person who killed me.”

    Can Bin replied bitterly, “Then you best take much care, and best not die!”

    The twilight grew even darker. Darkness had enveloped the earth. Yan ShiSan slowly turned around and faced the darkest part of the night. Suddenly, he said, “How do you do.”

    After a long time, the darkness indeed had a reply, “Not well.”

    A cold voice, hoarse yet deep. A man slowly emerged from the darkness. Black clothes, black hair, black sword, and his face black as if carrying an expression of death. Only his pair of pitch black eyes was shining. He walked very slowly, yet his entire body seemed very light. It was as if his feet did not even touch the ground, and was like a spirit in the dark.

    Yan ShiSan’s pupils suddenly contracted, he suddenly asked, “The Raven?”


    Yan ShiSan deeply sighed, “At last I finally got to meet you!”

    The Raven replied, “Meeting me isn’t a good thing.”

    Indeed it was not. The raven is not a magpie, no one liked to see a raven. Even in very ancient times there were legends – the arrival of the raven must mean catastrophe.
    What kind of catastrophe did he bring this time? Since it is unavoidable, then why bother and worry about it? Yan ShiSan already restored his calmness.

    The Raven stared at him and stared at his sword and said, “Great sword!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You like swords?”

    The Raven replied, “I only like great swords. You not only have great swordplay, but also have a great sword.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You want my sword?”

    The Raven replied, “Yes.”

    His reply was straightforward yet simple. Yan ShiSan laughed. This time, his smile no longer had that weary expression, but only a killing aura! He knew that he had at last met a true opponent.

    The Raven said, “Magpies bring luck, but ravens, however, bring catastrophe.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You came to bring catastrophe?”

    The Rave replied, “Yes.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “I will face catastrophe?”

    The Raven said, “Yes.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “My catastrophe is you?”

    The Raven replied, “No.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “If not you, then what is it?”

    The Raven replied, “It’s your sword!”

    The carrier was innocent, but carrying jade was the crime. Yan ShiSan obviously understood this principle. His fame and his sword were like the musk deer’s fragrance and the antelope’s antlers.

    The Raven said, “I have already collected seventeen swords.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Quite a few.”

    The Raven continued, “All seventeen are famous swords.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Looks like you’ve also killed quite a few famous people.”

    The Raven said, “I also want Gao Tong and Fei Ying’s swords.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If you take care of their corpses, all three swords are yours.”

    The Raven said, “I only want swords, not corpses!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “But you only want dead people’s swords.”

    The Raven said, “That’s right!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If you kill me, my sword’s yours as well!”

    The Raven said, “Of course.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Very good.”

    The Rave said, “Not good.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “What’s not good?”

    End of Chapter One.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Thanks for continuing this translation.

    Yan ShiSan said, “I only hope you know that, to become famous isn’t really something to feel good about.”

    Gao Tong stared at him, his eyeballs already protruded out.

    Yan ShiSan continued lightly, “Therefore, you’re really better off dead.”

    He pulled out his sword, very, very slowly pulled it out of Gao Tong’s throat.
    Thus, the blood did not splatter onto his body.
    He had much experience with these kinds of matter. If bloodstains blemished one’s clothes, then it would be hard to wash them clean – to wash clean the bloodstains on one’s hands would be even harder.
    I like Yan ShiSan, such a cool hero He's not the archetypical nice, polite and gentlemanly protagonist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellesley View Post
    Thanks for continuing this translation.

    I like Yan ShiSan, such a cool hero He's not the archetypical nice, polite and gentlemanly protagonist.
    Thanks for reading .

    Yah, Yan ShiSan is really cool.
    I like The Raven, too, though. He's funny.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Chapter Two – A Change of Fortunes

    The Raven said, “I’m not certain that I can kill you now!”

    Yan ShiSan laughed loudly. He suddenly realized that this man truly was a raven – at least ravens would not tell lies.

    The Raven continued, “Especially that stance you used just now to kill Guan Wai Fei Ying.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed, “You can’t break through it?”

    The Raven replied, “I can’t think of anyone who could break through that stance.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You believe that, that is the ultimate unparalleled swordplay?”

    The Raven replied, “I have seen the great masters from both the Seven Major Sword Sects and the Four Grand Families.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What do you think of them?”

    The Raven replied, “Their swordplay are all too conservative, they value their own lives too much. Therefore, they are inferior to you.”

    Yan ShiSan sighed and said, “Your insights are quite good, but your knowledge is not too broad.”

    The Raven replied, “Oh?”

    Yan ShiSan continued, “I know of a man, for whom it would be very easy to break though that stance of mine.”

    The Raven’s expressions changed, “You’ve seen his swordplay?”

    Yan ShiSan nodded and sighed, “Now that is truly the ultimate unparalleled swordplay.”

    The Raven asked, “Who is this man?”

    Yan ShiSan did not answer directly, but only held out three fingers.

    The Raven asked, “Three Hand Sword Jin Fei?”

    Legend has it that when Three Hand Sword dueled with someone, it was as if he had three hands. A single sword also seemed to transform into three. One only needed to hear his name to be able to imagine the quickness of his swordplay and the numerous changes of his stances.

    Yan ShiSan, however, shook his head, “To truly kill someone, you don’t need three hands, nor do you need three swords.”

    To truly kill someone, one sword is enough.

    The Raven said, “So you’re not talking about him?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “No!”

    The Raven asked, “Who is it?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Third Young Master.”

    The Raven asked, “Which family’s third young master?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “In front of the Green Water Lake underneath the Jade Cloud Mountain.”

    The Raven’s fists clenched. Yan ShiSan continued, “His sword is also an unparalleled treasured sword.”

    The Raven’s pupils contracted. Yan ShiSan continued, “But I advise that you definitely do not go see him.”

    The Raven suddenly laughed. He rarely laughed, and his laughter was erratic yet strange. Yan ShiSan said, “This is not a joke.”

    The Raven replied, “I’m laughing at you.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Oh?”

    The Raven replied, “You obviously knew that, since I already came here, then I would never let you go.”

    Yan ShiSan agreed. The Raven continued, “Although I’m not certain that I can kill you, you also are not certain that you can kill me.”

    Yan ShiSan admitted this. The Raven continued, “Therefore you want to provoke me to go to Jade Cloud Mountain and challenge that Third Young Master first.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed also. The Raven asked, “This is a joke to you?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “No, I’m laughing at myself.”

    The Raven asked, “Oh?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because you have guessed at once what I was thinking.”

    The Raven said, “You don’t want to dual with me now?”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Not very much.”

    The Raven asked, “Why?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because I have another appointment.”

    The Raven asked, “What kind of appointment?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “An appointment with death.”

    The Raven asked, “Where is the appointment?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “In front of the Green Water Lake underneath the Jade Cloud Mountain.”

    The Raven asked, “You’re still going even though you know that you can’t defeat him?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “An appointment of death will not dissolve until we meet.”

    The Raven asked, “Are you perhaps intentionally going to your death?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed again, and lightly said, “Do you perhaps find living to be very fun?”

    The Raven shut his mouth. Yan ShiSan continued to laugh, his laughter contained an indescribable expression of mockery, and he said, “Those who practice the sword sooner or later will inevitably die under someone else’s sword, there isn’t even a place to escape from it.”

    The Raven remained silent. Yan ShiSan continued, “I have killed countless in my life. If I could die under the sword of the world’s number one swordsman, then I’d die without any regrets.”

    The Raven looked at him and stared at him for a very long time. Suddenly he said, “Good. You can go.”

    Yan ShiSan cupped his hands, did not say another word, and turned around and left. He did not walk very far, but stopped again, because he realized that The Raven was following him the whole time, as if he was his shadow. The Raven stopped as well and watched him. Yan ShiSan said, “I understand your intentions.”

    The Rave asked, “Oh?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If I can go, then why can’t you.”

    The Raven noted, “You’re not stupid.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “But you don’t have to go together with me.”

    The Raven replied, “I have to.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why?”

    The Raven replied, “Because I don’t want to miss the dual between you two.”
    He continued coldly, “A dual between great masters must take up all their strengths. If I watched from the sides, then surely, I can identify the flaws in your swordplay.”

    Yan ShiSan sighed, “Makes sense.”

    The Raven continued, “No matter which one of you wins or loses this dual, the one alive at the very end must be me.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Because at that time, the winner must also have exhausted all his strength, and additionally, you have identified the flaw in his swordplay, so if you wanted to kill, that would be the best opportunity.”

    The Raven said, “Therefore how could I miss such an opportunity?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Indeed you can’t.”
    He sighed again and said, “Unfortunately, you still made one mistake.”

    The Raven asked, “Which one?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “With Third Young Master’s swordplay, there completely is no flaw, not even one!”

    * * *

    Now they have already begun to drink. The best restaurant, the best wine. They had always been the ones with extravagant styles.

    Yan ShiSan said, “After I kill, I must drink wine.”

    The Raven replied, “Without killing, I’d still drink wine.”

    Yan ShiSan continued, “After I drink wine, I must to find a woman.”

    The Raven replied, “Without drinking wine, I’d still go find a woman.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed loudly, “Who knew that you are a voluptuary.”

    The Raven replied, “You too, you too.”

    They had really drunk a lot.

    Yan ShiSan said, “Since you’re also a voluptuary, I’ll let you have it today.”

    The Raven asked, “Have what?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Have the bill.”

    The Raven said, “No need to let me have it, no need to polite.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “This time I must let you have it, I must be polite.”

    The Raven replied, “No need, no need.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “I have to, I have to.”

    When others dine out, they tended to insist on paying the bill, but these two were insisting on not paying the bill.

    Yan ShiSan said, “When I have to kill, I never carry any burdens with me, so they won’t get in the way.”

    The Raven replied, “Oh?”

    Yan ShiSan continued, “Silver is the most burdensome thing.”

    The Raven agreed. If a person carried a few hundred taels of silver with them, how could he possibly still display light movements. The Raven suggested, “You can bring paper money.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “I hate paper money.”

    The Raven asked, “Why?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You don’t know how many people’s hands have transferred around a piece of paper money. It’s awfully dirty.”

    The Raven suggested again, “The large pearls on your sword can be used to exchange for silver.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed again. The Raven asked, “This is a joke to you?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “A big joke.”
    He suddenly lowered his voice and said, “These pearls are all fake. I sold the real ones a long time ago.”

    The Raven was stunned. Yan ShiSan continued, “Therefore today I have to be polite, I have to let you have it.”

    The Raven asked, “What if I didn’t come with you?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Then I’d obviously have other ways. But now since you’re here already, why would I need to think of other ways?”

    The Raven also laughed.

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What are you laughing at?”

    The Raven replied, “I’m laughing at you for finding the wrong person.”
    He also lowered his voice and said, “I’m like you as well, today I came here originally prepared to kill.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “You also hate paper money?”

    The Raven replied, “I hate them very much.”

    Yan ShiSan was also stunned.

    The Raven continued, “Therefore today I must also be polite, I must let you have it.”

    Yan ShiSan was just sighing, when the owner suddenly walked over and said with a smile, “Both gentlemen need not to be polite. Someone downstairs had already paid for the two gentlemen’s bills.”

    Who paid the bills? Why would they pay the bills for them? They did not even think about it, nor did they even ask about it. To them, none of these were important.
    To be able to eat and drink for free had always been something that made one happy.
    When one was very happy, he tended to drink more than usual. But they were not drunk yet.
    Just when they were about to feel a bit drunk, two women suddenly came from downstairs. Both were very good-looking women and were dressed very well. They were exactly the kind of women who could captivate men the best.
    When one was nearly drunk, it tended to be the time when one was most easily captivated.
    Yan ShiSan and The Raven were already captivated, and were just planning on thinking of a way to seduce them.
    Who knew, however, that they did not even need to be seduced, and came over by themselves.

    “My name is Xiao Hong.”

    “My name is Xiao Cui.”

    The two of them smiled very sweetly and very charmingly, “We are here to wait on you two gentlemen.”

    Yan ShiSan looked at The Raven, and The Raven looked at Yan ShiSan.
    If the people who had died under their swords saw what they looked like now, they would surely feel that they had died unjustly.
    Now, they did not look at all like world famous, heartless swordsmen.

    Xiao Hong said sweetly, “Would the two gentlemen like to drink wine here, or come to our place, either is fine.”

    Xiao Cui said, “Either way someone had already paid the bill for you two.”

    Although there were many good people and good things in the world, there were not many good things like these.

    The Raven asked, “Is this you luck? Or mine?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Of course it’s mine.”

    The Raven asked, “Why?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “They say that when a man was about to die, his luck would always change.”

    This was the first day.
    The second day was the same, no matter where they went, someone always paid for their bills.
    Who was paying the bills? And what for? They still did not even ask nor did they even think about it.
    They slept very late and rose very late. Every day, the moment they stepped out of the hotel’s door, there would be a carriage waiting for them outside, as if it was worried that they would be too tired from the night before and were unable to walk. But today, they wanted to get off the carriage and walk.
    Today’s weather was very nice. The Raven said, “Is Jade Cloud Mountain far?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Not too far.”

    The Raven said, “If we walked like this, we hope to walk a bit farther, the farther the better.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “We could walk slowly.”

    In front of them was a large forest, its trees and leaves were still very green. Yan ShiSan said, “How about we go drink for a bit in the forest?”

    The Raven asked, “Where’s the wine?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Relax, if we want to drink, surely someone would bring the wine here.”

    It was a sunny day.
    They walked along the sunlight illuminated road, the carriage following behind them. On the road in the other direction, however, a carriage drove over and only stopped after it drove into the forest. Out of the carriage stepped three people, two adults and one child.

    End of Chapter Two.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    I like Raven's character too. The way he moves and his actions befits his name. Plus I like weirdos and there are plenty of those in Gu Long's stories

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    Chapter Three – Odd Thousand Snake Sword

    The adults walked inside. A very handsome child wearing a little green hat, however, walked out, took out a piece of bright red silk ribbon, and tied a knot on the tree branch at the edge of the forest. The child then also walked into the deeper area of the forest. Yan ShiSan sighed and said, “Looks like we’d better go drink at a different place.”

    The Raven asked, “This place isn’t good?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “It’s very good!”

    The Raven asked, “If it’s very good, then why must we go elsewhere?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because of this ….”

    He pointed at the red silk ribbon on the branch.

    The Raven asked, “What does this mean?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “This means that, this place has momentarily become a forbidden ground, and no one else can enter.”

    The Raven laughed coldly, “Whose rules are these?”

    Before Yan ShiSan could reply, the sound of a zither suddenly flowed out from the forest. The sound was melodious and delightful, and was filled with happiness and joy.
    The Raven however, tightly clenched his fists.
    Just now, eleven fast horses suddenly galloped down the road. The riders on the horses were dressed lightly, and were agile and fierce. Each carried a great saber on his back, and the red silk bound to the sabers danced in the wind. As soon as the fast horses rushed into the forest, the riders stepped off. Each one’s movements were all very energetic.
    There were not many true skilled masters in the martial world, but these eleven men all appeared to be skilled masters.
    The one with the swiftest movements was a one-armed fellow, as soon as he rushed into the forest, he shouted fiercely, “Brings your lives here!”

    The sound of the zither in the forest did not stop, and still sounded so melodic and delightful, and so happy and joyous.
    The eleven guys already stormed inside.

    The Raven asked, “Are these men from Mount Tai Hang?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Yes.”

    The Raven said, “The Tai Hang Great Sabers do indeed have courage.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Hmm.”

    The Raven asked, “What do you think they are doing here?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “To die!”

    Just as he had finished this sentence, a man flew out of the forest and forcefully fell on the ground. He stopped moving as soon as he hit the ground, without even making a single sound.
    This man was that most agile and fiercest one-armed fellow.
    The delightful zither sound still did not stop.
    From the forest, however, bodies continued to fly out nonstop, one after another, a total of eleven.
    The eleven men, as soon as they flew out, would fall to the ground and be unable to move.
    Their movements were very fast when they stormed in.
    They came out even faster.

    The Raven coldly said, “They had indeed come here to die.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “It seems that they’re not the only ones who came here to die.”

    The Raven said, “There is still me.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Now is not your turn yet.”

    The Raven asked no further. He had already seen two people approaching on the road – one adult and one child.
    The adult was not very old, and was at the most around thirty-something. Moreover, it was a woman, a woman that appeared very delicate and very pretty. Her face had an expression of indescribable sorrow.
    The child was younger than the child who came out a moment ago to tie the silk ribbon, and had a pair of large eyes that were constantly looking around. Anyone could tell that this was a very smart child – very smart and very cute.
    But the thing he was about to do did not seem too smart.
    They were about to walk into the forest.
    Even The Raven could not bear to see them go to their deaths and was already planning to stop them.
    They had also seen the red silk ribbon on the branch, and the woman, who was dressed in jade green clothes, suddenly said, “Untie it!”

    Thus, the child stood on his toes and untied it, but then also replaced the knot with a piece of jade green silk ribbon that he took out.
    Then the two slowly walked into the forest.
    It was as if neither of the two had seen the dead bodies on the ground nor The Raven and Yan ShiSan. The Raven originally planned to stop them, but now, for some reason he had changed his mind. Yan ShiSan did not even move.
    But their eyes both showed a strange expression.
    Just now, the sound of zither in the forest suddenly stopped.
    The wind blew through the woods and the sunlight basked the earth.
    A very, very long time after the zither had stopped, still no sound came from inside the forest.
    No one knew just what had happened inside.
    Who was the one playing the zither?
    Why would the zither playing suddenly stop?
    Would that woman and the child also be thrown out like the fellows from the Tai Hang Great Sabers?
    Anyone would want to know the answers to these, The Raven and Yan ShiSan were no exceptions either.
    Therefore, they did not yet leave. Even the carriage drivers following behind were staring intently, waiting to watch the commotion.
    There was no commotion to see. No one was thrown out.
    They only heard a series of footsteps treading on the foliage. The footsteps were very light and very slow. Walking in the front was the child who moments ago came to tie the red silk ribbon onto the branch. Two people slowly walked behind him - a man and a woman who seemed to be husband and wife. They both were not very old, their attire was very elegant, and their demeanor was very good.
    The man carried a long sword at his waist, and looked handsome and suave. The woman was not only beautiful but also gentle. If they really were husband and wife, then they really would be an enviable pair. Only now, both of their faces were a bit pale and they seemed to be a bit angry.
    They were initially planning to step into the carriage, but changed their minds after they saw The Raven and Yan ShiSan standing outside the forest.
    The two, in a low voice, gave a couple of instructions to the child, and the child ran over and stared at them with his pair of big eyes, and said, “Have you been here for a long time?”

    Yan ShiSan nodded.

    The child asked, “You saw all the things that just happened?”

    The Raven nodded.

    The child asked, “Do you know where we’re from?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “The XiaoHou Manor in the Scarlet Cloud Valley in the Flaming Mountains.”

    The child sighed and said, “You seem to know quite a few things.”
    Although his voice was clearly that of a child, his tone and facial expressions, however, were very mature.

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What’s your name?”

    The child said with a serious face, “You don’t need to ask for my name. I’m not here to make friends with you!”

    The Raven asked, “What are you here for?”

    The child replied, “Our master want to borrow three things from you, three things from each of you!”

    The Raven asked, “Which three?”

    The child replied, “A tongue and two eyes.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed.
    The Raven also laughed unexpectedly.
    The two suddenly reached out simultaneously, one grabbing his arms and the other grabbing his legs, and in chorus said in a low voice, “Fly, boy.”

    Then the child flew up with a “Whoosh” sound, like a missile shooting straight up into the sky.
    That man placed his hands behind his back, as if he did not even see this, but his wife frowned.
    Only then did the child fall back down.
    The Raven and Yan ShiSan reached out simultaneously again, caught him gently, and gently placed him on the ground. The child was now scared out of his wits and even his pants were wet.

    Yan ShiSan, smiling, patted his head and said, “Don’t worry, when I was little, I was often thrown up like this by others.”

    The Raven added, “This way helps develop courage.”

    The child rolled his eyes and was prepared to flee.

    Yan ShiSan said, “You didn’t take the things you came here for, how are you going to explain it when you go back?”

    The child replied, “I ….”

    Yan ShiSan said, “I can teach you a method.”

    The child listened.

    Yan Shisan continued, “Would your master happen to be Master XiaHou?”

    The child nodded.

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Did he ask you come get these things?”

    The child nodded nonstop.

    Yan ShiSan said, “Then you can go back and ask him, if he’s the one who wants these three things, why doesn’t he come get it himself?”

    The child did not nod anymore, and at once turned around and ran.
    Master XiaHou’s face was still expressionless, but his wife walked over. Her walking posture was graceful yet noble, her voice was also very refined, and she gently said, “My name is Bi KeRen. The man standing over there is my husband XiaHou Xing.”

    Yan ShiSan lightly said, “So it is the young master of Scarlet Cloud Valley.”

    Bi KeRen replied, “Since both have heard of his name, then you should know what kind of a person he is.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “I don’t know.”

    Bi KeRen replied, “He is a genius. Not only is he skilled at both literary and martial arts, the skills of his swordplay is even less matched by the average person.”

    Even if women admired their own husbands, they would still rarely praise their husbands like this in front of others. Even if they did praise, they would at least still blush a little. Nit only did she not blush, however, she did not even look embarrassed. Her beautiful eyes were filled with love and admiration for her husband.

    Yan ShiSan sighed to himself, “It’s really great luck to be able to marry such a woman.”

    Bi KeRen said again, “You two would of course not fight with someone like him!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Oh?”

    Bi KeRen replied, “Because not only is he from a prominent family background, he’s also great himself. If you two fought with him, it would be like eggs hitting a rock. Therefore, I’d advise that you both should still …”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Should still obediently cut off our tongues and gouge out our eyes to give to him?”

    Bi KeRen sighed again and said, “Although that method is not very convenient, it is at least better than losing your lives.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed again and suddenly asked, “This young master of yours who’s both skilled in literary and martial arts, is he mute?”

    Bi KeRen replied, “Of course not!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Then why doesn’t he come here and say these things himself?”

    The Raven coldly said, “Even if he was mute, he still has an anus. Why can’t he let out these farts by himself?”

    XiaHou Xing’s facial expressions changed.

    Yan ShiSan continued, “Since he won’t come over, why can’t we go over there?”

    The Raven replied, “We can.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Should you go? Or should I go?”

    The Raven replied, “You!”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Legend has it that his “Lotus Breaking Silk Remaining, Star Rain Covering the Sky” Thousand Snake Sword is not only a great sword, but also a unique sword!”

    The Raven replied, “Hmm!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “If he died, who does his sword belong to?”

    The Raven replied, “You!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You don’t want that sword?”

    The Raven replied, “I do!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Then why are you not fighting to go first?”

    The Raven said, “Because I’m too lazy to fight with brats like that. He annoys me the second I see him.”

    Before he could finish, a shadow flashed before his eyes and XiaHou Xing was already standing in front of him. His face was pale and he said coldly, “But the one I want to fight is you!”

    The Raven replied, “Then draw your sword quickly!”

    XiaHou Xing’s sword already left its sheath.
    “Lotus Breaking Silk Remaining, Star Rain Covering the Sky” Thousand Snake Sword.
    This was truly a unique sword.
    With one shake of his hand, the single sword seemed to have transformed into a thousand of silver snakes, into a star rain covering the sky.
    This one sword suddenly seemed to have broken into innumerable pieces, each piece aiming for a critical point.
    The Raven’s critical points.
    Although The Raven could fly, he now could not take off. He turned around and a sword light flew out and protected his body.
    A “Ka” sound was heard and the thousands of broken swords suddenly merged again and pierced towards his throat. This sword had a marvelous and special switch installed, which was connected by a silver thread. When the silver thread tightened, the switch operated and transformed into a single sword.

    Yan ShiSan sighed again and said, “I should have fought this battle. I also want this sword.”

    Suddenly, a series of “Ding Ding” sound was heard, as if heavy rain knocking on the window or pearls falling into a jade plate.
    In this short moment, The Raven had also pierced out forty-nine stances, each hitting a broken sword piece of the Thousand Snake Sword.
    The Thousand Snake Sword immediately softened as if it was a long, silvery whip. The Raven’s sword had already wrapped around the tip of the whip.
    XiaHou Xing’s facial expressions changed, and he turned around and leapt into midair, the tip of the whip spun and left The Raven’s sword hold with his body.
    With a “Ka” sound it merged into a single sword again.

    Yan ShiSan immediately interrupted, “Neither of you won this battle, now it’s my turn!”

    XiaHou Xing laughed coldly. He looked around in all four directions and his facial expressions suddenly changed again and turned worse than a moment ago.
    He suddenly realized that there was one person missing.
    The child was lying on the ground, as if someone had sealed his pressure points. But Bi KeRen was nowhere to be seen.

    XiaHou Xing kicked open his pressure points and fiercely asked, “Who did this?”

    The child was pale and replied, “It … it was the Mistress!”

    XiaHou Xing asked, “Where is the Mistress?”

    The child replied, “The Mistress ran away.”

    The child was still sitting on the ground crying, but XiaHou Xing had already left in pursuit. Yan ShiSan and The Raven did not stop him.
    If a man’s wife suddenly ran away, they could guess what that feels like. But they could never have dreamed that such a gentle and virtuous woman who so admired her husband, would suddenly run away while her husband was in a battle of life and death. They seemed like a perfect match, a happy couple. Even Yan ShiSan felt very envious of them.
    Why would she run away?
    Yan ShiSan suddenly felt very sorrowful, never for himself, and even less for that young master.
    He felt sorrowful for man.
    For mankind – Who knew that so many of mankind’s unfortunate, unlucky, and unhappy things were hidden within fortune, luck, and happiness?
    Who knew?

    The child crying on the ground had left, but another even younger child ran out smiling.
    He did not run very fast, but arrived in front of Yan ShiSan and The Raven at once. He was at most seven or eight years old. No one would believe that a seven or eight year old child could have such Qing Gong. Yan ShiSan and The Raven had no choice but to believe, since they had witnessed this with their own eyes.
    This child was also looking at them and smiling. His smile was really very cute.
    The Raven usually did not like children. He always thought that little children were like kittens and puppies, and a man should walk very far away as soon as he sees them. This time, however, he did not walk away, but asked, “What’s your name?”

    The child replied, “I’m Little Nuisance (Xiao Tao Yan).”

    The Raven asked, “You’re obviously anything but annoying, why are you called Little Nuisance?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “You’re obviously a person, why are you called The Raven?”

    The Raven wanted to laugh, but did not.
    Was a raven not just exactly what everyone was annoyed at? How many people remained in this world who liked to listen to the truth?

    Yan ShiSan could not help but ask, “You know he’s called The Raven?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “What a waste of breath.”

    Yan ShiSan’s question really was a waste of breath. If Little Nuisance did not know he was called The Raven, then why would he call him that.

    Little Nuisance said again, “Not only do I know that he’s called The Raven, I also know that you’re called Yan ShiSan, because there used to be a man called Yan Qi, and another called Yan Wu, and you felt that you were still a bit stronger than the two of them combined. Therefore you’re called Yan ShiSan.” [Translator’s Note: To those unfamiliar with the Chinese language, Yan ShiSan means Yan Thirteen, and Yan Qi means Yan Seven, and Yan Wu means Yan Wu. So Yan ShiSan thought that he was better than seven and five combined, hence thirteen.]

    Yan ShiSan was stunned! This was indeed his intention, and also his secret. He could not guess how this Little Nuisance knew about it.

    Little Nuisance said, “To be honest, I really don’t know much about you. I only heard about this from my older sister!” This was another bit of surprise. The woman who just then walked into the forest together with him actually looked like his mother.

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Does your sister have a name?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “Of course she does.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What’s her name?”

    Little Nuisance asked, “Are you mute?”

    Yan ShiSan shook his head.

    Little Nuisance asked, “Do you have legs?”

    Yan ShiSan lowered his head, as if he also wanted to check if he still had legs.

    Little Nuisance said, “Since you have legs and aren’t mute, then why not go ask her yourself?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed and said, “Because I’m not blind either, I can still see.”

    Little Nuisance asked, “See what?”

    Yan ShiSan pointed to the green silk ribbon on the tree branch, and said, “Since you’re the one who tied this knot, then of course you should know its meaning.”

    Little Nuisance replied, “The meaning is, this domain is ours now. If you’re not mute, then you’d turn mute once you go in. If you have legs, then you’d lose them once you go in.”

    End of Chapter Three.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Chapter Four – The Love and Hatred of the Imprudent Woman

    Yan ShiSan did not argue, nor did he want to argue. These were the rules of the Four Grand Families of the martial world, and were recognized by default by all in the martial world. Unless one harbored deep bitter hatred, no one wished to break these rules.
    Those who wished to mingle in the martial world should usually more or less follow some of its rules. Even Yan ShiSan was not an exception.

    Little Nuisance said, “Unfortunately, even though you understand most things, there is one thing that you don’t understand.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Oh?”

    Little Nuisance said, “Now, you have to go in even if you don’t want to.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “Because my sister told me to come and tell you to go inside just now.”

    It was peaceful and quiet inside the forest. Even the sound of footsteps treading on the foliage was gentle. Autumn became deeper as he arrived into the depth of the forest.
    The Raven did not come with him.

    “Because my sister only wants to see him alone.”

    Why did she want to see him? Furthermore, why did she want to see him alone? Yan ShiSan could not fathom, thus he needed not to keep thinking.
    He had already seen her.
    A new mat was spread out underneath an old tree, which leaves and branches were already withered yellow. On the mat were a zither, an incense pot, and a bottle of wine.
    These were clearly left here by Xia HouXing. It was obvious that he was in a great hurry when he had left here.
    Was he perhaps chased away by this melancholy woman who was at this moment sitting underneath the tree?
    She not only looked melancholy but also frail, as if she could never again handle even the slightest of assault.
    Yan ShiSan walked over. He gently walked over, as if he was afraid to alarm her. She, however, already looked up and stared at him with her clear pair of eyes, “So you’re Life-Taking Yan ShiSan?”

    Yan ShiSan nodded and said, “Is the lady from Jade Cloud Mountain?”

    He recognized that the jade green silk ribbon outside was the symbol of Jade Cloud Mountain and Green Water Lake. However, she unexpectedly shook her head. Yan ShiSan really could not believe how someone who was not from Jade Cloud Mountain could dare to use the symbol of Jade Cloud Mountain.

    “I’m from the Seven Star Pond of Jiang Nan.”
    Her voice was also very frail, “My name is MuRong QiuDi.”

    Yan ShiSan was even more surprised. The Seven Star Pond of Jiang Nan was also one of the Four Grand Families of the martial world.
    MuRong QiuDi was not only a famous beauty in the martial world, but was also a famous pious daughter. To take care of her sickly parents, she had declined countless of marriage proposals, and had also sacrificed the most beautiful days of her life. Why did she suddenly appear here now? Could it be that the master of the Seven Star Pond, the “Gallant of Jiang Nan” MuRong Zheng had already passed away?

    The reputation of Seven Star Pond was not beneath that of the Jade Cloud Mountain, so why would she steal someone else’s symbol?

    MuRong QiuDi, as if she had already guessed what he was thinking, suddenly spoke, “My father is not dead. Although he is very sick, he will not die for at least three to five years.”

    Yan ShiSan sighed in relief, and replied, “Hopefully he will be healthy and can still live for a few years.”
    He spoke from his heart. MuRong Zheng truly was a very honest and chivalrous man. There were not many of these men left in the martial world.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “This time I slipped out in secret, he doesn’t know.”

    Yan ShiSan could not help but want to ask “Why?”

    But before he could ask, MuRong QiuDi already continued, “Because I want to kill someone.”

    An indescribable sorrow and hatred suddenly appeared in her melancholy eyes. She must truly despise this man – but who was this man? Yan ShiSan dared not to ask and did not want to ask. He did not want to bother with the affairs of the Four Grand Families of the martial world.

    MuRong QiuDi’s gaze seemed to stare into the distance and her body seemed to have left for a distant place as well. After a long time, she finally slowly continued, “You must all know that I’m a pious daughter.”

    Yan ShiSan admitted so. MuRong QiuDi said, “During these past seven years, I had already declined the marriage proposals of forty-three men.”

    Those qualified to propose at the Seven Star Pond were obviously all sons from reputable families in the martial world.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “Do you know why I declined them?”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Because you couldn’t bear to leave your father.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “You’re wrong.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Oh?”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “I’m not actually that pious daughter others think of me as, I’m … I’m …”
    She suddenly forcefully clenched her hands, and said, “I’m just a liar. Not only did I lie to others, I also lied to myself.”

    Yan Shisan was shocked. He dared not to look at her again, her eyes were red and her tears could flow out at any moment.
    He did not want to see a woman shed tears, nor did he want to know the reasons why women shed tears.
    Unfortunately, she just had to tell him.

    “I declined others’ marriage proposals, only because I was always waiting for him to come propose.”


    Who was he? Was he the one she wanted to kill? MuRong QiuDi’s tears finally flowed out, “He promised me that he would definitely come. He promised many times.”

    But he did not come.
    A heartless man, using marriage as bait, deceived a sentimental girl.
    This tragedy did not belong solely to her.
    Since the ancient times, it has been unknown just how many times this kind of tragedy occurred, even until now, it still happened anytime and anywhere.
    Because only a tragedy that has befallen oneself is a true tragedy. Thus, it was difficult for others’ tragedies to move someone like Yan ShiSan.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “I met him when I was sixteen. He told me to wait for him for seven years.”

    Seven years! What a long time.
    And this was so beautiful a time in a woman’s life, the ages from sixteen to twenty-three.
    How many years like these seven years were there in a person’s life? Yan ShiSan’s heart already began to sigh.
    When he asked you to wait for him for seven years, he was already deceiving you.
    He was certain that you surely would not wait for so long, because after seven years you would have already long forgotten about him.
    Yan ShiSan was a man, thus obviously he understood the heart of a man. But he did not say this. He could tell what kind of pain and torture, what kind of bitter experience these seven long years were to her.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “That child you just saw is not actually my little brother.”

    Yan Shisan said, “He’s not?”

    MuRong QiuDi explained, “He’s my son. The illegitimate son I have with that man.”

    Yan ShiSan was shocked. Only now did he understand why she had to wait seven years, why she despised that man. Now, even he felt sorrowful for her.

    MuRing QiuDi said, “I told you these things not so that you could feel bad for me.”

    Her voice suddenly turned very cold, and her melancholy eyes also suddenly looked as sharp as the tip of a knife.

    She coldly continued, “I want you to kill a man for me.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “That man?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Yes!”

    Yan ShiSan said, “I only kill two types of people.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Those who are your enemies?”

    Yan ShiSan nodded, and said, “And another type, those who want to kill me.”
    He slowly continued, “Therefore I hope you can understand one thing.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Say it.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “If you must kill someone, then you must do it with your own hands. A knot you tied can only be untied by you.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “But I cannot go.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Because … because I don’t want to see him again.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Is it because you’re afraid that if you see his face, you won’t have the heart to kill him?”

    MuRong QiuDi’s hands clenched tightly again.

    Yan ShiSan sighed and said, “Since you don’t have the heart to, then why must you kill him?”

    MuRong QiuDi stared at him and suddenly said, “I also hope that you can understand one thing.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Say it.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “I must kill this man, and furthermore, I must ask you to kill him!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why?”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “Because this man’s name is Xie XiaoFeng.”

    Yan ShiSan’s facial expressions changed, and he said, “Xie XiaoFeng of the Green Water Lake?”

    MuRing QiuDi said, “That’s the one!”

    * * *

    A very large plaque hung in the great hall of the Godly Sword Manor at the Green Water Lake and the Jade Cloud Mountain. On the plaque were only five words – golden words.
    “The world’s number one sword.”
    This was not the owners themselves boasting. This was many years ago, after all the famous swordsmen in the martial world had finished discussing the sword at the top of Mount Hua, each person took out a tael of gold and cast them into these five words, and gave it as a gift to Xie Tian.
    Xie Tian was the first generation master of the Godly sword Manor. This was history from very, very long ago. Although the brightness of the golden words on the plaque was still eye-catching, the reputation of “the world’s number one sword” no longer remained. During the past few centuries, famous swordsmen poured out into the martial world, and no one could be unanimously declared the world’s number one sword.
    The brightness of the Godly Sword Manor also gradually faded from brilliance, until this generation – because this generation, the Godly Sword Manor had produced another extraordinary talent, a rare brilliant genius, whom the world looked upon.
    Thirteen years ago, this man had already defeated Hua YuKun, the number one swordsman of the Mount Hua Sect.
    Then he was thirty-one years old.
    It seemed as if from the moment he was born, he brought forth all the blessings and favours from the gods above. The honours and love he received after he was born were even less matched by others. He was the long awaited swordsman of the martial world, and also the generally acknowledged talent in the martial world.
    He was intelligent and handsome, healthy and strong, and was an honest and chivalrous man. None was able to find a single shortcoming or a single flaw in his life.
    This man was the third young master of the Godly Sword Manor at the Green Water Lake.
    This man was Xie XiaoFeng.

    * * *

    It was even quieter in the forest. The cool dry air was filled with the fragrance of the leaves.
    Yan ShiSan seemed to have completely lost his feelings. After he had heard these three words, even his breathing seemed to have stopped.
    After a long time, he finally gently sighed, and said, “I know this man.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Of course you should know. You two still have an appointment of death, which will not dissolve until you meet!”

    Yan ShiSan had to admit, “I had indeed made an appointment to find him.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “You never change your appointments!”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Never.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Then this appointment may very likely be your last appointment.”

    Yan Shisan asked, “Oh?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “I have seen your swordplay. You’re definitely not his match.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “Since you already know, why would you still ask me to kill him?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Because you have met me.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “You …”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “His swordplay is of the highest quality, and has almost surpassed the limits of swordplay.”

    Yan ShiSan sighed, and said, “He truly is a genius. I had also seen him strike.”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “Have you also recognized the flaw in his swordplay?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “There is no flaw in his swordplay, none at all.”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “There is.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Really?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Definitely, only one.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “You know which one?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Only I know.”

    Yan ShiSan’s eyes shined. He believed that she was not telling a lie. If there existed one person in the world who could know the flaw in the swordplay of the third young master, then that person had to be her.
    Because they were once lovers. At least during the brief moment when they had that child, their souls no doubt were completely connected.
    Only a person who had truly been in love with him could know his secret.
    For a swordsman who was unmatched by anyone in the world, his biggest secret was the flaw in his swordplay.
    Not only did Yan ShiSan’s eyes shine, his heart also beat faster. He was also a man who practiced the sword. He had also devoted his entire life and love to his sword. This was already not only a great devotion, but was also an extremely bitter sacrifice. This sacrifice was not completely without a cost.
    The brief moment of splendid radiance in the moment of victory was enough to light up his life. His goal of practicing the sword was to seek victory, not to seek death.
    If there was an opportunity for victory, then who would be willing to abandon it?

    MuRong QiuDi looked at his shining eyes, and clearly saw that he had been moved. She immediately continued, “In this world, only I can help you defeat him, and only you can help me kill him.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why only me?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Because in your Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance, there is one stance which, if you slightly altered, you could put him in his deathtrap!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Which sword stance is it?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “The fourteenth stance.”

    It was obviously called Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance, how could there be a fourteenth stance? Other people would definitely not understand.
    Yan ShiSan understood.
    Although the Life-Taking Thirteen Sword Stance had only thirteen stances, there were fourteen transformations. That transformation was truly the pith of his stances and the soul of his swordplay. Although the soul is invisible, no one could deny its existence!

    MuRong QiuDi suddenly stood up. She still looked so delicate and so weak, but her eyes again shined that light as if it was the tip of a knife. She stared at Yan ShiSan and said word for word, “Right now I have already become Xie XiaoFeng.”

    After she had said these eight words, her eyes suddenly had an intimidating killing aura! A kind of killing aura that only highly skilled masters who have killed countless of people could have.
    Could it be that this delicate and weak gentlewoman from such a reputable family has also killed? How many people did she kill?
    Yan ShiSan did not ask, nor was there a need to ask. He could tell.

    MuRong QiuDi broke off a withered tree branch and said, “This is my sword.”

    Her body changed again after this piece of withered tree branch got into her hand. That all-conquering, uncontainable killing aura was not only in her eyes, but also in her body. It was everywhere!

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Now you watch, and watch carefully. This is the only flaw in his swordplay.”

    A wind blew by. The wind was suddenly very cold.
    Her body and sword have already begun to move. An extremely slow, extremely beautiful movement, as natural as the wind.
    But who could withstand it when the wind finished blowing? And who could tell where the wind was blowing from?
    Yan ShiSan’s pupils were contracting.
    Her sword had already very, very slowly pierced towards him.
    It pierced out from the most inconceivable place, and when it pierced out it suddenly had the most inconceivable transformation.
    But within this transformation there was indeed a small flaw.
    When the gale swept across the ground, was it difficult to avoid missing a spot?
    But when a gale blew over, who could pay attention to these spots?
    Yan ShiSan suddenly realized that cold sweat was secreted in the middle of his palms.
    Just then, her movement stopped.

    She coldly stared at Yan ShiSan and asked, “Have you now already discovered it?”

    Yan ShiSan nodded.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “You can discover it, only because my movement was twenty-four times slower than when he strikes.”

    Yan ShiSan believed that her calculations were absolutely correct.
    A true highly skilled master’s estimation towards the speed of swordplay was certainly ten times more accurate still than the pawn shop owner’s estimation towards the price of goods.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “When I strike in real life, although I’m a bit slower than him, I’m not that much slower.”

    Yan ShiSan had to believe. By now he had discovered that this delicate and weak woman was truly a highly skilled master that he had rarely seen in his life.

    MuRong QiuDi said, “Now I’m going to strike.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Who are you striking against?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “You.”

    Yan ShiSan lightly sighed, and said, “Do you want to see if I can break through this sword stance?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Yes.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “If I break through this sword stance, doesn’t that mean you would die under my sword?”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “What if I still cannot break through this sword stance …”

    MuRong QiuDi replied, “Then you’d have to die!”
    She coldly continued, “If you still can’t break through this sword stance, then you’d be no good alive to either of us, so I have no choice but to kill you!”

    End of Chapter Four.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Thanks a lot for undertaking this great task of translating such a wonderful wuxia novel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honam426 View Post
    Thanks a lot for undertaking this great task of translating such a wonderful wuxia novel!
    Thank you.
    Next chapter is up.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Chapter Five – The Lion Opens His Jaws

    They were silent, and the forest was quiet.
    Yan ShiSan stared at the withered tree branch in her hand, as if he was deep in thought.

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “Why have you still not drawn your sword?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “My sword’s in my hands. I can draw it at any time. What about you?”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “This is my sword.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “It’s not.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “In my hands, this becomes a killing weapon.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “I know that you can use it to kill, but it’s still just a piece of withered tree branch in itself.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “As long as it can kill, is there a difference between a withered tree branch and a sword?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “There is.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “Tell me.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “It can kill, but it had not killed before. My sword, however, is different.”
    He gently stroked his sword, “This sword has accompanied me for nineteen years. There are already sixty-three men who died under this sword.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “I know that you have killed quite a few people.”

    Yan ShiSan continued, “This originally was only a very plain sword. But now it has already drank the blood of sixty-three men, sixty-three ruthless killers, sixty-three evil spirits and wronged souls.”
    He was still gently stroking his sword, and slowly continued, “It is as if this sword now has a life of its own, and desires to taste others’ blood, and desires others to die under its sword tip.”

    MuRong QiuDi laughed coldly, “It told you this?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “It didn’t, but I can feel it.”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “Feel what?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “As long as it leaves its sheath, then it must kill. Sometimes even I myself cannot control it.”

    He was not telling empty myths. If you also had a sword like this, and if you also had killed sixty-three men, then surely you would also have this kind of feeling.

    Yan ShiSan again stared at the withered tree branch in her hand, and said, “This piece of withered tree branch in your hand, however, is dead. It would never have the desire to kill, and you yourself also don’t really want to kill me.”
    He lifted up his head and stared into her eyes, and continued, “Because you’re also simply not Xie XiaoFeng.”

    MuRong QiuDi’s lips were beginning to turn pale.

    A piece of foliage floated down. She silently stood up and asked, “Is this leaf now also dead?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Yes.”

    MuRong QiuDi said, “But it was just now still on a tree branch, and was still alive.”

    As long as the leaf did not yet wither and fall, then it would still have life!

    MuRong QiuDi asked again, “Can it be that a person’s life is also like this leaf?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “I understand your meaning.”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “Do you really understand?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “To bear that child, you must have suffered through many hardships. Therefore your love for him absolutely cannot compare with the hatred in your heart.”

    MuRong QiuDi did not deny.

    Yan ShiSan continued, “Therefore you already are not at all reluctant to part with your own life. So as long as I can break through this sword stance, even if you’d die under my sword, you’d still be willing to.”
    He let out a long sigh and said again, “But you’re wrong.”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “I’m wrong?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because even if I could break through your sword stance, I still may not be able to break through Xie XiaoFeng’s sword.”
    He looked into her eyes, “Because you are not using a killing sword, and you’re also not Xie XiaoFeng.”

    MuRong QiuDi’s hand suddenly lowered, the killing aura suddenly disappeared, and the tears already streamed down her face.

    Yan ShiSan said, “But I promise you, as long as I have a chance, I will certainly kill him!”

    MuRong QiuDi’s spirits rose again, and she asked, “How much certainty do you think you have?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “Originally I didn’t even have one percent certainty!”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “What about now?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Now I have at least four to five percent certainty.”

    MuRong QiuDi asked, “You have already figured out the breakthrough method?”

    Yan ShiSan suddenly also broke off a withered tree branch and replied, “Take a look.”

    His movements were simple yet awkward, but a light appeared in MuRong QiuDi’s eyes.
    She knew that he already figured it out. If Third Young Master’s swordplay was a lock, then he had already found the key to open the lock.
    One sword strike pierced out, and a wind blew by.
    The withered tree branch in Yan ShiSan’s hand suddenly turned into dust, and in the blink of an eye was blown away without a trace.
    If his hand was holding a sword, then what kind of force would this one sword strike have been!

    MuRong QiuDi gently sighed, slowly sat down, and said, “You can go.”

    When Yan ShiSan walked out of the forest, Little Nuisance was still strolling outside,
    Little Nuisance was the only person there. His left hand held onto a chicken drumstick, and his mouth was chewing on a pear. There were not at all any booths in the surroundings that sold fruits or stewed vegetables, so it is unknown where he had gotten these things from.
    As soon as Yan ShiSan saw this child, he was fond of him. When he thought of his life story, he felt even more sympathy. Luckily this child now seemed to already be able to take care of himself very well. Little Nuisance was just staring at him with his pair of big eyes.

    Yan ShiSan walked over and patted his head, and said, “You should go back soon, your sister’s waiting for you.”

    Little Nuisance said, “What’s she waiting for me for?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because … because she cares about you.”

    Little Nuisance said, “What’s she caring about me for?”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Do you think that there was never anyone who cared about you?”

    Little Nuisance said, “Never, not even half a person. I’m a little nuisance, so there are quite a few people who are annoyed with me though.”
    He took another bite of the chicken drumstick and continued, “But I don’t care even a bit.”

    Yan ShiSan looked at those sweet little cheeks of his, and suddenly felt some grief in his heart.

    There was not even a trace of another person around. He could not help but ask again, “Where’s that friend of mine?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “What friend of yours?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “The Raven!”

    Little Nuisance said, “There are no ravens in this forest, only sparrows.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “I meant that man who was just with me, whose name is The Raven!”

    Little Nuisance blinked, and asked, “Did you pay me any guarding fees, and asked me to guard him?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “No!”

    Little Nuisance said, “Since you didn’t, why are you asking me?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because … because I think that you surely must know where he went.”

    Little Nuisance said, “Of course I know. But why do I have to tell you?”

    Yan ShiSan could only laugh bitterly. He actually often could not give any answer to this child’s questions.

    Little Nuisance took another bite of the pear, and suddenly said, “But it’s not like I certainly won’t tell you.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “How can I make you tell me?”

    Little Nuisance replied, “If you have to ask me questions, then you should more or less pay me some questioning fee.”

    Yan ShiSan was already feeling into his pockets. But after feeling around for a long time, he could not feel anything.

    Little Nuisance said, “Even though you appear to be dressed decently, could it be that you’re nothing but a hollow shell?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “Because no one has ever asked to collect questioning fee from me.”

    Little Nuisance sighed and said, “Since I can’t press any oil from the wood, then I can only admit to having bad luck. Why don’t you just write a debt bill.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “A debt bill?”

    Little Nuisance said, “If you want to ask questions, then you must pay a questioning fee. You don’t have money now, but you will later.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “There are no paper or pen here, how can I write this debt bill?”

    Little Nuisance said, “Use your sword to chop off a tree bark, and then use your sword to write the words onto the tree bark.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, “You are really thoughtful.”

    His only choice was to write!

    “How much should I write?”

    Little Nuisance said, “One word you’d have to write, ten words you’d still have to write. Since it’s a debt bill, then you should write a bit more.”

    His eyes turned a bit and continued, “You just write me ten thousand taels to be fair.”

    Yan ShiSan looked at him, carefully looked him up and down several times.
    A seven year old child asked for ten thousand taels as soon as he opened his mouth. How is it going to be when this child grows up.

    Little Nuisance said, “I know you’re probably thinking right now, if I’m already so good at taking advantage of others now, what’s it going to be like when I grow up?”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “How did you know I was thinking that?”

    Little Nuisance said, “Because I don’t know how many people have already asked me these questions.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “How do you answer?”

    Little Nuisance said, “If I’m good at taking advantage of others now, then obviously I’d be a man of great wealth when I grow up. Can’t you even understand such simple reasoning?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed. He really laughed, this child really knew how to take care of himself.
    If a child, who did not have anyone else to take care of him, could not even take care of himself, then that would truly be disastrous.
    Thus, the debt bill Yan ShiSan wrote was not for ten thousand taels, but for fifty thousand taels.

    Little Nuisance laughed and said, “You’re asked for ten thousand, but gave fifty thousand. Although you seem to be poor, your spending habit is quite big.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “How can a person with small spending habits be poor?”

    Little Nuisance said, “Good point.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If it’s a good point, then you should remember it. If you don’t want to be poor, then you can’t have too extravagant spending habits, and should even less randomly spend money.”

    Little Nuisance said, “What’s the point of not spending money if you have it? What’s the difference between that and not having money?”

    Yan ShiSan laughed again. He really was very fond of this child, but he had not thought of another point – he also really wanted to kill this child’s father. Really wanted to.
    So was a man of the martial world.
    The thoughts of a man of the martial world could often baffle others!

    A debt bill for fifty thousand taels, a debt bill that definitely was collectable. Little Nuisance, however, casually stuffed it into his pockets, as if he thought that it was a piece of scrap paper.

    Yan ShiSan said, “Although I have no money now, I could have money at any time.”

    Little Nuisance said, “I can tell, otherwise why would I accept your debt bill?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Any time you see me, you can collect the money from me.”

    Little Nuisance said, “I know.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Therefore you should safely keep this piece of paper, so you won’t drop it.”

    Little Nuisance said, “If I drop it then just count it as your good fortune and my bad luck. Then it’s alright, nothing special.”
    He blinked again and said. “It’s just like if you died very soon, then I can only admit to bad luck. People like you could die at any time anyway.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed loudly.
    He was really laughing loudly. But what really was he feeling in his heart? Who knew?
    Could it be that people in the martial world were just like the foliage in the wind, the duckweed in the water?

    After he finished laughing, Little Nuisance finally said, “That friend of yours went to the back of that hill in front of us!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What did he go do?”

    Little Nuisance said, “It seemed that he went to a battle of life and death!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “A battle of life and death? With who?”

    Little Nuisance said, “It seemed to be with some guy named Bin.”

    It was Cao Bin!
    Could it be that he had followed them the entire time? Could it be that the bills on this trip were all paid by him? Then why would he now engage in a battle of life and death with The Raven? Yan ShiSan was not worried about The Raven, he knew that Cao Bin would never be a match for The Raven.
    But he was wrong.
    The grass on the back of the hill was already withered, but the blood was still bright red.
    It was The Raven’s blood. The Raven had already fallen, fallen onto the hill. The blood coloured the autumn grass red, and also coloured his shirt red.
    The blood flowed from in between his collarbones beneath his throat, its distance from his throat was only three inches. It was only because it missed by these three inches that he was still alive.
    Who was the one that injured him?

    Yan ShiSan walked over, “Was it Cao Bin?”

    The Raven nodded. Yan ShiSan looked at him surprised, and asked, “Did you let him on purpose?”

    The Raven shook his head.
    Yan ShiSan was even more surprised. Although this was obviously the truth, he still could not believe it!

    The Raven laughed bitterly, “I know you don’t believe it. Not even I believe it. I saw that guy’s strikes before.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “But you …”

    The Raven said, “I originally was certain that I could make him fall within three stances. I was absolutely certain.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “But the one who has fallen now is you!”

    The Raven said, “That is only because I was wrong!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Where did you go wrong?”

    The Raven said, “I’ve seen him strike before, and I had already found out the transformations of his swordplay. DianCang Sect’s swordplay could never hurt a hair on my body.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “He did not use DianCang swordplay?”

    The Raven said, “Definitely not.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What swordplay did he use?”

    The Raven said, “I don’t know.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Even you can’t tell?”

    The Raven said, “The transformation of that one stance, not only couldn’t I tell, I couldn’t even think of it.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Which one stance? He only used one stance and you already were injured under his sword?”

    The Raven coldly said, “If it was you, you also would not have been able to meet that stance.”
    He suddenly let out a long sigh, and said, “Until now, I still cannot think of who there is that can meet that one stance?”

    Yan ShiSan did not open his mouth again. But his body already had some movements.

    End of Chapter Five.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Thanks for continuing the translation, WenEr! It IS nice to see all the names in pinyin instead...
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    Thanks! This looks like a very good story looking forward to reading more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren Wo Xing View Post
    Thanks for continuing the translation, WenEr! It IS nice to see all the names in pinyin instead...
    Thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by avid reader 2 View Post
    Thanks! This looks like a very good story looking forward to reading more
    Thank you.
    This is one of the best GL novels I have read.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
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    Chapter Six – Unexpected Good Fortune

    A kind of extremely slow and extremely graceful movement, as natural as the wind. Then his sword slowly pierced out, out from the most unimaginable place, and after it pierced out it suddenly again had the most unimaginable transformation.

    The Raven looked at him in surprise, and suddenly shouted, “That’s right! This is the stance he used!”

    The autumn grass was withered yellow, and the blood was also dried. Yan ShiSan sat down silently, sitting on the hill across from The Raven.

    The Raven could not help but ask, “How do you know this stance?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because only when he used this stance could he defeat you!”

    The Raven said, “This is definitely not DianCang swordplay, and also is definitely not your swordplay!”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Of course not.”

    The Raven asked, “Whose stance is this?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You should be able to guess.”

    The Raven asked, “So this is the unmatched swordplay of the Third Young Master?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Who else but him?”

    The Raven replied, “There is at least still you, and Cao Bing!”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly. He could not imagine that Cao Bing had secretly learned this stance. Then they were all too focused, and did not notice at all that there were still other people in the forest. He could even less imagine that Cao Bing would use The Raven to test his sword.
    He could only think of one thing.
    The person that Cao Bing was going to go find next definitely had to be Xie XiaoFeng. The third young master Xie XiaoFeng of the Godly Sword Manor.

    What kind of people did Yan ShiSan meet in the forest? How did they learn the unmatched swordplay of the Third Young Master? The Raven did not ask any of these questions, he already understood this man Yan ShiSan very well.

    “If you want to go to the Godly Sword Manor, then hurry. I’ll stay.”

    Yan ShiSan really did want to hurry to go. Since Cao Bing had secretly learned the stance by the Third Young Master, then surely he had secretly learned his stance as well.
    He really did not want another person to use his swordplay to break through that stance by the Third Young Master. This was originally supposed to be his honour and right. Even if he could not break through that stance, the one who should die also should be him.

    “But you’re already wounded, if you stay here by yourself …”

    He could not help but to worry about The Raven. A Raven really was not a kind of bird that was liked by people, and also definitely was not a person who was welcomed.
    There surely were quite a few people who wanted to kill The Raven.

    The Raven, however, was laughing coldly and said, “Don’t you worry. I’m not going to die. The one you should worry about is yourself.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Myself?”

    The Raven replied, “It’s not really far from here to Green Water Lake. Throughout this trip there won’t be anyone to pay your bills for you anymore.”

    Cao Bing definitely had already found the fastest and most comfortable carriage, and definitely took the closest path. A penniless man who rushed ahead of Cao Bing depending on only his two legs, by the time he reached the Godly Sword Manor, the only person he could still defeat would perhaps only be himself.

    The Raven said, “Unless your luck is exceptionally good, you can very soon meet a rich person riding a fast horse, first rob his money, and then take his horse.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed, and replied, “Don’t you worry. It’s not like I won’t do this kind of thing.”

    The Raven also laughed.
    The two of them suddenly reached out and firmly gripped their hands at the same time.

    The Raven said, “You hurry and go. As long as you don’t die, I promise that you would definitely meet me again.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If I died, I’d certainly tell someone to give my sword to you.”

    The Raven said, “Didn’t you say that a person who would die soon usually has exceptionally good luck?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “I said that.”

    The Raven said, “Looks like your luck is arriving again now.”

    What arrived was a horse carriage.
    A fast horse and light carriage, coming very fast. Just as they heard the wheels turning and the horse whinnying, the carriage drove out from behind the hill.

    The Raven said, “I believe that you definitely can do this kind of thing.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Obviously.”

    Although his words were tough, in reality, when it really came to the time to commit such a thing, he was taken aback.
    He really did not know how he should strike out. He suddenly discovered that being a robber also was not as easy a thing as he had previously imagined.
    Watching helplessly as the carriage had already passed over their sides, he still did not have a single intention of striking out.

    The Raven frowned and said, “There would never be a second time for this kind of good luck.”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Perhaps I …”

    He had not yet finished his sentence when the carriage unexpectedly stopped in front of them.
    He did not strike out, and the carriage unexpectedly stopped by itself. A hoarse yet strange voice said from inside the carriage, “Those who are in a hurry with their journey, please step inside the carriage!”

    The Raven looked at Yan ShiSan. Yan ShiSan also looked at The Raven.

    The Raven said, “Those with exceptionally good luck may not really die soon.”

    Yan ShiSan laughed loudly.

    The carriage door was opened and he leapt onto the carriage, laughing loudly he waved, “As long as I don’t die, I also promise that you definitely would meet me again, even if you don’t want to meet again, you have no choice.”

    Who exactly was the person in the carriage?

    A light carriage and a fast horse. Inside the clean and comfortable carriage, there was only one person wearing a wide black robe. Their head was wrapped with a black handkerchief and their face was covered in a black cloth.

    Yan ShiSan sat down across from him, and only asked one question, “Can you take me to Jade Cloud Mountain, Green Water Lake as fast as possible?”


    After he heard this word, Yan ShiSan shut his mouth, and even shut his eyes. He originally had many questions that he should ask, but he, however, did not even ask one. He was not a curious person.
    This black-clothed person, however, was obviously a bit curious about him. Their pair of eyes was semi exposed out of the black cloth, and was staring at him the entire time. This pair of eyes was very bright.
    The carriage was going very fast. Yan ShiSan kept his eyes shut the entire time, and it was not known if he had fallen asleep.
    He did not fall asleep. Because when the black-clothed person took out a bottle of wine from underneath the carriage cushion and began to drink, his throat also began to move.
    A sleeping person could not smell the fragrance of wine. A trace of smile appeared in the eyes of the black-clothed person, he handed over the wine bottle and said, “Do you want a couple of sips?”

    Of course he did.

    When Yan ShiSan reached out his hand to take the bottle, it was just like the way a drowning person grabbed onto a floating log in the water.
    But his eyes still have not opened. If he opened his eyes and looked, he would discover that the hands of this black-clothed person were also very good-looking. No matter how delicate a man is, they would still rarely have such a pair of hands. To be honest, even women very rarely have such good-looking hands. Slender and elegant fingers, its skin as soft and smooth as silk and satin!
    When Yan ShiSan gave the wine bottle back – of course it was an almost empty wine bottle – he touched this pair of hands. As long as he still had a bit of feelings, he should be able to feel the softness and smoothness and elegance of this pair of hands. But it seemed as if he did not even have a bit of feelings.

    The black-clothed person stared him for a long time again, and suddenly asked, “Are you a human being?”

    His voice was still so hoarse yet strange. Someone with such a pair of hands really should not have such a voice.
    Yan ShiSan’s reply was very simple!

    “I’m a human being!”

    “Are you an alive human being?”

    “Until now I still am!”

    The black-clothed person said, “But you don’t want to know who I am?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “I know that you’re also a human being, and definitely are also an alive human being.”

    The black-clothed person asked, “And this is sufficient?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Very sufficient.”

    The black-clothed person said, “My carriage is not a stolen one, nor is my wine stolen. Why would I invite you into the carriage for no reason at all, and take you to Green Water Lake, and invite you to drink wine in addition?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because you’re happy to!”

    The black-clothed person was shocked for a long time, and suddenly started giggling. Now her voice changed, and changed to be lovely and pleasant to hear. Now anyone could tell that she was a woman, and was certainly a very attractive woman.
    Men usually liked to look at an attractive woman.

    The black-clothed person asked, “You don’t want to see who I am?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “No!”

    The black-clothed person asked, “Why not?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Because I don’t want to cause trouble.”

    The black-clothed person asked, “You know that I have troubles?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “A person who invites someone into their carriage to drink wine for no reason at all, usually more or less have some problems.”

    The black-clothed person asked, “Is it having problems, or is it having troubles?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “A person who has problems usually more or less has some troubles.”

    The black-clothed person laughed again, the sound of her laughter was even more pleasant to hear, “Perhaps after you have looked at me, you would feel that even if you caused troubles because of me, it’s still worth it.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Oh?”

    The black-clothed person replied, “Because I’m a woman, and also very attractive.”

    Yan ShiSan said, “Oh!”

    The black-clothed person replied, “A very attractive woman usually wishes for others to look at her.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Oh?”

    The black-clothed person replied, “If others rejected her, then she would certainly feel it’s a kind of insult, and would certainly be sad.”
    She gently sighed and said, “When a woman is sad and feeling unhappy, she would often do some strange things!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “What things for example?”

    The black-clothed person replied, “For example, perhaps she would suddenly chase the guest, whom she invited herself, off of the carriage!”

    Yan ShiSan also began to sigh. When he began to sigh, he had already opened his eyes – but immediately shut them again in a flash, as if he had suddenly seen a ghost. Because what he saw was no longer a person whose body was covered completely from top to bottom in black clothing.
    Obviously what he saw was not a ghost either. No matter in heaven or hell, one could not find such an attractive ghost. What he saw was a woman.
    A naked woman, not a single piece of clothes was on her entire body from top to bottom, not even a black clothes or a white cotton print.
    Only silk and satin. The skin on her entire body was as soft, smooth, and beautiful as silk and satin.

    Yan ShiSan’s original name obviously was not really Yan ShiSan, but his original name also definitely was not Lu NanZi, and even less Liu XiaHui. [Note: Both the names Lu NanZi and Liu XiaHui here are plays on Chinese words, and imply a man who is stupid or rude.]
    He had seen women before. He had seen all styles and kinds of women, some were wearing clothes, and also some who were not wearing clothes.
    Some originally were wearing clothes, but later on took them off. Some even took them off very fast.
    A naked woman originally would never cause him to be so surprised. He was surprised, not because he thought that this woman was too beautiful, and also not because her waist was too slender and her breasts were too full.
    And of course even less because of her pair of slender and firm, beautifully curved legs. These things could only make his heart beat, but could not surprise him.

    He was surprised, only because this woman was someone he had seen before, had seen just a moment ago, and she had also done something that surprised him. This woman obviously could not be MuRong QiuDi.
    Astoundingly, this woman was that gentle and refined wife of XiaHou Xing, the great young mistress of the XiaoHou Family of the Scarlet Cloud Valley in the Flaming Mountains.

    The swordplay of XiaHou Xing perhaps was not regarded as too frightening, but their family, however, was very frightening.
    The XiaHou family of the Scarlet Cloud Valley in the Flaming Mountains not only had a celebrated family history and produced many highly skilled masters, they also had the strictest family rules.
    People from the Xiahou Manor, no matter where they went, would never be disrespected or insulted by others. When women from the Xiahou Manor came out, others dared less to even just give her an extra look. Because if you gave her an extra look, your eyeballs may very likely be dug out. Thus, anyone who suddenly discovered that the great young mistress of the XiaHou family was sitting naked across from him would be frightened. Sitting across from her was still better, but Bi KeRen had now unexpectedly sat down beside him, and sat very closely. He could even already feel her breathing. Breathing just next to his ears.
    Yan ShiSan, however, seemed as if he no longer breathed. He was not stupid, and also was not the kind of person who was very narcissistic.
    He had long calculated that there would more or less be some sort of troubles after getting into this carriage.
    But he did not realize just how big this trouble was.
    Now he knew.
    If he had known how big this trouble was, he would rather crawl to Green Water Lake than to sit in this carriage.

    A naked beautiful woman leaning next to you, gently breathing next to your ears.
    This is how beautiful a sight, how gentle a flavour. If to say that Yan ShiSan was not even one bit aroused, then that surely would be a lie. Not only would others disbelieve, even he himself would not believe.
    Even if he clearly knew that this woman was very dangerous, as dangerous as a volcano that would erupt at anytime.
    Even if he could not breathe, and not smell the sweet fragrance emitted from her body, he could not stop his heart from arousing and beating.
    His heart was beating very fast. If he knew that something like this would happen, he indeed would never sit in this carriage. But now he was already sitting here.

    Not only was there breathing next to his ears, but also gentle talking, “Why don’t you look at me? You dare not to?”

    Yan ShiSan’s eyes already opened, and already were looking at her.

    Bi KeRen laughed, and sweetly said, “At long last you’re still a man, and still have some courage …”

    Yan ShiSan laughed bitterly, and replied, “But even if I looked for three days and three nights, I still can’t tell …”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Can’t tell what?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Can’t tell if you really are a human being or not.”

    Bi KeRen said, “You should be able to tell.”
    She straightened her chest and stretched out both of her legs, “If I’m not a human being, what do you think I am?”

    As long as one had eyes, one should be able to tell that not only was this a human being, it was a woman, an alive woman, and furthermore was the woman among the women, each and every inch of her was a woman.

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You look very much like a woman, but the things you do, however, do not!”

    Bi KeRen asked, “You can’t figure out why I would act like this?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If I could figure it out, then I’d also not be a human being!”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Do you think you’re very ugly?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Not too ugly.”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Very old?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “Still not too old.”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Do you have any flaws?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “None!”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Has any woman ever liked you?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “A few.”

    Bi KeRen asked, “Then what are you surprised about?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “If you were a different woman, not only would I not be surprised, I also would not be polite. Unfortunately you …”

    Bi KeRen asked, “What about me?”

    Yan ShiSan replied, “You have a husband!”

    Bi KeRen said, “A woman sooner or later would get married. After she is married to a man, she would certainly have a husband.”
    This seemed like a waste of breath, but was not. Because her next question was very cleverly asked, “If the one she married is not a man, does she still have a husband?”
    This question was asked really cleverly, but still more clever ones followed, “If a woman married a pig, a dog, a piece of log, does she still have a husband?”

    Yan ShiSan really did not know how to answer, he could only ask back, “XiaHou Xing is a pig?”

    Bi KeRen replied, “No!”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “A log?”

    Bi KeRen replied, “Also not.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Then he’s a dog?”

    Bi KeRen let out a sigh, and said, “If he was a dog, it may be a bit better instead.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why?”

    Bi KeRen replied, “Because dogs at least still understood a bit of people’s desires, and have a bit of feelings.”
    She was biting her lips, and appeared both sorrowful and resentful, “XiaHou Xing is lazier than a pig, understands gentleness even less than a log, and could bite better than a dog. But he still feigns a very amazing appearance. I’m married to him for three years, every day I wish I could slip away.”

    Yan ShiSan asked, “Why don’t you slip away?”

    Bi KeRen said, “Because I never have any chance. Normally he would never allow me to leave a step away from him.”

    Yan ShiSan was again looking for that bottle of wine that had not been completely drained empty by him.
    He wanted to use the wine bottle to block his mouth. Because he really did not know what he should say.

    End of Chapter Six.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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