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    Default Heroes Shed No Tears bu GuLong

    GuLong has a lot more novels that nobody has translated. I am going to start with a new one, and hope others will continue it (if they have time). This one is titled: 英雄无泪 (Heroes Shed No Tears)


    A high mountain, a low crag, a new spring, an ancient pine, a red hot stove, a pot of green tea, an old person, a youth.
    “What is the world’s most fearsome weapon?”
    The youth replies to the old man: “Is it the un-intercept-able flying daggers of Little Li?”
    “This was true in times past, but not at present.”
    “Because ever since Li Tan Hua died, this kind of weapon has retired.” Old man sighs sadly: “Henceforth, the world will never have Li Tan Hua’s kind of person; will also never have this kind of flying dagger again.”

    The youth gazes up the mountain, at the summit’s white clouds covering it.
    “Today, what is the world’s most fearsome weapon?” Asks the youth: “Is it Gentleman Blue’s ancient sword of Mt. Blue?”
    “Is it South Sea super power king’s iron mace?”
    “Is it GuangDong setting sun Ma ChangFeng’s silver spear?”
    “Is it 3 years ago, on the ancient Handan road, the light cavalry who executed 8 invaders’ Meteoric Moon saber?”
    “I’ve got it!” The youth said confidently: “It’s got to be Yang Zheng’s Departing Hook!”
    “Still wrong. Although the weapons you mentioned are fearsome, they are not the most fearsome kind.”
    “What is the most fearsome kind?”
    “It’s a box.”
    “A box?” gasped the surprised youth. “The world’s most fearful weapon now is a box?”
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    Chapter 1 – A Box

    Part – 1

    A person, a box.
    A silent, ordinary person, raising an obsolete ordinary box, under cloudy skies in the setting sun; silently walked into the old city of Chang An.

    January 15 in the lunar calendar.
    Location: Chang An.

    Zhuo Dong Lai closes all the doors, in order to keep the wind and snow of this never changing thousand year old city outside. Takes off his purple sable cape, hangs it on a sandalwood clothes rack with his left hand, turns around, right hand taking up copper red fire tongs, and increases the fire in the furnace to heat up the red copper brazier.

    Beside the brazier, is a red sandalwood wooden chair, upon which is draped a wool skinned sable. Beside the wooden chair, on a sandalwood table, is an amethyst bottle, which is frequently filled purple Persian grape wine. As long as he can take 2 steps, he can sit down, able to conveniently pour a glass of wine. He likes purple. Famous horses, beautiful women, quality clothes and good wine; all these he like to enjoy.

    He is meticulous in all matters; nitpicking, planning each matter in detail, unwilling to waste even an extra ounce of energy. Also not negligent, such that this sort of life do not hold surprises. This is Zhuo Dong Lai. That he is still alive, is probably due to him being this kind of person.

    Zhuo Dong Lai sits down, noisily slurping down a mouthful of wine.

    Fine, gorgeous, warm room; fragrant, delightful liquor; completely drives out the cold from his body. He suddenly feels quite weary. In order to arrange tonight’s grand ceremony, for these 2 young people, he already broke his life-long rules. He can not allow anything to go wrong. Any small mistake, could into an irreparable blunder. Not only will he lament for life, his master will be implicated, and cause un-towards changes in the current situation of JiangHu. More importantly, he cannot let Sima The Outstanding’s reputation come under attack or harm. Gradually becoming a hero and idol in JiangHu, only success is permitted in any matter, never defeat.

    In this life of Zhuo Dong Lai, two matters in which he cannot endure, are “mistakes” and “defeat”. Sima The Outstanding must not suffer any defeat. Since his rise in JiangHu at age 18, engaged in about 33 battles, until now has never been defeated. With his big, strong, handsome stature, straightforward actions, and a distinct smiling face; even his foes can not but acknowledge he is a fine male specimen of the human species; one who will never lack the company of beautiful women. But to his wife, children, and friends, he treats them all alike: faithful, and without a scandal on his person. These are not definitely what he is quite proud of.

    In this life of his, that which he considers most noteworthy: Is that within two years, by his martial skills, wisdom, personality and treatment of people; he is able to convince, from the Yellow River, Central Plains to Guangdong; the most important 39 groups of forest outlaws, to walk into the light from the underworld, and organize in JiangHu, an unprecedented super-sized Protection Agency, which charges reasonable rates, and provides security to all in this route: guests, travelers & peddlers alike.

    In the borders that their poles stand, with the character “Big” on the unfurled satin flags, not one missile has been launched by mistake. In JiangHu, this kind of unprecedented and glorious success and achievement, could not have been done, had one depends only on “Iron” and “Blood”. Now, Sima The Outstanding, only 36 years old, has become the heroic idol of JiangHu, The Undefeatable. Only he and Zhuo Dong Lai knows at heart how this came about.

    Part - 2

    When he finished the first glass of wine, Zhuo Dong Lai mentally reviewed tonight’s grand ceremony, from its beginning. While his drinking is slow, this thoughts are quick. Today, Sima opens the door of his mountain fortress to accept a disciple. Regardless of whose viewpoint, this is an important matter. Certain to cause a stir in JiangHu. Most shocking is that Sima accepted this disciple only a month ago ... The State Lion Hall’s Yang Jian.

    The State Lion Hall is on north side of 40 groups forest outlaws, who have not participated in Sima The Outstanding’s alliance. It is also a big and influential organization. Yang Jian was originally one of the State Lion Hall Chief’s four Senior Lieutenants. In JiangHu, no one could have thought Yang Jian would revolt against State Lion Hall, but everyone knew at once. The day right after Yang Jian left, State Lion Hall’s Zhu Meng distributed into Wulin, placards bearing this message: [No matter which individual, or group, or school; as long as someone accepts Yang Jian; become the State Lion Hall’s mortal enemy, and will subject to our brutal retaliation.]

    Now, not only is Sima The Outstanding accepting Yang Jian, he opens up the fragrant hall, to receive him as a disciple! Although the State Lion Hall has joined Sima’s “Big Protection Agency”, they have not opposed them directly, have not moved their flag. State Lion Hall’s Zhu Meng is sinister, vicious, old and a ruthless person. It is known that if he decides to deal totally with a person, he will resort to all means, fair or foul. Just to get his way, he would not hesitate to trade his Hall’s 3800 subordinates’ heads for it.

    He most cherishes a woman, called Hu Tiao (Butterfly Dance). Not only is the woman beautiful, her bearing is even more so. In the world, those who appreciate women, awaiting for the heiress to Di Qinglin, and not dying prematurely, upon seeing Hu Tiao perform once, would be bereft of words. One can only say: “I am speechless. Never would I have thought to see such pair of legs on a person.”

    Everyone in JiangHu certainly would conclude that this time, Zhu Meng, no matter what, will not let off Yang Jian. Even if he could not touch Sima temporarily, it is certain that he will kill Yang Jian first.

    Zhuo Dong Lai’s thoughts run counter to this assumption. He believes this time, no matter what, Zhu Mengdu can bypass thinking about sending any move against Yang Jian. He has confidence.

    This grand ceremony is completely public. Those who receive an invitation, are doubtless people who are allowed to enter Association’s Hall, and honored guests of Sima The Outstanding. Those who do not have invitations are allowed to stay in the courtyard outside the hall, to look and enjoy the festivities.

    Among State Lion Hall’s subordinates, are many countless expert veteran assassins. In JiangHu, the most expensive assassins who can kill people in spite of layers of security, are also a good number. Tonight, it is inevitable that these types of people will attend, mix with the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to assassinate Yang Jiao.

    During the grand ceremony, many opportunities will arise. But Zhuo Dong Lai believes that the grand ceremony will go off without a hitch, Yang Jian will not be wounded. Because he already analyzed every possible situation where the opportunity to assassinate exists, every one who is capable of assassinating Yang Jian, will all be closely monitored by him personally.

    To handle this, he already assigned 186 top-level experts, who have worked under one the banners of “North Star 39 Major Protection Agency”, each of whom is capable of handling 27-28 tough guys. Zhuo Dong Lai divided them into 8 groups, each one assigned solely for an important task.

    But which group to assign especially just to handle 3 people?

    “Which 3 people?”

    This morning Sima The Outstanding asked Zhuo Dong Lai: “Why is it necessary to use one whole group to handle them?” Zhuo Dong Lai need only say 2 names to explain this dilemma. “Because among these 3, one is Han Zhang, another is Mu Zhi (Wood Chicken).”

    At this time moment, Sima The Outstanding is having breakfast. He is a very strong person, needs extremely rich food to be maintain his abundant physical strength. Today his meal is at least 3 pounds of calf loins, ten eggs, with lots of fruit & vegetables. The beef is roasted slowly over charcoal, the topside evenly spread evenly with fragrant spice, and cooked tenderly in it own meat juice and soy bean sauce.

    This is one of his favorite dishes, but upon hearing these 2 names uttered by Zhuo Dong Lai, laid down his Persian sickle used to slice the meat, and stared towards the east with daggers in his eyes:

    “Both Han Zhang and Mu Zhi have come?”
    “Have you met these two before?”
    “I have not.” Zhuo Dong Lai lightly states: “I believe nobody here has ever seen them.”

    While their names are known by many in JiangHu, very few have actually seen them. Han Zhang and Yang Jian are both alike. The Lion’s most trusted lieutenants, and the most dangerous people. Zhu Meng rarely allows them to leave his side. Mu Zhi is far more dangerous than Han Zhang. He is without family, regular residence, or fixed lifestyle; making it quite difficult to look for him. But if someone needs him, all that one needs is to think deeply of this need, and he will appear before this person.

    His needs are usually other people’s precious jewelry, gold, large denominations of paper money (used in place of silver). Others need him for his Hangman’s Noose and 2 blades that never leaves his hands. A long blade, a short blade. When he uses the blades to cut off a persons throat, it seems as easy as a farmer cutting grass with a sickle. When he kills with the hangman’s noose, it seems as gentle as a playboy hanging a necklace upon a sweetheart’s neck.

    To do this, you have to satisfy his asking price. If you are unable to, even were you to kneel down and beg, he would not lift a finger to kill a lowly ant. Regardless of who wants his services, his asking price must be met, with one exception – in his whole life, he owes this person a debt of gratitude. This person is Mu Zhi. The knife handle is inlaid with jasper. The sickle, suspended above the wooden place, whose blade point is smeared with thick meat broth, is wiped smoothly clean by Sima The Outstanding, turns bright as snow.

    “You have never seen them, how do you know they are here?”
    “I know.” Zhuo Dong Lai said: “Because I knew, therefore I know.”

    What kind of answer is this? This answer is not an answer, nor will it satisfy anyone. Sima The Outstanding is actually satisfied. Because Zhuo Dong Lai says so, he believes in Zhuo Dong Lai’s judgement, just as he believes this knife can slice the meat on the plate. But his eyes suddenly gleams, a strange expression on his face appears, and equally strange words are uttered:

    “Wrong!” He said: “This time Zhu Meng is wrong!”
    Sima The Outstanding: “Right now, aren’t Han Zhang and Mu Zhi here?”
    “They are.”
    “Can they leave alive?”
    “They can’t.”
    “To Zhuo Meng, are they very useful?”
    “They are.”
    “To send 2 very useful men to their deaths, would I have done this?”
    “You would not!”
    Sima The Outstanding laughs: “Therefore, Zhu Meng is wrong. He rarely makes mistakes, but this time he did.”
    Zhuo Dong Lai did not laugh, waits until Sima The Outstanding ends his laughter, then slowly states: “Zhu Meng did not make a mistake!”
    “He sent them here, but not to have them killed.”
    “What does he intend for them then?”
    “Be a diversion.” Zhuo Dong Lai: “Han Zhang and Mu Zhi are just diversions.”
    “Because the real assassin against Yang Jian is not they, but another.” Zhuo Dong Lai: “If we solely guard against them, the 3rd person’s task will be easy.”
    “Who would this be?”
    “A young person, wearing homespun clothes, unlined upper garment, bears a sword, lives at the cheapest small inn, only eats a bowl noodle soup cooked with boiled cabbage.” Zhuo Dong Lai: “He has been here 3 days. Aside from coming out to eat, he does not leave his quarters”
    “He encloses himself inside that hovel, besides stinking insects, what does he do?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Where is he from?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “What sword style does he use? How good is the swordsmanship?”
    “I don’t know.”

    Sima The Outstanding’s pupils suddenly contracts. He and Zhuo Dong Lai have been together for 20 years, crawling from the poverty stricken morass to present day’s status. Nobody understands him better than Zhuo Dong Lai, just as nobody understands Zhuo Dong Lai better than him. He never thought that these 3 words “I don’t know” would come forth from those lips.

    If Zhuo Dong Lai wanted to investigate a person, at most it would take is 3-5 hours; to ascertain out the family background, customs and hobbies, martial skills origins, coming from where, going to where. This kind of work is a specialty of Zhuo Dong Lai. Not only is he experienced, he also has many methods, each and every one being quite effective. Sima The Outstanding is also very familiar with these methods.

    “He lives in a cheap inn, wears homespun clothes, eats cabbage noodle soups ... from these you should have concluded he is not a successful person, neither is the family background.”

    “At first I thought this, but this youth is actually an exception.”
    “Because of his bearing.” Zhuo Dong Lai says: “When I saw him, even though crammed in a coolie cart driver’s seat eating the cabbage soup, he appears to be a foremost person sitting down at an exclusive place, dining on a fine exquisite feast. Een though garbed in homespun clothes, it seems to be a valuable as a wealthy daughter’s mink coat.”

    “This might just be an affectation.”
    “Only one who is absolutely confident of himself will have this bearing. I have never seen such a self confident person.”

    Sima The Outstanding’s eyes gleamed, gaining interest in this youth. He has never seen Zhuo Dong Lai hold a person in such high regard.

    Zhuo Dong Lai: “The name he used in that family inn is Li Hui. It is certainly a fake one.”
    “How can you tell?”
    “Because I have seen the writing, still on the counter. Even though the characters are well written, the writing was stiff. One will never be stiff when writing one’s own name, just from repitition.”
    “How about his voice?”
    “I did not hear him speak, but asked that family innkeeper.”
    “What did he say?”

    ”That he worked before in a protection agency, passed through many places, and speak 7-8 dialects. But the innkeeper could not make out where he is from either.”

    “Why not?”
    “Because these 7-8 dialects Mr. Li speaks is better than the innkeepers’.”

    “How about his clothes?” What people wear also tells a lot about themselves. Clothing material is different. Even homespun clothing have different weaving and dyeing methods. The cotton yarns are also varied. In these matters, Zhuo Dong Lai is also an expert.

    Sima The Outstanding: “I believe you must have looked at his clothes. What do you make out?”
    Zhuo Dong Lai: “I can not make out anything. I have never seen that kind of homespun cloth, nor the stitching and sewing done on it. I an certain the gauze and cloth are spun himself, sewn and stitched personally, and the cotton is planted in a special place where you and I have never been to.”

    They both enter society and the world at the same time.
    Sima The Outstanding smiles: “The places we have not been to, most men would probably not gone into.”
    Zhuo Dong Lai: “I have also not seen his sword. It is also wrapped completely with cloth.”
    “Is the cloth covering the sword similar to his clothes?”
    “Totally the same.”
    Sima The Outstanding smiles suddenly: “Looks like this Mr. Li is really quite a character. If he really is here to kill me, then tonight would be very interesting.”

    Part 3 – Dusk.

    In the small food store, filled the lard stir-fried smell, on the coolie cart driver’s smelly sweat, mixed one kind of strange flavor beyond description with the strong liquor, hot pepper, green onion & garlic. Xiao Gao likes this kind of smell. He likes the high mountain kind, drifting from the clouds, and the cold wind’s wooden leaf ‘s delicate fragrance, but he also likes this kind of smell. He likes renowned elegant people, and he also likes pie with green onions & garlic, and people who eat fat pork, and drink liquor.

    He like people. Because he has lived a solitary life. Besides the mountain peak, white clouds, flowing water, and ancient pine trees, he rarely meets people. Until 3 months ago, he has not been a part of society. Only 3 months, and he has already killed 4 people. Four prominent, fierce people, who although cursed by many, would not have perished otherwise. He likes people, but he has to kill. He dislikes killing, but he has to kill. In this world, many matters are like this, not giving you a choice.

    Chang An. A very old city. Grand battlement, filled with long history, innumerable romantic, moving characters and style. Xiao Gao is not here for these. Xiao Gao is here specifically for one man – The Ever Undefeatable Hero – Sima The Outstanding. He brought his sword. It is in his hands. Forever in his hands. A sword that is fully wrapped in homespun cloth. Very few people have seen this sword. To see this sword drawn out, even fewer people have seen it. This sword is not meant for man to look at. Xiao Gao knows that there are people observing him. In these 2 days, he discovers a person paying attention to him. Small of stature and thin, attired expensively, a pair of cool calm expressionless eyes, almost gray in color. He has seen this kind of eyes before. When he was 11 years old, he nearly died under a leopard’s sharp claws. This man’s eyes are similar to that leopard’s. Afterwards, he learns that this person is North Star 39 Major Protection Agency’s Zhuo Dong Lai, who is Sima The Outstanding’s most efficient lieutenant.

    Xiao Gao slowly eats the bowl of cabbage broth, quite happy in his heart. Because he knows that Zhuo Dong Lai and Sima The Outstanding will suspect him, discuss about him, try to guess what kind of person he is. He believes that they will not be able to find out what kind of person he is. His kind of being is like his sword. Until now, very few people have seen or met.

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    Thanks for the translation.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    yeah thanks for the translation.

    btw I think it's

    “Is it GuangDong setting sun Ma ChangFeng’s silver spear?” and not gun in the Prologue

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    Thanks Vic Viper. Feel free to point out errors.

    There is a total of 17 (long) chapters for this novel.
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    I was just on your other thread. I want to make sure I have this right. You are learning to read characters as you go, AND you are posting two translations simultaneously. Genius 8 indeed.

    MO Slim

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    MO Slim,

    Not really a genius. As you can see my handle is genuis8 - mis-spelled. Background info - chinese born in the Philippines, parents totally fluent in mandarin & amoy chinese dialect (which I speak fluently). Had 3 years of grammar school chinese and can recognize a few chinese characters. Fan of wuxia tales & movies. Saw the heydays of HK sword & kungfu movies ... Ti Lung, Alexander Fu Sheng, Chen Kwan Tai, Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan ... Jet Li came later and I also like him. Currently in the USA.

    Frustrated because I wanted to read the un-translated parts of GuLong novels here, I paid for Multitranse software to get a rough draft, and slowly grind through it translating for my own reading. Forcing me to learn to recognize MORE characters. No other way but repeatitions to recognize more words.... it's hard, sigh .... and very slow.
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    Here is the rest of Chapter 1.

    Part - 4

    The sky’s color gradually fades away. Even though no lamp is lit inside the room, the lights outside brightens up more and more. The cold wind infiltrates thru the window seam. From the front, indistinct sounds of people and laughter from the yards seep in. Sima The Outstanding knows that the people he has invited, and people he has not invited, totals up to a good number. He also knows that everyone is waiting for him to make his appearance, to look at him.

    But he just sits on the chair. Not moving a hair. Even when his wife comes in, he does not move. He is totally tired. Opening the great hall, receiving a disciple, the big banquet, conversing with guests; all of these matters he is thoroughly sick and tired of. He just wants to sit here, peacefully sipping his wine. Wuwan understands his thoughts. Nobody understand Sima The Outstanding better than Wuwan. They have been together 11 years, with a 9 year old child. She is here to urge him to go out a bit quicker. But, just as quietly as she open the door to enter, she quietly closes the door to leave, without bothering him. After exiting, her tears suddenly stream down.

    Sima The Outstanding pours another cup of wine. This is not the first cup, but already the 27th cup. He drinks a Persian grape wine that is different from the kind Zhuo DongLai drinks. What he drinks is white wine, colorless and tasteless, but when it hits the stomach, feels like a flaming combustion. He has not drank this cup of wine yet. The doors open, this time it is not Wuwan but Zhuo DongLai. Sima The Outstanding lowers his hands, puts down the un-drank cup of wine, looks at the backlit entrance shadow that is Zhuo DongLai:

    “Is it time for me to go?”

    Part - 5

    In the brightly illuminated yard, sounds of people clamor. XiaoGao mingles among this crowd. Because he is not one of the invited distinguished guests, he can not enter the more magnificent bright hall. In the hall are quite a number of people, certainly famous, or have status, or power or influence. Besides these guests, are strong guys wearing blue satin and sheep wool in the reception area. Each one’s movements agile, eyes sharp, not missing anything that occurs , big or small. The sounds suddenly quiet down.

    The North Star 39 Groups Protection Agency’s big boss, among the leading experts in Wulin, the undefeated Sima The Outstanding finally puts in his appearance. He wears primarily a 2 color design of black and white, carefully designed to enhance his stature as a senior in Wulin, making him look younger than his true age.

    He greets the guests in a sincere manner, and also waves at the crowd in the courtyard as he arrives at the stone steps leading to the hall. During the ear splitting cheers, XiaoGao pays attention to 2 other people, not Sima The Outstanding. These 2 people’s appearance is ordinary, but in their eyes gleam a callous and murderous aura. They are standing in different locations, does not glance at each other, but each one’s neighborhood has 8-9 people secretly eyeing them, maintaining a suitable distance around them. XiaoGao laughs to himself. He can see that these 2 are here for Yang Jian, being first class killers sent by Zhu Meng. He also notes that Sima and Zhuo is treating him as part of the same group, because he sees that nearby are people who watch him. Even more people watch him than the other 2. Zhuo DongLai must consider him without a doubt as the most dangerous one. “But Zhuo DongLai is wrong this time.” muses XiaoGao: “Using all these people to keep an eye on me, he is really wasting manpower.”

    In the halls center, 2 giant red candles are lit. Sima The Outstanding sits, as if holding court, on the fiery red sandalwood chair. Before the chair is a red felt upon which a purple satin keeling mat is placed. The grand ceremony is about to begin. The 2 people whose eyes gleam murder gradually move forward, as does everyone. As they move, the watchers also move, hands extending and filled with deadly weapons. Should these 2 take any untoward actions, these watchers will react in an eye blink. These watchers have killed in the hall, before. XiaoGao is convinced that these 2 will not be successful. Therefore, there must be a 3rd killer, the true assassin sent by Zhu Meng. His thinking is the same as Zhuo DongLai, the only difference being that he know he is not this 3rd killer. But who is? His pupils suddenly contract. He sees a person who did not draw attention. Within the crowd, someone moves sideways. XiaoGao notices this person because he is raising a box. An obsolete ordinary box, which normally would raise attention on the box. He wants to see this person’s face, but that person is facing away. He tries to squeeze forward, but everyone is crowding forward, because the ceremony is centered on the person in the hall.

    Yang Jian’s poor health is obvious, but he still faces everyone with a smile. He is carried and encircled by 6 men. XiaoGao does not recognize these 6 individuals. But to those who have been in JiangHu a while, only few would not recognize these. Not only are these experts, they have been in the protection industry for a long time. Under the protection of these 6 experts, who would be capable of wounding Yang Jian? Yang Jian steps onto the red carpet, especially chosen for him, and comes to a stop before the white satin cushion.

    It is at this moment, sudden movement flashed in the courtyard! More than 20 people are bleeding, some shouting, while others cry miserably. Not all of the wounded are Zhuo DongLai’s underlings, the majority are innocent people. This is the planning of Han Zhang and Mu Zhi. They know that there will be watchers on them, so it is necessary to create a diversion first, and use innocent people to cause this confusion, before they can take action. And during the confusion, swoop in and plunge their blade into Yang Jian.

    XiaoGao does not even bother to look at them. He knows that whatever method they use will be unsuccessful. The one he wants to keep an eye on is the one with the box. But this person already disappeared! Sima The Outstanding sits upon the chair, motionless, without a change of expression on him. The assassin is already isolated before the hall. Yang Jian already left thru a swinging door behind the hall, under the 6 experts’ protection. Xiao Gao, early on, already moved onto this swinging door’s direction. His watchers, whose attention waned for a moment, allowed Xiao Gao to slip sideways into the hall. This movement is a hard to describe thing, as if a leaf slid through a window along the wall. Only the leaf and that sliding door are in the same direction.

    Part - 6

    Outside the window, the rear court is filled the smell of plum and pine, combined into a pleasing fragrance. The gloomy corridor is filled with blue garbed security guards, with long blades hanging on their waists. At the end of the corridor is another set of swinging doors. Xiao Gao jumps outside the window, in time to see the 6 experts supporting Yang Jian thru these doors, which closed at once. Immediately the blue garbed guards un-sheath their blades, light bounces off the blades, 12 people gangs up on Xiao Gao. They neither ask who he is, nor what he is doing here. Their orders are simple: Any stranger who enters this courtyard, attack and kill at once.

    Xiao Gao does not explain why he is here. At this point in time, words are not needed. The only thing he can do, is strike down these people first, with the fastest method available. He must certainly reach the corridor’s end as soon as possible. Bolts of white silk flew, Xiao Gao’s sword is still in its homespun cloth wrapper. He has not drawn the sword. Using this homespun cloth wrapper, he struck down 3 knives and 4 people. Another set of these attacks flash by him and he downs 7-8 more people. As soon as they drop down, he rushes towards the swinging doors. Zhuo DongLai pops up before the door.

    Zhuo DongLai usually hides in secret, until an unexpected event occurs, in which he promptly shows up. Xiao Gao looks at him, and with a long sigh: “What a pity, now is certainly not enough time.” The pursuing knives arrive, but Xiao Gao does not turn his head. Zhuo DongLai raises his hand, the knives stop in their tracks. “Why are you here?” Zhuo DongLai calmly asks: “What are your intentions?”

    “I just came to see look at a person.”
    “What kind of person?”
    “A killer.”
    Zhuo DongLai sneers: “No one can kill in here.”
    “Wrong! There is on who can!”

    Zhuo DongLai’s complexion suddenly changes. He smells something metallic, bloody and fishy, very strongly emanating from behind the doors. Zhuo DongLai turns around, pushes the swinging doors. In a flash, as the doors swing open, it seems as if one is swallowed up into hell. Originally, behind these doors, is a fine gorgeous room, but now turned to hell!

    Part – 7

    Hell does not have living people. Neither has this room. The 7 people alive mere moments ago, would never walk again on their own power. Some have their throats cut, hearts pierced, pricks on the chest and backs. The most miserable one is Yang Jian, whose head is gone, a placard by his side with 8 words written: “This is a rebel’s fate!”

    The room has 4 windows, all of which are closed. Where is the killer? Windows are shoved open. Outside, the moon and stars are in the sky. Far off, a percussion instrument’s sound thrums. Tonight, is the 15th of January, full moon, and no curfew. Zhuo DongLai welcomes the cold wind on his face, stands silently for a long time. Does not send for reinforcements. Turns around and stares at Xiao Gao” “You knew someone was going to kill in here?”

    “Not only did I know, but you must have also known.” Xiao Gao sighs: “I had wanted to see this person for a long time”.
    “But the killer could not have been a single individual.”

    The throats were cut with a very fined edged blade, the hearts pierced by a sharp point found on spears, and Yang Jian’s head was chopped off, most likely by an axe. Zhuo DongLai calms himself down and coolly analyzes: “This seems like 3 people, at the least. Nobody can 3 differently shaped weapons simultaneously.”

    Xiao Gao replies confidently: “One individual can.”

    “You think there someone in the whole world who can wield these 3 types of weapons simultaneously, and kill seven experts in a flash?”

    “Yes! There might not be a second, there is absolutely one!”
    “Who is it?”

    “I do not know.” Xiao Gao sighs: “Had you not blocked me a moment ago, I might have caught a glimpse.” Zhuo DongLai stares at him, feeling his palms sweat cold. “But I did not know he has already arrived in Chang An. I also did not realize he would kill for Zhu Meng.”

    Zhuo DongLai gives him a long stare, looks at his demeanor, the way he stands, his eyes, his hands holding the still wrapped blade, suddenly blurted: “I believe you. You may leave now.” Thos who hear this would be quite surprised, because this is totally contrary to Zhuo DongLai’s normal attitude, as he never lets someone off easily. Only he knows why.

    He sees Xiao Gao is a very dangerous person, and wants to avoid further troubles in this matter. Xiao Gao smiles: “I also know that I could have left anytime I wanted to. A pity I do not wish to do so.”

    “Because there are matters I have not yet told you.”
    “What matters?”
    “My name is not Li Hui. Nor did I come for Yang Jian.”
    “I know. That’s why I asked you to leave.”
    “A pity, many more matters you do not know.” Xiao Gao smiles: “Because of your ignorance, I am unable to leave.”

    Zhuo DongLai gets hold of his palms. He felt this youth is a difficult to comprehend person, with a fondness for the countryside, similar to a wild animal from remote mountains. examining others, and void of fear of anyone or matter.

    “I am surnamed Gao. I came here for a person.”
    ”For Sima The Outstanding. The Undefeated and Unbeatable Sima The Outstanding.”

    Zhuo DongLai feels cold sweat all over.

    “You are Gao JianFei? The one who killed 4 masters of the 3 major sword schools; Kunlun, Huashan,& Kongtong; over a 3 month period’s Gao JianFei?”

    “Yes, I am.”

    The night becomes darker, the wind more fierce.

    “I never assassinate anyone. Therefore, I want you to choose a time and place. Let me see if Sima The Outstanding is really forever undefeatable.”

    Zhuo DongLai smiles suddenly: “I guarantee that he will certainly let you know. But I wish that it would be better if you never know if he is undefeatable.”

    Part – 8

    The long street has no curfew. Flowers, markets, decorative lanterns & lamps hang picturesque. Various kinds of lanterns, various sorts of people. Xiao Gao does not see them all. Zhuo DongLai promised to give him an answer in one month, guarantees a fair duel between him and Sima The Outstanding. He, originally came here for this reason, but now could care less about it. Now, in his heart, is a person, a box. What kind of person is this? How fearsome of a weapon is this box?

    Part – 9

    At this same moment, a person carries a box. Into the dark night and cold wind, silently he goes, out of the old city of Chang An.

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    Either way, genuis8, cool. Glad you are here. Sorry about mis-mis-spelling your handle. I am a white-bread child of the late 70's from the American Mid-West, so I need people like you to make things like this available. Genius or genuis, you are making it happen, and it seems to be happening at a pretty solid pace from my point of view even if you think it is a little slow.

    MO Slim

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    Chapter 2 - Excellent Head

    Part – 1

    January 16th.

    Safflower collection.

    Wind and snow all over the sky.

    A fast horse, a rider, braves the wind and snow, arrives at Chang An city. On the southwest side, filled with safflower fields for more than 160 kilometers. Lantern Festival night is past, happy days at an end. A broken decorative lantern, rolls in the cold wind along the snowy street, rolls into the endless wind and snow. Within the remnants of the night, nobody would ever again lay eyes upon it again. Just like an abandoned woman, who is in good graces only for one night.

    [Notes: I use kilometer in place of the word li, which translates to mile, as the chinese li is about half the western mile.]

    Upon the horse, the knight stops outside the county fair. Dismounts, ties the horse to a dead tree. Removes his expensive, windproof cape, reveals a blue cotton-wadded jacket on his body. From the saddle sack, extracts an oiled paper umbrella, a pair of nailed shoes. Puts on the nailed shoes, wipes the umbrella to remove a stain, lifts the sack in his hand, looking no different than any other country folk. Only then does he take a step, another step, treading snow, into the safflower fields.

    Inside his sack, is a world shattering secret item. Just as he, himself, carries a world shattering secret in his heart. He is here, because he must deliver quickly the contents of the sack, to a brothel inside the safflower collection, to be given to a person. What is inside this sack? To whom is it for?

    If someone were to know this secret, he would be unable to return home, be dismembered by blades; his parents, wife, children and relatives would suffer tragic death within 3 days, a very tragic death. Fortunately, this secret will never be known. As he will not tell, others would never know.

    Because none would even think that “The Male Lion” Zhu Meng, at this particular time, would be far away from his loyal protectors, intruding upon Sima The Outstanding’s domain all alone.

    Part – 2

    Such foolproof plan. Even Zhuo Dong Lai would never think he would take this kind of risk. Simple and honorable small town, crude brothel. Zhu Meng is barebacked, wears knee-length shorts, sits on a mat, legs outstretched. With a large bowl, he drinks with 7-8 of the best girls working here. As long as someone drinks a bowl of wine, he also drinks a bowl. What he drinks is Fen alcohol. Already drank 43 large bowls without turning a hair. Everyone who saw got scared.

    This big bearded guy, seems like made of iron, even his stomach is like cast iron. “Who’s turn is it?” Zhu Meng slowly lifts another bowl: “Who wants to join me?” Nobody dares to join him. Even the Shandong girl nicknamed Empty Sea Cylinder dare not open her mouth. Getting visitors drunk is this girls specialty and capability, but this person ... the wine jug tells others afterwards: “He is not human, but a wine casket, a bottomless wine casket!”. Zhu Meng laughs, with a breath, drinks 3 large bowls. Suddenly this crude large bowl falls to the ground, breaks into pieces, a pair of copper coins gleaming. Lightning flashes, someone crosses the gate, frightens the slave whose 2 legs turned to rubber.

    “Is there someone outside?”
    “Looking for me?”
    “Yes.” The slave is trembling: “Very strange name.”
    “What is he called?”
    “Nailed Shoes.”
    Zhu Meng claps: “Little Rascal, you finally got here. Get in here quickly.”

    Nailed Shoes removes the shoes from his feet, lifts his sack to enter this big lot, with burning horse dung that feels like Spring’s fine weather. As his enters the door, the sack in his hands begin shaking, as if seized by invisible hands. The shaking and rattling sounds like bones on the grinder. The frightened girls are miserable, the slave’s trousers are soaked.

    Zhu Meng laughs: “Little Rascal, I was not wrong about you. You’ve finally taken care of a matter for your father. Go back and enjoy your 2 concubines.” His laughter stops suddenly, stares at Nailed Shoes: “Did he confess anything?”

    “No words were uttered.” Nailed Shoes said: “I only saw his hand opening the box, could not see his face clearly.”

    A very strange expression appears on Zhu Meng’s eyes, sighing gently, mutters: “Now you don’t owe me anymore. I only hope that in the future, you will remember me, come see me, and down a few cups of wine with me.” These words were not directed at Nailed Shoes, and for him to sigh is uncommon.

    Therefore he laughs: “Zhuo Dong Lai, Zhuo Dong Lai, others have considered you to be an offspring of Zhuge Liang (an outstanding tactician in chinese history). Did it ever cross your mind that your daddy (referring to himself) is drinking wine in this kennel of yours?”

    “Hall Chief works mysteriously, comes and goes, how would Zhuo be able to comprehend?” Nailed Shoes states: “But he can certainly predict that we must bring Yang Jian back to LuoYang, with its limited routes. He must have certainly sent their cloth cards around here.”

    Zhu Meng: “Of what use is it? He could not even imagine that I am here. Would he move his main force here?”

    “He won’t.”

    “Would he and Sima come here?”

    “Also won’t.”

    “Therefore, at most he will send the 2 beardless brats by his side. I am sure the one sent is not Guo Zhuang. must be SoonKuo.”

    “Yes.” Nailed Shoes says: “Must be.” He hangs his head, as he is not willing to let Zhu Meng see the dread in his eyes. He realizes now that this vulgar, foul mouthed, bearded, uncouth man is much more intelligent that anyone can imagine, and also much more dangerous.

    Zhu Meng suddenly springs up, golden armor standing on the big bunk, asks loudly the frightened girls and the salve who can not even walk: “Now, do you know who I am?” Nobody dares reply. Nobody opens their mouth. “I am Great Grandpa Zhu Meng!” pointing at his nose: “Sima The Outstanding’s sworn enemy.”

    He flushes suddenly. Takes a large ink bowl, bald writing brush from the counter, dipped in into the black ink, upon the newly whitewashed walls, in one breath wrote down 10 words:

    LuoYang Chivalrous Knight Zhu Meng comes here for a tour.

    Upon the whitewashed walls, the ink drips. Zhu Meng hurls the pen, laughs: “Your daddy has come here, now I am going home.”
    He slaps Mailed Shoes on the shoulder: “Homeward bound we kill. Let’s see who dare stop us!”

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    Thanks for the translation. I remember seeing this from adapted by TVB. I think this is a short novel. How many chapters are there?

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    Figured I would pop in this thread real quick in case anyone stumbles across this translation later, or was subscribed to this thread. I restarted and continued the translation in this thread here:

    As of this posting the story is about 2/3 translated. It should be finished in the next month or two.
    Current Translation: I Shall Seal the Heavens
    Recommended Translation: Heroes Shed No Tears

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