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    Default Medal Count

    How does it work exactly? I thought gold = 3 pt, silver = 2 st, and bronze = 1 pt and then you tally up total pt for each country.

    But apparently silver and bronze don't matter unless there's a tie in # of gold?

    So why do people bother with silver/bronze then?

    That's a pretty dumb system I think. It should be the points system.

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    I'm puzzled too. If you look at the table, they arrange by how many golds you've got, not the total points.

    The US have got more points than China, but yet they are no.2 in the table because China has got more gold.
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    Its all about the gold medal since no one cares when ppl coming 2nd or 3rd.
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    Maybe it's like FPS. The players are ranked by number of kills, but when a tie occurs, those who tie are ranked by number of deaths.

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