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Thread: Could Jin Yong and Gu Long have successfully cowritten a wuxia novel?

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    Default Could Jin Yong and Gu Long have successfully cowritten a wuxia novel?

    In the realm of American superhero comics, since the 1970s, the two major iconic comic book publishers, DC Comics (SUPERMAN, BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE) and Marvel Comics (SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, IRON MAN) have occassionally copublished joint works that combined their universes and allowed their characters to interact with one another in epic stories.

    Jin Yong and Gu Long never wrote such a crossover story before Gu's death in 1985, but what if they had? Do you think Jin Yong and Gu Long could have successfully written a wuxia story that would have been widely accepted by fans and that the two wuxia titans would have enjoyed collaborating on, or would it have been a fiasco that fans would have rejected and might even have soured the friendship between Jin and Gu?

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    i dont think jin yong would want to collaborate with someone else.

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    I think their styles are quite different. JY would not allow time freezing etc.

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    One problem. Whose writing style should the combine work follow? Jin Yong's and Gu Long's writing style is very different. Jin Yong is pretty long-winded in his description while Gu Long is minimalist.
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    gu long did wrote for others, and have others to wrote for him for some titles before. he did mentioned that he felt very very uncomfortable when cowriting with others.

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    Authors always have trouble cowriting books. How many classic books do you know with more than 1 principal author?

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