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Thread: The best chinese historical series "Da Qin Di Guo"("Empire of Qin")2008

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    Cool The best chinese historical series "Da Qin Di Guo"("Empire of Qin")2008

    I wanna recommend u a fantastic one named "Empire of Da Qin" or "The Qin Empire" which is so hot in China right now. I heard this great one has been broadcasted in Califoria, USA and Chinese taipei. Have anyone watched this series yet?
    Believe me or not, this one is COOL!

    Here are some websites which can download it or watch it free online:
    [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR] (some clips here) (for downloading)

    Most of these addresses r in chinese language. Hope u guys like it.

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    The series look like another adapation or based series on the Warring States period. Personally, I watch the entire ROTK but found Warring States a bit too much and as a result, I never finish that series. Good series if you are into hardcore history, which I don't doubt this series will be as well.

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