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a little help plzzz!
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Thread: a little help plzzz!

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    Default a little help plzzz!

    I just recently finish watching the drama Wesley starring Nicky wu as the male lead and i really really want to know more info about the lady who play Ling'er... Can someone plz help me?

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    Zhang Yong Qi:

    Name: 张咏琪 (张咏棋) / Zhang Yong Qi
    Birthdate: June-26
    Height: 164 cm

    Kang Xi Wei Fu Si Fang Ji 3 (康熙微服私访记 3) as Chu Huan (2007)
    Xi Shi Bao Tie (稀世宝帖) as Lin Cui Cui (2005)
    Da Han Jin Guo (大汉巾帼) as Princess Li Yang (2004)
    Wesley (少年王卫斯理冒险王) as Ling'er (2003)
    Chen Mo De Ai Ren (沉默的爱人) as Shan Shan (2002)
    Princess Wen Cheng (文成公主) as Ying'er (2001)
    Kuai Zui Li Cui Lian (快嘴李翠莲) as Liu'er (2000)
    Shang Fang Bao Jian (上方宝剑) as Xuan Gui Fei (2000)
    Chu Liu Xiang (楚留香) as Hei Ling Long

    Credits: VIPStar
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