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Thread: Memoirs of China - 中國往事

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    Default Memoirs of China - 中國往事

    Memoirs of China is a high budget production set in early twentieth century China (end of Ching Dynasty) centered around the Tsao family. This is definitely an emsemble drama, it has a cast of rich characters. Anyone else watching this, it's quite interesting

    张国立--饰曹如器 Zhang GuoLi plays Cao RuQi
    朱 茵--饰曹金氏 Zhu Ying plays Cao JingShi
    赵立新--饰曹光满 Zhao LiXin plays Cao GuangMan
    朱雨辰--饰曹光汉 Zhu YuChen plays Cao GuangHan
    宋 佳--饰郑玉楠 Song Jia plays Zheng Yunan
    吴 越--饰晚 月 Wu Yue plays WanYue
    张志坚--饰郑玉松 Zhang ZhiJian plays Zheng YuSong
    祥 子--饰耳 朵 xiangZi plays ErDuo
    马 丁--饰路卡斯 Martin plays Lucas
    王 格--饰小 文 Wang Ge plays XiaoWen

    While an ensemble, the story is narrated by Er-Duo (Ears), a servant of the Tsao family with a conflicted relationship with them. Though he should be 16, he looks 14. The family is severely disfunctional and each member has issues. the King Lear-esque father played by Zhang Guo Li, the embattled mother, the son returned from China, the all-knowing servant, the list goes on.

    However, the series is not without its problems. GuangHan is a severe SOB, I don't know what his problem he has. But since he returned from Europe, he acts as if he has a stick stuck up his ***

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    Default I'm watching it now!

    I'm watching it now! I really like how artistically the scenes are cut and stuff... it looks really dramatic. My favorite character is Mr. Lucas. Right now, I'm at the part where Mr. Lucas and Yu nan finally get together... and er duo sees. I really like Wu Ling Er too! Man Yue seems really mysterious to me sometimes. But I think she's a good actress. I love Yu Nan because she doesn't ever give up. What did you think of the series overall? I was looking up some info about the series when it first started playing on KTSF and i saw your thread.

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    I *really* want to watch this series as the cinematography looks gorgeous and my dad is super into it whenever the series is on TV, but my grasp of Chinese is pretty bad. I am having some trouble finding a version of this that has English subtitles. Anyone have a lead on where to get a DVD that is translated, or else maybe any online translations for the dialogue?

    I found it on, but no English subs as of yet...

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    Default Help! Who watched the last ep?

    I missed the last ep of show, I had an appointment on 1/9/2010. I feel so bad. What happened in that one hour, any one could tell me? I wish Yu Nan and Lucas and the baby boy could unite together

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