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Thread: Anyone know the drama name

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    Default Anyone know the drama name

    A couple of years ago, Fairchild TV in canada broadcasted a korean show but I can't remember the drama name.

    I vaguely remember the story, but it played the Britney spears' oops i did it again song in the drama. The girl was practicing her choreography with this song during the series. I think this girl was blond hair like and she was singer but a phony because her identity was that of someone else's. And her manager who also had blondish like (lol) died in the end for whatever reason I have no clue...

    lol, hopefully someone recognizes what korean drama this is, and let me know the English name for it. Thanks!

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    Hey, i was browsing through this site when i came across your question. I was previously not a member of this forum, but just to answer your question i made an account, seeing as i know how it feels like not knowing the name of a particular movie/song etc.

    I am 99 percent sure the Korean drama your asking about is Mina.

    Have a look at this person's review, this may help clear things up for you.

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