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微客帝国: New Online Mini-Series
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Thread: 微客帝国: New Online Mini-Series

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    Default 微客帝国: New Online Mini-Series

    The English name is I Am Veeker

    Why this is worth your time:

    1) It's penned by Wu Lin Wai Zhuan / 武林外传's writer.
    2) It has Fu Xinbo in it, one half of idol duo/boyband BoBo and he plays the villain. So for everyone complaning about how Wu Lin Wai Zhuan never had anyone good-looking, this could be what you guys can start with.

    3) You can watch it legally on the 26th at Ku6.com, which is where it will premiere.

    Anybody want to watch with me and discuss?

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    I added the trailer to the first post so you guys can get a better feel for whether it's your thing. Oh and also the release date is pushed back.

    I know this site doesn't really care about non-ancient Chinese series from China for some reason but I figure at least some people would try it because of the author.

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    Nice, hope this is as funny as WLWZ

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